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  • Flat Attack
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Welcome to our Flat Attack review - A horse racing tips service from Tipster Street that specialises in daily tips for All Weather racing at Betfair SP.


  • Simple to follow
  • All selections to be bet at Betfair SP
  • Cons

  • Failed to make a profit over a six month period
  • It's been six months since we started our review of BSP horse racing service Flat Attack and it has been quite a gruelling trial that has left us feeling a bit, well... flat. The review started well with a profit in month one but following this there were four losing months. Despite this, our 200 point bank was never anywhere near danger, only depleting to 169 points at it's lowest.

    Although we had experienced a downturn during the review, according to the official results, the service was still in profit by almost 70 points for 2017 betting at BSP. On that basis we decided to plod on and see if there would be a recovery. We had lost 24.38 points at this stage, but it was not the end of the world and a good run could put us back into the black.

    The recovery duly came in month six with a profit of 19.44 points, which works out as a loss of 4.94 points altogether.

    Review Stats-4.94pts loss, -2.3% ROI, 30.7% SR
    Stakes Stakes advised at 1-2 points
    Starting bank 200 points
    Average no. betsApprox. 25 per month
    Time of emailsMorning 9.00-11.00am
    Price£4.99 for 30 days then £19.95 per month or £39.95 per quarter 

    Key Stats - Update Six
    Number of Bets153
    Total Stakes (pts)217.00
    Profit/Loss (pts)-4.94
    Profit/Loss (£10 stakes)-£49.40
    Average Odds5.34
    Strike Rate30.7%
    Bank (200pt starting)195.06
    Overall Bank Growth/Decline-2.5%

    Longest Winning Sequence: 4

    Longest Losing Sequence: 9

    Max Drawdown: 40.28pts

    Flat Attack Review Graph

    Results - Update Six
    DateCourseTimeSelectionStakeBSP OddsP/LBank
    12/10/2017Chelmsford18:15Pretty Baby1.001.230.22175.84
    17/10/2017Kempton18:15Spring Cosmos1.001.42-1.00169.07
    18/10/2017Kempton18:15Ask The Guru1.005.614.38173.45
    18/10/2017Kempton18:45Fille De Reve1.001.830.79174.24
    20/10/2017Newcastle16:40Snowy Winter1.006.975.67179.91
    20/10/2017Newcastle18:45Mametz Wood1.004.20-1.00178.91
    21/10/2017Wolverhampton17:40Raffle King1.003.94-1.00177.91
    22/10/2017Southwell14:30Bo Selecta1.007.20-1.00176.91
    24/10/2017Kempton18:45Perfect Hustler1.006.405.13182.04
    28/10/2017Wolverhampton20:15Midsummer Knight1.003.87-1.00201.10
    31/10/2017Wolverhampton16:40Iconic Sunset2.005.84-2.00199.10
    01/11/2017Kempton16:55Exec Chef1.001.49-1.00201.17
    03/11/2017Newcastle18:45Francis Xavier2.002.23-2.00199.17
    03/11/2017Newcastle21:15Young Tiger1.001.750.71199.89
    04/11/2017Newcastle15:55Emerald Rocket1.002.44-1.00198.89
    07/11/2017Wolverhampton16:50Jack Of Diamonds1.003.29-1.00197.74
    08/11/2017Kempton18:40Isaac Bell1.0012.44-1.00196.74
    08/11/2017Kempton19:40Casemates Square1.002.42-1.00195.74
    09/11/2017Chelmsford17:45Vegas Boy1.006.605.32201.06
    09/11/2017Chelmsford18:45Making Miracles2.008.29-2.00199.06
    09/11/2017Chelmsford19:15Petite Jack2.003.50-2.00197.06
    10/11/2017Newcastle17:45Harbour Vision2.008.34-2.00195.06


    We like the simplicity of Flat Attack - it has been straightforward to follow and all bets are placed at Betfair SP so they can be placed at any time prior to the start of the race. There's no rushing around trying to get the advised odds or problems with bookies limiting stakes.

    Although the service has reported an overall profit of 136.34 points at BSP since launching in 2015, we can't verify these results - we can only judge on the tips that we have received. 

    It seems to be a case of being patient and waiting on those big winners to come in and this is a problem for many people; most want more consistency from a service with regular profits. 

    After six months we are still in a deficit and for all we know, we could be waiting another six months to turn a profit - plus we have to consider the cost of membership during this period too. Unfortunately Flat Attack is not for us but we feel that a "Neutral" rating is fair.

    Flat Attack Review: Update Five

    15th October 2017

    We're back with our fifth set of results from Flat Attack and it's been yet another losing month for the service, with a loss of 3.91 points at Betfair SP odds.

    We've lost a total of 24.38 points so far and there has been just one winning month from five. We have carried the review on beyond the amount of time the average subscriber would have held on for, but we intend to continue for one more month.

    As explained in the last update, the service has still produced an overall profit of almost 70 points for 2017 at BSP odds, so we wanted to give it some more time to see if things turn around.

    Key Stats - Update Five
    Number of Bets19
    Total Stakes (pts)27.00
    Profit/Loss (pts)-3.91
    Profit/Loss (£10 stakes)-£39.10
    Average Odds7.28
    Strike Rate31.6%
    Bank (200pt starting)175.62
    Overall Bank Growth/Decline-12.2%

    Results - Update Five
    DateCourseTimeSelectionStakeBSP OddsP/LBank
    12/09/2017Newcastle18:45Doctor Bartolo2.005.37-2.00177.53
    22/09/2017Newcastle20:15Hidden Charms1.0016.47-1.00176.53
    23/09/2017Wolverhampton17:40Roy's Legacy1.0026.00-1.00175.53
    23/09/2017Wolverhampton19:40Kind Act2.001.500.95176.48
    26/09/2017Lingfield17:15Ask The Guru1.0014.36-1.00172.48
    05/10/2017Lingfield17:05Passing Star1.007.80-1.00171.10
    06/10/2017Chelmsford21:15Perfect Sense2.005.00-2.00177.62
    09/10/2017Kempton17:25Knockout Blow1.003.50-1.00176.62
    10/10/2017Newcastle17:25Military Parade1.0012.43-1.00175.62

    As usual we will be back in a month's time with the next set of results.

    Flat Attack Review: Update Four

    19th September 2017

    It's been another losing month for Flat Attack with a loss of 5.72 points at an ROI of -11%, which means our bank has now decreased by just over 10%.

    Although we are at an overall loss of 20.47 points now since starting the review, the service is actually in profit by 71.38 points for 2017 up to the end of August.

    With it being a BSP service and on the basis that a profit was made in 2016 and so far for 2017, we feel that it would be fair to continue recording the tips for a few more months. As it stands it's a tricky decision, so we don't want to write off what could be a profitable service in the long term.

    Key Stats - Update Four
    Number of Bets33
    Total Stakes (pts)52.00
    Profit/Loss (pts)-5.72
    Profit/Loss (£10 stakes)-£57.20
    Average Odds6.22
    Strike Rate33.3%
    Bank (200pt starting)179.53
    Overall Bank Growth/Decline-10.2%

    Results - Update Four
    DateCourseTimeSelectionStakeBSP OddsP/LBank
    14/08/2017Wolverhampton17:50Christmas Night2.003.07-2.00182.25
    14/08/2017Wolverhampton18:20Lucky Lucky Man2.005.26-2.00180.25
    14/08/2017Wolverhampton20:20A Sure Welcome1.005.20-1.00179.25
    18/08/2017Wolverhampton15:25Devil's Bridge2.003.92-2.00177.09
    18/08/2017Wolverhampton17:00Sea Tide2.001.67-2.00175.09
    22/08/2017Kempton14:45We Are The World2.001.370.70175.79
    23/08/2017Kempton18:15Iconic Sunset2.002.743.31182.08
    23/08/2017Kempton18:45Munstead Star2.001.931.77183.85
    30/08/2017Kempton18:25Under Control1.007.74-1.00182.85
    30/08/2017Kempton19:25Auntie Barber1.0021.26-1.00182.42
    30/08/2017Kempton20:25Percy's Word2.004.757.13189.55
    31/08/2017Chelmsford13:20Austrian School2.0011.89-2.00187.55
    02/09/2017Chelmsford18:20Billy Dylan2.003.01-2.00184.55
    02/09/2017Chelmsford18:50Kit Marlowe2.006.20-2.00182.55
    02/09/2017Chelmsford19:20Milton Road2.0026.00-2.00180.55
    02/09/2017Chelmsford20:50Blushing Rose1.003.952.80183.35
    05/09/2017Kempton20:20Siege Of Boston1.003.682.55185.90
    07/09/2017Chelmsford18:10Four Fifty Three2.0012.11-2.00182.90
    08/09/2017Kempton19:50Poetic Charm2.001.280.53183.43
    09/09/2017Kempton14:40Tunes Of Glory2.003.65-2.00178.43
    09/09/2017Kempton15:50We Are The World2.005.77-2.00176.43
    09/09/2017Wolverhampton18:30Unforgiving Minute2.003.164.10180.53
    09/09/2017Wolverhampton19:00Royal Diplomat1.007.00-1.00179.53

    We will report back next month with our latest results.

    Flat Attack Review: Update Three

    15th August 2017

    It's been another poor month for Flat Attack with a further loss of 13.59 points, which now makes it an overall loss of 14.75 points. We are using the advised 200 point bank so we are far from danger here, but it's hard not to be disappointed with the performance of the service so far.

    There were 17 bets this month and just 4 returned a profit which works out as a strike rate of 23.5%. The bets are all placed at BSP and there are no minimum or maximum odds recommendations, but each month so far has had average odds of around 4.0-5.0. 

    ​One selection this month went off at odds of 1.12 and we have already had a bet with a BSP of 1.15 go on to lose in the first month. This may not suit everyone's betting style so setting the minimum odds could be beneficial. We will take a better look at how the lower odds selections performed overall at the end of our review.

    Key Stats - Update Three
    Number of Bets17
    Total Stakes (pts)25.00
    Profit/Loss (pts)-13.59
    Profit/Loss (£10 stakes)-£135.90
    Average Odds4.33
    Strike Rate23.5%
    Bank (200pt starting)185.25

    Results - Update Three
    DateCourseTimeSelectionStakeBSP OddsP/LBank
    11/07/2017Wolverhampton16:55Glittering Jewel2.001.120.23199.07
    19/07/2017Lingfield16:30Get Even1.005.02-1.00197.07
    25/07/2017Chelmsford19:30Important Mission1.003.80-1.00196.07
    29/07/2017Newcastle13:25Byron's Choice1.007.65-1.00193.07
    29/07/2017Newcastle14:30Stoney Broke2.003.01-2.00191.07
    08/08/2017Chelmsford17:50Kit Marlowe2.003.58-2.00187.07
    08/08/2017Chelmsford18:20Aussie Wind2.002.703.23190.30
    10/08/2017Newcastle21:00Desperador Destiny2.009.60-2.00187.00
    10/08/2017Wolverhampton18:35Magic Approach1.0011.62-1.00186.00
    10/08/2017Wolverhampton20:40High End1.002.321.25185.25

    We will be back next month with an update of our results.

    Flat Attack Review: Update Two

    14th July 2017

    We had a great start in the first part of our Flat Attack review, but unfortunately the good run hasn't carried on into month two. This month we lost 8.51 points at an ROI of -34%, which gives us a small overall loss of 1.16 points.

    There were fewer selections than last month and out of the twenty we received, only four of them returned a profit.

    Key Stats - Update Two
    Number of Bets20
    Total Stakes (pts)25.00
    Profit/Loss (pts)-8.51
    Profit/Loss (£10 stakes)-£85.10
    Average Odds4.83
    Strike Rate20.0%
    Bank (200pt starting)198.84

    Results - Update Two
    DateCourseTimeSelectionStakeBSP OddsP/LBank
    13/06/2017Lingfield19:50Rain Wind And Fire2.005.70-2.00205.35
    22/06/2017Lingfield18:20Move Over1.001.73-1.00203.08
    22/06/2017Lingfield19:50Auntie Barber1.005.30-1.00202.08
    28/06/2017Kempton18:10First Drive1.001.83-1.00201.08
    29/06/2017Newcastle14:30Move It Move It1.003.58-1.00199.08
    29/06/2017Newcastle17:20That Is The Spirit1.005.10-1.00198.08
    30/06/2017Newcastle18:00Excel Again1.002.371.30199.38
    03/07/2017Wolverhampton15:15Zack Mayo2.004.005.70202.84
    03/07/2017Wolverhampton16:45Tunes Of Glory1.005.67-1.00199.84
    07/07/2017Chelmsford20:00Blushing Rose1.002.21-1.00198.84

    We know from previous results that the service has experienced a lot of up and downs before and we think that it would warrant a longer review, in order to make a fair judgement. We will continue until we have recorded at least 100 bets and see how things are looking then.

    We will report back next month with our latest set of results.

    Flat Attack Review: Update One

    14th June 2017

    It's been a good start to our review of Flat Attack with a profit of 7.35 points at an ROI of 17.1% from the 29 selections we've received so far.

    The strike rate this month was 34.5%, which is in line with the historical strike rate of 33%. 

    The selections are advised to be bet at Betfair SP odds so we have deducted a standard commission of 5% in our results. 

    Key Stats - Update One
    Number of Bets29
    Total Stakes (pts)43.00
    Profit/Loss (pts)7.35
    Profit/Loss (£10 stakes)£73.50
    Average Odds4.20
    Strike Rate34.5%
    Bank (200pt starting)207.35

    Results - Update One
    DateCourseTimeSelectionStakeBSP OddsP/LBank
    19/05/2017Newcastle19:20Lincoln Rocks2.003.97-2.00198.00
    29/05/2017Chelmsford13:55Joe's Spirit1.004.423.25199.10
    29/05/2017Chelmsford14:30Passing Star1.004.122.96202.06
    29/05/2017Chelmsford16:50Kingsley Klarion1.006.91-1.00200.06
    30/05/2017Lingfield15:40Dream Magic2.002.63-2.00197.06
    30/05/2017Lingfield16:10Brother Tiger2.002.99-2.00195.06
    01/06/2017Chelmsford20:10Top Mission1.001.900.85199.72
    01/06/2017Chelmsford20:40Celebration Day2.003.795.30205.02
    01/06/2017Wolverhampton13:50Dutch Golden Age2.001.15-2.00200.02
    03/06/2017Lingfield17:45Duke Of Yorkshire1.0017.00-1.00197.02
    07/06/2017Wolverhampton15:20Deeds Not Words1.003.202.09203.77
    07/06/2017Kempton19:55Captain Peacock1.003.95-1.00200.77
    09/06/2017Wolverhampton14:00Blue Rocks2.005.00-2.00198.77
    09/06/2017Wolverhampton16:30Simply Me2.002.893.59209.35

    We'll be back next month with another update of our results.

    Flat Attack Review: Introduction

    11th May 2017

    The flat racing season is well underway so we thought it'd be the perfect time to start a new horse racing tips review. Flat Attack has been running on the Tipster Street platform since Nov '15 and specialises in UK All Weather racing, offering tips every day throughout the year.

    Since launching the service has had a strike rate of 33% and delivered a profit of 136.5 points at an ROI of 8%. The site records results to £25 point stakes, which gives a profit of £3412.50 and an average monthly profit of £189.58.

    We had a little dig into the results and noticed that the service hit quite a downturn over the last 12 months or so losing over 50 points. However, there was a massive turnaround in March of this year where there was a profit of 94.57 points in one month! 

    It'll be interesting to see what happens over the coming months - hopefully things will settle down and get back to regular profits.

    The tips are sent out via email each morning between 9.00-11.00am with a selection that is to be backed to win at Betfair SP.

    This is a big plus point for us already, as we are always on the lookout for services that can be used with a betting exchange so that we don't have to face issues with bookmakers limiting our accounts.

    A 200 point bank is advised and each selection is advised at either 1 or 2 points.

    We have been told to expect around 60 tips per month, which is around 2 per day. ​

    Membership costs £4.99 for the first month and then either:​

    • £19.95 per month
    • £39.95 per quarter
    • Lifetime membership prices on request

    Tipster Street now also run a VIP club where you can receive selections from all of their tipster services for a monthly price of £59.95. Their Value Favs service did very well in our review and is worth a look at if you go down this route.

    We will record results for the tips over the next few months and will include a standard 5% deduction of Betfair commission.

    We will report back next month with our first update.

    • Goal Profits Rating
    • Rated 2.5 stars

    • Flat Attack
    • Reviewed by:
    • Published on:
    • Last modified: 23rd May 2018

    Welcome to our Flat Attack review - A horse racing tips service from Tipster Street that specialises in daily tips for All Weather racing at Betfair SP.


  • Simple to follow
  • All selections to be bet at Betfair SP
  • Cons

  • Failed to make a profit over a six month period
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