Betfair Renegade Review: Introduction

Betfair Renegade Review

Betfair Renegade is a football betting system developed by Mike Cruickshank that differs from his usual style of betting products.

The system is based on a mathematical model that calculates the true odds of various football markets and compares them against the odds available at Betfair.

Mike's usual offering is matched betting related, such as Bonus Bagging and Profit Maximiser. The Betfair Renegade system comes as part of the Betting Mastermind package, which is a collection of sixteen betting systems and tools.

The system finds suitable matches to bet with it's own software which is updated automatically every 10 minutes. 

Betfair Renegade Review Software

It covers match odds, correct score, over/under goals and clean sheet markets in worldwide leagues.

Each bet is given a rating and Mike advises to bet on those that are rated above 15% and for smoother results, the selection should be at odds of 10.00 or below.

We are going to follow these recommended filters and we will come back with our results once we have recorded at least 100 bets.

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