Bank Builder Review: Update One

Bank Builder Review

We're back with an update to our Bank Builder review and it's good news as Cycle 1 has already been completed in just 10 bets. The service actually reported a 97% growth at the advised odds but we found slightly better odds and managed to achieve 101% bank growth.

We started with £1,000 and our bank now stands at £2,009.91.

Our highest stake during the cycle was almost £600, so if you're thinking of joining any future cycles we would advise choosing a bank size that you would be comfortable with.

Those that doubled their bank during cycle 1 also have the option of withdrawing the initial betting bank and just playing with the profit for the next cycle. It's totally down to personal choice but that is what we will be doing.

Results - Update One
DateFavouriteStakeOddsProfit/LossCurrent Balance
10/08/2018Club Brugge£333.001.28£93.24£1,093.24
19/08/2018Man City£578.891.10£57.89£1,794.57
25/08/2018Atletico Madrid£598.191.19£113.66£2,009.91

We are taking our £1,000 profit into cycle 2 and will be back again with an update once the cycle has been completed.

Bank Builder Review: Introduction

2nd August 2018

Bank Builder is a strategy from Football Advisor that aims to double a betting bank by using a smart staking system based on taking advantage of short winning streaks. There's no form of loss recovery staking and the system protects you from ever going bust.

"Guaranteed to double your betting bank or your money back."

The strategy focuses solely on football betting in the match odds and goals markets although some members have implemented it on other sports such as tennis or US sports.

During the 2017/18 football season, the strategy delivered a profit of 364.7 points from 4 cycles, starting with a 100 point bank. It is now ready to be launched again for 2018/19 and we have been lucky enough to have been chosen to take part in the first cycle.

In each cycle the aim is to double the betting bank and this is said to happen on average every 4-6 weeks but last season one was completed in just 9 days.

Key facts:

  • Maximum 3 selections per day
  • 5-10 bets per week
  • 85-95% strike rate
  • Bets sent before 8.00am each day
  • 100 point starting bank

The great thing is the system will work at both the bookies and at exchanges such as Betfair or Smarkets, so it doesn't matter if you're stakes are limited at the bookies.

Access to cycle 1 costs a one-off payment of £39.95 and if the service doesn't manage to double the betting bank this payment will be refunded.

We can't wait to get started with this review and Cycle 1 is set to start on the 4th August so we haven't got to wait too long.

We will report back once the cycle has finished which should hopefully mean that we have doubled our bank.


  1. Why on earth would you risk 333,33 £ (33,33% of the whole bank) with just one bet to get 93,24 £?
    Three missed bets and your bank bye, bye…

    1. Hi Jure, It is an aggressive staking plan that understandably some people would not be comfortable with. You wouldn’t be risking £333 three times in a row as the stakes are adjusted after each bet or after each day if matches are at the same time.

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