Football Advisor Lays Review: Lay Betting Tips

Football Advisor Betting Review

Note: This service is now part of the new Football Advisor Betting Portfolio, which is currently under review. Find out more here.

  • Goal Profits Rating
  • Rated 3.5 stars

Welcome to our Football Advisor Lays review - A lay betting service that has been tested over the last three years producing over 250 points profit.


  • Quick and easy to follow
  • High strike rate and long winning runs
  • Steady long-term bank growth
  • Cons

  • ROI on the low side
  • High subscription fee unless you take long term option
  • We've been following tips from Football Advisor Lays for six months now, starting back in November last year before the service had officially been added to the main Football Advisor tips site. Once the Lay service had been launched in Feb '17, we decided to extend our review for a further three months.

    Both three month periods produced a profit, with 12.50 points banked pre-launch and a further 14.47 points added in the months following. That's a total profit of 26.97 points overall at an ROI of 3.3%.

    With an average monthly profit of 4.50 points achieved during our review, we would class the system as a slow burner that offers consistent bank growth.

    The service has had a high strike rate of 83.7% and there have been plenty of long winning streaks - the longest being a run of 30 which gave a 100% strike rate for the month! This is great for the psychological side of betting, as many people start to lose interest after a bad run of results.

    On the downside, as the average lay odds are around 5.00-6.00, when you are faced with a couple of losing bets in a row it can take a while to get back to where you were. The service has managed to recover from some pretty unfortunate match results along the way to get us back into profit.

    Our results include a standard 5% Betfair commission deduction, but it would be better to use an exchange offering a lower rate to improve your return. We didn't have any trouble with liquidity when placing lays elsewhere, as the selections are mostly from top flight leagues around the world. 

    Review Stats+26.97pts profit, 3.3% ROI, 83.7% SR
    StakesLevel 1 point lay stakes
    Starting bank100 points
    Average no. betsApprox. 30 per month
    Time of emailsMorning 8.00-10.00am
    Price£47 per month, £112 per quarter or £188 bi-annually

    Key Stats - Overall
     Advised OddsAvailable Odds
    Number of Bets178178
    Total Liabilities (pts)792.07808.32
    Profit/Loss (pts)27.2326.97
    Profit/Loss (£10 stakes)£272.30£269.70
    Average Odds5.455.60
    Strike Rate83.7%83.7%
    Bank (100pt starting)127.23126.97
    Bank Growth27.2%27%

    Longest Winning Sequence: 30

    Longest Losing Sequence: 4

    Max Drawdown: 21.7pts

    Football Advisor Lays Review Graph

    Results - Update Six
    DateFixtureSelectionLiabilityOdds AvailableProfit/LossBank
    08/04/2017Elgin City v MontroseMontrose2.903.900.95124.12
    08/04/2017Real Madrid v Atletico MadrdAtletico Madrid4.705.700.95125.07
    08/04/2017Cadiz v LugoLugo4.405.400.95126.02
    08/04/2017Norwich v ReadingReading3.204.200.95126.97
    09/04/2017Valladolid v CordobaCordoba4.405.400.95127.92
    16/04/2017Marseille v St EtienneSt Etienne4.605.600.95128.87
    16/04/2017West Brom v LiverpoolWest Brom4.005.000.95129.82
    16/04/2017Feyenoord v UtrechtUtrecht7.408.400.95130.77
    17/04/2017Doncaster v BlackpoolBlackpool4.005.00-4.00126.77
    17/04/2017Sheff Utd v BradfordBradford3.204.200.95127.72
    17/04/2017Fulham v Aston VillaAston Villa4.605.600.95128.67
    17/04/2017SPAL v TrapaniTrapani5.406.400.95129.62
    17/04/2017Perugia v AscoliAscoli6.407.400.95130.57
    17/04/2017Levante v Reus DeportiuReus Deportiu5.206.200.95131.52
    21/04/2017Reims v NimesNimes4.105.100.95132.47
    22/04/2017Millwall v OxfordOxford5.606.60-5.60126.87
    22/04/2017MK Dons v Sheffield UtdMK Dons3.204.200.95127.82
    22/04/2017Portsmouth v CambridgeCambridge4.105.100.95128.77
    22/04/2017Brest v AmiensAmiens3.404.40-3.40125.37
    22/04/2017Alkmaar v TwenteTwente4.005.000.95126.32
    22/04/2017Livingston v Queens ParkQueens Park4.005.000.95127.27
    22/04/2017Espanyol v Atl. MadridEspanyol4.505.500.95128.22
    22/04/2017Getafe v GimnasticGimnastic4.805.800.95129.17
    22/04/2017Vallecano v LugoLugo4.005.000.95130.12
    23/04/2017Mallorca v CordobaCordoba3.904.900.95131.07
    24/04/2017Stuttgart v Union BerlinUnion Berlin4.504.500.95132.02
    28/04/2017Ajaccio v ValenciennesValenciennes4.805.800.95132.97
    28/04/2017Amiens v AjaccioAjaccio6.607.600.95133.92
    29/04/2017Trabzonspor v GenclerbirligiGenclerbirligi6.607.600.95134.87
    29/04/2017Fulham v BrentfordBrentford4.805.800.95135.82
    29/04/2017Doncaster v ExeterExeter3.504.50-3.50132.32
    30/04/2017Roma v LazioLazio2.953.95-2.95129.37
    30/04/2017Tottenham v ArsenalArsenal3.704.700.95130.32
    30/04/2017Bolton v PeterboroughPeterborough6.207.200.95131.27
    01/05/2017Verona v VicenzaVicenza5.406.400.95132.22
    05/05/2017Sevilla v Real SociedadReal Sociedad4.305.300.95133.17
    05/05/2017Reims v OrleansOrleans6.207.20-6.20126.97

    The tips emails are sent out daily, whether there selections that day or not. They are easy to follow, you simply lay each team in the email for a 1 point stake. Liability will vary depending on the odds.

    The current odds are listed next to each team. We found that more often than not, there had been some movement in the odds (either way) when we came to place our lays. This made a slight difference of 1.16pts less profit in comparison to the advised odds results.


    Football Advisor Lays takes very little time to implement and offers a high strike rate, long winning streaks and long term steady bank growth

    The ROI was quite low at 3.3%, but as we mentioned earlier this could be improved by using an exchange that offers a lower commission rate. It's also higher than what most banks currently offer!

    ​Overall it's been a positive experience for us and we will be awarding a pass.

    Football Advisor Lays Review: Update Five

    6th April 2017

    It's been another steady month for Football Advisor Lays, with a strike rate of 87.5% giving us a profit of 5.30 points. 

    Since the start of the review we have made a total profit of 23.17 points at an ROI of 3.6%.

    There were a couple of shock results this month with East Fife pulling off a win against league leaders Livingston and a great performance from Hoffenheim sealed them a well deserved win versus Bayern Munich, who suffered only their second losing game throughout the whole season. These two 1-0 defeats lost us 12.6 points, but we're pleased to have finished with an overall profit.

    We didn't receive any of the lower odds selections this month (below 3.0), which were running at a loss last month. 

    Key Stats - Update Five
     Advised OddsAvailable Odds
    Number of Bets3232
    Total Liabilities (pts)160.15162.65
    Profit/Loss (pts)6.105.30
    Profit/Loss (£10 stakes)£61.00£53.00
    Average Odds6.006.08
    Strike Rate87.5%87.5%
    Bank (100pt starting)123.58123.17

    Results - Update Five
    DateFixtureSelectionLiabilityOdds AvailableProfit/LossBank
    06/03/2017Frosinone v CittadellaCittadella4.705.700.95118.82
    10/03/2017Ajaccio v TroyesTroyes2.853.850.95119.77
    10/03/2017Juventus v MilanMilan8.209.200.95120.72
    11/03/2017Luton v StevenageStevenage3.904.90-3.90116.82
    11/03/2017Benevento v Virtus EntellaVirtus Entella4.105.100.95117.77
    11/03/2017Livingston v East FifeEast Fife7.008.00-7.00110.77
    12/03/2017Gent v MechelenMechelen4.505.500.95111.72
    12/03/2017Novara v Pro VercelliPro Vercelli3.804.800.95112.67
    14/03/2017Portsmouth v GrimsbyGrimsby8.609.600.95113.62
    18/03/2017Veria v KerkyraKerkyra6.607.600.95114.57
    18/03/2017Frosinone v VicenzaVicenza5.006.000.95115.52
    18/03/2017Eibar v EspanyolEspanyol3.904.900.95116.47
    18/03/2017Athletic Club v Real MadridAth. Bilbao4.405.400.95117.42
    19/03/2017Man City v LiverpoolLiverpool3.004.000.95118.37
    19/03/2017PSG v LyonLyon6.407.400.95119.32
    19/03/2017PAOK v PanioniosPanionios7.408.400.95120.27
    19/03/2017Sampdoria v JuventusSampdoria6.607.600.95121.22
    19/03/2017Girona v CadizCadiz4.805.80-4.80116.42
    19/03/2017Antalyaspor v BesiktasAntalyaspor3.604.600.95117.37
    26/03/2017Salernitana v AscoliAscoli5.606.600.95118.32
    26/03/2017Getafe v LugoLugo4.705.700.95119.27
    31/03/2017Derby v QPRQPR3.804.800.95120.22
    01/04/2017Liverpool v EvertonEverton4.705.700.95121.17
    01/04/2017Millwall v ScunthorpeScunthorpe3.604.600.95122.12
    02/04/2017Stuttgart v DresdenDresden3.704.700.95123.07
    02/04/2017Ajax v FeyenoordFeyenoord3.504.500.95124.02
    02/04/2017Braga v MaritimoMaritimo5.006.000.95124.97
    02/04/2017Tenerife v OviedoOviedo4.905.900.95125.92
    03/04/2017Frosinone v AvellinoAvellino6.807.800.95126.87
    04/04/2017Carpi v Pro VercelliPro Vercelli4.605.600.95127.82
    04/04/2017Athletic Club v EspanyolEspanyol6.807.800.95128.77
    04/04/2017Hoffenheim v Bayern MunichHoffenheim5.606.60-5.60123.17

    We will report back next month with the final results and conclusion to our review.

    Football Advisor Lays Review: Update Four

    7th March 2017

    The Football Advisor Lays service is back to winning ways with a profit of 5.37 points delivered during the last month at the available odds.

    We received 41 selections over the last month, which is more than any of the previous months of our review so far. We have also noticed that there have been some lower odds selections sent out this time round, priced between 1.70 and 3.00. Currently these are running at a small loss of 1.48 points at the available odds, but it will be interesting to see how these perform throughout the remainder of our review.

    Key Stats - Update Four
     Advised OddsAvailable Odds
    Number of Bets4141
    Total Liabilities (pts)152.54155.37
    Profit/Loss (pts)4.385.37
    Profit/Loss (£10 stakes)£43.80£53.70
    Average Odds4.724.79
    Strike Rate78.0%78.0%
    Bank (100pt starting)117.48117.87

    Results - Update Four
    DateFixtureSelectionLiabilityOdds AvailableProfit/LossBank
    10/02/2017Bordeaux v PSGBordeaux5.406.400.95113.45
    11/02/2017Bolton v WalsallWalsall4.805.800.95114.40
    11/02/2017Millwall v SouthendSouthend3.204.200.95115.35
    11/02/2017Peterborough v Sheff UtdPeterborough3.404.400.95116.30
    11/02/2017Mansfield v HartlepoolMansfield0.701.70-0.70115.60
    11/02/2017Getafe v CadizCadiz4.505.500.95116.55
    12/02/2017Stuttgart v SandhausenSandhausen5.006.000.95117.50
    12/02/2017Xanthi v PAOKPAOK1.142.140.95118.45
    14/02/2017Portsmouth v BlackpoolBlackpool4.605.600.95119.40
    18/02/2017Cittadella v AvellinoAvellino3.304.30-3.30116.10
    18/02/2017Airdrieonians v LivingstonAirdrie3.004.000.95117.05
    18/02/2017Girona v MallorcaMallorca4.005.000.95118.00
    18/02/2017Barnet v PortsmouthBarnet3.004.000.95118.95
    18/02/2017Exeter v StevenageStevenage3.504.500.95119.90
    19/02/2017Roma v TorinoTorino8.009.000.95120.85
    19/02/2017Genk v CharleroiCharleroi4.305.300.95121.80
    21/02/2017Newport County v MorecambeMorecambe2.653.650.95122.75
    24/02/2017Benevento v BariBari3.504.50-3.50119.25
    24/02/2017Reus Deportiu v OviedoOviedo3.104.100.95120.20
    25/02/2017Napoli v AtalantaAtalanta5.406.40-5.40114.80
    25/02/2017Avellion v VicenzaAvellino1.282.28-1.28113.52
    25/02/2017Novara v SpeziaNovara1.402.40-1.40112.12
    25/02/2017Carlisle v PortsmouthCarlisle2.653.650.95113.07
    25/02/2017Lille v BordeauxBordeaux2.353.35-2.35110.72
    26/02/2017Villarreal v Real MadridVillarreal4.605.600.95111.67
    26/02/2017Zaragoza v GimnasticGimnastic4.105.10-4.10107.57
    26/02/2017Standard v MechelenMechelen5.006.000.95108.52
    26/02/2017Marseille v PSGMarseille5.206.200.95109.47
    28/02/2017Brighton v NewcastleBrighton1.602.600.95110.42
    28/02/2017Millwall v PeterboroughPeterboro4.305.300.95111.37
    28/02/2017Scunthorpe v AFC WimbledonAFC Wimbledon3.004.00-3.00108.37
    28/02/2017Cittadella v TrapaniTrapani3.704.700.95109.32
    28/02/2017Sociedad v EibarEibar4.005.000.95110.27
    01/03/2017Celta Vigo v EspanyolEspanyol4.005.000.95111.22
    04/03/2017Fulham v PrestonPreston4.005.000.95112.17
    04/03/2017Ipswich v BrentfordBrentford2.303.300.95113.12
    04/03/2017Bolton v WimbledonWimbledon3.404.400.95114.07
    04/03/2017Girona v GetafeGetafe4.005.000.95115.02
    05/03/2017Tottenham v EvertonEverton5.406.400.95115.97
    05/03/2017Xanthi v PlataniasPlatanias4.805.800.95116.92
    05/03/2017Sporting Lisbon v GuimaraesGuimaraes7.808.800.95117.87

    We will return in a month's time with our next update.

    Football Advisor Lays Review: Update Three

    10th February 2017

    We are back with an update to our review of Football Advisor Lays and it was almost a scratch month for the service. There were 5 losing lays out of 28, which gave a loss of -0.65 points. 

    Fleetwood winning at odds of 8.40 was quite a big blow, as it would take another 8 winning bets to recover the loss.

    Overall we are still in profit by 12.5 points, but the last two months have been losing months, so we'd really like to see a profit in our next update.

    Key Stats - Update Three
     Advised OddsAvailable Odds
    Number of Bets2828
    Total Liabilities (pts)130.50131.50
    Profit/Loss (pts)-0.65-0.65
    Profit/Loss (£10 stakes)-£6.50-£6.50
    Average Odds5.665.69
    Strike Rate82.1%82.1%
    Bank (100pt starting)113.10112.50

    Results - Update Three
    DateFixtureSelectionLiabilityOdds AvailableProfit/LossBank
    06/01/2017Mallorca v MirandesMirandes5.406.400.95114.10
    08/01/2017Xanthi v OlympikaosXanthi4.405.400.95115.05
    08/01/2017Rio Ave v ChavesChaves3.904.900.95116.00
    08/01/2017Villarreal v BarcelonaVillarreal5.806.800.95116.95
    14/01/2017Fulham v BarnsleyBarnsley5.006.000.95117.90
    14/01/2017Airdrieonians v East FifeEast Fife2.903.900.95118.85
    14/01/2017Rayo Vallecano v Sevilla BSevilla B5.606.600.95119.80
    15/01/2017Everton v Man CityEverton3.904.90-3.90115.90
    15/01/2017Lazio v AtalantaAtalanta3.104.100.95116.85
    15/01/2017Sevilla v Real MadridSevilla2.703.70-2.70114.15
    15/01/2017Getafe v MallorcaMallorca4.605.600.95115.10
    20/01/2017Brighton v Sheff WedSheff Wed4.105.100.95116.05
    21/01/2017Maritimo v Sporting LisbonSporting Lisbon4.705.700.95117.00
    22/01/2017Juventus v LazioLazio5.806.800.95117.95
    22/01/2017Utrecht v AjaxUtrecht3.904.900.95118.90
    22/01/2017PSV v HeerenveenHerenveen8.609.600.95119.85
    22/01/2017Levante v NumanciaNumancia6.006.800.95120.80
    22/01/2017Osmanlispor v AntalyasporAntalyaspor4.405.40-4.40116.40
    22/01/2017Fenerbahce v BuyuksehyrBuyuksehyr3.404.400.95117.35
    24/01/2017Sheffield Utd v FleetwoodFleetwood7.408.40-7.40109.95
    28/01/2017Leipzig v HoffenheimHoffenheim4.305.300.95110.90
    28/01/2017Portsmouth v ExeterExeter4.105.10-4.10106.80
    28/01/2017Cesena v AscoliAscoli5.206.200.95107.75
    28/01/2017Novara v PisaPisa4.405.400.95108.70
    28/01/2017Peterhead v Queens ParkQueens Park3.204.200.95109.65
    29/01/2017PSG v MonacoMonaco5.006.000.95110.60
    29/01/2017Verona v SalernitanaSalernitana5.006.000.95111.55
    30/01/2017Spezia v LatinaLatina4.705.700.95112.50

    We will report back soon with our fourth update.

    Football Advisor Lays Review: Update Two

    27th January 2017

    We are back with the second update to our review of Football Advisor Lays and as predicted, a few matches did end up going the wrong way with underdogs Lyon, Zaragoza, Sheff Wed and Colchester all managing to pull off wins consecutively. 

    The service did manage to hit an impressive streak of 30 winning lays in a row prior to this.

    After a loss of 8.7 points, we now have an overall profit of 13.15 points at the available odds.

    Key Stats - Update Two
     Advised OddsAvailable Odds
    Number of Bets1717
    Total Liabilities (pts)78.2079.65
    Profit/Loss (pts)-8.10-8.70
    Profit/Loss (£10 stakes)-£81.00-£87.00
    Average Odds5.605.69
    Strike Rate70.6%70.6%
    Bank (100pt starting)113.75113.15

    Results - Update Two
    DateFixtureBetStakeAvailable OddsProfit/LossRunning Total
    09/12/2016Brighton v LeedsLeeds4.105.100.95122.80
    09/12/2016Troyes v AuxerreAuxerre4.805.800.95123.75
    10/12/2016Carpi v TernanaTernana7.208.200.95124.70
    11/12/2016Lyon v RennesRennes6.207.200.95125.65
    11/12/2016Utrecht v HeraclesHeracles5.406.400.95126.60
    11/12/2016Valladolid v MirandesMirandes4.805.800.95127.55
    17/12/2016Feyenoord v VitesseVitesse7.408.400.95128.50
    18/12/2016Monaco v LyonLyon3.704.70-3.70124.80
    18/12/2016Rayo Vallecano v ZaragozaZaragoza4.005.00-4.00120.80
    26/12/2016Newcastle v Sheffield WedSheff Wed5.406.40-5.40115.40
    26/12/2016Luton v ColchesterColchester3.604.60-3.60111.80
    28/12/2016Spezia v VicenzaVicenza4.605.600.95112.75
    29/12/2016Aston Villa v LeedsLeeds2.853.850.95113.70
    30/12/2016Verona v CesenaCesena4.305.300.95114.65
    31/12/2016Oxford v WalsallWalsall3.704.700.95115.60
    31/12/2016Luton v BarnetBarnet4.205.200.95116.55
    31/12/2016Clyde v AnnanAnnan3.404.40-3.40113.15

    We will be back with another update of our results shortly.

    Football Advisor Lays Review: Update One

    20th January 2017

    The first part of our review of Football Advisor Lays couldn't have started any better, achieving a 100% strike rate in month one. We have made a profit of 21.85 points at an ROI of 19.9%, increasing our bank by just over 20% already. 

    With this being a laying system at average odds between 5.00 - 6.00, things could change quite quickly if a few matches go the wrong way, but it's great to see such a positive start to a newly established service.​

    Key Stats - Update One
     Advised OddsAvailable Odds
    Number of Bets2323
    Total Liabilities (pts)105.00109.60
    Profit/Loss (pts)21.8521.85
    Profit/Loss (£10 stakes)£218.50£218.50
    Average Odds5.575.77
    Strike Rate100.0%100.0%
    Bank (100pt starting)121.85121.85

    Results - Update One
    DateFixtureBetStakeAvailable OddsProfit/LossRunning Total
    06/11/2016Club Brugge v GenkGenk4.705.700.95100.95
    06/11/2016Anderlecht v OostendeOostende5.606.600.95101.90
    06/11/2016AZ v AjaxAZ3.404.400.95102.85
    06/11/2016Getafe v AlcorconAlcorcon4.205.200.95103.80
    06/11/2016Olympiakos v PanathinaikosPanathinaikos4.705.700.95104.75
    12/11/2016SPAL v BresciaBrescia5.806.800.95105.70
    12/11/2016Levante v CadizCadiz6.207.200.95106.65
    13/11/2016Frosinone v AscoliAscoli5.206.200.95107.60
    18/11/2016Brighton v Aston VillaAston Villa3.904.900.95108.55
    19/11/2016Mallorca v Sevilla BSevilla B4.205.200.95109.50
    19/11/2016Girona v LugoLugo5.206.200.95110.45
    19/11/2016Charlton v Port ValePort Vale4.605.600.95111.40
    20/11/2016Rayo Vallecano v HuescaHuesca4.405.400.95112.35
    26/11/2016Chelsea v TottenhamTottenham4.305.300.95113.30
    26/11/2016Monaco v MarseilleMarseille5.406.400.95114.25
    26/11/2016Torino v ChievoChievo5.206.200.95115.20
    26/11/2016Cesena v AvellinoAvellino5.206.200.95116.15
    26/11/2016Frosinone v TernanaTernana6.207.200.95117.10
    29/11/2016Sochaux v Bourg PeronnasBourg Peronnas4.305.300.95118.05
    03/12/2016Club Brugge v OostendeOostende6.007.000.95119.00
    03/12/2016Barcelona v Real MadridReal Madrid3.104.100.95119.95
    04/12/2016Rayo Vallecano v AlcorconAlcorcon3.804.800.95120.90
    04/12/2016Oviedo v GimnasticGimnastic4.005.000.95121.85

    Let's home the service can keep up this good momentum! We will report back shortly with our next set of results.

    Football Advisor Lays Review: Introduction

    19th January 2017

    You may remember our recent review of a football betting service run by tipster Jon called Football Advisor. It finished with a Neutral rating as we just about broke even over a period of three months, but showed good promise and had an impressive long term record. Since then, Jon has been sharing tips to a small group of people for a lay betting service that he is planning to launch in February - Football Advisor Lays.

    He has been testing and perfecting the system over the last three years and is now ready to share the tips to a larger audience.

    We have been following the pre-launch tips over the last couple of months and we’re pleased to let you know it’s going well so far.

    There was a 100% strike rate during month one, giving us a profit of 21.85 points at an ROI of 19.9%. There was an inevitable turn of events in month two where we experienced a losing run of 4 bets, but we have still made a profit of 13.15 points overall.

    The lay odds have ranged from 3.85 to 8.40, averaging at 5.73, so it has not been a case of just picking out huge underdogs to lay.

    Historical Performance (includes deduction of Betfair commission)

    • – 3 years
    • – 1,040 bets
    • – 867 winners
    • – 36% strike rate
    • – 228.75 units profit
    • – Average odds of 5.63
    • – Largest draw-down – 21.45 units

    We will update this post with more information on pricing of the service once it has launched on 1st Feb.

    We will continue to follow the service through the launch period and will post an update of our results periodically.


  • Quick and easy to follow
  • High strike rate and long winning runs
  • Steady long-term bank growth
  • Cons

  • ROI on the low side
  • High subscription fee unless you take long term option
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