The Professor’s Formula Review: BSP Horse Racing Tips

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  • Rated 1.5 stars

Welcome to our The Professor's Formula review - A horse racing tipping service from Tipster Street that advises Betfair SP bets for flat and all-weather races


  • Easy service to follow with small amount of time needed
  • All tips advised to be bet at Betfair SP
  • Cons

  • Over 100 points down this year to date
  • After three months following tips from Betfair SP horse racing service, The Professor's Formula, we have decided to call it a day after a 26.3% reduction to our 100 point starting bank. Although this doesn't sound like a huge failure, the service has lost a total of 118.11 points in 2017 to date, which is an average loss of 9.84 points per month.

    The service records results to £25 per point, which works out at a loss of -£246.06 per month over the last nine months.

    If you were to take 2015 & 2016 results into account then the service is in profit by 216.6 points, but we don't have a crystal ball so there is no way of knowing if things will turn around for 2017 and beyond.

    Review Stats-26.28pts profit, -7.5% ROI, 33.5% SR
    Stakes Advised between 1-3 points
    Starting bank 100 points
    Average no. betsApprox. 50 per month
    Time of emailsMorning 8.00-10.00am
    Price£3.79 for 30 days then £14.95 per month or £29.95 per quarter

    Key Stats - Overall
    Number of Bets158
    Total Stakes (pts)352.00
    Profit/Loss (pts)-26.28
    Profit/Loss (£25 stakes)-£657.00
    Average Odds7.52
    Strike Rate33.5%
    Bank (100pt starting)73.72
    Overall Bank Growth/Decline-26.3%

    Longest Winning Sequence: 4

    Longest Losing Sequence: 7

    Max Drawdown: 74.83pts

    The Professor's Formula Review Graph

    Results - Update Three
    DateRaceSelectionStakeBSP OddsP/LBank
    27/08/20172.45 GoodwoodIconic Belle2.002.05-2.0075.97
    28/08/20173.45 SouthwellYasir2.008.05-2.0073.97
    28/08/20175.05 RiponMusical Terms2.001.811.5475.51
    29/08/20174.30 RiponAlexander M3.002.36-3.0072.51
    29/08/20176.15 CarlisleSea Tide1.001.670.6473.15
    30/08/20173.50 CatterickMelaniemillie3.003.42-3.0070.15
    30/08/20174.20 CatterickState Residence2.002.71-2.0068.15
    30/08/20177.25 KemptonKerrera3.004.92-3.0065.15
    30/08/20177.55 KemptonTuff Rock1.009.40-1.0064.15
    30/08/20178.25 KemptonFields Of Fortune3.009.82-3.0061.15
    31/08/20172.20 ChelmsfordBracken Brae3.0038.90-3.0058.15
    31/08/20172.30 MusselburghKikini Bamalaam2.004.496.6364.78
    01/09/20172.20 ThirskExhort2.001.971.8466.62
    02/09/20172.40 BeverleyVan Velde2.004.30-2.0064.62
    02/09/20177.35 HamiltonJessinamillion1.001.330.3164.93
    03/09/20172.00 BrightonMother Of Dragons1.003.63-1.0063.93
    03/09/20173.00 BrightonMyboyhenry2.002.61-2.0061.93
    04/09/20173.30 BrightonAlwaysandforever2.001.150.2862.21
    04/09/20173.50 WindsorRoyal Line3.001.691.9764.18
    05/09/20173.35 HamiltonMelaniemillie3.002.72-3.0061.18
    05/09/20176.20 KemptonCreek Walk3.003.29-3.0058.18
    05/09/20176.50 KemptonMasterofdiscovery1.0017.31-1.0057.18
    05/09/20178.50 KemptonStar Links3.0033.44-3.0054.18
    06/09/20174.55 LingfieldSociety Power2.001.921.7555.93
    06/09/20175.25 LingfieldHindsight1.001.390.3756.30
    06/09/20176.55 KemptonLandue3.0024.00-3.0053.30
    06/09/20178.55 KemptonTopalova3.0041.54-3.0050.30
    07/09/20172.00 HaydockFibonacci1.001.600.5750.87
    07/09/20173.00 HaydockGhostwatch2.001.73-2.0048.87
    07/09/20179.10 ChelmsfordEnnjaaz3.002.11-3.0045.87
    08/09/20172.40 AscotHerculean1.002.081.0346.90
    08/09/20173.50 AscotReverend Jacobs3.001.701.9948.89
    08/09/20178.20 KemptonMountain Hunter3.002.52-3.0045.89
    08/09/20179.20 KemptonAvenue Des Champs3.0010.50-3.0042.89
    09/09/20172.10 AscotSoliloquy2.001.691.3144.20
    09/09/20172.45 AscotRemarkable3.0012.6133.0977.29
    09/09/20178.00 WolverhamptonGold Star3.001.942.6879.97
    10/09/20174.45 YorkEquilateral2.002.92-2.0077.97
    11/09/20172.55 BrightonSarstedt2.002.90-2.0075.97
    12/09/20172.15 CatterickHot Hannah3.004.70-3.0072.97
    12/09/20173.15 CatterickAimez La Vie2.004.21-2.0070.97
    12/09/20176.15 NewcastleDuggary3.009.21-3.0067.97
    12/09/20176.45 NewcastleHumble Hero1.002.341.2769.24
    12/09/20177.45 NewcastleChamparisio3.0012.87-3.0066.24
    13/09/20175.10 CarlisleStarshell3.001.97-3.0063.24
    15/09/20171.50 DoncasterEternally3.008.46-3.0060.24
    15/09/20172.15 ChesterSpud2.001.330.6360.87
    15/09/20174.30 ChesterSong Maker1.003.152.0462.91
    16/09/20172.25 DoncasterNathra3.008.24-3.0059.91
    16/09/20173.30 MusselburghMail Order1.006.20-1.0058.91
    17/09/20172.30 Ffos LasChristopher Wood2.001.55-2.0056.91
    18/09/20173.20 CarlisleBook Of Dreams2.003.31-2.0054.91
    19/09/20174.00 RedcarVan Velde2.002.492.8357.74
    21/09/20175.05 PontefractHats Off To Larry1.003.22-1.0056.74
    21/09/20176.15 ChelmsfordKerrera3.0018.00-3.0053.74
    22/09/20176.45 NewcastleChamparis3.006.2214.8868.62
    23/09/20175.20 CatterickAmbrosia1.001.78-1.0067.62
    23/09/20176.25 CatterickMelaniemillie3.006.57-3.0064.62
    23/09/20179.10 WolverhamptonMishari1.008.80-1.0063.62
    25/09/20173.40 LeicesterIseemist1.006.27-1.0062.62
    26/09/20172.00 LingfieldFolies Bergeres3.0015.64-3.0059.62
    26/09/20174.15 LingfieldPart Exchange3.007.0017.1076.72
    26/09/20177.10 ChelmsfordAvenue Des Champs3.007.40-3.0073.72

    A subscription to The Professor's Formula is priced at £3.79 for the first 30 days, followed by a payment of either £14.95 per month or £29.95 per quarter. There are also lifetime memberships available on request and a VIP club that gives access to all Tipster Street services for £59.95 per month.


    We would not recommend subscribing to this service due to the poor performance during our three month review and 2017 on the whole. 

    On a positive note, the service has been very easy to follow and doesn't have the usual problems that tipping services have with bookies and being able to get the advised odds. It also has the usual Tipster Street professionalism, with results regularly updated and no sign of masking poor results.

    Unfortunately it's a "Fail" rating for The Professor's Formula - finding a profitable BSP tipster is proving to be difficult but we will keep on searching! 

    The Professor's Formula Review: Update Two

    4th September 2017

    Month two of our Professor's Formula review has ended with a loss of 28.1 points, which wipes out the profit we made in the first month and leaves our bank 22.03 points down.

    As with last month we found that a few selections had a very high BSP, with the highest this month going off at odds of 85.00.

    We found that by filtering out bets at odds over 10.00 would give us an overall profit of 11.97 points, so this may be an option although it hasn't been recommended by the tipster.

    Key Stats - Update Two
    Number of Bets53
    Total Stakes (pts)126.00
    Profit/Loss (pts)-28.10
    Profit/Loss (£25 stakes)-£702.50
    Average Odds6.84
    Strike Rate28.3%
    Bank (100pt starting)77.97

    Results - Update Two
    DateRaceSelectionStakeBSP OddsP/LBank
    27/07/20175.25 YarmouthHarba3.001.671.91107.98
    28/07/20171.20 ThirskRumshak2.001.93-2.00105.98
    28/07/20173.20 AscotNathra3.004.12-3.00102.98
    28/07/20173.30 ThirskMelaniemillie3.005.64-3.0099.98
    28/07/20176.20 ChepstowHere's Two3.004.509.98109.96
    29/07/20171.25 NewcastleLa Plaubelle3.0085.00-3.00106.96
    29/07/20173.00 AscotRemarkable3.0011.69-3.00103.96
    29/07/20177.15 SalisburyKillay2.002.10-2.00101.96
    30/07/20173.30 PontefractTashweeq3.003.00-3.0098.96
    31/07/20176.05 WindsorDream Prospect2.002.34-2.0096.96
    01/08/20174.00 YarmouthAnna Medici3.002.584.50101.46
    02/08/20172.25 GoodwoodHochfeld3.008.32-3.0098.46
    02/08/20174.45 GoodwoodLa Casa Tarifa3.0029.59-3.0095.46
    03/08/20171.50 GoodwoodMonticello3.0017.91-3.0092.46
    03/08/20173.35 GoodwoodSo Mi Dar3.005.60-3.0089.46
    03/08/20174.10 GoodwoodStarlight Mystery3.0011.55-3.0086.46
    03/08/20178.00 EpsomSeduce Me2.002.833.4889.94
    04/08/20172.10 ThirskTulip Fever3.003.45-3.0086.94
    04/08/20174.40 GoodwoodEternally3.005.45-3.0083.94
    05/08/20172.05 NewmarketTo Eternity3.006.2014.8298.76
    05/08/20173.55 DoncasterMattmu1.007.01-1.0097.76
    05/08/20175.20 GoodwoodMorning Suit3.0030.00-3.0094.76
    05/08/20175.35 DoncasterGranny Roz3.002.67-3.0091.76
    05/08/20176.00 HamiltonAustin Powers1.004.45-1.0090.76
    07/08/20172.00 SalisburyOde To Autumn2.001.82-2.0088.76
    08/08/20173.45 CatterickMelaniemillie3.005.0611.57100.33
    08/08/20174.45 CatterickBodacious Name2.002.34-2.0098.33
    08/08/20176.05 NottinghamMafaaheem1.001.760.7299.05
    08/08/20178.20 ChelmsfordPriors Brook3.006.60-3.0096.05
    11/08/20171.50 WolverhamptonMoseeb3.007.38-3.0093.05
    11/08/20172.30 MusselburghRumshak2.001.86-2.0091.05
    12/08/20175.10 LingfieldGolden Wolf1.002.251.1992.24
    12/08/20177.10 LingfieldQueens Royale2.003.61-2.0090.24
    13/08/20175.35 WindsorAngel's Quest1.001.600.5790.81
    14/08/20171.45 AyrAffina2.004.606.8497.65
    14/08/20177.10 WindsorDont Give Up3.002.393.96101.61
    14/08/20178.10 WindsorGolden Easter1.002.40-1.00100.61
    15/08/20174.45 Ffos LasVeiled Secret3.002.72-3.0097.61
    15/08/20175.00 ThirskBollin Ted3.003.61-3.0094.61
    17/08/20173.20 SalisburySpinnaka3.003.50-3.0091.61
    18/08/20173.35 NottinghamSharja Bridge2.001.741.4193.02
    18/08/20174.30 WolverhamptonAfrican1.003.90-1.0092.02
    18/08/20175.00 WolverhamptonSea Tide3.001.67-3.0089.02
    19/08/20172.25 NewburyTo Eternity3.006.69-3.0086.02
    19/08/20173.35 NewburyNathra3.007.74-3.0083.02
    20/08/20175.10 PontefractGlassy Waters2.001.981.8684.88
    21/08/20174.30 LingfieldHello Girl2.002.12-2.0082.88
    22/08/20176.10 YarmouthSeyasah1.002.09-1.0081.88
    23/08/20172.15 BathYafta2.001.781.4883.36
    23/08/20178.15 KemptonDenmead3.007.07-3.0080.36
    25/08/20178.05 HamiltonHot Hannah3.003.50-3.0077.36
    26/08/20173.40 ChesterSable Island1.002.691.6178.97
    26/08/20177.55 RedcarSomeone Exciting1.006.24-1.0077.97

    We will report back with our next set of results in a month's time.

    The Professor's Formula Review: Update One

    29th July 2017

    It's been a good start to our Professor's Formula review with a profit of 6.07 points banked at an ROI of 7.1%. There were 42 selections this month and 17 of them returned a profit, which works out as a strike rate of 40.5%.

    One thing to note is there were a couple of selections that drifted to a high BSP, such as "Duggary" that went off at a whopping 194.76. 

    The majority of the selections had BSP odds lower than 5.0, so you can see how these few selections pushed the average odds up to 9.50.

    As a subscriber to the service you could opt to not bet on these selections if you would prefer a higher strike rate. On the other hand, if they did manage to win you could be looking at a huge payout!

    Key Stats - Update One
     Betfair SP
    Number of Bets42
    Total Stakes (pts)86.00
    Profit/Loss (pts)6.07
    Profit/Loss (£25 stakes)£151.75
    Average Odds9.50
    Strike Rate40.5%
    Bank (100pt starting)106.07

    Results - Update One
    DateRaceSelectionStakeBSP OddsP/LBank
    27/06/20175.00 BeverleyWar Of Succession1.002.601.52101.52
    28/06/20177.00 BathTulip Fever2.002.06-2.0099.52
    29/06/20172.20 NottinghamHoly Tiber2.001.971.84101.36
    30/06/20177.25 NewmarketSolar Cross2.002.49-2.0099.36
    30/06/20177.55 NewmarketRosabell1.007.87-1.0098.36
    01/07/20172.20 ChesterQueen In Waiting2.002.84-2.0096.36
    01/07/20174.05 NewcastleAirton3.006.4015.39111.75
    01/07/20176.10 LingfieldPeloton1.002.72-1.00110.75
    02/07/20174.45 WindsorCoolfitch2.004.81-2.00108.75
    03/07/20174.45 WolverhamptonDuggary3.00194.76-3.00105.75
    03/07/20178.00 WindsorAsaas2.002.512.87108.62
    04/07/20173.15 BrightonAnother Eclipse1.001.460.44109.06
    04/07/20177.40 ChepstowBois D'Ebene3.009.80-3.00106.06
    05/07/20176.40 KemptonBillesdon Brook3.001.571.63107.69
    05/07/20177.00 BathBlack Trilby2.001.25-2.00105.69
    05/07/20178.40 KemptonEskimo Bay1.0032.00-1.00104.69
    08/07/20172.40 HaydockThe Black Princess3.004.409.69114.38
    08/07/20175.45 BeverleyEquiano Springs1.001.98-1.00113.38
    10/07/20178.35 WindsorBig Tour3.002.303.71117.09
    11/07/20175.45 BrightonJazirat2.002.92-2.00115.09
    12/07/20172.00 YarmouthChatburn2.001.701.33116.42
    12/07/20174.55 YarmouthTurning Gold2.001.681.30117.72
    13/07/20172.45 DoncasterKing Of Paris1.001.99-1.00116.72
    14/07/20173.35 NewmarketGreta3.0019.65-3.00113.72
    15/07/20173.25 NewmarketTashweeq3.005.34-3.00110.72
    15/07/20175.00 AscotCape Coast3.003.41-3.00107.72
    17/07/20172.00 AyrFrench Flyer2.002.50-2.00105.72
    17/07/20178.10 WolverhamptonStar Links3.0011.07-3.00102.72
    18/07/20172.30 BathBella Alissa2.004.86-2.00100.72
    18/07/20177.40 ThirskLiquid1.001.670.64101.36
    19/07/20172.05 CatterickReflect Alexander2.001.861.64103.00
    20/07/20172.10 LeicesterCalibration1.001.850.81103.81
    20/07/20173.15 LeicesterDaira Prince2.002.142.17105.98
    20/07/20174.40 HamiltonSomnambulist1.002.42-1.00104.98
    22/07/20171.50 NewburyRemarkable3.004.10-3.00101.98
    22/07/20174.25 NewmarketBuxted Dream1.001.74-1.00100.98
    22/07/20177.15 LingfieldTulip Fever3.002.424.05105.03
    25/07/20172.00 Ffos LasRhosneigr2.003.955.61110.64
    25/07/20177.30 ChelmsfordMooltazem1.002.96-1.00109.64
    25/07/20178.30 ChelmsfordTopalova3.0013.81-3.00106.64
    26/07/20172.30 CatterickStar Of Zaam2.002.282.43109.07
    26/07/20174.20 LingfieldStar Links3.0016.70-3.00106.07

    We will report back in a month's time with our next set of results.

    The Professor's Formula Review: Introduction

    27th June 2017

    It has been a while since we have reviewed a betting service from the Tipster Street platform, with the last one being Value Favs which received a four star pass rating. Today we are starting a review of another of their horse racing tipsters, The Professor's Formula, but the difference is this one is a BSP (Betfair Starting Price) service.

    This is great news for those of you that have had stakes limited or accounts closed at the bookies, as you can place all of the bets using a betting exchange such as Betfair.

    Some other advantages are not having to rush to get bets on before the odds are cut and potentially being able to automate the selections using a betting bot. Also, the BSP is very likely to be higher than the bookies' SP.

    "The Professor" has been providing tips for over two years and since joining Tipster Street in September 2015, they have delivered a profit of 255.39 points at an ROI of 20%, which includes a deduction of 5% commission.

    This works out as an average profit of 12 points per month.

    The service focuses on all weather and flat turf racing and runs 12 months a year. A starting bank of 100 points is recommended and selections are staked at either 1, 2 or 3 points each.

    There are an average of 24 tips per month and they are emailed out between 9.00-11.00am each morning.​

    The service is priced at £3.79 for the first 30 days, followed by a payment of either £14.95 per month or £29.95 per quarter. There are also lifetime memberships available on request. 

    Tipster Street have a VIP club where you can access tips from all of their services for £59.95 per month, but as we have only approved one of their tipsters so far, we can't comment on whether this is good value or not as of yet.

    We will be following the service over the next three months and we will report back each month with an update of our results. Check back soon to see how we are getting on.


  • Easy service to follow with small amount of time needed
  • All tips advised to be bet at Betfair SP
  • Cons

  • Over 100 points down this year to date
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