Sports World Review

Sports World

We have been tracking tips from Sports World for six months now and although the review started well, things have been heading south ever since. After the first two months we had almost doubled our 50 point starting bank and...

Fantastic Eights Review

Fantastic Eights

Fantastic Eights has made a much needed recovery since our last update, thanks to a 40/1 winner netting us 200 points profit at the advised stakes. At the available odds we now have an overall profit of 89.9 points at...

Football Betting Blueprints Review

Football Betting Blueprints

After our fifth losing round of the review, we are calling it a day with our Football Betting Blueprints review. The system has been a major disappointment and the vendor has now removed it from the website and replaced it...

Elite Bet Club Review

Elite Bet Club

The Elite Bet Club service is a relatively new tips service with just two months worth of results published to the website to date but has been extensively tested prior to launching officially. Since November they have reported a profit...

Draw Doubles Review

Draw Doubles

We are kicking off 2018 with a new review of the latest football betting service from John Baker, who has already achieved two pass ratings in our reviews of his Banker Bets and Value Picks services. Draw Doubles is based...

Robert Fraser's Racing Tips Review

Robert Fraser’s Racing Tips

It's been another dismal month for Robert Fraser's Racing Tips with a further loss of 26.28 points at the advised stakes and 21.92 points to 1 point level stakes. In our last update we noted that we were in profit...

Sports Spread Betting Review

Sports Spread Betting

After 4 out of 4 profitable months we have now reached the end of our Sports Spread Betting review and we're ready to give our verdict. We were able to add a further profit of 164 points to the pot...

Golf Betting Expert Review

Golf Betting Expert

Golf Betting Expert finished the year with a losing month and our bank has dipped below the starting point again thanks to a loss of 34.75 points. Overall since starting the review we have lost 6.7 points, which is disappointing...

3 Picks Review

3 Picks

It's been a great start to our 3 Picks review with a profit of 23.71 points at an ROI of 22% in the first month at the available odds. We have even managed to beat the results recorded to the...

Sports Betting Pays Review

Sports Betting Pays

We have reached the end of our second trial of Sports Betting Pays and after another poor set of results, we will be sticking with our original fail rating. During our first trial last year we lost 13.51 points and...

World Soccer Pro Review

World Soccer Pro

We're back with the latest results to our World Soccer Pro review and it's been very similar to last month with a small loss of 3.4 points at the available odds. Had we have been able to get the same...

Racing Consultants Review

Racing Consultants

Almost two years on since we completed our review, we have decided to revisit horse racing tips service Racing Consultants with a new trial to see whether it still warrants a pass rating.

Early Odds Review

Early Odds

It's been around 18 months since we completed our review of Early Odds so we have decided to run another trial of the service to see whether our pass rating is still justified.

Day B4 Review

Day B4

Barry has reported back with his latest results from testing the Day B4 horse racing betting system and he is now ready to give his final verdict after completing six cycles.

WeBetYouWin Review


We have come to the end of our review of WeBetYouWin after recording results over the past four months. The review didn't get off to a good start, losing over 20 points in the first two months at the available...

Banker Bets Value Picks Review

Banker Bets Value Picks

We have been following John Baker's Banker Bets Value Picks service since the beginning of the winter football season and after witnessing 3 out of 4 profitable months, a total of profit of 17.08 points and a 42.7% increase to...