Big Boom Tennis Tips Review

Big Boom Tennis Tips Review: Accumulator Bets

After three months recording advised bets from the Big Boom Tennis Tips service we have finished with a loss of 20.59 points at an ROI of -4.3%. The main issue with the service is that you are betting on short...

Easy Horse Race Lays Review

Easy Horse Race Lays Review: Update Three

We've made a profit of 8.55 points in the third month of our Easy Horse Race Lays review, which adds up to a total profit of 9.55 points overall. As the bot is doing most of the work for us...

Racing Exchange Review

Racing Exchange Review: Betfair SP Horse Betting Tips

We were delighted to have found a tipping service that is profitable using Betfair alone. It made things so much simpler only having to have one betting account funded and also not having to worry about stakes being limited. We...

EFL Advisory Review

EFL Advisory Review: Introduction

EFL Advisory is a low volume football tipping service available on the Tipstrr platform, advising roughly 5 tips per week. To date they have sent out 491 bets and claim to have made a profit of 412.91 points at an...

Top Football Tipster Review

Top Football Tipster Review: Update One

Our Top Football Tipster review hasn't started well and we have lost 36.24 points in the first month from 81 bets. As mentioned in our introduction, the advised stakes can sometimes be high especially with the lay bets. In one...

Draw Profits Review

Draw Profits Review: Football Tips Service

We have been following the Draw Profits service for five months now and we have finished with a loss of 14.7 points from a total of 447 bets. The review got off to a bad start but as we saw...

Simplicity Racing Review

Simplicity Racing Review: Introduction

Simplicity Racing is a Betfair horse racing tips service available on the Proofed Tipsters platform. The results go back to March 2018 and show a total profit of 357.6 points at an impressive ROI of 31.1% from 674 tips.

Multi-Attack Review

Multi-Attack Review: Horse Racing Multiple Tips

We've reached the end of our fourth month tracking bets from the Multi-Attack service and have finished with a hefty loss of 55.5 points overall. The review got off to a bad start but we did see an improvement in...

The Master Plan Review

The Master Plan Review: Horse Racing Tips

The Master Plan horse racing tips service from Punt Hub hasn't managed to deliver a profit in our review after four months of tracking bets. Overall we lost a total of 38.4 points at the available odds and 53.5 points...

Soccer Streaks Review

Soccer Streaks Review: Update One

We have been following the VIP picks from Soccer Streaks for the past month and it hasn't been a good start to our review. So far we have lost 48% of our £100 starting bank and due to betting at...

Cleeve Racing Review

Cleeve Racing Review: Update One

We've had a terrific start to our Cleeve Racing review with a profit of 27.63 points banked in the first month at an ROI of 41.9%. The Cheltenham meeting turned out to be fruitful for the service with a profit...

Pay Per Profit Review

Pay Per Profit Review: Update One

The Pay Per Profit service has successfully completed their fourth round of betting for the evening bets group, surpassing their target of 15 points profit with a total profit of 22.73 points. That works out as a profit of £202.30...

The BSP Tipster Review

The BSP Tipster Review: Horse Racing Tips

It's been another terrible month for The BSP Tipster and our bank has now decreased by 60% since the start of our review two months ago. This month we lost a further 34.13 points at an ROI of -61.5%.

Bank Builder Review

Bank Builder Review: Guaranteed To Double Your Betting Bank?

Cycle 2 of our Bank Builder review has turned out to be a shambles with our £1,000 bank dropping as low as £55.79 at one stage. It has recovered slightly to £122.55 but this was after adding a "wildcard" £500...

MK Horse Racing Tips Review

MK Horse Racing Tips Review

After a good start to our review the second month has turned into a bit of a disaster for MK Horse Racing Tips. We have recorded a loss of 36.17 points at the available odds which leaves our bank 40.9%...

Russell Blair Racing review

Russell Blair Racing Review: Horse Betting Tips

Russell Blair Racing is a horse tipping service that sends out high odds selections each evening. We followed the tips for three full months and recorded all the results.

Football Acca Tips Review

Football Acca Tips Review: Accumulator Bets

We've been tracking results from the Football Acca Tips over the past four months in our second trial of the service and unfortunately we haven't seen an improvement in results in comparison to our first trial three years ago.

Racing Specialist Review

Racing Specialist Review: Horse Tipping Service

We have been tracking tips from the Racing Specialist service over the past three months and have finished with a total loss of 20.81 points at an ROI of -19.8%. The review got off to a bad start in the...

Chloe's Football Focus Review

Chloe’s Football Focus Review: Soccer Tips

We've been following the Chloe's Football Focus service over the past five months and despite an improvement in results more recently, we haven't managed to finish our review with a profit overall. We have finished with a small loss of...

Ultimate Football Tips Review

Ultimate Football Tips Review: Soccer Betting Service

After four months of following the Ultimate Football Tips service from the Betting Gods we have finished with total loss of 23.95 points at an ROI of -8.3%, which works out as a 31.9% decrease to our starting bank.