Dobbin Day Review

Dobbin Day

After finding our feet in the first part of our Dobbin Day review, we managed to make a steady profit in month two and three, finishing with an overall profit of £26.01 to £5.00 stakes or 5.20 points. This works...

Day B4 Review

Day B4

Day B4 is a horse racing betting system put together by professional trader and former Financial Times writer Val Harrison. Val claims it his "simplest and most accessible money-making method ever", so we are intrigued to find out what it...

World Soccer Pro Review

World Soccer Pro

World Soccer Pro is a football tips service run by business analyst Brett Silver on the Bet Kudos site that focuses on betting on worldwide football leagues, excluding internationals or cup games. The service has been running since February 2016...

Flat Attack Review

Flat Attack

It's been another poor month for Flat Attack with a further loss of 13.59 points, which now makes it an overall loss of 14.75 points. We are using the advised 200 point bank so we are far from danger here,...

Football Mania Review

Football Mania

Football Mania is a tips service run by Jon Roberts on the Betfan platform that has been running for three football seasons starting from 2014-2015. The service has delivered a profit in each of the seasons and has banked a...

WeBetYouWin Review


​There's plenty of football action now that the winter leagues have kicked off, so it's the perfect time to get some football tipster reviews started. WeBetYouWin is a betting service run by a group of professional bettors who are based...

The Betting Mastermind Review

The Betting Mastermind

The Betting Mastermind is a new horse racing lay betting service run by tipster Stuart Neill, who recently contacted us to ask if we would consider starting a review. We are always on the look out for a good laying... Review

In the last update to our review of Dark Bet, the Top Money Way Betfair tool was removed from the website so we were unable to continue testing it and recording results. It has now been added back to the...

Robert Fraser's Tennis Tips Review

Robert Fraser’s Tennis Tips

We're back with an update to our Robert Fraser's Tennis Tips review and unfortunately the trial hasn't started well, with a decrease of 32.5% to our 100 point starting bank in the first month.

Banker Bets Value Picks Review

Banker Bets Value Picks

John Baker, who runs the highly rated Banker Bets tips service, has recently been in touch with us about his new Value Picks service that has been added to the site.

Sports World Review

Sports World

Our review of Sports World is off to a good start with a 21.8% increase to the bank in the first month. There have been 14 bets so far and 8 of them won, giving us a profit of 10.88...

Robert Fraser's Racing Tips Review

Robert Fraser’s Racing Tips

​It's been a great start to our Robert Fraser's Racing Tips review with a fantastic profit of 52.26 points at an ROI of 62.2% banked in the first month.

The Professor's Formula Review

The Professor’s Formula

It's been a good start to our Professor's Formula review with a profit of 6.07 points banked at an ROI of 7.1%. There were 42 selections this month and 17 of them returned a profit, which works out as a...

Golf Betting Expert Review

Golf Betting Expert

We have been hearing a lot of buzz about Betting God's Golf tipping service, Golf Betting Expert, so we decided to start a review to see for ourselves. The service has been running since January 2016 and has made a...

Value Racing Tips Horse Racing Software Review

Value Tips

Our guest reviewer Dave has recently started two new reviews, one for Value Tips and one for it's sister service Midas Method 3.0. Although the systems may seem similar in the way that they are set up, they are actually...

Hat Trick Hero Review

Hat Trick Hero

After three months following tips from the Hat Trick Hero betting service, we have finished our review with a small profit of 1.82 points at an ROI of 2.1% at the available odds. The service is run by the Betting...