Outside Rides Review: Betfair SP Horse Racing Tips

Outside Rides is a horse racing tips service with an incredible record at Betfair SP, producing 1,715 points profit in 38 months.

That works out as £17,150 using £10 stakes with an amazing ROI of 71% just from the Betfair bets. At the bookies, it would be a higher profit, but a lot of us are restricted at most places.

After testing the service out in a three month review, we confirmed that this is an ideal service for bookie banned bettors. 

This is great news, as not only do you no longer have to rely on having access to bookies, you are also able to stake as high as you want without fear of account closure or your stakes being limited to pence.

There is also the added bonus of being able to put bets on at any time of the day before the races start.

Breakdown of profit/loss at the time we started our review:

  • 2020: +566 points 
  • 2021: +687 points
  • 2022: +410 points
  • 2023 so far: +52 points
  • Total: +1,715 points

The system is based on flat racing only, which runs all year round thanks to the All-Weather tracks.

Although the tipster has chosen to be anonymous, they have shed some light on their method for selecting bets. It involves sourcing the best jockeys at the shortest distance races, as apparently they are often given "sure thing" rides.

The service is operated with a "pay when you profit" model, so you only pay when a bet wins and a credit is added to your account if a bet loses. If your balance runs down to zero, you top it up with more credits to start receiving bets again.

There are a maximum of five bets per day and they are sent through the Telegram app.

During our review, we looked to see if the reported levels of profit were really achievable and if our results would match theirs.

It worked out really well and after three months we had recorded 35.63 points profit at an ROI of 23%. We felt the service was well deserving of a Pass rating and had no hesitation giving it our stamp of approval.

Claim 3 free credits using code "GOAL03" in the app. Just type /affiliate into Telegram and enter the code, then they will be added to your account.

Review Stats+35.63pts profit, 23% ROI, 21.7% SR
Stakes Advised 0.5-1.00 point stakes
Starting bank 100 points
Average no. betsApprox. 55 per month
Time of emails11.00am for BSP bets
PricePay as you profit model – £5 per credit

Month One Update

It was a promising start to our Outside Rides review with 15.27 points profit at an ROI of 28.7% betting at Betfair SP.

This was achieved despite experiencing a long losing run of 17 bets, which they managed to quickly recover from with a BSP winner at odds of 14.10.

There was a delay to our first update, as we hadn't realised there were two groups on Telegram, one for bookmakers and one of Betfair SP. We scrapped the results we had recorded for the first week or so up until we had joined the correct group (BSP) and started again. 

We later found that we hadn't needed to do this as the selections were the same! It was slightly confusing at first, but Aidan explained that the reason there are two groups is so that people with access to BOG bookmakers will have their profit worked out correctly.

As this service works on a "pay when you profit" model rather than a standard subscription, our points total correctly showed that we had "spent" 15.27 points on the bot. This factors in commission at the standard 2%.

So, at £5 per point (that's the price to buy credits), that's £80 out of our winnings if we topped up 16 points, so based on £10 per point stakes it worked out as £72.70 profit in total for the month

We weren't sure whether we liked this sort of pricing model yet and would have to see how it worked out at the end of our review.

Key Stats

BSP (2% commission)
Number of Bets59
Total Stakes (pts)53.25
Profit/Loss (pts)15.27
Profit/Loss (£10 stakes)£152.70
Strike Rate20.3%
Overall Bank Growth15.3%
Bank (100pt starting)115.27


14/10/20237.30 ChelmsfordFitz Perfectly0.50-0.5099.50
14/10/20238.30 ChelmsfordLady Nagin1.00-1.0098.50
16/10/20232.45 WindsorTangled Up In Blue0.50-0.5098.00
16/10/20235.00 KemptonAmerican Bay1.00-1.0097.00
16/10/20236.00 KemptonMinka0.75-0.7596.25
16/10/20237.00 KemptonHieronymous0.75-0.7595.50
16/10/20237.30 KemptonWalking On Clouds0.50-0.5095.00
17/10/20234.20 NewcastleOh So Grand1.005.003.9298.92
17/10/20235.30 NewcastleStorm And Conquest1.00-1.0097.92
18/10/20237.00 KemptonBlake1.00-1.0096.92
20/10/20238.00 NewcastleTrabajo Detecho0.50-0.5096.42
24/10/20235.00 WolverhamptonQueen's Music1.00-1.0095.42
25/10/20236.30 KemptonLady Dreamer1.00-1.0094.42
25/10/20238.00 KemptonDreams Adozen1.00-1.0093.42
26/10/20234.25 WolverhamptonCuban Harry 1.00-1.0092.42
26/10/20235.30 WolverhamptonGuiteau 1.009.678.50100.92
26/10/20237.00 WolverhamptonKaidu1.00-1.0099.92
26/10/20238.00 WolverhamptonHill Station1.003.672.62102.53
27/10/20231.20 LingfieldBengurion 0.508.883.86106.39
27/10/20233.05 LingfieldZakram1.00-1.00105.39
27/10/20234.50 LingfieldBold Ribb1.004.603.53108.92
27/10/20237.45 WolverhamptonNazca1.003.522.47111.39
27/10/20238.15 WolverhamptonPapa Don't Preach1.00-1.00110.39
28/10/20236.00 ChelmsfordIncremental 1.00-1.00109.39
28/10/20237.00 ChelmsfordStyle of Life 1.003.432.38111.77
28/10/20237.30 ChelmsfordVienna Girl 1.00-1.00110.77
28/10/20238.30 ChelmsfordJacquelina0.50-0.50110.27
31/10/20235.45 NewcastlePearly Star0.50-0.50109.77
01/11/20233.08 Lingfield Alexi Boy 1.00-1.00108.77
01/11/20233.38 LingfieldKitty Foyle 1.00-1.00107.77
01/11/20236.45 KemptonWilliam Twee 1.003.502.01109.78
01/11/20237.15 KemptonBalhambar 1.00-1.00108.78
01/11/20237.45 KemptonLauras Breeze1.00-1.00107.78
02/11/20232.50 NewcastleA Gift of Love1.00-1.00106.78
02/11/20234.00 NewcastleLou Lous Gift1.00-1.00105.78
02/11/20235.10 NewcastleNasneen1.00-1.00104.78
03/11/20231.55 NewcastleFinal Check1.004.803.72108.51
03/11/20234.15 NewcastleMaruna1.006.855.73114.24
04/11/20234.30 ChelmsfordAzano0.50-0.50113.74
04/11/20235.30 ChelmsfordCariad1.006.555.44119.18
04/11/20236.30 ChelmsfordPalazio PepsiCo1.00-1.00118.18
06/11/20231.30 KemptonCurtiz1.00-1.00117.18
06/11/20232.30 KemptonModern Times0.50-0.50116.68
06/11/20234.25 WolverhamptonHey Leyla1.00-1.00115.68
06/11/20236.00 Wolverhampton Cervano Delta Sala1.00-1.00114.68
06/11/20237.00 WolverhamptonBear Claws1.00-1.00113.68
07/11/20233.50 ChelmsfordLikleman1.00-1.00112.68
07/11/20234.05 NewcastleIsle of Wolves1.00-1.00111.68
07/11/20234.40 NewcastleInvincible Slam1.00-1.00110.68
07/11/20235.15 NewcastleNelson Gay1.00-1.00109.68
07/11/20237.30 NewcastleRockonmecca0.50-0.50109.18
08/11/20235.30 KemptonAtlantic Blue1.00-1.00108.18
08/11/20236.30 KemptonKodiac Thriller1.00-1.00107.18
08/11/20237.30 KemptonInuit1.00-1.00106.18
10/11/20234.08 ChelmsfordWonder Kid1.00-1.00105.18
10/11/20234.12 NewcastleCast No Shadow0.75-0.75104.43
11/11/20235.00 ChelmsfordQatar Moon1.00-1.00103.43
11/11/20237.30 ChelmsfordCuban Breeze1.0014.1012.84116.27
13/11/20238.30 WolverhamptonWee Fat Mac1.00-1.00115.27

Month Two Update

Outside Rides achieved a further profit of 8.25 points in the second month of our review, which added up to a total of 23.52 points profit at Betfair SP altogether.

It would have cost us £45 in credits for the month, so based on using £10 stakes that left us with £37.50 profit. Altogether our profit minus fees was up to £110.20 for the two months.

We were pleased with how it was going and hoped to see more profit added in month three.

Key Stats

BSP (2% commission)
Number of Bets52
Total Stakes (pts)49.5
Profit/Loss (pts)8.25
Profit/Loss (£10 stakes)£82.50
Strike Rate23.1%
Overall Bank Growth23.5%
Bank (100pt starting)123.52


14/11/20233.55 NewcastlePacos Pride0.75-0.75114.52
14/11/20234.50 WolverhamptonArthur Rose1.00-1.00113.52
14/11/20235.25 WolverhamptonGalloping On1.00-1.00112.52
14/11/20236.30 WolverhamptonLiberty Mountain1.00-1.00111.52
14/11/20237.30 WolverhamptonMidsummer Music1.00-1.00110.52
15/11/20234.25 KemptonHeartfortheboys1.002.931.89112.41
15/11/20236.30 KemptonBelieve You Me 0.75-0.75111.66
15/11/20236.50 NewcastlePride of Spain0.75-0.75110.91
15/11/20237.30 KemptonSavvy Knight0.759.476.23117.13
15/11/20238.00 KemptonThe Cola Kid1.00-1.00116.13
17/11/20231.55 NewcastleHighwaygrey0.7513.188.95125.09
17/11/20235.52 NewcastleWichahpi1.00-1.00124.09
17/11/20237.30 WolverhamptonSupreme King1.00-1.00123.09
18/11/202311.15 LingfieldIntricate Pillar1.00-1.00122.09
18/11/20238.30 WolverhamptonAbsolute Queen0.75-0.75121.34
21/11/20235.15 WolverhamptonForgotten Treasure1.00-1.00120.34
21/11/20235.30 ChelmsfordStruck Gold1.002.851.81122.15
21/11/20237.15 WolverhamptonWarming1.00-1.00121.15
21/11/20238.00 ChelmsfordJenson Benson1.00-1.00120.15
21/11/20238.30 ChelmsfordTurner Girl0.75-0.75119.40
22/11/20238.00 WolverhamptonEagle Day1.003.602.55121.95
23/11/20235.00 WolverhamptonSouth Kensington1.00-1.00120.95
25/11/202312.35 LingfieldBetween the sticks1.00-1.00119.95
25/11/20232.17 LingfieldTiger Beetle 1.00-1.00118.95
25/11/20232.53 LingfieldOperatic Artist1.00-1.00117.95
25/11/20233.30 LingfieldStar of Lady M1.002.271.24119.19
25/11/20237.15 Wolverhampton The Waiting Game1.00-1.00118.19
05/12/20232.35 LingfieldVillalobos1.00-1.00117.19
05/12/20233.05 LingfieldKalamitty Kitty1.00-1.00116.19
05/12/20235.30 WolverhamptonBetter1.008.207.06123.25
05/12/20236.00 WolverhamptonAgostino1.00-1.00122.25
05/12/20238.00 WolverhamptonLauras Breeze1.00-1.00121.25
06/12/202312.00 LingfieldGreen Sigma 1.00-1.00120.25
06/12/20232.10 LingfieldAratus 1.00-1.00119.25
06/12/20232.45 LingfieldQueensland Boy1.00-1.00118.25
07/12/20235.00 ChelmsfordLetaba1.005.174.09122.33
07/12/20236.30 ChelmsfordBand of Steel 1.00-1.00121.33
07/12/20237.00 ChelmsfordRavenglass 1.00-1.00120.33
07/12/20237.00 ChelmsfordStella Hogan0.50-0.50119.83
07/12/20238.00 ChelmsfordKitbag1.00-1.00118.83
08/12/20236.15 NewcastleSports Coach1.003.732.68121.51
09/12/20235.00 WolverhamptonAssailant 1.002.641.61123.12
09/12/20235.30 WolverhamptonAl Baahy 1.00-1.00122.12
09/12/20236.00 WolverhamptonJohnny James 1.00-1.00121.12
09/12/20237.00 WolverhamptonIppotheos 1.003.922.86123.98
09/12/20238.00 WolverhamptonBeyond Words1.00-1.00122.98
10/12/20234.50 WolverhamptonRevolucion1.006.405.29128.27
11/12/20236.30 ChelmsfordRomanee1.00-1.00127.27
12/12/20235.00 SouthwellLikeashadow1.00-1.00126.27
12/12/20238.00 SouthwellBarrel Aged1.00-1.00125.27
12/12/20238.30 SouthwellBohemian Breeze1.00-1.00124.27
13/12/20236.00 KemptonFlying Finn0.75-0.75123.52

Month Three Update

Outside Rides achieved yet another profitable month, adding a further 12.11 points at an ROI of 23.3% to the bank at Betfair SP. Altogether, that made it 35.63 points profit delivered during our three month review.

We would have needed to top up our credits at a cost of £65 based on those winnings, so using £10 stakes, that would have left us with £56.10 profit. 

Key Stats

BSP (2% commission)
Number of Bets55
Total Stakes (pts)52.00
Profit/Loss (pts)12.11
Profit/Loss (£10 stakes)£121.10
Strike Rate21.8%
Overall Bank Growth35.6%
Bank (100pt starting)135.63


DateRaceBetStakeBSP Win OddsP/LBank
14/12/20236.30 ChelmsfordLord Normandy 1.005.974.87128.39
14/12/20238.00 ChelmsfordDesert Order1.000.00-1.00127.39
15/12/20235.00 SouthwellRodborough0.750.00-0.75126.64
15/12/20235.00 SouthwellBrownlee0.750.00-0.75125.89
15/12/20235.30 SouthwellCross The Tracks1.000.00-1.00124.89
16/12/20233.44 NewcastleAppellant0.750.00-0.75124.14
16/12/20233.44 NewcastleBulldog Drummond0.758.205.29129.43
16/12/20234.15 NewcastleDoctor Mozart1.000.00-1.00128.43
18/12/20237.30 WolverhamptonCasa Luna1.000.00-1.00127.43
18/12/20238.00 WolverhamptonAdvantage1.006.555.44132.87
19/12/20237.30 WolverhamptonMaster of Combat1.005.084.00136.87
19/12/20238.00 WolverhamptonMapogo1.000.00-1.00135.87
20/12/20232.20 LingfieldFlying Panther1.000.00-1.00134.87
20/12/20232.55 LingfieldNinth Life 1.003.852.79137.66
20/12/20233.30 LingfieldSunset In Paris
20/12/20236.00 KemptonMontecristo Gold1.000.00-1.00139.85
20/12/20236.30 KemptonBlessed Honour1.000.00-1.00138.85
21/12/20234.10 SouthwellAlligator Alley 1.000.00-1.00137.85
21/12/20235.30 ChelmsfordPandoras Gift1.006.185.08142.92
21/12/20237.00 ChelmsfordLove De Vega1.000.00-1.00141.92
21/12/20237.30 ChelmsfordCrown Dreams0.750.00-0.75141.17
21/12/20238.00 ChelmsfordLegande Dart1.000.00-1.00140.17
22/12/20235.15 WolverhamptonRose Branch0.750.00-0.75139.42
22/12/20235.15 WolverhamptonManos Arriba0.750.00-0.75138.67
22/12/20235.25 SouthwellThapa VC1.005.504.41143.08
22/12/20237.15 WolverhamptonBand of Steel1.000.00-1.00142.08
27/12/20237.00 WolverhamptonLeague Aid1.000.00-1.00141.08
28/12/20236.30 NewcastleHand Jive1.000.00-1.00140.08
28/12/20237.00 NewcastleAfter John1.000.00-1.00139.08
30/12/20236.45 WolverhamptonShaheen Saqaar1.003.512.46141.54
31/12/202312:24 LingfieldThapa VC1.005.534.44145.98
02/01/20245.30 WolverhamptonMarisitta1.000.00-1.00144.98
03/01/20247.30 KemptonTenerife Sunshine1.000.00-1.00143.98
04/01/202412.45 LingfieldStratocracy0.500.00-0.50143.48
05/01/202412.37 SouthwellBelcamo1.000.00-1.00142.48
05/01/20241.47 SouthwellFred's Mate1.000.00-1.00141.48
05/01/20246.30 WolverhamptonFootsy1.000.00-1.00140.48
06/01/20245.45 KemptonNemov0.750.00-0.75139.73
06/01/20246.45 KemptonAratus1.000.00-1.00138.73
06/01/20247.15 KemptonExpert Agent 0.750.00-0.75137.98
06/01/20247.45 KemptonPlanet Legend1.000.00-1.00136.98
06/01/20248.15 KemptonDistinction1.000.00-1.00135.98
07/01/20245.00 WolverhamptonVerona Star1.000.00-1.00134.98
07/01/20246.00 WolverhamptonThirtyfourstitches1.000.00-1.00133.98
07/01/20247.30 WolverhamptonZarzyni1.000.00-1.00132.98
09/01/20245.30 SouthwellRoyal Dream1.000.00-1.00131.98
10/01/20244.25 KemptonRhasidat0.7513.789.39141.38
10/01/20247.00 KemptonWadacre Icarus1.000.00-1.00140.38
11/01/20243.15 SouthwellVision of Hope1.000.00-1.00139.38
12/01/20247.30 WolverhamptonMy Boy Jack1.000.00-1.00138.38
13/01/20244.30 WolverhamptonGolden Passport1.000.00-1.00137.38
13/01/20245.45 ChelmsfordExpert Agent1.000.00-1.00136.38
13/01/20246.00 WolverhamptonSumma Peto1.000.00-1.00135.38
13/01/20247.15 ChelmsfordTribal Wisdom1.000.00-1.00134.38
13/01/20248.00 WolverhamptonTortured Soul1.002.281.25135.63

Review Summary

  • Profitable at Betfair SP
  • Can bet at either traditional bookmakers or an Exchange such as Betfair
  • "Pay as you profit" model

Outside Rides achieved three out of three profitable months during our review, adding up to a total of 35.63 points at an ROI of 23%. It was a really easy service to follow as all of the bets could be placed at Betfair Exchange at BSP.

It was great to see a consistent profit each month and a steady bank growth, with a 35.6% increase after three months.

Key Stats

BSP (2% commission)
Number of Bets166
Total Stakes (pts)154.75
Profit/Loss (pts)35.63
Profit/Loss (£10 stakes)£356.30
Strike Rate21.7%
Overall Bank Growth35.6%
Bank (100pt starting)135.63

At first we weren't sure about the "pay when you profit" model, but actually we think it worked out quite well.

We worked out that we would need to deduct around £180 from our winnings. That means that if we were betting at £10 stakes, our total profit minus fees would be £176.30.

If you have a larger bank available to use higher stakes, or you decide to compound stakes, the credit price doesn't increase.

It can seem a bit expensive compared to other tips services at lower stakes, but in contrast, if the service does go on a losing run then you don't pay anything for the tips so it evens out.

We were pleased with how simple Outside Rides turned out to be after our initial hiccup of not joining the right group. It just took a few minutes to put bets on and with everything at Betfair Exchange, we only needed to keeps funds at one place.

There was also no need to worry about stake limitations, which was a big positive!

We gave the service a well deserved "Pass" rating.

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Outside Rides is a horse racing tips service with an incredible record at Betfair SP, producing 1,715 points profit at an outstanding ROI of 71% in 38 months.

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