JB Horse Racing Tips Review

JB Racing Tips Review: Update One

JB Racing Tips has finished the first month of our review with a small loss of 4.96 points at the available odds. The Betfair SP results have performed much better with a profit of 19.34 points at an ROI of...

Chloe's Football Focus Review

Chloe’s Football Focus Review: Update Two

It's been another tough month for Chloe's Football Focus with a further loss of 5.33 points, which brings our total loss up to 43.07 points. The service has failed to impress us so far, so hopefully we will see an...

Profit Lockdown V2 Review

Profit Lockdown V2 Review: Horse Trading System

We've traded 45 races using the Profit Lockdown V2 system - the horses racing system that claims to mathematically guarantee that you'll win. We're not so sure about that, but we did make a small profit of 2.54 points overall....

Tea Time Tipster Review

Tea Time Tipster Review: Update One

It's a great start for Tea Time Tipster in the first month of our review with a profit of 25.2 points at an ROI of 10.7%. We recorded a whopping 235 bets this month and although only 38 of them...

The Profitable Game Review

The Profitable Game Review: Introduction

The Profitable Game is a football betting service that claims to have developed 8 different winning systems over the past five years. Apparently there have been thousands of bets since the creation of each system and the ROI stands at...

Ultimate Football Tips Review

Ultimate Football Tips Review: Update One

​It's been a poor start in our Ultimate Football Tips review with a 39.58 point loss in month one ​and ​a 52.8% decrease to our 75 point starting bank. Things just haven't gone to plan from day one and we...

Banker Bets Review

Banker Bets Review: Backing Favourites

We've been running our re-trial or Banker Bets over the last six months and we're back with our final results. It has been quite a different story to the first time we tried the service in 2016 and unfortunately not...

Ultimate Golf Tips Review

Ultimate Golf Tips Review: Update One

Betting on golf can be a bit of a nightmare and the first set of results for our review of Ultimate Golf Tips has proven it, with a whopping 69.7 points lost in the first month.

Football Advisor Betting Portfolio Review

Football Advisor Betting Portfolio Review: 4 Services in 1

We've been tracking results from the Football Advisor Betting Portfolio for the past four months although the review started well, it's been downhill ever since for the portfolio on the whole.

CopyBet Review - Social Betting Platform

CopyBet Review: Social Betting Platform

Like the idea of being able to automatically copy someone else's bets? Introducing CopyBet, a social betting platform that allows you to share your bets or copy other user's bets with complete automation.

CD Racing Review

CD Racing Review: Introduction

CD Racing is a horse tipping service available on the Tipster's Empire platform that has recently been made available to the public after a successful proofing period. In the last seven months the service has reported a profit of 62.7...

Top Rated Runners Review

Top Rated Runners Review: Update Two

Top Rated Runners have had another terrible month and we are now down by a total of 40.64 points after following the service for two months. There were just 11 bets that returned a profit from 60, which works out...

Top Marks Review

Top Marks Review: Update One

It's been a busy first month in our Top Marks review with 153 bets recorded, but it's a great start with a profit of 18.65 points at the available odds at an ROI of 12.2%. The selections have also produced...

Player Profits Review

Player Profits Review: Introduction

Player Profits is a fixed odds betting service that aims to take advantage of the value available in some of the individual player markets. Max has built up a vast database of Premier League and European player statistics and uses...

Bank Builder Review

Bank Builder Review: Update One

We're back with an update to our Bank Builder review and it's good news as Cycle 1 has already been completed in just 10 bets. The service actually reported a 97% growth at the advised odds but we found slightly...

Phoenix Racing Lays Review

Phoenix Racing Lays Review: Update Three

It's been quite a dramatic turnaround for Phoenix Racing Lays in month three of our review, with a fantastic profit of 17.69 points at an ROI of 25.4%. The service achieved a strike rate of 80%, which is a great...

Each Way Leader Review

Each Way Leader Review: Betting On Underdogs

It's a clean sheet for Each Way Leader with three out of three winning months, giving us a total profit of 48.58 points at an ROI of 30.4%. That works out as an average monthly profit of 16.2 points with...

WinnerOdds Review

WinnerOdds Review: Update Two

We've had a much better month testing out the WinnerOdds software, banking a profit of £471.04 at an ROI of 6%. Our bank has now grown by just over 50% after placing a total of 228 bets this month.

Each Way Value Tips Review

Each Way Value Tips Review: Horse Racing Tipster

We've reached the end of our four month review of Each Way Value Tips and the service has finished with style with a further profit of 44.9 points added to the bank. Overall that makes it a commendable profit of...

Football Index Review

Football Index Review: Update Three

This is just a quick update of our portfolio to show the new players that we have purchased just before the winter leagues kicked off. We are by no means Football Index experts and we wouldn't advise copying our choices,...