Unfortunately, these betting or trading systems and services have not shown any indication that they will provide a long-term profit. In some cases, they even managed to blow an entire bank in less than three months!

At Goal Profits Betting System Reviews we make sure that claims are backed up before providing even a ‘neutral’ grading, let alone a ‘pass’. We are not paid for reviews so there is no incentive for us to be anything but honest.

In order to continue with our policy of absolute honesty, we would like to point out that if you choose to buy a product we have reviewed, we may receive an affiliate commission. This does not affect the price you pay in any way whatsoever and provides us with some compensation for the time we have spent providing you with this review service.

Premium Rugby Betting Tips Review

Premium Rugby Betting Tips

Unfortunately we have been unable to conclude our review of Premium Rugby Betting Tips, as we have not received any tips since those from our last update. We have tried contacting customer support but have not had any replies. Review

The final month of our review of was fairly quiet, with just 3 qualifying selections for the Lay HT score strategy and 13 for the Lay 0-2. Unfortunately, we did not make a profit in month three, with both...

Premier Elite Review

Premier Elite

We’ve been reviewing the Premier Elite football tips service for almost three months, but unfortunately due to poor form the service has now been discontinued. There were three out of three losing months during our review and we lost 60.42...

Pro Tennis Tips Review

Pro Tennis Tips

John has notified us that he will no longer be continuing the Pro Tennis Tips service, so unfortunately our review ends here.

Private Subscription Service Review

Sporting Specialists Private Subscription Service

We are back with the final update to our review of Sporting Specialist’s Private Subscription Service and if you have been following the review so far, you will probably be able to guess why we are slightly early with our...

Global Soccer Goals Review

Global Soccer Goals

We’ve been testing the Global Soccer Goals system over the last three months and after the poor performance of the system throughout our review, we have decided to call it a day. We have bet on 87 matches during the...

Black Box Betting Review

Black Box Betting

Black Box Betting is a horse racing system that comes in the form of a PDF e-book. It claims to show you how to make £50 profit per day using a unique method based on spotting trends in the market...

Sports Betting Buzz Review

Sports Betting Buzz

We have been reviewing Sports Betting Buzz for just under two months and we are now having to cut it short as the service has now been discontinued. During the second month we made a loss of 42.1 points and...

Over Goals Tips Review

Over Goals Tips

We’ve been reviewing Over Goals Tips for less than one month and have had to cut it short as our betting bank has bust after a losing sequence of just three bets. The system is based on betting on the...

Lucky 7 Naps Review

Lucky 7 Naps

We’ve been reviewing Lucky 7 Naps for a little over one month now and unfortunately we have had to end the review early due to some not so lucky results. We started with a 300 point bank and finished the...

Tennis Bett Review

Tennis Bett

We have been following tips from Tennis Bett over the last three months and we have now reached the end of our review. Unfortunately, each month told the same tale with a small loss each time that has slowly ebbed...

Sports Betting Pays Review

Sports Betting Pays

We’ve come to the end of our review of Sports Betting Pays, a multi-sports tipping service run by James Pacheco. After completing a three month trial we have finished with a loss of 13.51 points at the available odds.

Master Racing Tipster Review

Master Racing Tipster

We have been reviewing Master Racing Tipster over the last three months and have now come to the end of our trial. Despite being a long-standing horse racing tipster on the Betting Gods platform, due to making consistent profits for...

The Golf Profiteer Review

The Golf Profiteer

In the last update to our review of The Golf Profiteer we had experienced our third losing month in a row and we decided to take a long term view and come back in a further three months with an...

Ultimate Horse Power Review

Ultimate Horse Power

We have come to the end of our review of Ultimate Horse Power early after dramatically busting our bank within the first two months of the trial. In the first month there was a loss of 37.49 points and half...

Tibor's Footy Tips Review

Tibor’s Footy Tips

Earlier this month we started a review of Tibor’s Footy Tips, a fairly new tipster from the Betting Gods network. The trial started off well and our 50 point bank increased to 62 points, but it has been downhill ever...