Easy Horse Race Lays Review

Easy Horse Race Lays Review: Introduction

Easy Horse Race Lays is an automated horse racing laying bot developed by Nigel Dove from Level Software. Full results back to 2015 are available to download from the website and to date they show a profit of 320.23 points...

Racing Exchange Review

Racing Exchange Review: Introduction

The Racing Exchange is a BSP horse tipping service that joined the Tipster Street platform in May '18 after sending in an impressive set of results that seemed almost too good to be true. After a few months of proofing...

Russell Blair Racing Review

Russell Blair Racing Review: Horse Tipping Service

It's been an amazing month for the Russell Blair Racing service with a profit of 132 points thanks to 8 winning bets at double figure odds, with the highlight a 25/1 winner giving us 50 points profit. The review had...

Big Boom Tennis Tips Review

Big Boom Tennis Tips Review: Introduction

The Big Boom Tennis Tips service started out a couple of years ago as a fun tipping service for their friends and family. It started as a bit of a laugh with tips sent out via Whatsapp and payment being...

Draw Profits Review

Draw Profits Review: Update Two

It's been another poor month for the Draw Profits service with a further loss of 10.55 points which brings our total loss up to 17.81 points for the review so far.

Football Acca Tips Review

Football Acca Tips Review: Accumulator Bets

We've been tracking results from the Football Acca Tips over the past four months in our second trial of the service and unfortunately we haven't seen an improvement in results in comparison to our first trial three years ago.

The BSP Tipster Review

The BSP Tipster Review: Update Two

It's been another terrible month for The BSP Tipster and our bank has now decreased by 60% since the start of our review two months ago. This month we lost a further 34.13 points at an ROI of -61.5%.

Multi-Attack Review

Multi-Attack Review: Update One

Our Multi-Attack review hasn't got off to a good start with a loss of 28.84 points at an ROI of -31.3% at the available odds. The trixie bets have been the main culprit as they have had a poor performance...

Racing Specialist Review

Racing Specialist Review: Horse Tipping Service

We have been tracking tips from the Racing Specialist service over the past three months and have finished with a total loss of 20.81 points at an ROI of -19.8%. The review got off to a bad start in the...

The Master Plan Review

The Master Plan Review: Update One

Our first month following The Master Plan horse racing tips service started well and we were more than 30 points up within the first few days. Unfortunately there were a couple of losing runs to follow and we handed back...

MK Horse Racing Tips Review

MK Horse Racing Tips Review: Update One

Our review of MK Horse Racing Tips is off to a good start with some phenomenal results at Betfair SP and a promising set of results at the available odds at the bookies. The service delivered a profit of 5.46...

Chloe's Football Focus Review

Chloe’s Football Focus Review: Soccer Tips

We've been following the Chloe's Football Focus service over the past five months and despite an improvement in results more recently, we haven't managed to finish our review with a profit overall. We have finished with a small loss of...

Ultimate Football Tips Review

Ultimate Football Tips Review: Soccer Betting Service

After four months of following the Ultimate Football Tips service from the Betting Gods we have finished with total loss of 23.95 points at an ROI of -8.3%, which works out as a 31.9% decrease to our starting bank.

CD Racing Review

CD Racing Review: Horse Racing Tipping Service

We've reached the end of our CD Racing review and have finished with 3 out of 3 winning months and a total profit of 31.44 points at an ROI of 13.4%. We've been impressed by the professionalism of the tipster...

Player Profits Review

Player Profits Review: Betting Tips For Player Markets

We have completed our three month review of the Player Profits service and finished with a total profit of 22.97 points at an ROI of 8.2% at the available odds. That works out as a profit of £459.40 to £20...

Tea Time Tipster Review

Tea Time Tipster Review: Horse Racing Tips

After recording more than 600 bets from the Tea Time Tipster horse racing service, we have decided to call it a day as we don't seem to be getting anywhere profitwise. We had built up a profit of just over...

Top Marks Review

Top Marks Review: Horse Racing Tips Service

We have reached the end of our Top Marks review after tracking just under 400 bets over the past three months. The review got off to a great start in month one, but unfortunately the results have been poor since...

The Profitable Game Review

The Profitable Game Review: Introduction

The Profitable Game is a football betting service that claims to have developed 8 different winning systems over the past five years. Apparently there have been thousands of bets since the creation of each system and the ROI stands at...

Ultimate Golf Tips Review

Ultimate Golf Tips Review: Golf Betting Service

Our review of the Ultimate Golf Tips service from Tipsters Empire has been cut short after losing a staggering amount in the past two months. We have recorded losses in excess of 60 points each month and have now bust...

Jolly Lock Betscape Review

Jolly Lock Betscape Review: Horse Racing Software

After several months of testing the Jolly Lock Betscape software, we are ready to give our final verdict. Our review started well with a steady profit during the first two months, but things have taken a turn for the worse...