Unfortunately, these betting or trading systems and services have not shown any indication that they will provide a long-term profit. In some cases, they even managed to blow an entire bank in less than three months!

At Goal Profits Betting System Reviews we make sure that claims are backed up before providing even a ‘neutral’ grading, let alone a ‘pass’. We are not paid for reviews so there is no incentive for us to be anything but honest.

In order to continue with our policy of absolute honesty, we would like to point out that if you choose to buy a product we have reviewed, we may receive an affiliate commission. This does not affect the price you pay in any way whatsoever and provides us with some compensation for the time we have spent providing you with this review service.

Soccer Streaks Review

Soccer Streaks Review: Backing Football Favourites

After two months following the VIP Picks from Soccer Streaks we have now lost 90% of our starting bank and see no point in continuing our review any further. The way that the advised staking plan works means there is...

Big Boom Tennis Tips Review

Big Boom Tennis Tips Review: Accumulator Bets

After three months recording advised bets from the Big Boom Tennis Tips service we have finished with a loss of 20.59 points at an ROI of -4.3%. The main issue with the service is that you are betting on short...

Draw Profits Review

Draw Profits Review: Football Tips Service

We have been following the Draw Profits service for five months now and we have finished with a loss of 14.7 points from a total of 447 bets. The review got off to a bad start but as we saw...

Multi-Attack Review

Multi-Attack Review: Horse Racing Multiple Tips

We've reached the end of our fourth month tracking bets from the Multi-Attack service and have finished with a hefty loss of 55.5 points overall. The review got off to a bad start but we did see an improvement in...

The Master Plan Review

The Master Plan Review: Horse Racing Tips

The Master Plan horse racing tips service from Punt Hub hasn't managed to deliver a profit in our review after four months of tracking bets. Overall we lost a total of 38.4 points at the available odds and 53.5 points...

Bank Builder Review

Bank Builder Review: Guaranteed To Double Your Betting Bank?

Cycle 2 of our Bank Builder review has turned out to be a shambles with our £1,000 bank dropping as low as £55.79 at one stage. It has recovered slightly to £122.55 but this was after adding a "wildcard" £500...

Football Acca Tips Review

Football Acca Tips Review: Accumulator Bets

We've been tracking results from the Football Acca Tips over the past four months in our second trial of the service and unfortunately we haven't seen an improvement in results in comparison to our first trial three years ago.

Racing Specialist Review

Racing Specialist Review: Horse Tipping Service

We have been tracking tips from the Racing Specialist service over the past three months and have finished with a total loss of 20.81 points at an ROI of -19.8%. The review got off to a bad start in the...

Ultimate Football Tips Review

Ultimate Football Tips Review: Soccer Betting Service

After four months of following the Ultimate Football Tips service from the Betting Gods we have finished with total loss of 23.95 points at an ROI of -8.3%, which works out as a 31.9% decrease to our starting bank.

Tea Time Tipster Review

Tea Time Tipster Review: Horse Racing Tips

After recording more than 600 bets from the Tea Time Tipster horse racing service, we have decided to call it a day as we don't seem to be getting anywhere profitwise. We had built up a profit of just over...

Jolly Lock Betscape Review

Jolly Lock Betscape Review: Horse Racing Software

After several months of testing the Jolly Lock Betscape software, we are ready to give our final verdict. Our review started well with a steady profit during the first two months, but things have taken a turn for the worse...

Banker Bets Review: Backing Favourites

We've been running our re-trial or Banker Bets over the last six months and we're back with our final results. It has been quite a different story to the first time we tried the service in 2016 and unfortunately not...

Football Advisor Betting Portfolio Review

Football Advisor Betting Portfolio Review: 4 Services in 1

We've been tracking results from the Football Advisor Betting Portfolio for the past four months although the review started well, it's been downhill ever since for the portfolio on the whole.

Nmbrs Review

Nmbrs Review: Worldwide Football Tips

We have been following tips from the Nmbrs football betting service on the Tipstrr platform over the past four months and after tracking almost 250 bets, we feel that we have enough results to go on to decide on a...

Draw Doubles Review

Draw Doubles Review: Football Betting Tips

After following tips from the Draw Doubles service over the past five months, we are ready to conclude our review. Overall we have finished with a small profit of 6.98 points from betting on the draws as singles bets. Combining...

Midas Method 3.0 Review

Midas Method 3.0 Review: Horse Racing Tips Scanner

Dave has reached the end of his review of the Midas Method 3.0 system and it's been poor results all round, finishing with a combined loss of 100.03 points from the software and email tips.

The Professor's Formula Review

The Professor’s Formula Review: BSP Horse Racing Tips

After three months following tips from Betfair SP horse racing service, The Professor's Formula, we have decided to call it a day after a 26.3% reduction to our 100 point starting bank.

Thoroughbred Betting Review

Thoroughbred Betting Review: Win & EW Racing Tips

We have come to the end of our review of Thoroughbred Betting and sadly the service has performed poorly since the start of our trial which started three months ago. In total, we have lost 30.8 points to level 1...

Great Bets Review

Great Bets Review: Multi-Sports Tips

Welcome to our review of Great Bets, a multi-sports betting service run by professional bettor/tipster Martin. Unfortunately, we have had to cut the review short as the service has hit the worst period of performance since launching back in March...

Bet Fairway Review

Bet Fairway Review: Golf Tips Service

We have been following tips from the Bet Fairway golf betting service for five months now and after experiencing three losing months in a row, we have decided to call it a day.