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Inplay Trading Review
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Welcome to our Inplay Trading review - A scanner tool that shows you in-play stats for many games at once and features a unique pressure index score.

If you are betting on or trading multiple football matches at the same time, you may use a website that notifies you when a goal has been scored in your chosen games. Inplay Trading is a service that is based around this idea at its simplest, but with extra features such as building strategies with custom criteria and the ability to view a variety of in-play stats for many games on the same screen at once.

After becoming a member, you gain access to the “Scanner”. Here there is a list of all the matches that are currently in-play on Betfair. It’s easy to get rid of the ones you’re not interested in and you can click the lightbulb button to highlight the games that you want to follow.

Inplay Trading Review Interface

There are sound notifications for various events during the match, such as goals or the pressure index (we’ll get to that later). These can be switched off if needed.

For each fixture there is a row that contains the current Betfair odds and statistics.


Shots on target

Shots off target



Free kicks

Red/Yellow cards


Pressure index

Also soon to be added are Dangerous Attacks and Pressure Index 2.

Hovering your mouse pointer over the blue information button gives even more stats, broken down into 1st half and 2nd half. You can also see what minutes the above stats occurred by hovering over them.

Betfair Odds & Liquidity:

Match Odds

Over/Under Goals 1.5 - 4.5

Correct Score

Beneath the current odds is what the odds were at kick-off, which is handy to see at a glance which side was the favourite before kick-off, or whether the market was expecting a lot of goals. Hovering over the odds shows the Betfair price/volume graph.

Clicking on the odds takes you directly to the Betfair page for that market.​

The fixtures can be sorted by some of the main stats above, or simply by the start time.

There is also a link next to each fixture taking you to the Head-To-Head stats page at a football stats website if you want to do some further research on the match.

Create Your Own Strategies

Within the scanner you can create your own strategies by selecting from a choice of filters and then saving it with a suitable name. Games that fit the criteria for a strategy will be displayed beneath that particular box and you can be alerted by sound or email.


Min Price / Max Price, Min Matched & Back or Lay:

Match Odds

Over/Under 2.5

Correct Score

Shots On Target – Min/Max

Goals – Min/Max

Correct Score - Home/Away

Pressure Index - Min/Max

There is also a slider where you can set a time frame for the strategy, such as after 15 minutes into the game until 45 mins.

Example Strategies

In the “Help” section you will find a number of strategy ideas labelled Strategy A to G, which are split into different categories. There is “First 20 mins”, “20-30 mins”, “HT to FT” and “Member’s strats”.

These can be saved within the scanner using the recommended criteria, but they do stress that they are just ideas and you should do further research before jumping into any trades.

Pressure Index

This is one of the newer features to be added to the software and seems to be unique to this website. It uses the possession statistics and shots on and off target over the last ten minutes to create a pressure score. Once the score hits 50 there is an optional sound alert and it is highlighted in red to indicate that a team is really piling the pressure on and there could be a goal any time soon.

Obviously that doesn’t mean there will always be a goal, but it gives you a good indication of what is happening and we have found it to be very useful.

Whilst looking for an example of the pressure index in action to post on this review, the scanner alerted me to this game.

Inplay Trading Review Pressure Index

As you can see, the home team had been pressing for a goal over the last 10 minutes with a score of 60 vs 20. The thunder sound alert went off and the score is highlighted in red.

Inplay Trading Pressure Index Example

Less than 10 minutes later, the home team went on to score their second goal!

Realistically, I probably wouldn't have touched this match, but it just shows how useful this feature is. This was the 1st example that cropped up... pretty impressive.

Draw Inflation

Membership to Inplaytrading also gives you access to the Draw Inflation tool, which you will already know about if you have ever been a member of Pre Match Trading. This tool identifies matches where the draw price may be incorrect for potential scalping opportunities.

There are further instructions in the help section, with some strategies that can be used with the tool.


Support in using the software is available via email and there are video examples showing some trades in action.

There is also an active chatroom, also known as the green room, where you can often find people discussing trading opportunities that the scanner has thrown up. There are four professional football traders on hand to help and advise.

During the main football season, Trade of the Day returns, where users can follow in-play moves from Ads to try and make some profits.


There are four subscription options, with the 6 month one giving the best value, bringing the monthly price down to just under £32.00.

14 Days - £20.00

1 Month - £39.00

3 Months - £106.00

6 Months - £191.00

A word of advice

The key is not to get too carried away with this tool - stick to a trading plan and do your research beforehand. Once you have found some potential fixtures for your strategies and they have met the criteria, you can then decide whether to get involved with them without having to rush through looking at stats websites for further information in the heat of the moment.

It is very easy to get tempted into trades after seeing the pressure index light up or the SOTs build up. This is where anyone new to trading or with lack of discipline could easily begin to fritter money away. Take your time and be selective!


After using this software, you start to imagine how you managed without it. It is great having all the in-play information that you need all in one place and really is a huge timesaver.

Of course you can still access the in-play stats for free elsewhere (minus the pressure index), but none of the free sites seem to offer all of the information on one page.

Having the ability to build your own in-play strategies and the pressure index is where the software really comes into its own.

It is a personal choice whether you think the subscription price is worth the money. If you’re using small stakes it may be too much when you take into account any other trading services you may be using alongside it, but at higher stakes you may be able to cover the costs more easily.

We will be awarding the software with a pass rating. As it stands, it is unique in what it’s offering in comparison to the free in-play stats websites and is a very handy tool to have in your trading armoury. As long as it is used correctly, it has the potential to boost your trading profits by highlighting good in-play opportunities that you may have missed otherwise.


  1. Hi Laura,

    When you used this software did they have any good strategies that had a very good strike rate(70-80%) with small liabilities? or is completely up to you to find your own strategy. I am a beginner when it comes to trading so if they had good strategies with good strike rate, it would be very beneficial.

    Kind regards

    1. Hi Jeff, There are a few strategies listed on the site but as far as we can tell, there hasn’t been any extensive testing of them and they are just there as ideas, so we would advise you to tread cautiously if you are thinking of using them and use small stakes or paper trade.

  2. It would have been great, if you guys used some strategies and posted their results. The system itself is useful but with the strategies its hard to tell if the service is great or not.

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