Crypto With Kash Review: Cryptocurrency Advice Service

Crypto With Kash Review

Crypto With Kash is a cryptocurrency recommendation service, delivering a fortnightly newsletter with the latest portfolio advice.

The service focuses on Decentralised Finance (DeFi), the latest sub-sector within crypto that is said to be "absolutely booming", growing from $1 billion to $40 billion in less than a year.

It is run by self-confessed crypto nut Khashayar Abbasi, better known as Kash, who ran the New York Times best-selling author Jim Rickards' UK crypto recommendations service.

Kash started out with cryptocurrency back in 2014 when he bought his first Bitcoin for less than $500. Ever since then, his passion for crypto has grown, as has his knowledge.

The aim of the Crypto With Kash service is to read Kash's analysis and research of the latest cryptocurrencies and then you can make an informed decision to add the coins to your portfolio or not.

He explains everything in simple terms, so it's not too much technical speak if you're not that way inclined.

Aside from the fortnightly newsletter, he also sends advice including what prices to buy up to, how long to hold coins for and when to sell them. There will sometimes be buy/sell alerts inbetween newsletters so that you can make portfolio adjustments as soon as needed.

There is also a private Telegram chat group where you can chat with other members and ask Kash any questions.

Kash mainly focuses on long-term investments, so you need to be aware that funds could be tied up for a while. However, returns could potentially be massive.

One of Kash's recent DeFi investments skyrocketed to 14,935%, turning every £100 into £14,935!

When you sign up to the service, you will receive a beginner's guide to get started with. This includes the current state of cryptocurrency in 2021, an introduction to DeFi cryptos, an 8 step crypto strategy and a guide to buying coins on Coinbase.

The second guide included is the "Risky Crypto" guide which tells you everything you need to know about crypto wallets, scams and other risks to be aware of.

We followed Crypto With Kash for a period of around six months and during that time we saw several of the advised cryptocurrencies rise in value substantially. 

We were so impressed with Kash's knowledge and expertise during our review and had no hesitation in awarding a "pass".

Review Summary

Things went extremely well during our Crypto With Kash review, with three holdings of cryptocurrencies recommended by Kash soaring in value and making a profit of approximately £275.00.

Solana (SOL) had been recommended as a BUY on the 28th May and was a bit of a bumpy ride to begin with before shooting up in value.

Kash advised to SELL half of our holding when it had risen by 145%, so the initial investment had more than doubled.

  • Purchase Price: £20.60
  • Sale Price: £50.43

The next profit to report was Serum (SRM), which was an advised BUY on the 23rd July. This crypto had gone up by 150% in the space of three weeks, so again the investment had more than doubled.

Kash advised to take out the initial investment, lock in some profit and let the rest ride risk-free.

  • Purchase Price: £1.97
  • Sale Price: £5.05

On the 1st November, we received another SELL alert for our holding of the Sandbox (SAND) coin. This had risen in value by approximately 187%, so Kash advised that we cash out 40% for a nice profit of around £85.

  • Purchase Price: £0.47
  • Sale Price: £1.35

There are 17 coins in the portfolio at the time of writing which covers almost all of our starting bank of £1,000, but with our £275 profit we have some wiggle room.

At the time of writing, the spreadsheet showed that the portfolio was worth £2,485 for anyone who had been a member of the service from the beginning. 

It's not a case of missing the boat though, as you can still join the service at any point and use Kash's strategy for new members. He recommends dollar-cost averaging and setting buy orders lower down incase of larger market downturns.

If that sounds confusing, don't worry, he's on hand to guide you through the whole process on his private Telegram group.

Crypto With Kash will suit both those completely new to Cryptocurrency or those that are more advanced and just want some on advise on the latest coins to invest in. It's a pass from us!

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Crypto With Kash is a cryptocurrency recommendation service, delivering a fortnightly newsletter with the latest portfolio advice. Read our review here.

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