Draw Profits Review: Introduction

Draw Profits Review

Draw Profits is one of the latest services to be launched by John Baker and if you follow our reviews, you may remember that we reviewed a similar service from him a few months back called Draw Doubles.

Draw Profits is basically a reformed version of Draw Doubles, but this time it is betting on the selections only as singles. The single bets were performing a lot better than the doubles and with much less volatility, so it made sense to scrap them and concentrate on what was working.

The results on the website show a profit of 57.3 point at an ROI of 4.4% over the past 12 months, which is a 114.6% increase to the 50 point starting bank.

It's a simple service to follow as you just need to back the draw for the given matches each day with 1 point per bet.

November is off to a good start with 9 points profit at an ROI of 43%, so hopefully we will see this good spell continue during our review.

We will be back in a month's time with our first set of results.

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