CD Racing Review

CD Racing Review: Update Two

It's been a great month for the CD Racing tips service with a profit of 21.18 points at the available odds at an ROI of 28.6%. There have now been two winning months in a row and our total profit...

The BSP Tipster Review

The BSP Tipster Review: Introduction

The BSP Tipster is one of the latest horse racing tips services to join the Betting Gods site and it is unique in that it is said to work using Betfair Exchange alone. Since May the service has recorded a...

Tea Time Tipster Review

Tea Time Tipster Review: Horse Racing Tips

After recording more than 600 bets from the Tea Time Tipster horse racing service, we have decided to call it a day as we don't seem to be getting anywhere profitwise. We had built up a profit of just over...

Draw Profits Review

Draw Profits Review: Introduction

Draw Profits is one of the latest services to be launched by John Baker and if you follow our reviews, you may remember that we reviewed a similar service from him a few months back called Draw Doubles.

Football Acca Tips Review

Football Acca Tips Review: Re-Trial Update Two

It's been a tough month for Football Acca Tips and unfortunately we have given all the profit made last month back to the bookies. There was a bad losing run of 21 bets in a row and in the end...

Top Marks Review

Top Marks Review: Horse Racing Tips Service

We have reached the end of our Top Marks review after tracking just under 400 bets over the past three months. The review got off to a great start in month one, but unfortunately the results have been poor since...

The Profitable Game Review

The Profitable Game Review: Introduction

The Profitable Game is a football betting service that claims to have developed 8 different winning systems over the past five years. Apparently there have been thousands of bets since the creation of each system and the ROI stands at...

Racing Specialist Review

Racing Specialist Review: Update One

After one month of following the Racing Specialist service we aren't in a good position with 29% of our starting bank lost already. At the available odds we have lost a total of 21.75 points with a pretty shocking ROI...

Player Profits Review

Player Profits Review: Update Two

We finished month two of our review of Player Profits with a small loss of 3.71 points after experiencing a couple of bad losing runs. However, thanks to a great start in our last update we are still in profit...

Chloe's Football Focus Review

Chloe’s Football Focus Review: Update Three

It's been a great month for Chloe's Football Focus with a profit of 23.18 points at the available odds, which has helped recover some of the loss from the previous two months.

Ultimate Golf Tips Review

Ultimate Golf Tips Review: Golf Betting Service

Our review of the Ultimate Golf Tips service from Tipsters Empire has been cut short after losing a staggering amount in the past two months. We have recorded losses in excess of 60 points each month and have now bust...

Russell Blair Racing Review

Russell Blair Racing Review: Introduction

Russell Blair Racing is a horse tipping service from the Sports Betting Stars platform with an impressive track record over the last three years. The service claims to have made a profit of more than 1300 points since April 2015,...

Ultimate Football Tips Review

Ultimate Football Tips Review: Update Two

After a tough start in the first month of our review, Ultimate Football Tips has made good headway in recovering the loss with a profit of 17.16 points this month. We are still in the red overall with a total...

Jolly Lock Betscape Review

Jolly Lock Betscape Review: Horse Racing Software

After several months of testing the Jolly Lock Betscape software, we are ready to give our final verdict. Our review started well with a steady profit during the first two months, but things have taken a turn for the worse...

Top Rated Runners Review

Top Rated Runners Review: Horse Racing Tips

After taking a short break, the Top Rated Runners service returned for September, but unfortunately they weren't able to make much in the way of a recovery. After two months of tips we were down by 40.64 points so it...

Phoenix Racing Lays Review

Phoenix Racing Lays Review: Horse Laying Tips

Phoenix Racing Lays has done a good job to recover from the downturn we experienced during the first couple of months of our review and we are very nearly back to where we started.

Football Index Review

Football Index Review: The Footballer Stockmarket

We had heard a lot of buzz about Football Index, but we hadn't seen any concrete evidence on whether it actually works. We decided to put it to the test ourselves and find out the answer to the question that...

WinnerOdds Review

WinnerOdds Review: Tennis Betting Software

We have been testing out the WinnerOdds tennis betting service for the past three months and on the whole it has been a positive experience for us. From a total of 448 bets we made a profit of £766.38 at...

JB Horse Racing Tips Review

JB Racing Tips Review: Horse Racing Betting Service

JB Racing Tips has finished the first month of our review with a small loss of 4.96 points at the available odds. The Betfair SP results have performed much better with a profit of 19.34 points at an ROI of...

Profit Lockdown V2 Review

Profit Lockdown V2 Review: Horse Trading System

We've traded 45 races using the Profit Lockdown V2 system - the horses racing system that claims to mathematically guarantee that you'll win. We're not so sure about that, but we did make a small profit of 2.54 points overall....