Predictology Review: Football System Builder and Tips

Predictology Review

Predictology is a football betting system builder that allows you to analyse 300,000+ matches to find profitable bets in seconds.

Once your betting systems are in place, you can receive instant alerts to your devices whenever there are new bets to be placed.

The service has undergone some major enhancements to combine the best of both worlds. The main part of the platform is the system builder for creating your own betting strategies, but as an added bonus, there is a daily digest of tips sent to your email.

Those that prefer complete control have the System Builder and those that just want to follow ready-made selections have the Daily Digest and Predictions.

In nutshell, access to Predictology gives you the following:

  • System Builder
  • Six Free Profitable Prediction Models
  • 10 Playbooks and Betting Systems
  • Full AI Prediction Suite
  • Daily Digest and Predictions

Since our review, Predictology have added an exciting new feature, allowing you to link your account with BF Bot Manager. This means you can create strategies with the System Builder and then easily import them to BBM to automate them.

Predictology System Builder

The System Builder has the capability to build betting strategies using any of 100+ variables and form models. Systems can be created based on markets, form, leagues and individual teams.

It covers 56 football leagues around the world with competitions running all year round and there are 40 popular betting markets to choose from.

The tool could be used for your own "Lay The Draw" strategy, or perhaps an Over 2.5 Goals betting system. If you already have a profitable system, it can automate finding the selections for you. 

If you are trying to come up with a new system, it is a useful tool for paper trading to find out if it is going to be profitable.

Any selections that the system flags up are emailed direct to your email inbox.

The System Builder also assesses the strength and confidence factor behind your strategies and reports statistics such as your edge, strike rate, winning/losing runs and max drawdowns.

Predictology Review System Builder

Match Shortlists 

The Match Shortlists were designed with football traders in mind, with the aim of allowing you to quickly find matches that have the ideal conditions to trade them.

The shortlists include First Half Goals, Over 1.5/Over 2.5/Over 3.5, Home/Away Winners and Exposed Favourites Home/Away.

The shortlists can help put together a quick list of suitable games ready for you to use your strategy to trade them. Alternatively, there are some strategies to try on the Predictology blog.

Daily Trade and Value Betting Report

The Daily Trade and Value Betting Report is an exportable spreadsheet that includes performance data, insights and results since May 2019. The idea is to use the data for upcoming matches to form a shortlist of matches to bet on or trade.

Some members choose to use their filters to build the shortlist and then follow any matches that it pulls up. Others choose to wait and see what happens in-play for potential trades if the matches start heading in the direction that report suggested.

Data can be exported for matches up to a week ahead, but the team recommend focuses on the current day or following day so that odds data is more accurate.

Predictology Review Daily Report

There are many ways to use this data and there is far more information on the Predictology website, but here are a few ideas:

  • Identify games with a high probability of a winning team
  • Identify a potential upset, where a strong away favourite has been predicted to lose or draw
  • Goal and match odds probabilities & value, with green cells showing at a glance value against live odds
  • First half goal insights
  • Goal expectancy
  • Correct scores

This really is the first place to check each day to begin the process of forming a trading and betting plan for the day. Using the report will help ensure you have value in your favour before heading into a trade.

Predictology Daily Digest

Coming up with your own strategies isn't up everyone's street, so the Daily Digest was designed to provide a round up of the best predictions, insights and trends for the day ahead.

The platform analyses every match and returns key value bets for each game.

Below is an example of the Daily Digest, sent out Saturday 11th July, which happened to result in a profit of 10.6 points from four different betting strategies.

Predictology Review Daily Digest

During our Predictology review, we tracked our own results from the Daily Digest.

It has several sections, including top rated ratings for the day's matches and the day's biggest betting trends which could be used to find more betting or trading opportunities.

To keep things simple we just used the "System Predictions", which are recommendations drawn from the in-house prediction models.

Realistically, it would be better to use the selections as a starting point before doing some more research to narrow them down.

Our results were from 6th August 2020 to 7th January 2021 and we tracked a total of 673 bets during that time. Just to note, we tried to record as many bets as possible but did miss a few days, so our results will be different to the official results.

 Total stakesP/LTotalROIBetsWinning BetsStrike RateBank Growth
To Win151.00-0.93-0.6%1516140.4%
To Draw66.00-11.67-17.7%661725.8%
Over 2.549.00-4.86-9.9%492244.9%
Lay Win246.004.892.0%24610944.3%
Lay Draw571.1010.751.9%16112477.0%

So as you can see, the laying strategies made a profit but the rest weren't so good during this period. However, over the longer term, from 1st June 2020, these models have been reported to make a total profit 46.16 points.

This covers results prior to our review but as our results closely match the service's reported results, we believe this to be a reliable figure.

As well as this, the free tips, which both members and non members receive, made 31.44 points profit with an ROI of 13.73%.

There are other models available to purchase from the marketplace and these would have generated 24.7 points profit during our trial period, although these only started at the end of October.

This could really be seen as a bonus aspect that would pay for membership fees and then the rest of everything Predictology has to offer is effectively free.

Review Summary

Predictology is a complete toolkit for football traders and bettors with the ability to analyse matches and predict outcomes within seconds. It offers a quick way to shortlist matches for trading or betting on and develop strategies.

If you already have betting strategies or perhaps just ideas for systems, it's a great way to find selections automatically and be notified when anything meets the filters.

The Daily Trade and Value Betting Report is an absolute gem and great value for money, given that similar spreadsheets have been up for sale for £500+ on their own in the past.

Altogether, all the tools available with Predictology make up a useful package for trading or betting on football and it's frequently updated with improvements and extra features too.

This together with the excellent customer support from Jon makes it a top service and we give it a big thumbs up.

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3 thoughts on “Predictology Review: Football System Builder and Tips”

    • Hi Gerald, The Daily Digest is just a small part of the service and as explained in the review, the selections are showing a profit of 46.16 points in the long-term. The free selections, which are available to non-members, are also up to a profit of 31.44 points. These selections are compiled as a starting point, so results could be improved on with some further research.

      The system builder, stats database and daily trading and value betting reports make up the main parts of the service. These are all great tools for finding value bets or trades, compiling shortlists and setting up notifications for bets that meet your filters.

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