BetHawk Review

BetHawk Update Three

24th August 2017

We are back with the latest results to our BetHawk review and we are pleased to have partially recovered some of the loss from the last quarter, although it wasn't enough to put us in the green overall.

We decided to stick with the same strategies and all five of them had a better performance over the last three months which was good to see. The top performer was Luxor 09 LP, which delivered a profit of 45.55 points.

Altogether during this period we have made a profit of 49.42 points (we are using £1.00 stakes to test the software, so this is equal to £49.42).

Update Three - Key Stats
 Luxor 09 LPLuxor 19 LWVenice 10.2 BWSPLuxor 10 LPParis 07.1 BWSPTotal
Number of Bets1227298236571152
Total Stakes£122.00£729.00£8.00£236.00£57.00£1,152.00
Profit/Loss (£1 per point)£45.55-£35.10£12.44£23.39£3.14£49.42
Betting Days34618482579
Winning Days3051239353
Daily Win Rate88.20%83.60%25.00%81.30%12.00%67.10%
Bank (£1000 starting)£924.51
Overall Bank Growth/Decline-7.55%

Update Three - Results
16/05/2017Paris 07.1 BWSP£2.002-£2.00£873.09
Venice 10.2 BWSP£1.001-£1.00£872.09
17/05/2017Luxor 09 LP£4.004£3.80£875.89
Luxor 10 LP£1.001£0.95£876.84
Luxor 19 LW£19.0019£18.05£894.89
Paris 07.1 BWSP£1.001£40.17£935.06
18/05/2017Luxor 19 LW£4.004£3.80£938.86
19/05/2017Luxor 09 LP£4.004£3.80£942.66
Luxor 10 LP£7.007£6.65£949.31
Luxor 19 LW£19.0019-£42.70£906.61
20/05/2017Luxor 09 LP£4.004£2.85£909.46
Luxor 10 LP£3.003-£7.61£901.85
Luxor 19 LW£22.0022£20.90£922.75
21/05/2017Luxor 09 LP£1.001£0.95£923.70
Luxor 10 LP£4.004£3.80£927.50
Luxor 19 LW£6.006£3.80£931.30
22/05/2017Luxor 19 LW£3.003-£35.10£896.20
23/05/2017Luxor 09 LP£1.001£0.95£897.15
Luxor 10 LP£1.001£0.95£898.10
Luxor 19 LW£2.002£1.90£900.00
Venice 10.2 BWSP£1.001-£1.00£899.00
24/05/2017Luxor 19 LW£3.003£2.85£901.85
Paris 07.1 BWSP£3.003£6.65£908.50
25/05/2017Luxor 09 LP£1.001£0.95£909.45
Luxor 10 LP£4.004£3.80£913.25
Luxor 19 LW£7.007£6.65£919.90
Paris 07.1 BWSP£6.006£2.32£922.22
27/05/2017Luxor 09 LP£2.002£1.90£924.12
Luxor 10 LP£7.007-£5.80£918.32
Luxor 19 LW£31.0031£28.50£946.82
28/05/2017Luxor 19 LW£2.002£1.90£948.72
29/05/2017Luxor 09 LP£1.001£0.95£949.67
Luxor 10 LP£2.002£1.90£951.57
Luxor 19 LW£4.004£3.80£955.37
Paris 07.1 BWSP£3.003-£3.00£952.37
Venice 10.2 BWSP£1.001-£1.00£951.37
30/05/2017Venice 10.2 BWSP£1.001-£1.00£950.37
31/05/2017Luxor 10 LP£1.001£0.95£951.32
Luxor 19 LW£2.002£1.90£953.22
01/06/2017Luxor 09 LP£1.001£0.95£954.17
Luxor 10 LP£2.002£1.90£956.07
Luxor 19 LW£8.008£7.60£963.67
02/06/2017Luxor 09 LP£1.001£0.95£964.62
Luxor 10 LP£5.005£4.75£969.37
Luxor 19 LW£19.0019£18.05£987.42
03/06/2017Luxor 09 LP£4.004£3.80£991.22
Luxor 10 LP£3.003£2.85£994.07
Luxor 19 LW£32.0032-£58.10£935.97
Paris 07.1 BWSP£1.001-£1.00£934.97
04/06/2017Luxor 10 LP£3.003£2.85£937.82
Luxor 19 LW£2.002£1.90£939.72
05/06/2017Luxor 10 LP£1.001£0.95£940.67
Luxor 19 LW£2.002£1.90£942.57
06/06/2017Paris 07.1 BWSP£1.001-£1.00£941.57
07/06/2017Luxor 19 LW£2.002£1.90£943.47
Paris 07.1 BWSP£1.001-£1.00£942.47
08/06/2017Luxor 10 LP£2.002£1.90£944.37
Luxor 19 LW£3.003£2.85£947.22
09/06/2017Luxor 09 LP£5.005£1.90£949.12
Luxor 10 LP£11.0011£8.55£957.67
Luxor 19 LW£15.0015£14.25£971.92
10/06/2017Luxor 09 LP£6.006£5.70£977.62
Luxor 10 LP£17.0017£16.15£993.77
Luxor 19 LW£28.0028£25.65£1,019.42
Paris 07.1 BWSP£3.003-£3.00£1,016.42
11/06/2017Luxor 10 LP£1.001£0.95£1,017.37
Luxor 19 LW£7.007£6.65£1,024.02
13/06/2017Paris 07.1 BWSP£1.001-£1.00£1,023.02
14/06/2017Luxor 10 LP£3.003£2.85£1,025.87
Luxor 19 LW£3.003£2.85£1,028.72
Paris 07.1 BWSP£3.003-£3.00£1,025.72
Venice 10.2 BWSP£1.001£10.92£1,036.64
15/06/2017Luxor 10 LP£1.001£0.95£1,037.59
Luxor 19 LW£2.002£1.90£1,039.49
16/06/2017Luxor 09 LP£8.008-£7.30£1,032.19
Luxor 10 LP£13.0013£2.60£1,034.79
Luxor 19 LW£24.0024-£39.60£995.19
Paris 07.1 BWSP£1.001-£1.00£994.19
17/06/2017Luxor 09 LP£6.006£5.70£999.89
Luxor 10 LP£16.0016-£11.05£988.84
Luxor 19 LW£40.0040£6.10£994.94
18/06/2017Luxor 10 LP£1.001£0.95£995.89
Luxor 19 LW£9.009£8.55£1,004.44
20/06/2017Luxor 09 LP£3.003£2.85£1,007.29
Luxor 19 LW£21.0021£19.95£1,027.24
Venice 10.2 BWSP£1.001-£1.00£1,026.24
21/06/2017Luxor 09 LP£10.0010-£7.50£1,018.74
Luxor 10 LP£1.001£0.95£1,019.69
Luxor 19 LW£20.0020£19.00£1,038.69
22/06/2017Luxor 09 LP£7.007£6.65£1,045.34
Luxor 10 LP£5.005£4.75£1,050.09
Luxor 19 LW£21.0021£19.95£1,070.04
23/06/2017Luxor 09 LP£2.002£1.90£1,071.94
Luxor 19 LW£20.0020-£33.55£1,038.39
Paris 07.1 BWSP£2.002-£2.00£1,036.39
24/06/2017Luxor 09 LP£10.0010£9.50£1,045.89
Luxor 10 LP£9.009£8.55£1,054.44
Luxor 19 LW£21.0021-£17.75£1,036.69
25/06/2017Luxor 19 LW£1.001£0.95£1,037.64
26/06/2017Luxor 19 LW£1.001£0.95£1,038.59
Paris 07.1 BWSP£3.003-£3.00£1,035.59
27/06/2017Luxor 09 LP£2.002£1.90£1,037.49
Luxor 10 LP£3.003£2.85£1,040.34
10/07/2017Luxor 10 LP£1.001£0.95£1,041.29
Luxor 19 LW£2.002£1.90£1,043.19
11/07/2017Luxor 10 LP£1.001-£9.50£1,033.69
Luxor 19 LW£3.003£2.85£1,036.54
Paris 07.1 BWSP£2.002-£2.00£1,034.54
12/07/2017Luxor 19 LW£1.001£0.95£1,035.49
Paris 07.1 BWSP£2.002-£2.00£1,033.49
13/07/2017Luxor 09 LP£4.004£3.80£1,037.29
Luxor 10 LP£3.003£2.85£1,040.14
Luxor 19 LW£19.0019£17.10£1,057.24
14/07/2017Luxor 09 LP£3.003£2.85£1,060.09
Luxor 10 LP£9.009-£2.85£1,057.24
Luxor 19 LW£31.0031-£92.15£965.09
15/07/2017Luxor 09 LP£5.005£4.75£969.84
Luxor 10 LP£10.0010-£1.15£968.69
Luxor 19 LW£53.0053£21.65£990.34
16/07/2017Paris 07.1 BWSP£3.003-£3.00£987.34
17/07/2017Luxor 10 LP£1.001£0.95£988.29
Luxor 19 LW£2.002£1.90£990.19
Venice 10.2 BWSP£1.001£7.52£997.71
18/07/2017Luxor 19 LW£1.001£0.95£998.66
19/07/2017Luxor 10 LP£1.001£0.95£999.61
Paris 07.1 BWSP£3.003-£3.00£996.61
20/07/2017Luxor 19 LW£2.002£1.90£998.51
Paris 07.1 BWSP£5.005-£4.00£994.51
21/07/2017Luxor 09 LP£1.001£0.95£995.46
Luxor 10 LP£6.006-£4.70£990.76
Luxor 19 LW£11.0011£10.45£1,001.21
22/07/2017Luxor 09 LP£2.002£1.90£1,003.11
Luxor 10 LP£12.0012£11.40£1,014.51
Luxor 19 LW£15.0015-£28.65£985.86
23/07/2017Luxor 10 LP£2.002£1.90£987.76
24/07/2017Luxor 19 LW£1.001£0.95£988.71
25/07/2017Luxor 10 LP£2.002£1.90£990.61
Luxor 19 LW£4.004£3.80£994.41
26/07/2017Paris 07.1 BWSP£1.001-£1.00£993.41
28/07/2017Luxor 09 LP£2.002£1.90£995.31
Luxor 10 LP£5.005£4.75£1,000.06
Luxor 19 LW£14.0014£13.30£1,013.36
29/07/2017Luxor 09 LP£10.0010-£8.70£1,004.66
Luxor 10 LP£17.0017£16.15£1,020.81
Luxor 19 LW£41.0041£38.95£1,059.76
30/07/2017Luxor 09 LP£1.001£0.95£1,060.71
Luxor 10 LP£2.002£0.95£1,061.66
Luxor 19 LW£6.006£1.90£1,063.56
31/07/2017Paris 07.1 BWSP£3.003-£3.00£1,060.56
01/08/2017Luxor 09 LP£3.003£2.85£1,063.41
Luxor 10 LP£14.0014-£66.40£997.01
Luxor 19 LW£28.0028-£49.95£947.06
Paris 07.1 BWSP£3.003-£3.00£944.06
02/08/2017Luxor 09 LP£1.001£0.95£945.01
Luxor 10 LP£6.006£5.70£950.71
Luxor 19 LW£19.0019-£55.75£894.96
03/08/2017Luxor 19 LW£9.009£8.55£903.51
Paris 07.1 BWSP£1.001-£1.00£902.51
07/08/2017Luxor 19 LW£1.001£0.95£903.46
08/08/2017Luxor 09 LP£2.002£1.90£905.36
Luxor 10 LP£2.002£1.90£907.26
Luxor 19 LW£4.004£3.80£911.06
09/08/2017Luxor 19 LW£1.001£0.95£912.01
10/08/2017Luxor 09 LP£1.001-£15.50£896.51
Luxor 10 LP£1.001-£15.50£881.01
Luxor 19 LW£3.003£2.85£883.86
11/08/2017Luxor 10 LP£1.001£0.95£884.81
12/08/2017Luxor 10 LP£5.005£4.75£889.56
Luxor 19 LW£18.0018£17.10£906.66
Venice 10.2 BWSP£1.001-£1.00£905.66
14/08/2017Luxor 19 LW£5.005£4.75£910.41
15/08/2017Luxor 09 LP£4.004£3.80£914.21
Luxor 10 LP£8.008£7.60£921.81
Luxor 19 LW£10.0010£5.70£927.51
Paris 07.1 BWSP£3.003-£3.00£924.51

BetHawk Official Results

Below are the graphs taken from the software which show the official statistics for each system. The first three systems shows 9 months of results and the last two show 6 months of results as that is when we added them to our portfolio.

Please note that they will differ slightly from what we have reported as we have missed a few groups of betting days, due to technical issues or Betfair being down.

Luxor 09 - Lay Place
BetHawk Review Luxor09 Update Three
Luxor 19 - Lay Win
BetHawk Review Luxor19 Update Three
Venice 10.2 - Back Win SP
BetHawk Review Venice10.2 Update Three
Luxor 10 - Lay Place
BetHawk Review Luxor10 Update Three
Paris 07.1 - Back Win SP
BetHawk Review Paris07 Update Three

As you can see, the official results show that each system has made a loss compared to 3 of the 5 making a loss in our own results. We got lucky missing out on a few losing bets, but this isn't a good sign and certainly doesn't fill us with confidence especially considering we only have three months left of the review. 

We will report back in November with our final results and conclusion.

BetHawk Update Two

23rd May 2017

It's been three months since the last update to our BetHawk review and unfortunately we have given back all of the profit made so far... and then some!

Before we go into more details about that, we need to let you know about some changes that we've made to our system portfolio.

With Venice 10.2 BWSP only having 11 bets during the first quarter of our review, we decided to add in another backing system. We also added another laying system so that we are now using all of our credits.

​The two systems added are Luxor 10 (Lay Place)  and Paris 07.1 (Back Win SP).

Four out of five systems made a loss over the last three months and each one of the five systems have made a loss over the full six months.

Luxor 19 (Lay Win) gave us the most grief with a loss of £247.70 during this period, however, this system delivered a profit of £223.65 during the first three months so it works out at a £24.05 loss for this system overall (£1.00 stakes).

Update Two - Key Stats
 Luxor 09 LPLuxor 19 LWVenice 10.2 BWSPLuxor 10 LPParis 07.1 BWSPTotal
Number of Bets986115244761034
Total Stakes£98.00£611.00£5.00£244.00£76.00£1,034.00
Profit/Loss (£1 per point)£27.20-£247.70-£5.00-£7.54-£33.94-£266.98
Betting Days39704582579
Winning Days3553045353
Daily Win Rate89.7%75.7%0.0%77.6%12.0%67.1%
Bank (£1000 starting)£875.09
Bank Growth-12.5%

Update Two - Results
17/02/2017Luxor 19 LW£8.008£7.60£1,149.67
18/02/2017Luxor 19 LW£27.0027-£4.10£1,145.57
19/02/2017Luxor 09 LP£1.001£0.95£1,146.52
Luxor 19 LW£1.001£0.95£1,147.47
20/02/2017Luxor 19 LW£4.004£3.80£1,151.27
21/02/2017Luxor 19 LW£4.004£3.80£1,155.07
22/02/2017Luxor 09 LP£2.002£1.90£1,156.97
Luxor 19 LW£4.004£3.80£1,160.77
25/02/2017Luxor 09 LP£2.002£0.95£1,161.72
Luxor 10 LP£7.007-£49.25£1,112.47
Luxor 19 LW£23.0023-£12.00£1,100.47
Paris 07.1 BWSP£3.003£0.74£1,101.21
26/02/2017Luxor 19 LW£2.002£1.90£1,103.11
Paris 07.1 BWSP£3.003-£3.00£1,100.11
27/02/2017Luxor 09 LP£1.001£0.95£1,101.06
Luxor 10 LP£3.003£2.85£1,103.91
Luxor 19 LW£1.001£0.95£1,104.86
28/02/2017Luxor 09 LP£1.001£0.95£1,105.81
Luxor 10 LP£1.001£0.95£1,106.76
Luxor 19 LW£3.003£2.85£1,109.61
01/03/2017Luxor 10 LP£1.001£0.95£1,110.56
Luxor 19 LW£1.001£0.95£1,111.51
02/03/2017Luxor 10 LP£4.004£3.80£1,115.31
Luxor 19 LW£2.002£1.90£1,117.21
03/03/2017Luxor 10 LP£1.001£0.95£1,118.16
Luxor 19 LW£1.001£0.95£1,119.11
04/03/2017Luxor 09 LP£1.001£0.95£1,120.06
Luxor 10 LP£5.005£2.85£1,122.91
Luxor 19 LW£7.007£4.75£1,127.66
05/03/2017Paris 07.1 BWSP£1.001-£1.00£1,126.66
06/03/2017Luxor 10 LP£1.001£0.95£1,127.61
07/03/2017Luxor 19 LW£1.001£0.95£1,128.56
08/03/2017Luxor 10 LP£1.001£0.95£1,129.51
Luxor 19 LW£1.001£0.95£1,130.46
09/03/2017Luxor 19 LW£3.003£2.85£1,133.31
10/03/2017Luxor 09 LP£1.001£0.95£1,134.26
Luxor 10 LP£2.002£1.90£1,136.16
Luxor 19 LW£4.004-£51.00£1,085.16
11/03/2017Luxor 10 LP£2.002£1.90£1,087.06
Luxor 19 LW£17.0017-£21.70£1,065.36
12/03/2017Luxor 10 LP£1.001£0.95£1,066.31
Luxor 19 LW£3.003£2.85£1,069.16
13/03/2017Luxor 10 LP£2.002£1.90£1,071.06
Luxor 19 LW£3.003£2.85£1,073.91
Paris 07.1 BWSP£2.002-£2.00£1,071.91
14/03/2017Luxor 19 LW£22.0022-£45.65£1,026.26
Paris 07.1 BWSP£3.003-£3.00£1,023.26
15/03/2017Luxor 09 LP£1.001£0.95£1,024.21
Luxor 10 LP£6.006£5.70£1,029.91
Luxor 19 LW£12.0012-£29.20£1,000.71
18/03/2017Luxor 09 LP£2.002£1.90£1,002.61
Luxor 10 LP£6.006£5.70£1,008.31
Luxor 19 LW£18.0018£17.10£1,025.41
19/03/2017Luxor 19 LW£1.001£0.95£1,026.36
20/03/2017Luxor 19 LW£1.001£0.95£1,027.31
Paris 07.1 BWSP£3.003-£3.00£1,024.31
21/03/2017Luxor 09 LP£2.002-£8.55£1,015.76
Luxor 10 LP£2.002-£8.50£1,007.26
Paris 07.1 BWSP£5.005-£4.00£1,003.26
22/03/2017Luxor 10 LP£1.001£0.95£1,004.21
Luxor 19 LW£2.002£1.90£1,006.11
23/03/2017Luxor 09 LP£2.002£1.90£1,008.01
Luxor 10 LP£1.001£0.95£1,008.96
24/03/2017Luxor 09 LP£1.001£0.95£1,009.91
Luxor 10 LP£1.001£0.95£1,010.86
Luxor 19 LW£3.003£2.85£1,013.71
Paris 07.1 BWSP£4.004-£4.00£1,009.71
25/03/2017Luxor 09 LP£2.002£1.90£1,011.61
Luxor 10 LP£16.0016£15.20£1,026.81
Luxor 19 LW£22.0022£20.90£1,047.71
Paris 07.1 BWSP£3.003-£3.00£1,044.71
26/03/2017Luxor 10 LP£2.002£1.90£1,046.61
Luxor 19 LW£1.001£0.95£1,047.56
28/03/2017Paris 07.1 BWSP£1.001-£1.00£1,046.56
29/03/2017Luxor 19 LW£1.001£0.95£1,047.51
30/03/2017Luxor 09 LP£3.003£2.85£1,050.36
Luxor 10 LP£5.005£4.75£1,055.11
Luxor 19 LW£4.004£3.80£1,058.91
Paris 07.1 BWSP£5.005-£5.00£1,053.91
31/03/2017Venice 10.2 BWSP£2.002-£2.00£1,051.91
01/04/2017Luxor 09 LP£3.003£2.85£1,054.76
Luxor 10 LP£4.004-£8.10£1,046.66
Luxor 19 LW£9.009£8.55£1,055.21
Paris 07.1 BWSP£3.003-£3.00£1,052.21
02/04/2017Luxor 09 LP£2.002-£9.05£1,043.16
Luxor 10 LP£2.002-£9.05£1,034.11
Luxor 19 LW£6.006£5.70£1,039.81
03/04/2017Luxor 09 LP£1.001£0.95£1,040.76
Luxor 10 LP£1.001£0.95£1,041.71
Luxor 19 LW£1.001£0.95£1,042.66
Paris 07.1 BWSP£1.001-£1.00£1,041.66
05/04/2017Luxor 10 LP£1.001-£17.64£1,024.02
Luxor 19 LW£1.001£0.95£1,024.97
06/04/2017Luxor 09 LP£2.002£1.90£1,026.87
Luxor 10 LP£10.0010-£9.50£1,017.37
Luxor 19 LW£7.007£6.65£1,024.02
07/04/2017Luxor 09 LP£1.001£0.95£1,024.97
Luxor 10 LP£3.003£2.85£1,027.82
Luxor 19 LW£16.0016-£39.45£988.37
Paris 07.1 BWSP£2.002-£2.00£986.37
09/04/2017Luxor 10 LP£1.001£0.95£987.32
Luxor 19 LW£1.001£0.95£988.27
Paris 07.1 BWSP£3.003-£3.00£985.27
10/04/2017Venice 10.2 BWSP£1.001-£1.00£984.27
12/04/2017Luxor 10 LP£4.004£3.80£988.07
Luxor 19 LW£4.004£3.80£991.87
13/04/2017Luxor 10 LP£1.001£0.95£992.82
Luxor 19 LW£4.004£3.80£996.62
14/04/2017Luxor 09 LP£15.0015£14.25£1,010.87
Luxor 10 LP£31.0031£17.15£1,028.02
Luxor 19 LW£28.0028-£5.30£1,022.72
15/04/2017Luxor 09 LP£3.003£2.85£1,025.57
Luxor 10 LP£8.008-£3.30£1,022.27
Luxor 19 LW£37.0037-£10.65£1,011.62
16/04/2017Luxor 19 LW£2.002£1.90£1,013.52
17/04/2017Luxor 10 LP£3.003£2.85£1,016.37
Luxor 19 LW£9.009£8.55£1,024.92
Paris 07.1 BWSP£4.004-£4.00£1,020.92
18/04/2017Luxor 10 LP£6.006£5.70£1,026.62
Luxor 19 LW£10.0010£9.50£1,036.12
Venice 10.2 BWSP£1.001-£1.00£1,035.12
19/04/2017Luxor 09 LP£1.001£0.95£1,036.07
Luxor 10 LP£3.003-£14.10£1,021.97
Luxor 19 LW£15.0015£14.25£1,036.22
20/04/2017Luxor 09 LP£1.001£0.95£1,037.17
Luxor 10 LP£3.003£2.85£1,040.02
Luxor 19 LW£10.0010£9.50£1,049.52
21/04/2017Luxor 09 LP£3.003-£18.05£1,031.47
Luxor 10 LP£8.008-£13.25£1,018.22
Luxor 19 LW£18.0018-£47.75£970.47
22/04/2017Luxor 09 LP£6.006£5.70£976.17
Luxor 10 LP£7.007£6.65£982.82
Luxor 19 LW£20.0020£19.00£1,001.82
Paris 07.1 BWSP£6.006-£6.00£995.82
23/04/2017Paris 07.1 BWSP£2.002£7.76£1,003.58
24/04/2017Luxor 09 LP£4.004£3.80£1,007.38
Luxor 10 LP£5.005£4.75£1,012.13
Luxor 19 LW£3.003£2.85£1,014.98
Paris 07.1 BWSP£5.005-£5.00£1,009.98
25/04/2017Luxor 09 LP£1.001£0.95£1,010.93
Luxor 10 LP£6.006-£8.70£1,002.23
Luxor 19 LW£5.005-£50.15£952.08
Paris 07.1 BWSP£3.003-£3.00£949.08
26/04/2017Luxor 10 LP£3.003-£9.10£939.98
Luxor 19 LW£12.0012£11.40£951.38
27/04/2017Luxor 09 LP£1.001£0.95£952.33
Luxor 10 LP£4.004£3.80£956.13
Luxor 19 LW£8.008£7.60£963.73
28/04/2017Luxor 09 LP£2.002£1.90£965.63
Luxor 10 LP£6.006£5.70£971.33
Luxor 19 LW£17.0017-£5.75£965.58
29/04/2017Luxor 09 LP£2.002£1.90£967.48
Luxor 10 LP£6.006£5.70£973.18
Luxor 19 LW£22.0022-£33.90£939.28
30/04/2017Luxor 09 LP£1.001£0.95£940.23
Luxor 10 LP£2.002£1.90£942.13
Luxor 19 LW£6.006£5.70£947.83
Paris 07.1 BWSP£2.002-£2.00£945.83
01/05/2017Luxor 19 LW£1.001£0.95£946.78
Paris 07.1 BWSP£4.004£23.56£970.34
02/05/2017Luxor 10 LP£1.001£0.95£971.29
Luxor 19 LW£3.003£2.85£974.14
03/05/2017Luxor 09 LP£1.001£0.95£975.09
Luxor 10 LP£2.002£1.90£976.99
Luxor 19 LW£5.005£4.75£981.74
04/05/2017Paris 07.1 BWSP£4.004-£4.00£977.74
05/05/2017Luxor 09 LP£1.001£0.95£978.69
Luxor 10 LP£1.001£0.95£979.64
Luxor 19 LW£6.006£5.70£985.34
06/05/2017Luxor 09 LP£2.002£1.90£987.24
Luxor 10 LP£6.006-£5.25£981.99
Luxor 19 LW£34.0034-£47.40£934.59
07/05/2017Luxor 09 LP£5.005-£10.05£924.54
Luxor 10 LP£2.002£1.90£926.44
Luxor 19 LW£13.0013£12.35£938.79
08/05/2017Luxor 10 LP£1.001£0.95£939.74
Luxor 19 LW£3.003£2.85£942.59
Venice 10.2 BWSP£1.001-£1.00£941.59
09/05/2017Luxor 10 LP£3.003£2.85£944.44
Luxor 19 LW£4.004£3.80£948.24
10/05/2017Luxor 09 LP£13.0013£4.50£952.74
Luxor 10 LP£16.0016£15.20£967.94
Luxor 19 LW£13.0013-£17.40£950.54
11/05/2017Luxor 10 LP£4.004£3.80£954.34
Luxor 19 LW£10.0010£9.50£963.84
12/05/2017Luxor 09 LP£1.001£0.95£964.79
Luxor 10 LP£4.004£3.80£968.59
Luxor 19 LW£11.0011£10.45£979.04
13/05/2017Luxor 09 LP£3.003£2.85£981.89
Luxor 10 LP£1.001£0.95£982.84
Luxor 19 LW£29.0029-£37.10£945.74
Paris 07.1 BWSP£1.001-£1.00£944.74
15/05/2017Luxor 09 LP£1.001£0.95£945.69
Luxor 10 LP£4.004-£8.60£937.09
Luxor 19 LW£1.001-£59.00£878.09
Paris 07.1 BWSP£3.003-£3.00£875.09

BetHawk Official Results

Within the system configuration tool you are able to view reports and graphs for each system. Below are the statistics screenshots for the systems from our portfolio over the last six months, or the last three months for the two new systems.

There is a slight difference in comparison to our results due to Betfair or PC issues that caused us to miss several betting days.

Luxor 09 - Lay Place
BetHawk Review Luxor09 Update Two
Luxor 19 - Lay Win
BetHawk Review Luxor19 Update Two
Venice 10.2 - Back Win SP
BetHawk Review Venice10.2 Update Two
Luxor 10 - Lay Place
BetHawk Review Luxor10 Update Two
Paris 07.1 - Back Win SP
BetHawk Review Paris07 Update Two

For the moment, we are going to keep our system portfolio as it is, but we are awaiting a reply from the BetHawk team to see if they would advise making any changes.

We will report back in three months time with another update of our results.

BetHawk Update One

22nd February 2017

We are back with an update to our review of BetHawk after testing the bot over the last three months. We're pleased to let you know that it has been a fantastic start with 142.07 points profit at an ROI of 20.5% made so far. That's an average of 47.4 points profit per month.

We have been using £1.00 per point so that represents a profit of £142.07. Our £1000 starting bank has steadily increased by 14.2%.

As we explained at the beginning of the review, we selected three systems out of the eleven available to test - Luxor 09 (Lay Place), Luxor 19 (Lay Win) and Venice 10.2 (Back Win SP).

If we had been testing all 10 systems, we would have made a whopping 550.86 points profit so far. 

Since we started, Luxor​ 14 has been removed from the system portfolio due to poor long term results, so there are now 10 systems available to use. We have been advised that Luxor 08 may also be removed soon for the same reason.

Update One - Key Stats
 Luxor 09 LPLuxor 19 LWVenice 10.2 BWSPTotal
Number of Bets11057211693
Total Stakes£110.00£572.00£11.00£693.00
Profit/Loss (£1 per point)-£70.58£223.65-£11.00£142.07
Betting Days4870975
Winning Days4063062
Daily Win Rate83.3%90.0%0.0%82.7%
Bank (£1000 starting)£1,142.07
Bank Growth14.2%

Update One - Results
16/11/2016Luxor 09 LP£1.001£0.95£1,000.95
Luxor 19 LW£4.004£3.80£1,004.75
18/11/2016Luxor 09 LP£4.004£3.80£1,008.55
Luxor 19 LW£11.0011£10.45£1,019.00
Venice 10.2 BWSP£1.001-£1.00£1,018.00
19/11/2016Luxor 09 LP£1.001£0.95£1,018.95
Luxor 19 LW£12.0012£11.40£1,030.35
21/11/2016Luxor 09 LP£1.001£0.95£1,031.30
Luxor 19 LW£6.006£5.70£1,037.00
22/11/2016Luxor 19 LW£1.001£0.95£1,037.95
23/11/2016Luxor 19 LW£5.005£4.75£1,042.70
24/11/2016Luxor 09 LP£1.001£0.95£1,043.65
25/11/2016Luxor 19 LW£3.003£2.85£1,046.50
Venice 10.2 BWSP£1.001-£1.00£1,045.50
Luxor 09 LP£4.004-£20.52£1,024.98
Luxor 19 LW£16.0016£15.20£1,040.18
26/11/2016Luxor 09 LP£4.004-£40.15£1,000.03
Luxor 19 LW£28.0028£26.60£1,026.63
28/11/2016Luxor 19 LW£2.002£1.90£1,028.53
30/11/2016Luxor 09 LP£2.002£1.90£1,030.43
Luxor 19 LW£4.004£3.80£1,034.23
01/12/2016Luxor 09 LP£1.001£0.95£1,035.18
Luxor 19 LW£5.005£4.75£1,039.93
02/12/2016Luxor 09 LP£1.001£0.95£1,040.88
Luxor 19 LW£10.0010£9.50£1,050.38
03/12/2016Luxor 09 LP£6.006-£23.20£1,027.18
Luxor 19 LW£34.0034£32.30£1,059.48
04/12/2016Luxor 09 LP£1.001£0.95£1,060.43
Luxor 19 LW£6.006£5.70£1,066.13
05/12/2016Luxor 19 LW£4.004£3.80£1,069.93
06/12/2016Luxor 19 LW£1.001£0.95£1,070.88
07/12/2016Luxor 19 LW£1.001£0.95£1,071.83
08/12/2016Luxor 09 LP£3.003£2.85£1,074.68
Luxor 19 LW£4.004£3.80£1,078.48
09/12/2016Luxor 09 LP£4.004-£10.15£1,068.33
Luxor 19 LW£12.0012£11.40£1,079.73
Venice 10.2 BWSP£1.001-£1.00£1,078.73
10/12/2016Luxor 09 LP£6.006£5.70£1,084.43
Luxor 19 LW£35.0035-£46.40£1,038.03
11/12/2016Luxor 19 LW£6.006£5.70£1,043.73
12/12/2016Luxor 09 LP£1.001£0.95£1,044.68
Luxor 19 LW£1.001£0.95£1,045.63
13/12/2016Luxor 09 LP£1.001£0.95£1,046.58
14/12/2016Luxor 09 LP£1.001£0.95£1,047.53
Luxor 19 LW£9.009£8.55£1,056.08
15/12/2016Luxor 09 LP£1.001£0.95£1,057.03
Luxor 19 LW£4.004£3.80£1,060.83
16/12/2016Luxor 19 LW£10.0010£9.50£1,070.33
Venice 10.2 BWSP£1.001-£1.00£1,069.33
17/12/2016Luxor 09 LP£1.001£0.95£1,070.28
Luxor 19 LW£29.0029-£14.30£1,055.98
19/12/2016Luxor 19 LW£1.001£0.95£1,056.93
20/12/2016Luxor 09 LP£2.002£1.90£1,058.83
Luxor 19 LW£5.005£4.75£1,063.58
21/12/2016Luxor 09 LP£5.005£4.75£1,068.33
Luxor 19 LW£7.007£6.65£1,074.98
Venice 10.2 BWSP£1.001-£1.00£1,073.98
22/12/2016Luxor 09 LP£5.005£4.75£1,078.73
Luxor 19 LW£3.003-£33.05£1,045.68
27/12/2016Luxor 09 LP£2.002£1.90£1,047.58
Luxor 19 LW£17.0017£16.15£1,063.73
28/12/2016Luxor 09 LP£1.001£0.95£1,064.68
Luxor 19 LW£2.002£1.90£1,066.58
29/12/2016Luxor 19 LW£3.003£2.85£1,069.43
30/12/2016Luxor 19 LW£4.004£3.80£1,073.23
Venice 10.2 BWSP£1.001-£1.00£1,072.23
31/12/2016Luxor 09 LP£2.002£1.90£1,074.13
Luxor 19 LW£18.0018£16.15£1,090.28
01/01/2017Luxor 09 LP£3.003-£14.05£1,076.23
Luxor 19 LW£26.0026£1.80£1,078.03
Venice 10.2 BWSP£1.001-£1.00£1,077.03
02/01/2017Luxor 09 LP£2.002-£9.00£1,068.03
Luxor 19 LW£5.005£4.75£1,072.78
03/01/2017Luxor 19 LW£3.003£2.85£1,075.63
06/01/2017Venice 10.2 BWSP£1.001-£1.00£1,074.63
07/01/2017Luxor 09 LP£4.004£3.80£1,078.43
Luxor 19 LW£18.0018-£11.60£1,066.83
08/01/2017Luxor 19 LW£3.003£2.85£1,069.68
10/01/2017Luxor 19 LW£3.003£2.85£1,072.53
11/01/2017Luxor 09 LP£1.001£0.95£1,073.48
Luxor 19 LW£4.004£3.80£1,077.28
Venice 10.2 BWSP£3.003-£3.00£1,074.28
12/01/2017Luxor 09 LP£1.001£0.95£1,075.23
Luxor 19 LW£9.009£8.55£1,083.78
13/01/2017Luxor 09 LP£3.003£2.85£1,086.63
14/01/2017Luxor 09 LP£6.006£5.70£1,092.33
Luxor 19 LW£17.0017£16.15£1,108.48
16/01/2017Luxor 09 LP£1.001£0.95£1,109.43
Luxor 19 LW£6.006£5.70£1,115.13
17/01/2017Luxor 19 LW£2.002£1.90£1,117.03
18/01/2017Luxor 09 LP£2.002£1.90£1,118.93
Luxor 19 LW£8.008£7.60£1,126.53
19/01/2017Luxor 09 LP£1.001£0.95£1,127.48
Luxor 19 LW£4.004£3.80£1,131.28
20/01/2017Luxor 19 LW£6.006-£20.20£1,111.08
21/01/2017Luxor 19 LW£7.007£6.65£1,117.73
24/01/2017Luxor 09 LP£3.003£2.85£1,120.58
Luxor 19 LW£7.007£6.65£1,127.23
25/01/2017Luxor 19 LW£3.003£2.85£1,130.08
26/01/2017Luxor 19 LW£4.004£3.80£1,133.88
28/01/2017Luxor 09 LP£6.006-£20.01£1,113.87
Luxor 19 LW£38.0038£36.10£1,149.97
29/01/2017Luxor 19 LW£1.001-£33.00£1,116.97
31/01/2017Luxor 19 LW£2.002£1.90£1,118.87
01/02/2017Luxor 09 LP£2.002£1.90£1,120.77
Luxor 19 LW£5.005£4.75£1,125.52
02/02/2017Luxor 09 LP£2.002-£8.55£1,116.97
Luxor 19 LW£1.001£0.95£1,117.92
03/02/2017Luxor 19 LW£2.002£1.90£1,119.82
04/02/2017Luxor 09 LP£1.001£0.95£1,120.77
Luxor 19 LW£23.0023-£28.10£1,092.67
05/02/2017Luxor 09 LP£1.001£0.95£1,093.62
Luxor 19 LW£6.006£5.70£1,099.32
06/02/2017Luxor 19 LW£3.003£2.85£1,102.17
07/02/2017Luxor 09 LP£1.001£0.95£1,103.12
08/02/2017Luxor 19 LW£4.004£3.80£1,106.92
09/02/2017Luxor 09 LP£2.002£1.90£1,108.82
Luxor 19 LW£5.005£4.75£1,113.57
10/02/2017Luxor 09 LP£2.002£1.90£1,115.47
Luxor 19 LW£1.001£0.95£1,116.42
11/02/2017Luxor 09 LP£1.001£0.95£1,117.37
Luxor 19 LW£14.0014£13.30£1,130.67
12/02/2017Luxor 19 LW£5.005£4.75£1,135.42
13/02/2017Luxor 19 LW£1.001£0.95£1,136.37
14/02/2017Luxor 09 LP£1.001£0.95£1,137.32
Luxor 19 LW£3.003£2.85£1,140.17
15/02/2017Luxor 09 LP£2.002£1.90£1,142.07

BetHawk Official Results

Our results differ slightly from the official results available to view within the system configuration tool because there were a couple of days where we experienced Betfair/PC issues that prevented bets being placed. There isn't too much difference, so we thought it would still be worth putting these detailed stats up to have a look at and compare.

Luxor 09 - Lay Place

It hasn't been a good period for Luxor 09, but the long term results are good so we will stick with it and hope that it turns around soon.

BetHawk Review Luxor09 Update One
Luxor 19 - Lay Win

A great period for Luxor 19 and also for all of the other Lay Win systems available on the bot.

BetHawk Review Luxor19 Update One
Venice 10.2 - Back Win SP

There have been too few selections for this system to make any kind of judgement on it yet. Some of the other backing systems seem to have more selections, so we may decide to add another in.

BetHawk Review Venice 10.2 Update One

A great start to the review and the best thing is, apart from the initial set up, we haven't had to touch the bot in three months! We have just sat back and watched the profits roll in.

We could be onto something really special here - let's hope it continues in the same direction.

We will report back in three months time with our next update.

BetHawk Introduction

30th November 2016

BetHawk is an automated horse racing betting bot for Betfair that comes with a portfolio of built-in systems. It is designed to run a number of selected systems autonomously with little input from the user, so once you have set the software up it will go through the process of finding and placing bets and recording results for you.

At the time of the writing there are 11 systems available to run on the software and they vary between backing/laying the win or place markets. The systems are changed around from time to time, with new ones being added and if any current ones are no longer performing well enough they are removed.

BetHawk Review Config Screen

You can either pick several systems to run simultaneously and in that case, it’s best to choose them carefully as some systems will have a high percentage of the same selections. There is a comparison tool within the software that allows you to compare your selected systems against each other and it also shows the percentage of identical bets. The other option is to just run one system at a time, but creating a portfolio provides some security if one system is going through a bad spot.

Profit/Loss for each system over the last 12 months

Luxor 08 – Lay Place -67.33pts / -1.13% ROI

Luxor 09 – Lay Place +50.20pts / 10.57% ROI

Luxor 10 – Lay Place +168.50pts / 16.08% ROI

Luxor 14 – Lay Place -317.45pts / -6.06% ROI

Luxor 17 – Lay Win +255.35pts / 12.19% ROI

Luxor 19 – Lay Win +341.40pts / 11.78% ROI

Paris 07.1 – Back Win SP -17.02pts / -5.56% ROI

Venice 08.1 – Lay Win +629.20pts / 26.46% ROI

Venice 10.2 – Back Win SP +35.38pts / 34.02% ROI

Venice 17.1 – Back Win SP +27.03pts / 2.94% ROI

Venice 18 – Back Win SP -1.88pts / -0.81% ROI

Total profit: +1103.38 points

We are not able to see any details on how the selections for each system are picked or how they work, but we can see the stats and graphs for each one. There is plenty of useful information, such as Total Bets, Avg. Pts / day, Drawdown and ROI, which will all help to select the systems to run.

Selecting the systems can seem a little complicated at first, but there is a manual that comes with the software that explains everything in detail. It’s advised to spend some time going through this as it’s not quite as simple as picking the systems with the highest points profit and pressing go. There are other important factors to consider, such as strike rate, drawdown, ROI and as we mentioned before, the percentage of bets that are the same as other systems.

For our review, we have narrowed the systems down to three – one from each category:

  • Luxor 09 – Lay Place
  • Luxor 19 – Lay Win
  • Venice 10.2 – Back Win SP
Bank management

The starting bank advised for this bot is roughly 3 – 5 times the maximum drawdown of the chosen portfolio of systems, depending how cautious you are.

From 17th Nov 2014 - 16th Nov 2016, the highest draw down of the portfolio we are going to be using has been 297.89 pts between 13th May - 10th July this year, so we have chosen to use a bank of 1000 points.

We are going to betting £1.00 per point and it will be real money, as we will need to accurately test what odds the bets are getting matched at. So, our starting bank will be £1000.


There are a few options to gain access to the bot:

  • Lifetime Free Trial – The software can be installed for free and you can select and save a portfolio and follow its performance. Once you are ready to let the bot start placing bets for you, you will need to subscribe using the credit scheme
  • BetHawk Starter - £25 per month for 5 credits
  • BetHawk Full - £39 per month for 15 credits

You can also purchase additional credits for either £4 each or there are discounts for block purchases of credits.

"A credit is used to allow a minimum stakes bet in a single system. This means if you take out a subscription with 15 credits, you will be able to follow 15 systems betting up to £2 per bet. You can place multiple credits on each system to increase your maximum stake, for example 3 credits on each of 5 systems at up to £6 per bet." - BetHawk

We use Tagadab VPS (Virtual Private Server) in our betting bot reviews. It is ideal as we can run the bots 24/7 without having to have a PC switched on all the time and can also be accessed via any device.

It's fast, reliable and recommended by some of the best bots on the market.

This is going to be a long term review spanning over 12 months, as suggested by Keith, the author of the bot. The great thing is we haven’t really got much to do for this review as the bot is going to do most of the work! We may chop and change our portfolio along the way if necessary.

We will report back periodically with an update of our results, quarterly will probably be best, but if anything major happens we will be sure to let you know.

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