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Golf Bet Gold Review
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  • Last modified: 26th June 2018

Welcome to our Golf Bet Gold review - A tips service from Bet Fan offering weekly win and each way tournament winner tips for both USPGA and European tours.


  • Bets received well in advance
  • No problems getting the advised odds
  • Transparent results
  • Weekly write-up of previous and upcoming bets


  • Often long streaks of losing bets

We’ve been reviewing Golf Bet Gold over the last three months and after the downturn we experienced in our last update, the service has now taken a big step in the other direction. In month three there were 12 winning bets, which is twice as many as last month, but the real game changer was a winning double that paid out a whopping 226.25 points.

Overall using the advised stakes we made a total profit of 259.62 points with an ROI of 52.6% at the odds obtained. We started with a bank of 350 points and it has now increased by 74% to 609.62 points.

Using flat 1 point stakes would have boosted the profit to 599.88 points with an ROI of 280.3%.

The service is from the Bet Fan network and is run by an anonymous tipster who had been betting professionally on golf for the last 15 years.

Review Stats259.62pts profit, 52.6% ROI, 12.6% SR
Stakes Stakes advised up to 5 points based on what the odds are
Starting bank 350 points
Average no. betsApproximately 20 per week
Time of emailsEach Tuesday
Price£50 per month or £75 per quarter

Key Stats
 Advised OddsObtained Odds
Number of Bets214214
Total Stakes (pts)493.85493.85
Profit/Loss (pts)+254.20+259.62
Profit/Loss (£10 stakes)+£2,542.00+£2,596.20
Average Odds101.41102.82
Strike Rate12.6%12.6%
Bank (pts)604.20609.62

Month #3 Results
DateEventBetTotal StakeOdds AvailableProfit/LossRunning Total
15/08/2016D+D REAL Czech MastersThomas Pieters e/w5113.75323.69
15/08/2016D+D REAL Czech MastersRichard Sterne e/w1.7234-1.72321.97
15/08/2016D+D REAL Czech MastersRenato Paratore e/w0.58101-0.58321.39
15/08/2016D+D REAL Czech MastersMatthew Fitzpatrick e/w3.3174.95326.34
15/08/2016D+D REAL Czech MastersCraig Lee e/w0.46126-0.46325.88
15/08/2016D+D REAL Czech MastersAndy Sullivan e/w511-5320.88
15/08/2016D+D REAL Czech MastersEddie Pepperell e/w1.1451-1.14319.74
15/08/2016Wyndham ChampionshipPatrick Reed e/w4.5219-4.52315.22
15/08/2016Wyndham ChampionshipWebb Simpson e/w329-3312.22
15/08/2016Wyndham ChampionshipScott Brown e/w0.88101-0.88311.34
15/08/2016Wyndham ChampionshipBill Haas e/w329-3308.34
15/08/2016Wyndham ChampionshipWilliam McGIrt e/w2.1441-2.14306.20
15/08/2016Wyndham ChampionshipWesley Bryan e/w2.1441-2.14304.06
15/08/2016Wyndham ChampionshipBen Martin e/w1.181-1.1302.96
15/08/2016Wyndham ChampionshipJon Rahm e/w329-3299.96
15/08/2016Wyndham ChampionshipTyrrell Hatton e/w1.5856-1.58298.38
15/08/2016Wyndham ChampionshipBrandt Snedeker e/w3299307.38
15/08/2016Wyndham ChampionshipJustin Thomas e/w2.1441-2.14305.24
15/08/2016Wyndham ChampionshipCameron Smith e/w0.44201-0.44304.80
15/08/2016D+D REAL Czech Masters / Wyndham ChampionshipRichard Sterne / BIll Haas e/w1986-1303.80
15/08/2016D+D REAL Czech Masters / Wyndham ChampionshipThomas Pieters / Jon Rahm e/w1286-1302.80
15/08/2016D+D REAL Czech Masters / Wyndham ChampionshipMatthew Fitzpatrick / Webb Simpson e/w1493-1301.80
23/08/2016The BarclaysDustin Johnson e/w4.211-4.2297.60
23/08/2016The BarclaysBrooks Koepka e/w1.434-1.4296.20
23/08/2016The BarclaysLuke Donald e/w0.48101-0.48295.72
23/08/2016The BarclaysBrandt Snedeker e/w1.1641-1.16294.56
23/08/2016The BarclaysHideki Matsuyama e/w1.5434-1.54293.02
23/08/2016The BarclaysJason Day e/w592.5295.52
23/08/2016The BarclaysLouis Oosthuizen e/w0.8661-0.86294.66
23/08/2016Made In DenmarkSoren Kjeldsen e/w3.519-3.5291.16
23/08/2016Made In DenmarkMatthew Fitzpatrick e/w4.3615-4.36286.80
23/08/2016Made In DenmarkJaco Van Zyl e/w1.3251-1.32285.48
23/08/2016Made In DenmarkJames Morrison e/w0.9471-0.94284.54
23/08/2016Made In DenmarkThomas Pieters e/w51337.5322.04
23/08/2016Made In DenmarkGraeme Storm e/w0.9472-0.94321.10
23/08/2016Made In DenmarkGary Boyd e/w0.68101-0.68320.42
23/08/2016Made In DenmarkTom Lewis e/w0.46151-0.46319.96
23/08/2016Made In DenmarkCraig Lee e/w0.68101-0.68319.28
23/08/2016Made In DenmarkDavid Lipsky e/w1.2618.4327.68
23/08/2016Made In DenmarkMarc Warren e/w1.351-1.3326.38
23/08/2016Made In DenmarkOliver Fisher e/w0.54126-0.54325.84
23/08/2016The Barclays / Made In DenmarkDustin Johnson/Soren Kjeldsen e/w2190-2323.84
23/08/2016The Barclays / Made In DenmarkJason Day/Marc Warren e/w1459-1322.84
23/08/2016The Barclays / Made In DenmarkBrandt Snedeker/David Lipsky e/w12501-1321.84
30/08/2016European MastersTyrrell Hatton e/w519-5316.84
30/08/2016European MastersAlexander Noren e/w51956.25373.09
30/08/2016European MastersAlejandro Canizares e/w1.281-1.2371.89
30/08/2016European MastersRenato Paratore e/w0.64151-0.64371.25
30/08/2016European MastersMatthew Fitzpatrick e/w4.521-4.5366.75
30/08/2016European MastersBernd Wiesberger e/w3.0631-3.06363.69
30/08/2016European MastersRichard Sterne e/w2.3441-2.34361.35
30/08/2016European MastersDavid Lipsky e/w2.9234-2.92358.43
30/08/2016European MastersRichie Ramsay e/w2.3441-2.34356.09
30/08/2016Deutsche Bank ChampionshipJason Day e/w58-5351.09
30/08/2016Deutsche Bank ChampionshipCharley Hoffman e/w0.5491-0.54350.55
30/08/2016Deutsche Bank ChampionshipRickie Fowler e/w1.5631-1.56348.99
30/08/2016Deutsche Bank ChampionshipSean O'Hair e/w0.44111-0.44348.55
30/08/2016Deutsche Bank ChampionshipBilly Horschel e/w0.861-0.8347.75
30/08/2016Deutsche Bank ChampionshipEmiliano Grillo e/w1.0646-1.06346.69
30/08/2016Deutsche Bank ChampionshipLouis Oosthuizen e/w1.0646-1.06345.63
30/08/2016Deutsche Bank ChampionshipHenrik Stenson e/w2.519-2.5343.13
30/08/2016European Masters / Deutsche Bank ChampionshipDavid Lipsky / Jason Day e/w2272-2341.13
30/08/2016European Masters / Deutsche Bank ChampionshipTyrrell Hatton / Rickie Fowler e/w1.5494-1.5339.63
30/08/2016European Masters / Deutsche Bank ChampionshipMatthew Fitzpatrick / Henrik Stenson e/w1.5361-1.5338.13
11/09/2016KLM OpenRenato Paratore e/w0.6681-0.66337.47
11/09/2016KLM OpenMarcus Fraser e/w0.6681-0.66336.81
11/09/2016KLM OpenMikko Ilonen e/w1.0451-1.04335.77
11/09/2016KLM OpenRobert Karlsson e/w0.867-0.8334.97
11/09/2016KLM OpenPablo Larrazabal e/w1.441-1.4333.57
11/09/2016KLM OpenJoost Luiten e/w2.741930.82364.39
11/09/2016KLM OpenFabrizio Zanotti e/w1.0451-1.04363.35
11/09/2016KLM OpenOliver Fisher e/w0.36151-0.36362.99
11/09/2016KLM OpenAlejandro Canizares e/w0.8672.7365.69
11/09/2016BMW ChampionshipAdam Scott e/w2.76190.28365.97
11/09/2016BMW ChampionshipRory McIlroy56.5-5360.97
11/09/2016BMW ChampionshipDustin Johnson e/w4.641129389.97
11/09/2016BMW ChampionshipLouis Oosthuizen e/w1.2841-1.28388.69
11/09/2016BMW ChampionshipHideki Matsuyama e/w1.2841-1.28387.41
11/09/2016BMW ChampionshipRyan Moore e/w1.0451-1.04386.37
11/09/2016BMW Championship / KLM OpenRory McIlroy / Pablo Larrazabal e/w2266.5-2384.37
11/09/2016BMW Championship / KLM OpenDustin Johnson / Joost Luiten e/w2209226.25610.62
11/09/2016BMW Championship / KLM OpenAdam Scott / Renato Paratore e/w11377-1609.62

The results posted on the website show the service has racked up a profit of 510.34 points this year to date, with an overall profit of 1133.96 since launching in 2014.

The bets are sent out weekly, usually on a Tuesday, so there’s plenty of time to get bets on. We had no problems getting the advised odds – in fact we made an extra 5.42 points compared to the results posted on the website.

The majority of the bets are each-way, with the occasional win bet on lower odds players. The service covers both USA and European tours throughout the year.

The tipster uses a staking plan based that adjusts the stakes based on what the odds are. For example, one of the bets was at high odds of 151.00 and the stake was set at 0.26 points each way.

There are two pricing options - £50 per month or £75 quarterly which works out at £25 per month.


The main thing to be aware of with this service is it is high variance and has a low strike rate, so it is not going to suit everyone. This is nature of most golf betting services due to the high odds on players to win tournaments. During our review the longest losing streak was 23 bets.

This service has been making profits over the long term, but you do need to have the patience to ride out the losing periods and wait for bets to come in at juicy odds.

Going by the results so far, betting at just £2.00 per point would still have made almost £800 profit after subtracting membership fees this year to date.

Golf Bet Gold gets our stamp of approval with a rating of 4 out of 5 stars.

Golf Bet Gold Review: Update Two

22nd August 2016

We have now completed two months of our review of Golf Bet Gold and after a positive start last month, we are now encountering some of the variance that we were expecting.

Despite the service hitting some very nice winners this month, such as Ariya Jutanugarn winning the Women’s British Open at 20/1, Justin Rose winning the Olympic Mens at 12/1 and Ryan Moore winning the John Deere Classic at 25/1, we still finished up with a total loss of 43 points at the available odds.

This now leaves us with an overall loss of 30.06 points since the beginning of the trial.

There were just 6 winning bets from 72 to give a strike rate of 8.3%. A lot of the short priced selections were losing us 5 points at a time, so it was hard to keep afloat.

Key Stats
 Advised OddsObtained Odds
Number of Bets7272
Total Stakes (pts)178.62178.62
Profit/Loss (pts)-42.42-43.00
Profit/Loss (£10 stakes)-£424.20-£430.00
Average Odds89.8890.97
Strike Rate8.3%8.3%
Bank (pts)314.52319.94

Month #2 Results
DateEventBetTotal StakeOddsProfit/LossRunning Total
19/07/16RBC Canadian OpenBrandt Snedeker e/w3.6026.006.19369.13
19/07/16RBC Canadian OpenTony Finau e/w1.8251.00-1.82367.31
19/07/16RBC Canadian OpenMark Wilson e/w0.38251.00-0.38366.93
19/07/16RBC Canadian OpenSam Saunders e/w0.76126.00-0.76366.17
19/07/16RBC Canadian OpenMatt Kuchar e/w5.0017.00-5.00361.17
19/07/16RBC Canadian OpenJim Furyk e/w3.1029.00-3.10358.07
19/07/16RBC Canadian OpenEmiliano Grillo e/w2.2441.00-2.24355.83
19/07/16RBC Canadian OpenKevin Kisner e/w1.4067.00-1.40354.43
19/07/16RBC Canadian OpenDavid Hearn e/w1.3261.00-1.32353.11
19/07/16RBC Canadian OpenGraham Delaet e/w1.5867.00-1.58351.53
19/07/16RBC Canadian OpenChad Campbell e/w0.78126.00-0.78350.75
19/07/16RBC Canadian OpenChris Kirk e/w1.8867.00-1.88348.87
25/07/16USPGA ChampionshipDustin Johnson e/w5.009.00-5.00343.87
25/07/16USPGA ChampionshipSergio Garcia e/w1.7431.00-1.74342.13
25/07/16USPGA ChampionshipPhil Mickelson e/w2.0023.00-2.00340.13
25/07/16USPGA ChampionshipRory McIlroy e/w5.0010.00-5.00335.13
25/07/16USPGA ChampionshipZach Johnson e/w0.7667.00-0.76334.37
27/07/16USPGA ChampionshipCharl Schwartzel Top 205.003.50-5.00329.37
27/07/16USPGA ChampionshipLee Westwood Top 205.004.00-5.00324.37
27/07/16USPGA ChampionshipPhil Mickelson Top American e/w3.0012.00-3.00321.37
27/07/16USPGA ChampionshipDustin Johnson Top American e/w5.005.50-5.00316.37
27/07/16USPGA ChampionshipZach Johnson Top American e/w1.0034.00-1.00315.37
27/07/16Ricoh Women's British OpenStacy Lewis e/w2.3017.003.45318.82
27/07/16Ricoh Women's British OpenSo Yeon Ryu e/w1.5626.00-1.56317.26
27/07/16Ricoh Women's British OpenSung Hyun Park e/w1.5626.00-1.56315.70
27/07/16Ricoh Women's British OpenLydia Ko4.005.00-4.00311.70
27/07/16Ricoh Women's British OpenAnna Nordqvist e/w1.4029.00-1.40310.30
27/07/16Ricoh Women's British OpenAriya Jutanugarn e/w1.9221.0024.00334.30
27/07/16Ricoh Women's British Open / USPGA ChampionshipStacy Lewis / Dustin Johnson e/w2.00171.00-2.00332.30
27/07/16Ricoh Women's British Open / USPGA ChampionshipSung Hyun Park / Phil Mickelson e/w1.00676.00-1.00331.30
27/07/16Ricoh Women's British Open / USPGA ChampionshipAnna Nordqvist / Sergio Garcia e/w1.00676.00-1.00330.30
02/08/16Travelers ChampionshipBubba Watson e/w5.0015.00-5.00325.30
02/08/16Travelers ChampionshipJon Rahm e/w2.5431.00-2.54322.76
02/08/16Travelers ChampionshipFrancesco Molinari e/w1.5461.00-1.54321.22
02/08/16Travelers ChampionshipRyan Moore e/w1.1867.00-1.18320.04
02/08/16Travelers ChampionshipGary Woodland e/w1.5461.00-1.54318.50
02/08/16Travelers ChampionshipZach Johnson e/w3.0031.00-3.00315.50
02/08/16Travelers ChampionshipBrian Harman e/w1.1081.00-1.10314.40
02/08/16Travelers ChampionshipWebb Simpson e/w2.1841.00-2.18312.22
02/08/16Travelers ChampionshipPaul Casey e/w2.7029.00-2.70309.52
02/08/16Travelers ChampionshipPatrick Reed e/w3.0026.00-3.00306.52
03/08/16Aberdeen Asset Management Paul Lawrie Match PlayAlexander Noren e/w5.0015.006.25312.77
03/08/16Aberdeen Asset Management Paul Lawrie Match PlayMatthew Southgate e/w2.1436.00-2.14310.63
03/08/16Aberdeen Asset Management Paul Lawrie Match PlayMikko Ilonen e/w3.4026.00-3.40307.23
03/08/16Aberdeen Asset Management Paul Lawrie Match PlayCallum Shinkwin e/w2.1441.00-2.14305.09
03/08/16Aberdeen Asset Management Paul Lawrie Match PlayMagnus A Carlsson e/w1.1667.00-1.16303.93
03/08/16Aberdeen Asset Management Paul Lawrie Match PlayMatthew Fitzpatrick e/w4.4217.00-4.42299.51
03/08/16Aberdeen Asset Management Paul Lawrie Match PlayJohan Carlsson e/w1.5251.00-1.52297.99
03/08/16Aberdeen Asset Management Paul Lawrie Match PlayRichie Ramsay e/w2.4629.00-2.46295.53
03/08/16Aberdeen Asset Management / Travelers ChampionshipAlexander Noren / Bubba Watson e/w2.00225.00-2.00293.53
03/08/16Aberdeen Asset Management / Travelers ChampionshipAlexander Noren / Paul Casey e/w1.00390.00-1.00292.53
03/08/16Aberdeen Asset Management / Travelers ChampionshipMikko Ilonen / Bubba Watson e/w1.00345.00-1.00291.53
03/08/16Aberdeen Asset Management / Travelers ChampionshipMikko Ilonen / Paul Casey e/w1.00598.00-1.00290.53
08/08/16Olympic Men's CompetitionHenrik Stenson5.007.00-5.00285.53
08/08/16Olympic Men's CompetitionJustin Rose e/w4.0413.0032.32317.85
08/08/16Olympic Men's CompetitionMartin Kaymer e/w2.8019.00-2.80315.05
08/08/16Olympic Men's CompetitionPatrick Reed e/w2.9419.00-2.94312.11
08/08/16Olympic Men's CompetitionEmiliano Grillo e/w2.1629.00-2.16309.95
08/08/16Olympic Men's CompetitionAlex Cejka e/w0.56126.00-0.56309.39
08/08/16John Deere ClassicZach Johnson5.008.50-5.00304.39
08/08/16John Deere ClassicRyan Moore e/w2.8026.0043.75348.14
08/08/16John Deere ClassicRobert Streb e/w2.2034.00-2.20345.94
08/08/16John Deere ClassicDaniel Summerhays e/w3.2023.00-3.20342.74
08/08/16John Deere ClassicKevin Na e/w3.2023.00-3.20339.54
08/08/16John Deere ClassicJerry Kelly e/w1.6046.00-1.60337.94
08/08/16John Deere Classic / Men's Olympics TournamentZach Johnson / Henrik Stenson2.0052.00-2.00335.94
08/08/16John Deere Classic / Men's Olympics TournamentRobert Streb / Martin Kaymer e/w1.50687.80-1.50334.44
08/08/16John Deere Classic / Men's Olympics TournamentDaniel Summerhays / Justin Rose e/w1.50317.36-1.50332.94
10/08/16OIympic Women's CompetitionAriya Jutanugarn e/w5.008.50-5.00327.94
10/08/16OIympic Women's CompetitionStacy Lewis e/w2.7017.00-2.70325.24
10/08/16OIympic Women's CompetitionLexi Thompson e/w3.0015.00-3.00322.24
10/08/16OIympic Women's CompetitionAmy Yang e/w2.3021.00-2.30319.94

It’s always going to be a long-term game betting on golf, so we will carry on following the tips until we can make a fair decision on the service.

We’ll be back next month with our next set of results.

Golf Bet Gold Review: Update One

20th July 2016

It’s been a positive start in our review of Golf Bet Gold with a profit of 12.94 points and an ROI of 8.5% at the odds that we were able to obtain. At the advised odds the service made 6.94 points profit, so it’s great that we were able to make almost double that.

The two highlights of the month were Dustin Johnson winning the US Open and netting us 42.00 points and more recently Phil Mickelson finishing as Top American to give us 35.00 points profit.

There has been no trouble getting the required odds with the tips being released well ahead of the start of the tournaments.

Sometimes we have had between 15-20 bets received in a week and it can take some time putting them all on, but on the flipside it does there’s more chance of hitting a winner by including more selections in the outright market. The stakes are adjusted so that high odds selections will use a lower stake and the shorter odds tips will use a higher stake up to a maximum of 5 points.

Key Stats
 Advised OddsObtained Odds
Number of Bets6060
Total Stakes (pts)153.07153.07
Profit/Loss (pts)+6.94+12.94
Profit/Loss (£10 stakes)+£69.40+£129.40
Average Odds40.1340.26
Strike Rate15.0%15.0%
Bank (pts)356.94362.94

Month #1 Results
DateEventBetTotal StakeOddsProfit/LossRunning Total
07/06/2016Lyoness OpenBernd Wiesberger e/w5.009.00-5.00345.00
07/06/2016Lyoness OpenJoost Luiten e/w5.008.50-5.00340.00
07/06/2016Lyoness OpenGregory Bourdy e/w2.5019.00-2.50337.50
07/06/2016Lyoness OpenNino Bertasio e/w0.6081.00-0.60336.90
07/06/2016Lyoness OpenMichael Lorenzo-Vera e/w0.50126.00-0.50336.40
08/06/2016FedEx St Jude ClassicPhil Mickelson e/w5.0015.006.25342.65
08/06/2016FedEx St Jude ClassicHarris English e/w3.4223.00-3.42339.23
08/06/2016FedEx St Jude ClassicChad Campbell e/w1.2067.00-1.20338.03
08/06/2016FedEx St Jude ClassicGary Woodland e/w3.4223.00-3.42334.61
08/06/2016FedEx St Jude ClassicRyan Palmer e/w3.6021.00-3.60331.01
08/06/2016FedEx St Jude ClassicJustin Hicks e/w0.52151.00-0.52330.49
08/06/2016FedEx St Jude ClassicBrooks Koepka e/w5.0015.006.25336.74
08/06/2016FedEx St Jude Classic / Lyoness OpenPhil Mickelson / Joost Luiten e/w1.0015.00 & 8.0-1.00335.74
08/06/2016FedEx St Jude Classic / Lyoness OpenPhil Mickelson / Bernd Wiesberger e/w1.0015.00 & 8.5-1.00334.74
08/06/2016FedEx St Jude Classic / Lyoness OpenBrooks Koepka / Joost Luiten e/w1.0015.00 & 7.0-1.00333.74
08/06/2016FedEx St Jude Classic / Lyoness OpenBrooks Koepka / Bernd Wiesberger e/w1.0015.00 & 8.0-1.00332.74
08/06/2016KPMG Women's PGA ChampionshipLydia Ko5.007.00-5.00327.74
08/06/2016KPMG Women's PGA ChampionshipAnna Nordqvist e/w1.9229.00-1.92325.82
08/06/2016KPMG Women's PGA ChampionshipLexi Thompson e/w3.6615.00-3.66322.16
08/06/2016KPMG Women's PGA ChampionshipSei Young Kim e/w2.1426.00-2.14320.02
08/06/2016KPMG Women's PGA ChampionshipIn Gee Chun e/w2.6421.00-2.64317.38
13/06/2016US OpenDustin Johnson e/w4.8017.0048.00365.38
13/06/2016US OpenBrooks Koepka e/w1.6051.00-1.60363.78
13/06/2016US OpenJustin Rose e/w2.5229.00-2.52361.26
13/06/2016US OpenPhil Mickelson e/w2.3631.00-2.36358.90
13/06/2016US OpenJason Day5.008.00-5.00353.90
13/06/2016US OpenBranden Grace e/w1.3256.008.42362.32
13/06/2016US OpenBubba Watson e/w1.6046.00-1.60360.72
15/06/2016US OpenMatt Kuchar Top 205.002.40-5.00355.72
15/06/2016US OpenBrooks Koepka Top 204.352.888.17363.89
27/06/2016WGC Bridgestone InvitationalJason Day5.007.50-5.00358.89
27/06/2016WGC Bridgestone InvitationalLouis Oosthuizen e/w0.9467.00-0.94357.95
27/06/2016WGC Bridgestone InvitationalJustin Thomas e/w0.8871.00-0.88357.07
27/06/2016WGC Bridgestone InvitationalAdam Scott e/w2.2626.00-2.26354.81
27/06/2016WGC Bridgestone InvitationalChris Kirk e/w0.60101.00-0.60354.21
27/06/2016WGC Bridgestone InvitationalJim Furyk e/w1.7434.00-1.74352.47
27/06/2016WGC Bridgestone InvitationalJustin Rose e/w2.2826.00-2.28350.19
27/06/2016WGC Bridgestone InvitationalDavid Lingmerth e/w0.8076.00-0.80349.39
27/06/2016WGC Bridgestone InvitationalJason Dufner e/w1.3046.00-1.30348.09
27/06/2016Open de FranceGraeme McDowell e/w2.6026.00-2.60345.49
27/06/2016Open de FranceFrancesco Molinari e/w2.6026.006.82352.31
27/06/2016Open de FranceRafa Cabrera-Bello e/w2.3429.007.02359.33
27/06/2016Open de FranceMartin Kaymer e/w4.0017.00-0.67358.66
27/06/2016Open de FranceFabrizio Zanotti e/w0.7491.00-0.74357.92
27/06/2016Open de FranceBernd Wiesberger e/w2.1831.00-2.18355.74
27/06/2016Open de FranceGraeme Storm e/w0.40176.00-0.40355.34
27/06/2016Open de FranceRaphael Jacquelin e/w0.68101.00-0.68354.66
27/06/2016Open de FranceAndy Sullivan e/w2.0034.004.17358.83
27/06/2016Open de FranceJames Morrison e/w0.9671.00-0.96357.87
27/06/2016WGC-Bridgestone Invitational / Open de FranceBrooks Koepka / Martin Kaymer2.0021.00 & 17.00-0.33357.54
27/06/2016WGC-Bridgestone Invitational / Open de FranceJim Furyk / Graeme McDowell1.0029.00 & 26.00-1.00356.54
12/07/2016Open ChampionshipLee Westwood Top 205.003.60-5.00351.54
12/07/2016Open ChampionshipHideto Tanihara Top Japanese e/w5.008.00-5.00346.54
12/07/2016Open ChampionshipPhil Mickelson Top American e/w3.5017.0035.00381.54
12/07/2016Open ChampionshipRickie Fowler Top American e/w5.0012.00-5.00376.54
12/07/2016Open ChampionshipNicolas Colsaerts Top Continental European e/w2.5023.00-2.50374.04
12/07/2016Open ChampionshipLee Westwood Top Great Britain & Ireland e/w5.0013.00-5.00369.04
12/07/2016Open ChampionshipChris Wood Top Great Britain & Ireland e/w2.6026.00-2.60366.44
12/07/2016Open ChampionshipErnie Els Top ROTW e/w2.5034.00-2.50363.94
12/07/2016Open ChampionshipHideto Tanihara Top ROTW e/w1.0081.00-1.00362.94

So far it is looking promising for this service, but Golf tipping services are known to encounter a lot of variance so we we will see how it goes in the coming months.

We’ll be back next month with our next set of results.

Golf Bet Gold Review: Introduction

6th June 2016

With the Golf season in full swing it is a great time to start a review of a Golf tipping service. Golf Bet Gold is a service from the Bet Fan network, although the actual tipster appears to be anonymous. Whoever it is behind the tips claims to have 15 years of analysing golf data and during this time has made a good living from betting on the sport. He/she has an impressive record, backing the winner in 8 out of 12 of the last majors and 10 winners from the USPGA tour in 11 weeks.

The tips have been proofed since June 2014 and to date have made 823.59 points profit, which is an average of 34 points profit per month. The full results are available to view on the Bet Fan website.

The tips include both Win and Each Way bets and usually advise backing between 5-15 players in each tournament. They are sent out once a week on a Tuesday or Wednesday and will cover both USPGA and European tours.

A large starting bank of 350 points is recommended and each tip has the recommended stake and odds advised. For each tournament there could be up to 25 points staked and with 2 tournaments per week this means up to a possible 50 points staked per week.

Using 350 points ensures you are always betting within a comfort zone. Our profits have been huge but golf can be volatile and we play for long term profits.

Golf Bet Gold

There are two pricing options – £50.00 per month or £75.00 per quarter.

We’ll be trialing the service over the next three months and will report back next month with our first set of results.


  • Bets received well in advance
  • No problems getting the advised odds
  • Transparent results
  • Weekly write-up of previous and upcoming bets


  • Often long streaks of losing bets

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