False Favourites Review: Introduction

False Favourites review

False Favourites is a horse racing laying system that shows you how to identify favourites that are less likely to win their race.

The system has been around for at least 15 years, but somehow slipped under our radar, so we plan to try it out to see if it still works after all this time.

We know how hard it can be to find the winner of a race and even those who are experts at form reading find that the result often goes the wrong way. So what about laying horses? 

Laying means that you are betting on the horse to lose the race, so theoretically, it should be easier. That isn't really the case though, as there are very few laying tips services around and many that have failed in our reviews.

False Favourites deems itself as the ultimate laying system, with a high strike rate and being easy to follow. All you need is a copy of the PDF, a Betfair Exchange account and the Racing Post website to get started.

It's also really cheap compared to a lot of systems, priced at just £14.99.

We are going to try it out for ourselves to see if this old horse racing system still works today.

Rather than a month-by-month review that we would usually do with tipping services, we will just run this review until we get a suitable amount of results and report back to you then.

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