Auto Profit Soccer Review: Automated Football Betting Bot

Auto Profit Soccer Review

Auto Profit Soccer is a Windows-based betting bot which automates betting on Betfair football matches.

It was developed by Steve Davidson and author Michael, who will be known to many as they have been involved in the betting world for some considerable time.

The software uses a progressive staking system which aims to make a target profit from each match.

Once you have set your target profit (for example £1.00 profit from each match), it will increase the stakes on a losing bet to recover the previous stake and make another attempt at the desired profit. The bot will continue to increase stakes until there is a winning bet or until a stop loss has been met.

We asked Dave to test Auto Profit Soccer and he made £220.57 profit using very small initial stakes.

You will find the full Auto Profit Soccer review below, or click here to read more about Auto Profit Soccer Deluxe.


Hi, it's Dave here with my introduction to the Auto Profit Soccer software.

There are two manuals included with the software. The first contains the installation instructions and these are well laid out and easy to follow. The second manual gives an overview of the bot and the markets that are available. Frankly, this is not very well written and I would suggest that you take some time to read it thoroughly and understand it.

Note: There is NO practice mode for this bot so once you press the button, you are live with your real money!

This is what the software looks like when you fire it up:

Auto Profit Soccer Review - Software

Once you have entered your desired settings, for example how much profit per match you want to make and stop losses, the software can then be started and left to run for as long as you want.

It uses a progressive staking plan so the stakes will increase after each loss until a recovery is made.

The markets currently available to bet on are:

  • Match Odds (with the ability to specify Home/Away or favourite)
  • Over/Under 0.5 goals
  • Over/Under 1.5 goals
  • Over/Under 2.5 goals
  • Over/Under 3.5 goals
  • Both Teams to Score
  • Correct Score

You may back or lay any of these outcomes, but it does not seem that you can mix strategies.

There are a number of other parameters that can be set by the user. Some suggestions for these settings are contained in the manual and you are also encouraged to try your own.

The bot covers a large number of leagues throughout the world (it uses the Betfair API so all matches on there are available on the bot) and it is possible to select or deselect these via a tick box system. Similarly, it is also possible to select or deselect the matches of interest the same way.

Bets are also set to only fire if certain conditions are met such as the amount of liquidity in the market, the price range and these are set by the user.

Auto Profit Soccer uses a tab system which makes it possible to bet on up to ten games at the same time. It cycles through each tab, waiting for a bet to be settled before moving on to the next.

Auto Profit Soccer Review - Software Tabs

The support from the author has been excellent so far. I had a slight problem in setting up the bot and, bearing in mind that he is based in Australia with some 12 hours time difference, his replies were very helpful and timely.

Auto Profit Soccer is available for Windows operating systems only, but it can be used on a Windows based VPS.

We recommend running betting bots on a VPS (Virtual Private Server). We use Simply Cloud which is fast, reliable and recommended by some of the best bots on the market.

  • Run your bots 24/7 without having to leave your computer switched on.
  • Access your bots from any device and from any country in the world.
  • Use windows-based bots even if you use a Mac computer.

Update One

Hello again, Dave here with an update to my Auto Profit Soccer review.

I have been using the bot for one month, well, actually 17 days during the last month due to the lack of decent football available to bet on. I cannot recall a more boring period of fixtures for a long time with endless pointless friendlies, international games of no interest and obscure World Cup games!

In spite of that, I am delighted to announce that I have made £138.54 profit!

Considering all I have basically done is switch the thing on and leave it running, that is very good indeed! My biggest daily win was £27.09 and my biggest daily loss was £18.13.

I'm looking forward to seeing if I can improve upon this figure by tinkering with the parameters. I also want to try more of the options such as betting on Over/Under markets as I have been sticking to Match Odds so far. It is a pity that it's not possible to mix and match strategies, but they can be changed on a daily basis (or more frequently if you prefer).

Not everything is plain sailing with this and it has some niggles. Prior to the bet being placed, there is little or no indication of the amount that is going to be wagered as it is designed to make a profit and recover previous losses.

On one occasion, I was a little horrified that it had placed a bet of over £47.00 to make a profit of just 50p! Fortunately, the bet won and stakes were then reset to more reasonable levels. There are ways round this and so as not to make this update too long, I shall try and deal with these next time.

Also, despite un-ticking some boxes to deselect matches, if the bot is left in auto reload then when it does this, it re-ticks these boxes and consequently bets are fired into markets that you do not want to be involved in.

Matches worldwide seem to kick off generally on the quarters of all hours. It is suggested that your bets are placed some 5 minutes prior to the kick off time, but I would suggest altering this to 2 minutes as I found that the software auto reloads at five to and twenty five past the hour just prior to firing the bets and the problem outlined above then becomes very real.

Currently, I think that it would be possible to make some serious profits with this and even at low levels, I have managed to make enough profit to pay for a years subscription during the first month of use.

Update Two

My second month using Auto Profit Bot banked £82.03 profit.

That brings me up to £220.57 profit over two months, using very small initial stakes.

I think that this is excellent considering that all I have had to do is switch the bot on, set the appropriate parameters for the market I am using and let it do its thing automatically. This has taken all of five minutes a day - phew exhausting eh!

The profit in the second month was quite a bit down from the first month, but I put this down to using it on markets other than the match result. I have found that it takes some time to fine tune the parameters for other markets, as sometimes each one needs different settings and this resulted in some early small losses.

Another factor influencing the profit was the smaller number of matches of interest as many seasons draw to a close.

I have found that over this past month, my knowledge of what the bot is trying to do has increased and I can now generally spot when it is likely to fire a large bet into the market and either let it continue to do so or cancel it.

I said last month that sometimes, large bets were placed to make small profits and that the user had little or no control over these. The simplest way to prevent this happening is to clear the bot each day. This can be done very easily with just the press of one button.

Alternatively, each individual tab (there are ten in total) can be individually reset. If you choose this method then I suggest that you perhaps only reset those tabs that are currently showing a loss.

There is a third method of controlling bet size and this is to transfer profits from a winning tab to a losing one. Again, this is simply done just by pressing a few buttons.

I now have a set of parameters for most of the available markets. These are not yet fine-tuned but in general, I am happy with them and will use them in the future.

Selection Min Price Max Price Min Matched SPM SPT SPAT S/LossT P Delta
Home/Fav Home 1.19 4 5000 0.5 5 10 5 0.2
Over 0.5 goals 1.07 3 3000 0.5 5 10 5 0.5
Under 1.5 3.85 5 3000 0.5 5 10 5 0.2
Over 1.5 1.35 5 3000 0.5 5 10 5 0.5
Under 2.5 1.7 2.5 5000 0.5 5 10 5 0.5
Over 2.5 1.85 2.5 3000 0.5 5 10 5 0.5
Under 3.5 1.35 1.8 2000 0.5 5 10 5 0.2
Over 3.5 3.05 5 2000 0.5 5 10 5 0.2
BTS - Yes 1.6 3 2000 0.5 5 10 5 0.5
BTS - No 2.25 5 2000 0.5 5 10 5 0.5

Please note:

  • I never select auto reload as this has given me problems in the past
  • I set Betfair commission at 5%
  • I always tick 'Mexican wave'

I have not tried laying as I find the backing so successful. However, I may try laying some correct scores in future.


Over the two months that Dave ran the Auto Profit Soccer bot, he made £220.57 profit.

This was particularly impressive as he was still tweaking the settings and making adjustments. Dave would have liked to have a practice mode so that he could have tested settings before going live with real money and he strongly advises you to use very small stakes when you first start.

Dave had no hesitation in awarding Auto Profit Soccer with a pass as it worked very well for him. He was able to make consistent profits throughout the review with very little effort!

Review Stats £220.57 profit, average £110.29 per month during review
Starting bank User’s discretion
Average no. bets User’s discretion
Time of emails No emails, match list updated as required
Price £129.97 for a 12 month license
Rating Pass

Auto Profit Soccer Deluxe

After completing our Auto Profit Soccer review, a new version of the software was released.

Auto Profit Soccer Deluxe Review

Auto Profit Soccer Deluxe includes the following additional features as requested by users:

  • 10 extra tabs, so there is now a total of 20 betting tabs
  • Slots for 3 backing & 3 laying systems
  • More min/max odds filters for certain markets
  • Filter by matches or leagues
  • Three new markets - Double Chance, Draw no Bet and HT/FT

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  • Goal Profits Rating
  • Rated 4.5 stars

  • Auto Profit Soccer
  • Reviewed by:
  • Published on:
  • Last modified: 18th April 2020

The Auto Profit Soccer bot allows you to automate your football betting on Betfair. Using small stakes, we banked £220.57 profit in just two months.


  • Uses Betfair API
  • 7 markets available
  • Bet on up to 10 matches simulatenously
  • Only a few minutes of time required each day
  • Excellent customer support


  • Poor instruction manual
  • No practice mode
  • Can only run the bot on one particular market at a time
  • Selecting leagues/fixtures could be made easier

37 thoughts on “Auto Profit Soccer Review: Automated Football Betting Bot”

    • Hi Paul, I’ve just added the parameters that Dave uses to the post, you might need to refresh the page. Any problems let me know, cheers

  1. Dave/Laura – thanks for sharing the settings above.

    The bot has 2 settings for Matched Odds. One for the Match Odds market and one for the target market (ie O/U). Which do the “Min Matched” figures in the table above relate to?

    Thanks, David.

  2. Been using this for a while now and I have stuck with matched odds home fav as well haven’t got the results you have though. I have changed to your setting now to see how they get on although the first 3 days haven’t done too well im down £17 on just 50p’s but will leave it running for the month and see if it comes back to me. I’m still yet to be convinced it has any future for me to be honest although I’m happy to keep trying with other settings with small money. Is anyone else having any joy/woe with this product?

  3. Hi David,

    thanks for the good review. I have also been using this bot for some last 8 weeks now. My bank is almost 60% up now. As you rightly said, I also don’t bet on all the leagues.. i ignore some low end leagues manually . I would say, excellent product by Michael & Steve ..atleast they are trying to give something new to public. I am using Stephen Jervis settings…so far it is good.

  4. Are you using the large stop loss Ian I looked at that but using £1 stakes and losing what could be £150 hitting one stop loss seemed a lot to me going by the amount of times I have hit a stop loss using the other settings advertised.

  5. Hi Larry, I am using 400 Pound stop loss. yes, it’s bit of a risk…but i see, more bank you have, more is your chance to survive the losing runs. I am using mexican waves.. all 10 is 90% up now.

  6. Hi Ian
    I am very interested in APS and would like to know what the lowest stake can be used. I am a little concerned about reviews which claimed that a £250 bank had gone bust twice. I would also appreciate any comments from anyone who is using the APS Bot

    Kindest regards


  7. I am using the APS bot using the advertised settings of Stephen on the APS website and I have only just started.
    I have had 11 bets with 2 winning ones and 9 losing bets for a 74 pence loss.
    My settings are exactly the same as Stephen’s except that everything is divided by 20 because of a smaller starting bank.
    I will keep you all posted as to my results on a weekly basis.

  8. Hi everybody.
    I have sent a testimonial to Steve and Michael about the APS bot.
    I have made £37.99 in 30 days so looking good. You can see my images of my profit on the main APS website under the heading “What are they saying”

    • Hi Lee / Jase, We recently found out that there is a new deluxe version of Auto Profit Soccer out, which has some cool new features such as added markets, more tabs etc. We are currently doing some testing on it and will update the review soon.

  9. Hello,

    I am interested in this software from your personal experience, can I get a nice steady profit to get me going with a lower starting bank of around $100 ? Or would this be just a waste of money.

    • Hi Raul, Yes you can use whatever bank size you like, but the key thing is to make sure you get the settings right in relation to your bank, especially the stop loss.

  10. hi guys,

    Thanks for all the website content so far. It’s really good.

    I was wondering what would be the best set up for the over 0.5 FT strategy and how big your bank should be for this low risk market?

    Back 0.5 FT to earn (in avg) 5% of the investment before KO.


    Diogo Rodrigues

    • Hi Diogo, We included a table with the settings that Dave uses which includes O.5 Goals, but bank size is something that you would have to work out. It’s a good idea to experiment with the settings yourself to find a strategy that you’re comfortable with.

  11. I have a question to Dave, and that is if he still runs the bot, what current strategy does he use, I am asking because although I tried to use either Home Fav 1.7-2.1 or Draw 3-3.55, I have lost 50 Euros so far since beginning to use the bot, so I was wondering what is working for him these days.

  12. Hi All,

    been looking for something similar to this.

    Is everyone still having success with it? Can anyone reccomend a software similar to this or would this be the best purchase?



  13. guys please don’t buy this bot I did and after winning initially lost over 60 in one night the problem is if you loose a few bets in a row the loss recovery keeps getting bigger and bigger I’m surprised the guys gave it a good review to be honest.

    • Hi David, You can set up a stop loss so that the stakes are reset once you hit your limit. This is what Dave did whilst he was testing the software and it worked well for him.

  14. I can’t see how this can possibly be profitable. It makes bets based on odds alone, where is the edge? Clearly the only difference from blind betting comes from the staking plan, if you lose a bet, it makes a bigger bet to recoup the loss. Does this sound similar to the martingale plan or any other recovery system? This would only work if you have an infinite bank and there is an infinite amount waiting to be matched at betfair.
    I would suggest that anyone who’s in a profit has been lucky and hasn’t used it for a mathematically significant period. There isn’t any evidence on the purchasing page that it’s been tested properly either which should sound the alarm bells.

  15. Andy you hit the nail on the head I was initially successful then boom a large losing run which completely wipes out any profit you have made. Luckily I did use a stop loss and broke even but I advise people do not buy this system. I mailed the guys who made it and got a reply of this works long term then I actually sent the spreadsheet with the losses and not a word back. I will stay well away from anything they do from now on

  16. Hi all

    I took a 6 month subscription for this back in May after reading the review here when I fancied trying something different. All the comments posted both positive and negative sum it up perfectly and it’s best not to judge it as a betting system but solely a tool to place bets for you. You’ve got to then find a method within the tool which works long term and neither the seller, his users providing the testimonials nor this review adequately did that in my opinion.

    The crux is that it is indeed a form of martindale staking plan. We’re all told in our first stumbling steps into the the big bad world of sports betting that progressive staking plans are the fast track to bankruptcy and I’m amazed there weren’t more warnings about it here. The reviewer does mention finding the software trying to fire off a massive bet once though for a small return and that was enough for me to buy with my eyes wide open.

    Regardless of the number of markets on offer you have two very straight forward choices:

    You can bet on long odds selections (backing high odds or laying low odds), have lots of losers and the recovery bets increase at a slow level. This gives you a low strike rate but a long run of selections before you bust out each tab.

    Or you can bet on short odds selections (backing at short odds or laying at long odds) have lots of winners but the recovery bets on losers get very large very quickly.

    I went for short odds straight away as I like to have lots of winners and after some fiddling around I decided to set the stop/loss on every tab (a maximum of 20 now) to ensure only one recovery bet was allowed before that tab has hit overkill and ensures it shuts down, preventing any further losses.

    Then it’s all about statistical probability. I was laying the draw with an odds range of 3.9 to 5.0, home team favorite below 2.0 and money matched before kick off over £5,000. I also had a secondary indicator of the over 2.5 goals market being under 2.00 too. This and all the methods either provided or can be thought up to use on it can be done without the software (as the seller explains in the badly written ebook) and they all involve the likelihood of that method working long term.

    The fundamental decision I took though which saw the whole thing take off and still crack out the profit today was setting an incredibly low profit target each day. I reckon that 10% profit a day is actually quite possible. But to do so you need a full program of football and the software running 24/7 which was causing my PC to make funny noises so instead I turned off 15 of the 20 available tabs and set the profit target to 2% a day to be spread across the 5 tabs in use. As each tab reaches it’s target you can turn it off automatically and by having only 5 tabs running it prevented me having loads of bets still running in play once I’d hit the profit target and thus potentially giving some profit back. Any that were still active I then manage manually, usually trading out to break even or for a small profit/loss.

    Will I renew when it comes up? No. As I said, my method can be done manually anyway and there were several major issues with the software. I looked at betting on the over 0.5 goals market once a game was 40 minutes in with an odds range between 1.2 and 1.45. The software never found any selections though as although there were plenty of games 0-0 40 minutes in (a curse of British football particularly) the software had auto-refreshed and excluded all in play games by doing so.

    I have also often found tabs have been skipped, deactivated or frozen without understanding why which was annoying because I want the 5 tab “stop at profit/loss” sequence to run concurrently, 1 through 5 at all times. The only way round it I’ve found is to stop it running, delete all stats and start again. A major annoyance when I’m only 1 one win away from target.

    Sorry I went on a bit. Best wishes all.


  17. Hi Andy,

    I’ve not considered purchasing this software but what do you consider to be the best markets to look at to .make a 2% daily profit? I’ve got a few instances on the go where I’m looking at gaining 1.5% daily and through compounding slowly building up my bank. I tend to focus on laying away underdogs priced around 9 or 10 or backing o0.5 goals. If I have a losing bet I then place my losses (plus the 1.5% profit I need) on the next bet. The idea is that I’m unlikely to get 2 losing bets in a row and if I do well that starting bank has gone. I know it’s probably a silly idea but I’m just experimenting and my starting banks are very small.

    Any advice much appreciated.


  18. Hi,
    I am looking at autoprofit soccer and need to ask a few questions on how much the is the smallest stake and is there a free trail or money back guarantee ????

    Cheers Darren

  19. Hello
    I have a question to ask you. I can not register to my betfair account as is not acceptable more to my country. I use betbroker that have same platform with same odds like betfair but not the betfair . The Orbit exchange. Can use this bot without connect to betfair with api , just to see the tips and bet to my Orbit platform by my hand not with bot automatic?
    Thank you

  20. I will tell the truth here right now. The bot is a great ideal but I have brought quite a few products from these guys and I can say I have lost money on all of them no matter what the review says and others. Use your head, if the product was that good and we all used the setting advised there would be no negative posts, and that is the truth. I like to think this eview site is far better than this product.


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