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Welcome to our CK Rating review - A horse racing tipster from the Pro Betting Club stables that aims to make an average 25pts profit per month betting at BSP.

Note: This service is n​o longer available. Take a look at some of our "passed" services here.

We’ve reached the end of our third month reviewing the Pro Betting Club tipster – CK Rating. Unfortunately the impressive recovery seen in month two very quickly fizzled out and after peaking at +14.61 points, we ended the review period down 15.11 points to BSP.

From 104 selections there have been 39 wins and 65 losses – a strike rate of 37.5%. On 12 occasions the selection was discounted as the odds fell below the 1.70 minimum as instructed on the site.

The review had a rough start with a loss of 32.17pts in the first month, followed by an impressive 34.35pts profit in month two. This put us ahead by 2.18pts, so we were really hoping the good run would continue into the third month to put keep us in a winning position. Sadly the third month saw a couple of bad runs and drained our bank by a further 17.29pts.

Despite finishing the review in a losing position, the results show an overall positive trend as you can see in the graph below. Had we started the review a month later and missed the losing run, we could be in a much better position.

CK Rating Performance Chart
The selections are posted on their site each morning and recommended stakes of 3 points has been consistent throughout. There are no selections on Sundays and horses should not be backed if prices drop below 1.70.

Key Stats:

Number of Bets104
Profit/Loss (pts)-15.11
Average Odds2.84
Strike Rate37.5%

Month #3 Results:

DateRacetrackTimeHorseStakedWin BSPResultP/LBank
16/01/16Lingfield13.10Sacred Square3.005.15U/P-3.0079.18
18/01/16Wolverhampton14.00Never to Be3.004.42U/P-3.0073.18
18/01/16Wolverhampton17.00Mitre Peak3.006.00114.2584.43
19/01/16Southwell14.50Miss Goldsmith3.003.25U/P-3.0081.43
20/01/16Lingfield12.30Belle Mare Plage3.002.5214.3385.76
20/01/16Lingfield13.00Russian Bolero3.002.492-3.0082.76
20/01/16Musselburgh14.20Storming Strumpet3.002.5414.3987.15
21/01/16Chelmsford17.40Gaelic Silver3.002.482-3.0084.15
21/01/16Chelmsford18.40Phantom Flipper3.003.722-3.0081.15
22/01/16Market Rasen13.15Abbreviate3.003.46U/P-3.0078.15
23/01/16Haydock14.05Le Prezien3.002.963-3.0069.15
23/01/16Taunton14.10Allee Bleue3.003.8218.0477.19
23/01/16Ascot16.10Duke De Champs3.002.1313.2277.41
29/01/16Doncaster15.40Big Chief Benny3.003.2716.4780.88
01/02/16Kemptom14.50Kelvin Hall3.003.252-3.0080.30
03/02/16Leicester13.50Allysson Monterg3.002.0012.8583.15
03/02/16Leicester14.25Anda De Grissay3.002.043-3.0080.15
06/02/16Lingfield13.45Cold As Ice3.003.553-3.0077.15
06/02/16Lingfield14.55Festive Fare3.001.992-3.0074.15
06/02/16Lingfield16.05Miss Giler3.002.76U/P-3.0071.15
09/02/16Market Rasen15.05Onefitzall3.002.56U/P-3.0065.15
11/02/16Huntingdon15.05North Hill Harvey3.004.002-3.0062.15
12/02/16Kempton13.35Label Des Obeaux3.001.932-3.0059.15
13/02/16Wolverhampton19.15Broughtons Fancy3.002.7214.9064.89

With these types of services sometimes a longer term is view is needed, as there can often be ups and downs along the way. Going by the previous results from the website, since the launch there has been a pattern of one month with a heavy loss followed by huge profit in the next month. The official results show an overall profit of 242.63pts since the launch date, so they must be doing something right!

In summary, we think that although we finished with a loss over our review period, the service shows good promise and we will be awarding a Neutral rating.


CK Rating Review: Update Two

17th January 2016

It’s time for an update to our review of CK Rating, the horse racing tips service from Pro Betting Club. There have been 17 winning races from 31 selections, returning a profit for the month of 34.35pts. This gave a very nice return on investment of 36.9%. Over to our guest reviewer Russ with his thoughts on the second month of the trial…

“I called the results for month 1 dire so congratulations to CK for an impressive turnaround.

I hasten to add that we are still only 2pts ahead of the starting bank of 80pts, but nevertheless a very good month. I should also point out that at one stage the bank actually hit 94.61pts before falling back. There were no selections over the Christmas period and on 7 other separate days.

The BSP odds continue to sit around the even money mark, although there were two cracking winners at 6.52 and 5.50.

The two month totals are: 68 selections, 28 winners and 40 losers, the bank shows a 2.18pt profit to BSP at the recommended 3 points each bet.”

Key Stats:

Number of Bets31
Profit/Loss (pts)+34.35
Average Odds2.57
Strike Rate54.8%

Month #2 Results:

DateRacetrackTimeHorseStakedWin BSPResultP/LBank
15/12/15Southwell13.30Masterful Act3.002.2013.4248.25
17/12/15Towcester12.40Toby Lerone3.002.80U/P-3.0048.10
17/12/15Southwell13.30Royal Rettie3.004.302-3.0045.10
19/12/15Lingfield14.55Calling Out3.001.8612.4547.55
22/12/15Wolverhampton13.40Always Welcome3.002.4814.2255.99
28/12/15Lingfield12.40Bernie's Boy3.001.882-3.0052.99
29/12/15Kelso12.05Taking Risks3.001.9912.8255.81
29/12/15Southwell13.40Mitre Peak3.002.102-3.0052.81
29/12/15Newbury15.45Premier Bond3.001.9312.6555.46
31/12/15Lingfield14.00Captain Lars3.001.9412.6858.14
01/01/16Catterick12.30Fort Smith3.002.353-3.0055.14
01/01/16Exeter13.10Emerging Talent3.001.7812.2259.47
02/01/16Sandown12.40Polly Peacham3.006.62116.0272.49
02/01/16Chelmsford14.15Lancelot Du Lac3.002.2613.5976.08
04/01/16Mussleburgh12.20Lac Leman3.005.50112.8388.90
04/01/16Mussleburgh12.50Leading Score3.001.98U/P-3.0085.90
05/01/16Lingfield14.00Stars at Night3.002.5214.3390.24
05/01/16Southwell14.10Signed Sealed3.002.1113.1693.40
09/01/16Chepstow14.20Adrien Du Pont3.002.4814.2294.62
09/01/16Lingfield14.30Captain Cat3.002.962-3.0091.62
12/01/16Ludlow14.30Baraka De Thaix3.003.50U/P-3.0088.62
14/01/16Southwell13.00Iconic Figure3.002.443-3.0085.62
15/01/16Lingfield15.00Super Kid3.002.252-3.0079.62
15/01/16Huntingdon15.50Briery Belle3.001.9012.5782.18

So one very bad month and one quite good – it could be that CK is finding its feet and will be back in profit by the end of the three month trial. Russ will be back next month with the final update to the review.

CK Rating Review: Update One

17th December 2015

It’s been a month since we started our review of CK Rating and our guest reviewer Russ has informed me that it is not good news – it certainly won’t be on anyone’s Christmas list! The service just hasn’t hit the mark this month, and there’s been a hefty dent to the starting bank.

Over to Russ with his first impressions followed by the results for the month.

“In a word… dire. First the facts: 37 selections, 11 winning selections for a strike rate of 29.7%, but the devil is in the detail. The average odds for all selections is approximately 3.0, with 8 of the selections being odds on. There would need to be a strike rate of at least 33.33% just to break even – and that is before taking 5% Betfair commission into account.

The number of selections varies, sometimes only one but there has been 5 on one occasion, on three days there has been no selection. The recommended starting bank was 80 points and all selections so far have been 3 point bets thus the bank now stands at 47.83 points, a loss of 32.17 points.

This is probably the worst performing service I have seen, but, and this is a very big but, this may be a good time to join when it is at this low point. Somehow I don’t think so but I will keep monitoring it. One very odd thing is that at the top of the selections page is a note that says “Rule!! No bet under 1.7 BSP”.

I didn’t notice this until half way through the month but it begs the question how does the punter know what the SP is going to be? If we place our bets say an hour or more before the race starts, the price could be greater than 1.70 and subsequently drop below that mark. However, for comparison purposes I have taken out all under 1.70. Incidentally 4 of these selections were losers at 1.32, 1.37, 1.63, and 1.46. We could be on the verge of finding a brilliant laying service!”

Note: A way around the “No bet under 1.7 BSP” problem would be to use betting software, as most will have an option to set the minimum/maximum odds.

Key Stats:

Number of Bets37
Profit/Loss (pts)-32.17
Average Odds2.99
Strike Rate29.7%

Month #1 Results:

DateRacetrackTimeHorseStakedWin BSPResultP/LRunning Total
16-Nov-15Leicester13.15Dynamic Ranger3.004.182-3.00-3.00
18-Nov-15Chepstow13.20Champagne at Tara3.001.822-3.00-6.00
19-Nov-15Lingfield12.40Dark Shot3.002.08U/P-3.00-9.00
19-Nov-15Lingfield13.10Just Fab3.003.563-3.00-12.00
20-Nov-15Haydock15.05Wade Harper3.004.10U/P-3.00-15.00
20-Nov-15Wolverhampton17.45Theos Lolly3.005.502-3.00-18.00
23-Nov-15Chelmsford17.05Signed Sealed3.003.42U/P-3.00-21.38
24-Nov-15Southwell13.10Battle Pride3.004.00U/P-3.00-24.38
26-Nov-15Chelmsford16.40Make Music3.004.203-3.00-31.35
27-Nov-15Mussleburgh14.20Round Tower3.002.592-3.00-34.35
28-Nov-15Newbury12.15Tea in Transvaal3.002.5014.28-30.08
28-Nov-15Newcastle14.05Wicklow Brave3.003.453-3.00-26.95
02-Dec-15Ludlow12.40Scoppio del Carro3.002.8015.13-18.44
02-Dec-15Kempton17.10Porta Rosa3.002.9415.53-12.91
02-Dec-15Kempton17.40Field of Stars3.001.8312.37-10.54
02-Dec-15Kempton18.10Picket Line3.002.022-3.00-13.54
03-Dec-15Market Rasen12.35Matorico3.003.30U/P-3.00-16.54
04-Dec-15Sandown14.40Francis of Assisi3.005.663-3.00-14.48
07-Dec-15Lingfield12.30Burmese Whisper3.002.992-3.00-20.48
09-Dec-15Kempton16.05Mr Quicksilver3.001.72U/P-3.00-23.48
10-Dec-15Newcastle12.20Another Mattie3.003.132-3.00-26.48
10-Dec-15Chelmsford16.40Rio Gianni3.002.043-3.00-29.48
12-Dec-15Southwell14.50US Navy Seal3.001.92U/P-3.00-29.17
12-Dec-15Cheltenham15.00Peace and Co3.001.90U/P-3.00-32.17

Russ will be back next month with the second update… things need to change drastically or this could turn out to be a very short review!

CK Rating Review: Introduction

16th November 2015

CK Rating is another brand new horse racing tipster service from Pro Betting Club. The service has been proofed since May 2015 and has been successful enough to earn a place on the platform. The aim of the service is to make at least 30pts profit each month from UK and Irish horse racing tips. So far, they have beaten this with an average of 35pts profit per month.

There are between 1 and 4 tips each day, which are carefully selected – the tipster spends 2-3 hours each day researching them. The research has paid off during the proofing period, with a total profit of 209.91pts over the last 6 months (at Betfair SP). As usual on Pro Betting Club, a complete set of results are available to download from the website.

Key stats:

Number of Bets282
Total Stakes (pts)846.0
Profit/Loss (pts)+209.91
Average Odds3.22
Strike Rate40%

The service recommends betting at Betfair Starting Price, which gets a thumbs up already from us. It means people who don’t have access to Best Odds Guaranteed bookmakers, or perhaps have limited accounts, still have an opportunity to make a profit using a Betting Exchange. The selections are straight back bets – no each way betting.

A bank of 80pts is recommended and stakes are advised alongside each bet. The bets are posted to a member’s area which you would need to login to each day, rather than being emailed out.

CK Rating is available at £39.50 per month. There are no bi-annual or annual options that offer savings as of yet – it’s possible they may be added in the future as with some of Pro Betting Club’s other services.

Our guest reviewer Russ is testing this service out and will be report back next month with his results.

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