Value Favs Review: High Strike Rate Horse Racing Tipster

Value Favs Review

Value Favs is a horse racing tipster service which specialises in betting on favourites with good value.

They Joined the Tipster Street network in December 2015 and had achieved consistent results since. When we started our review, they were yet to have a single losing month.

We often come across long losing streaks and low strike rates during our reviews, but with this service focusing on lower priced selections they have managed to achieve a strike rate of 47%.

During our three month review, we banked 36.68 points profit at the available odds. You will find a full breakdown of results below, alternatively click here to get started with Value Favs.

Month One Results

We had a great start to our Value Favs review, increasing our starting bank by 63%.

At the available odds, we made 31.71 points profit at 26.4% ROI. That was £792.75 profit at the advised £25 per point.

From 60 bets, there were 31 winners giving Value Favs a 51.7% strike rate at average odds of 2.52.

There were 2-3 tips sent out per day via email, arriving between 9.00-11.00am. Theer was also an occasional evening email. A starting bank of 50 points was recommended and stakes were advised at 2 point win bets.

Value Favs state that you must use a bookmaker offering Best Odds Guaranteed, which of course is the best way to go if you have access to one. However, we do not include BOG prices in our reviews to be fair to those who are not eligible.

We were able to find better odds than the ones advised, which were taken solely from William Hill. We were able to make just under 5 points extra profit by using a range of other well-known bookies. Value Favs then decided to include other bookies odds in their emails going forward to maximise profits.

At Betfair SP we made slightly less profit, but still an impressive 21.42 points at an ROI of 17.9%. It would be great to see the service keep up these sort of results at BSP, as betting on horse racing can sometimes be a problem for those with limited stakes at the bookies.

 Advised OddsAvailable OddsBetfair SP
Number of Bets606060
Total Stakes (pts)120.00120.00120.00
Profit/Loss (pts)+26.73+31.71+21.42
Profit/Loss (£25 stakes)+£668.25+£792.75+£535.50
Average Odds2.462.522.59
Strike Rate51.7%51.7%51.7%
Bank (pts)76.7381.7171.42
27/07/2016Perth14:10Traditional Dancer2.002.75-2.0048.00
29/07/2016Bangor13:40Precision Five2.002.753.5052.00
31/07/2016Chester14:10Devil's Bridge2.001.53-2.0050.00
31/07/2016Market Rasen14:20Birch Hill2.002.202.4052.40
01/08/2016Kempton15:00What A Boy2.003.00-2.0050.40
02/08/2016Nottingham18:35Straw Hat2.001.801.6052.00
02/08/2016Chelmsford18:50See The Sea2.002.25-2.0050.00
04/08/2016Haydock14:20Town Charter2.003.00-2.0049.75
04/08/2016Wolverhampton20:15Texas Katie2.003.254.5054.25
06/08/2016Redcar14:15Bismarck The Flyer2.002.10-2.0054.45
06/08/2016Ayr18:10Wigan Warrior2.003.75-2.0052.45
09/08/2016Chepstow14:15Shipping Forecast2.001.671.3453.19
10/08/2016Salisbury14:20Beck And Call2.002.00-2.0050.65
10/08/2016Newton Abbot17:10Canton Prince2.003.505.0055.65
10/08/2016Bath17:50Blue Suede2.001.531.0656.71
11/08/2016Salisbury13:40Gravity Wave2.004.006.0058.71
11/08/2016Stratford17:50Bleu Et Noir2.003.25-2.0056.71
11/08/2016Stratford18:50Daulys Anthem2.003.00-2.0054.71
12/08/2016Newcastle15:00Loveable Helen2.002.753.5058.21
13/08/2016Market Rasen18:10Hassle2.001.91-2.0048.21
15/08/2016Windsor17:30Smokey Lane2.002.102.2054.41
17/08/2016Worcester18:30Fountains Blossom2.003.754.4066.25
18/08/2016Stratford16:40Monsieur Gibraltar2.002.75-2.0062.25
19/08/2016Bangor14:10Three Colours Red2.003.50-2.0060.25
19/08/2016Bangor16:30Move To The Groove2.003.755.5070.25
20/08/2016Newton Abbot16:55Bleu Et Noir2.001.731.4671.71
22/08/2016Brighton16:00Golden Reign2.001.83-2.0073.21
22/08/2016Carlisle16:15Going Up2.003.00-2.0071.21
22/08/2016Thirsk18:05Manners Please2.002.753.5074.71
23/08/2016Chelmsford18:40Sunset Dream2.002.382.7677.47
24/08/2016Lingfield14:10Aimez La Vie2.002.25-2.0080.97
26/08/2016Thirsk14:20Showtime Lady2.002.38-2.0083.71
26/08/2016Hamilton17:55Sofia's Rock2.002.25-2.0081.71

Month Two Results

It was another cracking month for Value Favs and we had now more than doubled our 50 point betting bank!

We made 19.55 points profit (16.9% ROI) at the available odds to bring our total profit for the review so far to 51.26 points. At the advised £25 per point stakes, we had now banked a profit of £1281.50.

During month two there were 58 bets, with 26 winners giving a strike rate of 44.8%. We experienced the longest losing run of the trial so far, which was 7 losing bets, but there was a quick recovery.

 Advised OddsAvailable OddsBetfair SP
Number of Bets585858
Total Stakes (pts)116.00116.00116.00
Profit/Loss (pts)+20.47+19.55+15.13
Profit/Loss (£25 stakes)+£511.75+£488.75+£378.25
Average Odds2.652.662.91
Strike Rate44.8%44.8%44.8%
Bank (50pts starting)97.20101.2686.55
27/08/2016Cartmel14:50Princeton Royale2.002.382.7586.06
29/08/2016Cartmel14:55Hygrove Percy2.003.755.5089.56
30/08/2016Worcester18:30Double Accord2.003.25-2.0085.56
30/08/2016Worcester19:30Nice Thoughts2.001.62-2.0083.56
31/08/2016Southwell14:20The Tourard Man2.001.731.4685.02
31/08/2016Carlisle17:20Golden Reign2.001.80-2.0084.52
01/09/2016Sedgefield14:50For Goodness Sake2.001.73-2.0080.52
01/09/2016Haydock15:00Star Archer2.001.671.3481.86
01/09/2016Sedgefield16:20The Backup Plan2.002.10-2.0082.36
01/09/2016Chelmsford20:10Fashion Design2.003.25-2.0080.36
02/09/2016Newcastle14:55Corridor Kid2.002.90-2.0076.36
02/09/2016Kempton20:00Power Game2.004.00-2.0072.36
03/09/2016Stratford13:55Holy Cross2.003.75-2.0070.36
03/09/2016Kempton15:15The Last Lion2.002.623.2473.60
06/09/2016Redcar16:20Hyland Heather2.003.254.5081.60
07/09/2016Carlisle15:25Cuttin' Edge2.001.91-2.0079.60
08/09/2016Doncaster16:50Glencadam Glory2.003.755.5086.76
10/09/2016Lingfield15:00Unforgetable Filly2.001.671.3486.10
12/09/2016Kempton15:10Pichola Dance2.004.507.0091.10
12/09/2016Worcester15:20Move To The Grove2.002.63-2.0089.10
12/09/2016Worcester16:20Simply Blessed2.004.33-2.0087.10
13/09/2016Chepstow16:10Monday Club2.002.382.7689.86
13/09/2016Yarmouth16:50Roman Holiday2.004.006.0095.86
15/09/2016Yarmouth14:10Splash Around2.001.74-2.0095.86
15/09/2016Pontefract17:10Queen Of The Stars2.001.731.4697.32
16/09/2016Newton Abbot14:20Echo Brava2.004.33-2.0095.32
16/09/2016Newton Abbot14:55Frodon2.001.571.1496.46
16/09/2016Hexham16:30Top Of The Glas2.001.741.4897.94
19/09/2016Kempton15:10Raven's Lady2.003.004.0099.94
19/09/2016Leicester16:00Lovely Story2.004.00-2.00102.44
20/09/2016Beverley14:10Areen Heart2.001.911.82104.26
20/09/2016Ffos Las16:50Ttainted Love2.002.63-2.00102.26
21/09/2016Redcar16:30Ray's The Money2.001.80-2.00100.26
22/09/2016Newmarket15:10Urban Fox2.003.254.50104.76
24/09/2016Ripon14:05Await The Storm2.002.00-2.00107.26
24/09/2016Market Rasen17:30Bandsman2.003.75-2.00105.26
25/09/2016Epsom16:55Cape Banjo2.003.00-2.00103.26
26/09/2016Hamilton13:50Perfect Symphony2.002.50-2.00101.26

Month Three Results

The final month of our Value Favs review saw a loss of 14.58 points.

We already had plenty of profit in the bank by this point, but it would have been nice to have had another winning month.

DateCourseTimeSelectionStakeAvailable OddsP/LBank
27/09/2016Southwell16:40Katie Gale2.003.254.50105.76
27/09/2016Sedgefield16:50Mileva Roller2.004.33-2.00103.76
29/09/2016Warwick14:00Peter The Mayo Man2.001.621.24101.00
01/10/2016Redcar14:10City Of Joy2.001.671.34102.34
01/10/2016Wolverhampton21:10The Greedy Boy2.003.25-2.00100.34
02/10/2016Huntingdon15:15Diable De Sivola2.002.00-2.0096.34
04/10/2016Kempton19:10Dubai Dunes2.002.10-2.0095.84
05/10/2016Kempton17:50Al Reeh2.003.75-2.0093.84
06/10/2016Exeter16:40Lostock Hall2.002.633.2695.10
06/10/2016Hereford17:20Some Kinda Lama2.002.252.5097.60
08/10/2016Hexham17:10Mr Monochrome2.001.83-2.0093.60
09/10/2016Chepstow14:50Arpege D'Alene2.002.75-2.0091.60
10/10/2016Yarmouth14:40Wolf Country2.002.252.5094.10
11/10/2016Huntingdon15:00My Mo2.004.35-2.0092.10
13/10/2016Uttoxeter14:20Officer Hoolihan2.003.00-2.0091.70
13/10/2016Brighton14:30Titan Goddess2.002.38-2.0089.70
14/10/2016Wincanton16:10Karl Marx2.003.25-2.0085.70
14/10/2016Newcastle21:20Trooper's Gold2.003.505.0090.70
15/10/2016Market Rasen15:20Viens Chercher2.003.755.5094.20
15/10/2016Market Rasen16:30Bandsman2.004.00-2.0092.20
15/10/2016Stratford16:55Breath Of Blighty2.003.25-2.0090.20
16/10/2016Kempton15:05Taper Tantrum2.001.67-2.0088.20
16/10/2016Kempton17:15Leith Hill Lad2.002.102.2090.40
18/10/2016Kempton18:10Nibras Again2.003.25-2.0086.40
20/10/2016Newton Abbot16:40The Yank2.003.505.0091.40
20/10/2016Carlisle17:00Cloudy Dream2.001.631.2692.66
20/10/2016Chelmsford18:15Great Court2.002.88-2.0090.66
21/10/2016Newbury14:25Sound Bar2.003.505.0095.66
22/10/2016Kelso15:40Another Bill2.002.883.7699.42
22/10/2016Cheltenham16:40Brother Tedd2.002.88-2.0097.42
23/10/2016Aintree13:40No Comment2.002.63-2.0095.42
24/10/2016Redcar15:25Italian Beauty2.002.88-2.0091.42
24/10/2016Redcar16:30Shah Of Armaan2.003.00-2.0089.42
25/10/2016Chepstow13:30Rolling Dylan2.003.00-2.0087.42
25/10/2016Bangor14:10Excellent Result2.002.88-2.0085.42
25/10/2016Bangor14:40Value At Risk2.002.382.7688.18
26/10/2016Chelmsford14:30Trishuli Rock2.003.75-2.0084.18
26/10/2016Fakenham14:40Fine Resolve2.003.75-2.0082.18
26/10/2016Fakenham15:10Fool To Cry2.003.254.5086.68


During our three month Value Favs review, we banked a total of 36.68 points profit (10.5% ROI).

There were 174 bets and 75 winners for an impressive strike rate of 43.1%. The longest winning sequence during our review was 8 bets and the longest losing sequence was 7 bets, so nothing too extreme in terms of variance.

The odds ranged from 1.50 to 4.50 and averaged at 2.67, so if Value Favs can keep up this strike rate it will be profitable long-term. Going by their published results, Value Favs has achieved 48% since they launched.

The service also made 13.36 points profit at BSP. You often expect the odds to shorten on favourites near the start of the race when they are being backed heavily, but in most cases they held up quite well.

Value Favs advised stakes at 2 points with £25 being used per point, so effectively we were staking £50 on each bet. We've seen quite a few tipster services that do this, sometimes to exaggerate their profits. We're not sure exactly why Value Favs have chosen this staking plan, as their profits had been pretty impressive at level stakes.

Anyway, Value Favs was simple to follow and we had no problem getting the required odds. If you like betting at lower odds and achieving a higher strike rate, this service comes highly recommended.

We are happy to add Value Favs to our list of passed reviews.

 Advised OddsAvailable OddsBetfair SP
Number of Bets174174174
Total Stakes (pts)348.00348.00348.00
Profit/Loss (pts)+31.68+36.68+13.36
Profit/Loss (£25 stakes)+£792.00+£917.00+£334.00
Average Odds2.662.672.80
Strike Rate43.1%43.1%43.1%
Bank (50pts starting)81.6886.6863.36
Value Favs Review Results Graph

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  • Last modified: 7th April 2020

Value Favs is a horse racing tipster service which offers tips on short-priced favourites at value prices. During our review we banked 36.68 points profit.


  • Consistent profits
  • Transparent results
  • Emails sent out each morning with plenty of time to get bets on
  • No problems getting the required odds or better


  • No analysis with tips

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