RaceStatsApp Review: Horse Racing Betting & Analytics App

RaceStatsApp has redefined horse racing betting by focusing on odds data rather than horse, jockey or trainer form.

Although the app has been around since early 2018, the idea and development has been going on for more than ten years to get it to where it is today.

It was developed by Mike, who calls himself the Innovator-in-chief, and Hamid, who is his software architect.

Mike had the idea of giving up on form reading and analysing odds data instead. Rather than contemplating a horses form, the racing conditions and jockey or trainer details, it is purely based on market trends.

Betfair Exchange is often seen as the best way to determine the probability of an outcome for horse races and other sporting events. Whilst it might get it right on average, the idea is to spot a race that isn't lining up to that average and betting accordingly.

The app holds all of the data that you need to be able to do this and there is a collection of tutorial videos that show you how to make use of it.

Save £120 

RaceStatsApp are offering a £120 discount on a three month membership - limited time only!

New members only. 

Membership gives you access to the RaceStatsApp, which is made up of six components:

  • Bet Finder - Provides historical odds, BSP and in-running highs and lows for the past 10 years
  • BSP Training - A training area where you can test your analysis and practice betting on a race as if it was live
  • BSP Check - The live version of BSP Training, where you can analyse each race in real-time and place your bets 
  • Bet Maker - A bespoke betting app connected to Betfair specifically for using with RaceStatsApp
  • Analyser - Import your settings from Bet Finder for fine tuning and use graph building for a visual representation of the data
  • Auto Bet - Take your filters from the Analyser and automatically create a bot to place all your bets for you

It works on races from the UK, Ireland and Australia, but will require a different subscription for the Australian races.

You also get access to the Telegram group where there is a community of other members, so there's plenty of help available and Mike is always on hand to assist as well.

There is a lot to learn, but Mike says that those who put in the time to learn it inside out never leave.

One member said that it took him a while to get used to the new way of thinking about betting, but "when data simply tells you a favourite cannot win, and it's even money, or even shorter, you cannot deny its power.".

We haven't seen anything like RaceStatsApp before and it is a completely different concept to everything else out there. There is no doubt in our minds that you can make a profit from this software, so long as you take the time to learn it.

Getting Started with RaceStatsApp

The first step to get started with RaceStatsApp is to watch all of the training videos and this is an absolute must.

We actually watched them several times, whilst tinkering with the software at the same time. There is a lot to learn and it can be overwhelming at first and without watching the videos you would struggle to find your way around.

The video playlist is located here and you don't have to be a member to take a look, so you can get a good idea of what the software is about before signing up.

After becoming more acquainted with the software, you can proceed however you wish really, depending on how you want to use it. There are so many possibilities, it's just a case of finding what suits you.

Mike likes to look for outsiders to win races and generally doesn’t back favourites.

Most in the chat group use a similar strategy but everyone has their own way of staking and using insurance to fit their own betting style.

We decided to look for value in outsiders rather than betting on favourites as part of our review, as it seemed to the be the most popular way to use the data.

Our next step was to try this out in the BSP Training section, where you can play the races as if you were betting for real.

BSP Training - Practice Mode

Think of BSP Training like stepping back in time, choosing any race since 2013 and betting play money on it to see what would have happened. It is a virtual environment where you can play races without risking any real money.

It’s such a powerful feature and unlike anything we have seen before.

This mode is particularly useful for practicing different ways of staking on races, such as adding insurance or in-play bets.

We spent a lot of time in this section, firstly to learn how to spot value opportunities and secondly, to figure out how we would bet on the races.

After a lot of experimenting, we came up with a staking strategy that seemed to work for us.

In in nutshell, it involved backing the runners that we thought were most likely to run and looked to be good value and then setting up some insurance bets. The types of insurance that we used varied from race to race, usually involving small back bets at higher odds on the favourites and/or laying outsiders at low odds.

You would be amazed at how many times the odds on the favourite would shoot up in-play and then still go on to win it, or outsiders odds moved to below 2.00 and then dropped off.

In these scenarios we could get out of a losing trade easily. Of course, it doesn’t always work but it did save us on many occasions.

BSP Training - Trading Example 1

As an example of BSP Training for this review, here we stepped back to 5th March 2022 (just a random date) and flicked through the day’s races until we found something that could be a potential race to bet on.

You will find out more about what races to look for in the training videos.

The race below came up as a potential, so we went ahead with the staking strategy that we had been testing.

RaceStatApp BSP Training Example

The data told us that the 4th fav had won this race before when the favourite was priced within 5% of these BSP odds.

That didn’t mean 4th fav was nailed on to win, but there were no green dots on the 1st and 2nd fav within 5-10% so we felt confident enough to bet against them.

We lined up our bets and insurance and hit the “Run Race” button. This simulated what would have happened, including matching bets based on the in-play high and low odds.

It turned out that 4th fav did win, and we would have pocketed £36.50 profit having skewed our bets toward 4th and above.

RaceStatApp BSP Training Example

BSP Training - Trading Example 2

We played this example right after the previous one, so that was two nice winning trades in a row.

Again the data was strong on the 4th fav for this race and the sandwich bar below was looking good for a potential trade.

RaceStatApp BSP Training Example

We opted for a slightly different insurance method for this race and it worked well again, giving us a profit on all runners but more on runners 3-6.

Another £30.50 profit made and an easy £67.00 from the two example trades.

RaceStatApp BSP Training Example

We actually played three other races before these that scratched (broke even), showing that it's definitely worth placing those insurance bets.

BSP Training is the best way to learn how to use RaceStatsApp and it's advisable to stay in this area until you are consistently making a profit.

We tried some live trading with BSP Check to get a feel for how we would get on having to make quick decisions. It was certainly trickier, but it's something that comes with practice.

Our next step was to keep working with BSP Training to continue learning and move more into betting for real. We would also be taking a better look at Bet Finder to improve our race selection and ability to source potential big odds winners.

BSP Check - Live Betting

BSP Check has the same interface as BSP Training, so if you have learnt how everything works there, it is easy to switch to betting with real money.

The main difference is that you will have to work at reading the races quickly, as your betting will mostly be very close to the off or even just after the race starts. This is because the odds are often moving around a lot before the race.

For our review, we pondered whether to post our live results and the best way of doing it.

At first we set a target of £10 profit per day, but the pressure of trying to reach a target was making our race selection too loose. It was also too tempting to chase a loss to ensure that we met the target.

We scrapped the target and decided to just play the races that we felt really confident in after carrying out our daily research and made sure that they offered good value.

It worked!

We used the software for a period of nine days (not consecutively) and built up to a profit of £97.28 with our maximum liability per trade set to £10.00. We actually managed to beat the original target that we had set by not having one!

By this stage, we were extremely happy with how consistent our profit was after being extra selective with races and working out a staking method that worked for us.

Bet Maker - Place Your Bets

All of your betting can be done through the RaceStatsApp software with "Bet Maker". You can line up bets to see "what if" figures, then just hit submit when you are ready to place them.

This is handy as you don't need to have Betfair open in another tab and it has some extra useful features too. 

RaceStatsApp Bet Maker

You can easily set your default stake for backing and laying and then use the arrows beside each runner to increase your stake in increments. This is a quick way to see what profit or loss each horse will make without submitting.

When you're ready for the bets to be live, hit submit. Alternatively, you can line up one or more bets at specified odds on one runner at a time using the tool.

One of the latest features to be added is the BSP % as show below. This allows you to line up bets to be placed at a percentage of the Betfair SP, or predicted Betfair SP, depending on when you submit it.

RaceStatsApp Bet Maker BSP %

An example of how this could be used is perhaps backing a horse at odds 200% higher than the BSP (to be matched in-play) and then laying at 50% lower. 

This is just one example but the possibilities are endless.

Bet Finder

Bet Finder is where you will find 10+ years of horse racing data, with the ability to filter through it however you want.

If you devote some time to using this tool each day that you plan to use RaceStatsApp, it can really help you decide which races to play. For example, you may find that a meeting is looking unlikely to have many favourites winning that day, which would give you added confidence backing outsiders.

Take this Fairyhouse meeting as an example:

RaceStatApp Bet Finder Example

It may not be clear to see if you haven't watched the Bet Finder instructional videos yet, but the above image shows that this meeting is expecting few favourites to win and a possibility for a winner at BSP odds over 20.00.

The above example shows how many winners there have been for each runner of the race, so you can see that at Fairyhouse, there have been 12 favourites that have won from weeks 1 - 5 in 2023, but historically there have never been more than 12 during this time.

This doesn't mean it is nailed on that no more favourites will win, but it does give you something to note when you are playing Fairyhouse races later on in the day.

Since our review, Bet Finder has had an update and now features the £££ tab, next to the Won and Lost tabs.

This allows you to see the profit/loss for any search, which is a great help to be able to see what could be good to target in upcoming races.

Again, more information on this feature can be found on the YouTube page where Mike explains how it works.

RaceStatsApp Money

There are so many ways that this tool can be used to find profitable bets and even better, if you manage to filter the data to find a system that looks profitable for the day, you can automate it.

The AutoBet tool can pull what you have found from Bet Finder to place bets for you for the rest of the day.

We go into more detail on this a bit later in the review.

In-Running Data

Since completing our review, RaceStatsApp have added an IR (in-running) tab to Bet Finder, to help source out profitable races based on their in-play data. The IR data is also displayed on the sandwich bar, so you can instantly see it race-to-race.

Mike put together a new video to show how it all works and gives an example of a race that he played in real life.

He shows how a £6 bet could be turned into £148.40 in a few easy steps by replaying the race using the training mode.

In his real trade, he actually made £311.93 profit with some slightly different staking, so it shows what is possible.

RSA IR data update

You can see in the image above that the historical IP high data shows that there were winners at odds of 80.00 and 450.00 in the past, so there was huge potential for a big winner.

Auto Bet

With Auto Bet you can easily create a bot to run place your bets throughout the day for you.

You start by using Bet Finder to find a profitable angle for the day (or week) and then send it over to the Analyser, where you can dig a bit more or continue on to set stakes and odds criteria for the bot.

Here is something that we came up with whilst testing Auto Bet:

RaceStatsApp AutoBet example

The light blue boxes show years where a profit was made backing this particular set of runners. Overall, it was showing that 129.71 points profit would have been made backing these selections over the years.

We had set Bet Finder to only include the 3rd - 6th favourite at an odds range of 6.00 - 28.00. We had also narrowed down the race distances and unticked some of the years of data that we were looking at due to field sizes being different.

It looked like a decent bot to run for the day, but we ran it by Mike first. He found something else that could be worth doing, based on the in-running data.

He had spotted that in every year that we had selected, except one, there had been a 4th or 5th that had hit odds of 100.00 in-running and gone on to win the race.

RaceStatsApp In-play high example

Finally, Mike noted that it looked like most of the winners for this strategy were later in the day, so a start time of 3-4pm might be a better option rather than running it for the whole day.

He was right!

By setting it to start at 3pm, we avoided losing 9.78 points in those early races.

We also added a 0.2 point bet at 100.00 on the 4th and 5th favourite as suggested, and as predicted, it happened!

RaceStatsApp In-play high example

That gave us a remarkable 29.72 points profit from that particular race.

As it wasn't something that had happened more than once or twice, we removed the extra bet from the remaining races.

It turned out that the bot didn't perform as well as expected for the day, but we came out with 9.9 points profit overall thanks to Mike's advice. If we had gone for a 4pm start time, we would have finished with 22.12 points profit.

Finding these extra bits of useful information is key to maximising profit with RaceStatsApp, so it's definitely worth those few minutes more looking at the data.

RaceStatsApp as a Day Job

This leads nicely on to whether you can use RaceStatsApp to bet professionally full-time as a day job. The answer is yes, but it takes time and dedication to learning and developing discipline.

During our review we met some people in the chatroom that had been using the app for a few years successfully. One of them, Danny, had moved from a beginner to doing it as a day job and had been doing so for the past year.

He shared his story with us:

"This is my day job and has been for over a year now.

It took me a year to get to that stage because it is not just about finding winners with RSA - it was also about making sure I had the right discipline and patience in place to continue doing the training every day for at least an hour before I even played a race that day.

I first had to figure out how much I would need and how many points profit I needed to realistically make each month.

I made so many mistakes in the first few months finding a way to play that suited me but once I found a way to consistently win I knew then that I could plan my 'pot', my points target and my staking plan.

I started off playing for 25p with a target of 100 pts and found I was doing that quite easily so then I started upping my stakes and my target until I reached a 500 points target for the month and I have been doing that target each month for a very long time now.

A year ago I started playing full-time (if you can call it that as some days are just a few hours) and playing is just second nature now. The best way to play is the way that suits you and you will find it once you start training over and over again.

This is easily the best way to profit from trading on horse racing but there is a lot of training to do (absolutely well worth it - no pain no gain) but it becomes more and more enjoyable the more you do it.

The greatest part of it is knowing you are going to profit if you do what RSA (the videos, the indicators etc.) tell you to do.

There is no secret formula just training and planning. Data over form every day and not just looking to play the low priced favourites.

RSA has everything on the table and can be absolutely trusted 100% to make a profit if used in the way shown on the videos.

It has absolutely changed my life - 65 years of age work for a few hours a day doing something that I love and get paid for it"

- Danny

Review Summary

  • A unique way of making a profit from horse racing
  • Can be used in many ways to suit the individual
  • Telegram messenger chat group available 

We were absolutely blown away by RaceStatsApp!

There isn't anything else like it on the market and we assume it is because it is a completely new and different way of thinking about horse racing betting. Some struggle to get their head around it at first, but when you do, it is a real eye-opener.

Things like horse and jockey form, trainer details, the weather, are all irrelevant. It is a case of looking at the data that the software provides and finding which races offer good value to bet on.

It is all in the videos and we can't emphasise enough to watch them all at least once, but ideally several times. The Telegram chat room is also a gold mine, as Mike and other members often post their Bet Finder analysis daily there. 

You can learn so much just by following the chat. Ultimately though, you will find your own way of using the software as everyone is different with things like how they like to stake and how much risk they are comfortable with.

To get the most out of RaceStatsApp, you need to put the time into learning it and initially this may mean spending a lot of time in the training area or following live races without betting real money.

Once you have a good understanding, it is possible to dip in and out throughout the day to find profitable races without having to tie up your whole day or evening.

As we mentioned earlier, we barely scratched the surface during our review as there is so much available with this software, but we already felt confident that we could make a steady profit with what we had learnt so far.

We had no hesitation in giving this product a "pass" and it would keep a firm place as part of our betting arsenal.

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  • Rated 5 stars

  • RaceStatsApp review
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  • Last modified: 4th April 2024

RaceStatsApp have redefined horse racing betting by focusing on using advanced horse racing data & analytics rather than horse, jockey or trainer form.

19 thoughts on “RaceStatsApp Review: Horse Racing Betting & Analytics App”

    • Hi Steve, Personally, I think the software is fairly priced considering all that it can do. Also, it 100% works, so there’s no wasting money on tips services that come and go.

      • Way too expensive compared to what many services charge for profitable systems, which cost nowhere near 90 quid a month. I’m sure you have regular subscribers but I can assure you many punters just won’t pay £90 a month (and I don’t mean they only want to fork out a tenner a month). Not convinced by Laura’s response either – there are a number of systems which 100% work and cost considerably less than RSA. Still, each to their own.

        • RaceStatsApp is not a system, it is a piece of software. Yes, it costs more than a lot of betting systems on the market but that’s because you are getting so much more. It offers you data and an insight into races that you won’t get anywhere else, as it is a unique way of studying and betting on horse racing.

          You can also automate systems easily using Auto Bet, if you choose to.

          You are not having to rely on a tipster’s form with RSA, or a horse’s form. You are just using the data to find what to look out for and then play only the races that offer value.

          People often hop around from tipster to betting system and end up getting nowhere. With RSA, once you have learnt it, it is all you will need to generate a second income, or even a sole income.

          I think it is priced fairly for what it offers, but it has to be taken seriously, not just trying it out for a few days and giving up. Once you have learnt the software, £90 per month would easily be recouped, even using small stakes.

  1. I’ve been struggling with this for around 7 or 8 months and to be honest, I’m just thinking of canceling it and not wasting any more time or money on something I just can’t get.

    Chatroom is just full of bragging about wins, all the regulars talk amongst themselves and it makes no sense to anyone who’s not in the know. The only response they give to anyone who asks is “watch the videos”, but I’ve watched the videos many, many times and they’re outdated and don’t show how they currently play.

    Betfinder filters just seem to be randomly picked, with no explanation or reason as to where to start, or why they’re using those filters. The whole thing is very wishy washy, with no proper guidance and there have been many who have joined and failed. Then as soon as they cancel, they get branded as “lazy” in the chatroom and accused of looking for systems. Some probably are, but in my case it’s because I’ve put so much effort in trying to learn it, enough is enough.

    • Hi Pete, Sorry to hear this. Have you spoken to Mike privately about this? I have always found him very helpful. I know that he is in the process of making new videos too.

    • Bit surprised to see this from Pete, who has been willing to join in group chat and offer the benefit of his learning in support of others, whilst admitting that he was still learning himself. I’m just going into my 4th month, and have a long way to go; I have however learned a hell of a lot from the group, and Mike in particular.

      I find your comments a little unfair Pete; the winning screenshots are posted to serve as encouragement to the likes of myself and anyone else still finding their way. Without the screenshots I would most likely have given up after a month, but they give me the incentive to keep working and learning …. and I am getting there, albeit slower than I would like. Some of the videos are a little out of date, but the principles of them and the explanations of the software workings is still relevant. Mike himself admits to still learning and doing training every day as well as searching Betfinder for anything relevant to the day ahead (which he shares in chat).

      To suggest that explanations are ‘wishy washy’ and lacking guidance is grossly unfair to Mike who generally gives constructive advice in response to questions in the group. I know from my own experience that some parts of the software need more effort than others to learn and, throughout the videos and chat, established members stress that it is up to the individual to find their own comfort zone in terms of approach and execution. The possibilities may not quite be endless but they are plentiful and, whilst not everyone will find their niche, most will. Others like myself will struggle with issues ingrained from learning the wrong things over many years …. letting go isn’t as easy as people think, but is essential for success; discipline is also a must. Whilst the last couple of issues are the responsibility of individual members, there are plenty of helpful comments and support from the more experienced users.

      Like so much in life, one solution won’t suit everyone, but I’m sure Pete has learned a lot from his time with RSA and will benefit in his exploits going forward.

      • I know what you mean and I know it works for some people, but if you think I’d been £90 a month and spending pretty much all my free time trying to learn it, only to find I couldn’t make it work I just snapped and decided enough was enough. Those are all just feelings that have been brewing in my head for some time, and when my head goes I just explode and let it all out. I had to to do that, I can’t keep things in and I can’t let something get to me.

        Maybe I could have quietly cancelled, but strangely doing it this way means bridges are burned and I won’t be tempted to put myself through that again.

        • You have no right to call other members out just because ‘your head goes’ – you have no right to ‘explode’ on us – If my own sons thought they could vent their frustration on another human being (and they are in their mid-thirties) I would be just as disgusted by them as I was with your comments. Your failings are nothing to do with us. You should never have brought other members in to it. You never even had the decency to apologise to us or tell us how ou felt before you left even after all the help you received constantly from the chat room instead you posted on a national platform.

    • I think this is a bit unfair Pete, especially as you can see how well other people are doing through the chat. To me that is proof that RSA works.

      I joined 5 years ago when a lot of the tools were not even in development. The new tools offer different ways of playing, for example the IR details. I know I am not the sharpest tool in the shed so I rely on the videos and other peoples posts to help me determine and improve how I want to play……for example I don’t lay.

  2. it’s not about showing off if you win – I look back to how much it helped me when I started seeing all the big wins made me believe in it more and more and helped me realise what was needed and also once anyone new or someone has been here a couple of months starts live play that’s when they become really proficient at it. Watching the videos over and over and doing your training is like passing your driving test and then when you get on the road on your own then you can really learn to drive properly. There will always be people who blame RSA but the proof is in the pudding and 60 odd members (many who have been here for years) know what is needed and it’s great to see new people’s progress. Laura from Goal Profits took just 4 weeks to sort it out – and she was working each day as well – You could actually make a living just using SBs, HMs and Betfinder using the prompts in the videos – I know because that’s my starting point each day (and checking AS for any nice blues) but anyway each to their own but I CAN GUARANTEE IF SOMEONE DOESN’T MAKE MONEY WITH RSA AND LEAVES WITHOUT FINDING OUT WHY THEN IT’S NOT DOWN TO RSA

  3. It seems to me to be a very steep learning curve that is required. It could be mitigated by charging newbies £20 per month for the first six months; after which they would pay the full amount. I am quite sure that if they found that by the end of that six months they were at least breaking even on paper, then they would gladly pay the £90 per month to continue their journey. I love learning new things and would gladly take this approach but £90 per month for something that is not guarenteed is a bit too steep.

    • Hi Leigh, I understand what you are saying, but I spent a month learning the ropes and using the practice mode and felt confident enough to start placing real money bets by then. If you paid £90, would you be more motivated to learn it than if you paid £20? I certainly would.

      Once you have learnt how to use the software, £90 is an easy target to make in a month given the high returns possible from this service, and then the rest is pure profit.

      The only thing I would say, is that you do need to have spare time to spend on it, as you need to be there for the races ideally. Although you can automate bets, the most profit can be made by reading the data and deciding whether to play each race as it happens.

  4. Is this an independent review or a message board for members flogging the software , the poor guy says he doesn’t like it and in his opinion doesn’t work, and all these members and the reviewer jump on his back, that alone would make me not touch this with a barge pole.

    Whole thing seems like nonsense to me, you either take the time to learn pre-off trading ( which costs nothing) or you take the time to race read and learn inplay trading (which costs nothing) all the information you can possibly need is all there for free, and no software is picking outside winners, not enough to have a positive Ev anyway

    • Hi Karl, The comments section is there for people to discuss the review/product and I am not sure which particular thread you are talking about, but I certainly wasn’t jumping on anyone’s back. Of course it is fine to not like the product, as it certainly isn’t going to suit everyone.

      Members who have commented defending the product have nothing to gain by doing so, they are just passionate about it after having so much success with it. I can understand how it might irk them when people come along and say that it doesn’t work.

      What I would say is that to call it nonsense without ever trying it is hardly fair, but it seems that you already have your own way of profiting from horse racing, so that is great.

  5. For beginners it is expensive, you need to train for a long time and analyze a lot in order to get a permanent decent income. Now, if the owners gave a free trial period for new members, for example 30 days, and then sold it at full price, then there would be more people willing to buy this program. And so you will spend money, but you don’t know whether you will learn or not. I’m a pensioner, I want to master the program, but I doubt the result, especially since there is a person who didn’t succeed.


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