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Welcome to our Football Index review, where we try out the world's first footballer stock market with our very own live portfolio.

We had heard a lot of buzz about Football Index, but we hadn't seen any concrete evidence on whether it actually works. We decided to put it to the test ourselves and find out the answer to the question that we've all been pondering - can you make money from Football Index?

We have been testing the site out since May this year and we spent a total of £283.10 on footballer shares. Our shares are currently worth £406.87, so that's a profit of £123.77 for about 10 minutes work!

That works out as an impressive 30.4% return and that isn't including any dividends we received.

Read on for our Football Index review, which includes how it all works and details of our own portfolio.

Football Index Review - Start Trading
What is Football Index?

Football Index has been dubbed as the world's first football stock market, providing an exciting new way to bet on football. Instead of the traditional way of betting on the outcome of football matches at the bookies, Football Index allows you to buy and sell shares in footballers with the aim of trading them for a profit.

There is also the potential to earn dividends on footballers that rank high in the "Media Ranking" or "Match Day Ranking" list, which we will go into more detail about later.

It seems like a great opportunity for those who have a good knowledge of football players to put that knowledge to use and have the chance to make a profit from it.

As well as being able to access the site via your usual browser, there is also a Football Index app available for Apple iOS devices.

How Does Football Index Work?

The general idea is to a try and spot players that have the potential to have a great season or future career, buy shares in them whilst the price is low and sell them later on for a profit.

Imagine taking a punt on Mo Salah when he first joined Liverpool FC. Back then, shares in him could have been bought for less than £2.00 each, but fast forward to today they are worth over £10.00 each. That's a 5x increase in less than a year!

Unfortunately we missed that boat, but it's a good example of just how lucrative Football Index could be.

Buying and Selling Shares

The main two ways of finding players to buy shares in (or technically they are called "futures") is by using the "Top 200" and the "Squad Players" lists.

The Top 200 is a list of the highest priced footballers from the previous day and it is updated at midnight every day. Here is where you will find the most popular names in football such as Neymar and Messi.

The Squad Players list is where the remaining players that haven't made the Top 200 list can be found. At the time of writing, there are more than 1700 players listed here and Football Index are adding up to 50 new players each day.

Football Index Review - Top 200 List

The easiest way to find a player is to type their name in the search box above the list. To buy or sell shares in the player, you simply choose the buy or the sell price next to the player's name and then select how many shares.

For example, buying 1 share in Gareth Bale would cost £5.33 in the price taken from the screenshot, so if you wanted to buy 10 shares it would cost £53.30. 

The maximum amount of shares that can be bought or sold in one transaction is 100.

The Portfolio tab shows how many shares are held for each player, how much they were bought for, their current value and profit/loss. Shares can be bought and sold for these players from this screen too.

It's important to note that Football Index is not the same as fantasy football, where success is determined on a player scoring lots of goals or if they are playing well. The price of shares is purely based on demand, so more people buying a player will push the price up as demand increases and more people selling will bring the price down. 

However, a player that is performing well is more likely to gain interest from other traders which could then impact the price.

Earning Dividends

Aside from buying and selling players for a profit, the other way to make a profit on Football Index is by earning dividends. Dividends are paid out on players that make it into either the Media or Match Day ranking lists collated each day.

Media Rankings

The Media rankings are based on how much a player is featured in articles taken from a large list of  football news websites including Talksport, BBC and Sky Sports.

Players are given a score based on how much coverage they have received in the press and they are ranked on the Football Buzz table. Below you can see the live rankings for the media list at the time of writing, which shows Neymar is top of the list with 330 points.

Football Index Review - Media Rankings

Based on this list, if Neymar still had the highest score by midnight tonight, a dividend would be paid out on each share. On a match day it is only the top player that earns a dividend, but on non-match days it is the top three.

The dividend amount is subject to change and can sometimes vary if there is a promotion, but the current dividend table shows it would be paid out at 5p per share on a match day and 8p, 5p and 2p per share on a non-match day for the top three footballers respectively.

Match Day Rankings

Match Day rankings are based on the player performance statistics compiled from OPTA on each match day and they are split into Top Goalkeeper or Defender, Top Midfielder, Top Forward and Star Footballer.

Dividends based on the performance of players was introduced to the site last year and it seems to be a great opportunity to earn extra money from players that are actually playing well and not just making the headlines.

The dividend amount can range from 2p to 12p for these, depending on how many eligible games are being played on the day.

Our Football Index Portfolio

We originally chose to use £100 to get started with Football Index, but it is possible to go in with as little as £10 to try the service out. There are players with shares priced at less than £1 each, so it's possible to invest a small amount of money to see how the site works.

We later made another deposit but have reserved some of the balance to purchase shares later on in the football season. In total we invested £283.10 in 125 shares in 23 different players.

There is currently a risk-free offer, where you can try out building a portfolio and trading footballers for 7 days. If you decide it isn't for you, losses will be refunded up to a maximum of £500 (see Football Index for full terms and conditions).

With our initial £100, we mainly chose to buy shares in players that we thought would rise in value during the 2018 World Cup.

Football Index Review - Portfolio

Once the tournament had finished, with our extra deposit we purchased shares in players that looked promising for the upcoming football season. We are not exactly experts in football players, so it's been a case of doing a little bit of research.

This is how our portfolio is looking now and as you can see in the image below, every single player we have purchased shares in has risen in value!

Football Index Review Update Four

Note: We would advise you to do your own research if you choose to buy any shares.

So what about dividends? Well these have been trickling in slowly and have given us an added profit of £5.64 which is an ROI of 2%. It's a nice little bonus and there's potential to earn more dividends by buying shares in some of the more mainstream players.

We could cash out here and now for a tidy profit but we plan to carry on using Football Index and keep hold of our shares for now.

Football Index Review - Start Trading

When we started our review, we couldn't help but feel excited about Football Index. It has turned out to be a fun way to make a bit of money and if used sensibly there isn't too much risk involved. 

We didn't have a great deal of knowledge when it came to individual football players but it shows that even a novice can make a profit from this site.

Being the first of its kind, it could be one of next big things to hit the sports betting world. With more and more people signing up, prices of shares are set to go up with demand increasing, so it's a great time to get involved.

Below you can read the updates that we posted throughout the review, or if you're ready to find out more about Football Index click the button below.

Football Index Review: Update Three

9th August 2018

This is just a quick update of our portfolio to show the new players that we have bought shares in just before the winter leagues kicked off. We are by no means Football Index experts and we wouldn't advise copying our choices, but we are pleased to see that every share that we have bought so far has risen in value!

So far our return works out at a healthy 18.1% with a profit of £51.31.

We purchased a further 16 sets of shares in football players on the 26th July for a total of £182.51, which brings our total outlay up to £283.10. We still have £219.46 left in the bank to use to purchase more shares throughout the season if anything grabs our attention.

We decided to invest in a mixture of promising young players and a few shares in some of the bigger names. The big names obviously come a bigger price but they are more likely to give dividends from buzz wins, whereas the promising players have the chance to rise in value considerably if they have a good season.

We have had one dividend since our last update of 30p but we will add that to our next full dividend update.

Portfolio - Update Three
Football Index Review Update Three

It almost seems too easy, but we will see how things progress over the next few months. We will be back with an update when there's anything notable to report.

Football Index Review: Update Two

20th July 2018

Now that the World Cup has finished we thought it would be a good time to update our Football Index review with the latest figures. The value of our portfolio of football players has dipped down to £105.73, but we are still in profit by £5.17 overall.

We have been doing quite well with buzz wins and in total we have received £2.23 in dividends from these.

Football Index is ticking away nicely with a 7.4% increase to our bank since we started the review a couple of months ago.

Dividends - Update Two
DateFootballerDividendRunning P/L
19/06/2018Kevin De Bruyne£0.12£0.71
24/06/2018Toni Kroos£0.08£0.79
24/06/2018Toni Kroos£0.16£0.95
24/06/2018Toni Kroos£0.20£1.15
28/06/2018Toni Kroos£0.16£1.31
03/07/2018Kevin De Bruyne£0.24£1.55
07/07/2018Antoine Griezmann£0.08£1.63
07/07/2018Kevin De Bruyne£0.24£1.87
11/07/2018Antoine Griezmann£0.12£1.99
15/07/2018Kevin De Bruyne£0.12£2.11
16/07/2018Antoine Griezmann£0.12£2.23

Portfolio - Update Two
Football Index Review Update Two

Football Index seems to be fairly low risk, so going forward from here we have decided to top up our balance so that we have invested a total of £500.

The current introductory offers the opportunity to try the service out risk-free for 7 days with a max refund of £500. Although we have already passed the introductory period, it would be interesting to see how much profit we can make if we top up our bank to this amount.

We will be looking at buying some more players before the start of the winter football season, so we will report back soon with an update of our portfolio.

Football Index Review: Update One

16th June 2018

We are back with an update to our Football Index review with the latest profit/loss figures for our portfolio of footballers and we are pleased to let you know that things are off to a good start. Even before the World Cup had started, we saw the value of the majority of the shares we bought rise in value.

We have also had eight buzz wins which have given us dividends adding up to a total of 59p so far. This topped our balance up enough to be able to buy another share, so we decided to buy one more share in Toni Kroos as he was the most recent buzz winner for us.

Our total cost of shares now adds up to £100.56 and they are currently valued at £110.95, which is a profit of £10.39. This works out as a 10.3% increase - a great start for very little effort!

Dividends - Update One
DateFootballerDividendRunning P/L
17/05/2018Antoine Griezmann£0.06£0.06
17/05/2018Antoine Griezmann£0.12£0.18
17/05/2018Antoine Griezmann£0.05£0.23
18/05/2018Antoine Griezmann£0.08£0.31
31/05/2018Robert Lewandowski£0.06£0.37
13/06/2018Antoine Griezmann£0.05£0.42
15/06/2018Antoine Griezmann£0.05£0.47
18/06/2018Toni Kroos£0.12£0.59

Portfolio - Update One
Football Index Review Update One

We are happy to leave things as they are right now and hopefully we can get some more buzz winners during the World Cup.

We'll report back with our latest figures once there has been any notable change.

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