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The systems and services listed in this category have been graded as ‘neutral’ which is neither a ‘pass’ nor a ‘fail’. In most cases, we have not been able to make enough profit to classify the system, strategy or service as a pass but we have seen some potential.

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Flat Attack Review

Flat Attack

It's been six months since we started our review of BSP horse racing service Flat Attack and it has been quite a gruelling trial that has left us feeling a bit, well... flat. The review started well with a profit... Review

In the last update to our review of Dark Bet, the Top Money Way Betfair tool was removed from the website so we were unable to continue testing it and recording results. It has now been added back to the...

Hat Trick Hero Review

Hat Trick Hero

After three months following tips from the Hat Trick Hero betting service, we have finished our review with a small profit of 1.82 points at an ROI of 2.1% at the available odds. The service is run by the Betting...

Football Betting Alerts Review

Football Betting Alerts

We are back with the final part of our Football Betting Alerts review after following the service since February. We have traded 220 selections in total and made a profit of £46.50 at an ROI of 0.7%.

Soccer Tip Review

Soccer Tip

We have come to the end of our review of Soccer Tip after following tips over the last four months. The review did not start well with the first two months both finishing with a loss, but we're pleased to...

Diamond Racing Lays Review

Diamond Racing Lays

We have been following tips from horse racing lay tipping service, Diamond Racing Lays, over the last four months now and we are back with our final results. It's been up and down throughout the review with a loss of...

Bet Manager Review

Bet Manager

We have been testing some of the tools over at Bet Manager for the last three months and we are back with the final update to our review. Since starting our review, the website has had quite a transformation, first...

DG Tips Review

DG Tips

We have completed our review of DG Tips and although we made a profit in two out of the three months, we failed to make a profit overall due to the heavy loss reported in our second update. The service...

HorseCashBuilder Review


We are back with the final update to our review of HorseCashBuilder and unfortunately were unable to build on last month's profit, finishing with a loss of £149.50 in month three. This gives us an overall loss of £96.00 at...

Power Bet Pro Review

Power Bet Pro

After three months following the daily horse racing tips from Power Bet Pro, we have finished the review with a small loss 6.25 points at an ROI of -0.5%. We have also recorded results at Betfair SP odds and finished...

High Stakes Racing Review

High Stakes Racing

We’ve come to the end of our review of High Stakes Racing and after two losing months we finally made a profit in the third and final month. We were in need of a recovery soon after losing 37% of... Review

After three months reviewing the subscription service, we have failed to make a profit from either the football or Irish horse racing tips. The football tips did make a small profit at the advised stakes in the final month,...

Football Advisor Betting Review

Football Advisor

After three months reviewing the Football Advisor service, we have failed to make a profit using the advised stakes at the available odds, but our bank has been left almost intact with just a small loss of 1.34 points overall....

iWinSoccerBets Review


We have come to the end of our three month trial of iWinSoccerBets and unfortunately the service did not manage to build on last month’s profit to make it two out of three winning months. At the end of the...

Football Fever Review

Football Fever

We’ve been following the Football Fever tips service from Tipster Street over the last four months and have now reached the end of our review. It hasn’t been the steady, consistent profit stream that we were hoping for due to...

Paul Lines SureFire Tips Review

Paul Lines Surefire Tips

We’re back with another update to our review of Paul Lines Surefire Tips, a little earlier than scheduled. After a horrendous downturn in the first month we finished with a loss of 108pts. It’s fair to say we had lost...