Chloe's Football Focus Review

Chloe’s Football Focus Review: Introduction

Chloe's Football Focus is currently the Betting God's most successful football tips service. Since launching in August 2017, the service has reportedly made a profit of £5,097.33 to £10 per point stakes at an impressive ROI of 34.8%.

The Racing Tipster Review

The Racing Tipster Review: Betfair Horse Tips

We have been following The Racing Tipster service over the past three months and it's been pretty disappointing throughout, with all three months ending with a loss at the available odds.

Each Way Value Tips Review

Each Way Value Tips Review: Update Three

​Each Way Value Tips have pulled it out of the bag in month three of our review​, tipping several race winners ​at big odds. ​We finished the month with a profit of 77.72 points ​which gives us a total profit...

Jolly Lock Betscape Review

Jolly Lock Betscape Review: Update Two

​We've finished the second month of our Jolly Lock Betscape review with a profit of £123.69, which now makes it a total ​profit of £233.04 overall.

Loves Racing Review

Loves Racing Review: Update Five

​It's been a cracking month for the Loves Racing tipping service with a profit of 18.6 points at an ROI of 29.1% from the main tips.

Profit Lockdown V2 Review

Profit Lockdown V2 Review: Introduction

Profit Lockdown v2 is a new horse racing system from Race Advisor that claims to be a "betting system that mathematically guarantees you will win". What really drew our attention to it is that apparently it doesn't matter if the...

Football Advisor Betting Portfolio Review

Football Advisor Betting Portfolio Review: Update Two

After a good start in month one of Football Advisor Betting Portfolio review, month two has been disappointing with none of the services managing to finish with a profit.

Fold4Gold Review

Fold4Gold Review: Update Two

Our Fold4Gold review is turning into a disaster with our bank now depleted by almost 50% in the last two months. There was a poor strike rate of 6.4% in month two with just 8 bets returning a profit out...

Nmbrs Review

Nmbrs Review: Worldwide Football Tips

We have been following tips from the Nmbrs football betting service on the Tipstrr platform over the past four months and after tracking almost 250 bets, we feel that we have enough results to go on to decide on a...

WinnerOdds Review

WinnerOdds Review: Introduction

There aren't many tennis tipsters around at the moment and we have struggled for a long time to find one that offers long-term, consistent profits. We were recently contacted by Miguel who runs the WinnerOdds tennis betting software and were...

VDW Maximiser Review

VDW Maximiser Review: Horse Racing Ratings Software

We have spent the last four months testing the VDW Maximiser software and it has certainly been an interesting journey. It has given us an insight into the daily routine of a tipster, scanning through the day's races and narrowing...

Phoenix Racing Lays Review

Phoenix Racing Lays Review: Update One

It's been a poor start to our Phoenix Racing Lays review with a loss of 17.39 points at an ROI of -10.3%. This only represents a 5.8% decrease to our bank as we were advised to use a sizeable 300...

Top Rated Runners Review

Top Rated Runners Review: Introduction

Top Rated Runners is a racing tips service from the Betting Gods network that has apparently been averaging a profit of £167.80 to £10 stakes each month. It has been running since July 2017 and has reportedly tripled a 100...

Each Way Leader Review

Each Way Leader Review: Update One

Our Each Way Leader review has started well with a profit of 15.3 points at an ROI of 28.3% over the last month. There were a few occasions where we were unable to match the advised odds, which has tallied...

Eddie's Early Bird Review

Eddie’s Early Bird Review: Horse Betting Tips

Our Eddie's Early Bird review has come to a dramatic end with almost all of the profit we gained during the first two months wiped out in one swoop. There was a loss of 40.41 points in month three, leaving...

Trackside Review

Trackside Review: Win & E/W Horse Racing Tips

It's a clean sweep for Trackside with 3 out of 3 months ending with a profit, which makes it a clear pass for this service. Month three finished with a profit of 23.18 points, bringing our total profit up to...

Football Index Review

Football Index Review: Update One

We are back with an update to our Football Index review with the latest profit/loss figures for our portfolio of footballers and we are pleased to let you know that things are off to a good start. Even before the...

AH Horse Racing Review

AH Horse Racing Review: Update Three

AH Horse Racing have delivered another winning month with a profit of 13.8 points at an ROI of 43.1%, which takes our overall profit up to 14.42 points. There's also been a marked improvement to results at Betfair SP over...

Banker Bets Review

Banker Bets Review: Update Three

It's been another poor month for Banker Bets with May turning out to be the worst month in history for the service since it started four years ago. Fortunately our bank is still intact for the singles bets but for...

Premier Football Investments Review

Premier Football Investments Review: Tipping Service

At the end of our second trial of the Premier Football Investments service we have finished with a small overall profit of 1.1 points at an ROI of 0.9%. It's a better result than our first trial, which ended with...