Victor Value Review: Horse Racing Tipster Service

Victor Value review
Victor Value review

Victor Value is a well-known horse racing tipster service which has enjoyed success over many years.

In fact, we reviewed Victor Value in 2016 and banked 54.73 points profit at an ROI of 13.3%. We were particularly impressed by the depth of analysis provided with each tip.

The man behind Victor Value, John Burke, loves his racing and has a vast amount of knowledge to share. His service is now cheaper than it was in 2016 and appears to be just as profitable. Click here for more details.

Published results suggest that Victor Value banked £7,000 of profit over three years to £10 stakes:

Victor Value review results graph

We've set out to record results for a second time to see if we can replicate the fantastic success from our first review.

Our First Victor Value Review

During our three month Victor Value review in 2016, we banked 54.73 points profit at an ROI of 13.3%. Two out of the three months returned a profit, with just a small loss of 2.38 points in the third month.

Victor Value review results graph 2016

During our review, the service had a strike rate of 23.8% at average odds of 11.36. Even at odds of 10.00 there would only need to be a strike rate of 10% to break even, so to hit over 20% was impressive.

Victor Value was not like the many so-called tipster services out there which send out advised bets each day without any information to back them up. They could be throwing a dart at the Racing Post for all we know!

John did his homework and gave us extra confidence in each selection before risking our hard-earned cash at the bookies.

On occasion, the odds had changed not long after receiving the tips. Most of the time, however, we were able to get the same odds. Over the course of the review we made an extra 4.92 points profit compared to the advised odds.

The Betfair SP odds resulted in a small loss of 1.76 points. Breaking even at BSP is a task in itself, but it seemed this was a service that relied on being able to take early prices at the bookies.

We were impressed by the amount of work that goes into each tip and it was obvious that John knows his stuff when it comes to horse racing. We had no hesitation in adding Victor Value to our list of passed services.

Review Stats54.73pts profit, 13.3% ROI, 23.8% SR
Stakes Stakes advised between 1-2pts
Starting bank 100 points
Average no. bets4-6 per day

Our Second Victor Value Review

We have begun recording results for the second review and will report back at regular intervals.

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  • Goal Profits Rating
  • Rated 4 stars

Victor Value supplies daily horse racing tips along with detailed analysis. Our review in 2016 banked a fantastic 54.73 points profit at an ROI of 13.3%.


  • Established service with results available to view from 2011 to present date
  • Detailed analysis with each selection
  • Tips received each morning with plenty of time to get bets on
  • Able to get the required odds the majority of the time


  • We didn’t make a profit at Betfair SP odds during the review
  • Customer support sometimes slow to answer

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