Phoenix Racing Lays Review

Phoenix Racing Lays Review: Introduction

Phoenix Racing Lays is one of the latest tipping services to pass the six month proofing period at Bets For Today and has recently been made available to the public. The service is run by Charlie Pegg who focuses on...

Each Way Leader Review

Each Way Leader Review: Introduction

With race favourites often being heavily backed and bookies slashing the odds until there is no longer any value to be found, betting on underdogs can be a profitable alternative. The Each Way Leader service from the Betting Gods platform...

VDW Maximiser Review

VDW Maximiser Review: Update Three

We have continued using the same methods as last month in our VDW Maximiser review and it is working out well with another profitable month. We have managed to make a total profit of 7.95 points at an ROI of...

Trackside Review

Trackside Review: Update Two

The Trackside service has been on fire lately with another profitable month generating a further 13.93 points at an ROI of 34.8%. This brings our overall profit up to 18.53 points since the start of our review.

Eddie's Early Bird Review

Eddie’s Early Bird Review: Update Two

It's been another profitable month in our Eddie's Early Bird review with 10.83 points added to the bank, which makes it a total of 41.55 points profit so far. We're delighted to see that the tips are performing so well...

AH Horse Racing Review

AH Horse Racing Review: Update Two

AH Horse Racing have managed to turn things around after a poor start to our review with a profit of 13.7 points over the last month. This means that we have recovered the whole loss and overall have a slight...

The Racing Tipster Review

The Racing Tipster Review: Update One

We are a month into our review of The Racing Tipster and although we have managed to make a small profit of 1.21 points so far, we are a little way behind what could have been achieved at the advised...

Football Index Review

Football Index Review: Introduction

We've heard a lot of buzz about Football Index lately, but we haven't seen any concrete evidence on whether it works. We are going to put it to the test ourselves in a full review and find out the answer...

Banker Bets Review

Banker Bets Review: Update Two

There's been quite a few shock results towards the end of the winter football season, which made it a very tough month for the Banker Bets service. We finished the month with a loss of 5.63 points for the single...

Premier Football Investments Review

Premier Football Investments Review: Update Two

It's been a tricky month for Premier Football Investments but they managed to pull things back and finish with a profit in the end. Since starting our retrial we have made a profit of 2.55 points, which works out at...

Each Way Value Tips Review

Each Way Value Tips Review: Update One

We've finished the first month of our Each Way Value Tips review with a loss and a 7.5% decrease to our 200 point starting bank. We are down by 14.96 points at the available odds, although at the advised odds...

Fold4Gold Review

Fold4Gold Review: Introduction

We have a new review underway of a betting service from Bet Fan known as Fold4Gold. It's a little different to the usual sports tipping service as it mainly advises accumulator bets such as 3, 4 or 5 folds, yankees,...

Draw Doubles Review

Draw Doubles Review: Update Four

Overall we have made a profit in month four of our Draw Doubles review, although it only added up to 1.81 points in total from the singles and doubles bets. The singles made a small loss of 1.14 points and...

Loves Racing Review

Loves Racing Review: Update Three

We have only received 6 tips over the past month for the Loves Racing main tips due to tipster Brett having some medical issues, however there were 34 tips sent out during the Aintree festival for our separate festival bank.

Football Advisor Betting Portfolio Review

Football Advisor Betting Portfolio Review: Introduction

The Football Advisor Betting Portfolio is a collection of tipping services put together by Jon at Football Advisor. Contrary to the name, the full portfolio is actually made up of both football and horse racing betting systems. The four main...

Nmbrs Review

Nmbrs Review: Update Two

The Nmbrs football betting tips service has had another good month with a profit of 68.7 points at an ROI of 11.8%, which makes it two winning months in a row.