VDW Maximiser Review

VDW Maximiser

We've been testing the VDW Maximiser software for a month now and things haven't really been going to plan. We have lost 15 points so far from a total of 65 races, with 27 of them returning a profit.

Fantastic Eights Review

Fantastic Eights

We’ve reached the end of our second trial of Fantastic Eights, a horse racing betting service from the Bet Fan network. As with the first time around, it has been a rocky ride but after four months we finished with...

Trackside Review


PuntHub say that Trackside is "one of the most impressive services" they have ever seen and after looking at their results, we can see why. Since launcing in Dec 2016, they have delivered a profit of 207.6 points at an...

Eddie's Early Bird Review

Eddie’s Early Bird

Eddie's Early Bird is a horse racing tips service from PuntHub that offers daily tips either the evening before or on the morning of the races. The service has been running since August 2017 and overall has reported a profit...

AH Horse Racing Review

AH Horse Racing

AH Horse Racing is a tipping service run by Will on the PuntHub platform that has the tag line "Determination - Ability - Consistency", three qualities that we certainly look for in a good tipster.

The Daily Tipster Review

The Daily Tipster

The Daily Tipster is a relatively new mixed sports tipping service run by Alex, who started out in the betting world in his younger years working for a bookmaker on the track. He recently launched the service and has posted...

Draw Doubles Review

Draw Doubles

We're back with an update to our Draw Doubles review and it's been another profitable month for the single bets but as with our last update, a loss for the doubles.

Nmbrs Review


Nmbrs is the first paid tipster service that we are going to be reviewing from the Tipstrr platform. When we asked the Tipstrr team for a list of their flagship services, Nmbrs was one of two that focus specifically on...

Loves Racing Review

Loves Racing

It's been a poor start for Brett Love's "Loves Racing" service with a loss of 28.4 points at the available odds at an ROI of -59.2%. We have recorded 27 selections so far and just four of them have returned...

Trademate Sports Review

Trademate Sports

Trademate Sports is a value betting service co-founded by poker player and professional sports bettor, Jonas Gjelstad, who ran a documentary series last year where he grew a sports betting bankroll from $10,000 to $1,000,000 in one year.

Tipstrr Review


We recently stumbled across a new tipster platform called Tipstrr, which operates differently to many of the other tipster sites that we have come across before.“The goal of Tipstrr is simple - to help people profit from sports betting.”​Firstly, the...

Racing Consultants Review

Racing Consultants

It's been a poor month again for Racing Consultants where we have experienced another long streak of 28 losing bets in a row. The run is actually still on-going and we're now up to 36 bets without a win. Frustratingly,...

The Betting Machine Review

The Betting Machine

We've been testing The Betting Machine over the past month and based on what we've experienced so far, we have made the decision to cut the review short and call it a day. Our suspicion that the staking system is...

Racing Excellence Review

Racing Excellence

It's been a tough month for Racing Excellence with a loss made in three of the four sets of tips that we have been following. The main VIP member's tips finished the month with a loss £206.52 at an ROI...

Early Odds Review

Early Odds

We've come to the end of our second trial of Early Odds and we are delighted to report another gleaming set of results. Over the past three months we have made a profit of 41.37 points at an ROI of...

Golf Betting Expert Review

Golf Betting Expert

We have been following tips from Golf Betting Expert over the last six months and it hasn't been the smoothest of rides, which is not uncommon when betting on golf. Overall we bet on a total of 250 selections and...