Jolly Lock IP Review

Jolly Lock IP

Jolly Lock IP is a virtual desktop that has been designed to combat this problem by completely blocking any spyware and protecting you from the bookie’s prying eyes. You are given a unique UK IP address, so you can log in to the software from any country and continue with...

Race D Base Review

Race D Base

Race D Base is a tool developed by the Winning More team that collates daily horse racing data that you would otherwise have to visit several sites to get access to. It is ideal for analysing data and creating your own horse racing system and also comes with its own...

5 Star Bot Review

5 Star Bot

5 Star Bot is a web-based betting bot designed to automate bets for Betfair Horse Racing and Greyhound markets. It is an ideal solution if you don’t have access to a VPS, as it runs on its own server 24/7 and you can access it with any device and operating...

Value Machine Review Betting Software

The Value Machine

We’ve reached the end of our review of The Value Machine software and we have had two out of three winning months, finishing with a total profit of 43.37 points at an excellent ROI of 19.1%. Considering we have just been randomly picking out selections from the software using simple...

Saw Deluxe Bot Review

SAW Deluxe Bot

We have been running the SAW Deluxe Bot since early November and have now racked up over 1640 bets. Our total profit did reach a high of £198.50 but then it crashed back down after a series of recovery bets. We have finished the review with a profit of £42.26...

Auto Profit Soccer Review

Auto Profit Soccer

It’s Dave here with the final update to my review of the Auto Profit Soccer bot. I have been using it for two months now and it is still making a profit. This month saw my bank increase by £82.03 and gives me a total profit of £220.57 using very...

Super Sports Bot Review

Super Sports Bot

It’s Dave here reporting back with my final review update of the Super Sports Bot. Over the last month it has made me a profit of £33.14, which added to last month’s profit of £14.72 gives me a total profit of £47.86. Throughout the review I have set the bot...

The Bet Engine Review

The Bet Engine

The Bet Engine (TBE) is a Betfair betting bot developed by Alistair Moffatt that allows you to build your own custom horse racing and greyhound systems and run them autonomously. The software has been around for many years now and is highly respected within the betting community, due to it’s...

PokerSnowie Poker Software Review


Online poker has been around for over a decade now and continues to grow in popularity amongst many different types of people. Whether you are playing recreationally or professionally, there are plenty of tools and software available to help you improve your game. Today we are going to be taking...

Football Pay Day Review

Football Pay Day

Over the last four months we have been testing out football statistics software Football Pay Day and we have now reached the end of our review. There are a couple of ways to make use of the software – you can follow the built-in betting and trading selections or you...


Racing Profit Booster

This week we have been trying out an arbitrage betting software package called Racing Profit Booster, created by Steve Davidson and Michael from Winning More. The software works by scanning the horse racing odds for UK and Irish racing at over 25 bookmakers and compares with the Betfair exchange odds....

Fairbot Betfair Trading Software Review

Fairbot Review

Welcome to our Fairbot Review, where we will go over some of the key features of the software and show you why Fairbot is our favourite Betfair trading tool. There are many types of trading and betting software available to be used for the Betfair Exchange. Trading software is designed...