Cotswold Racing Review: Profitable BSP Horse Racing Tips

Cheltenham racecourse

Cotswold Racing is one of the few horse racing tips services that show their results at both the advised odds and at Betfair SP.

This is most likely because a lot of services aren't actually profitable at Betfair SP. But in this tipsters case, their BSP results are outperforming their standard bookmaker results.

At the advised odds they have reported 365 points profit at an ROI of 13.3%, whereas at Betfair SP they report 484 points profit at an ROI of 23.3%. That is a huge jump in the return on investment and overall profit.

The service has been going since 2020 and Tipsters Empire say that he is "without a doubt one of the best if not the best in the whole industry". Of course, they would say that, but we have to admit that their results graphs do look pretty impressive.

Cotswold Racing review advised results graph
Cotswold Racing review BSP results graph

The tipster grew up in the Cotswolds, near the renowned Cheltenham racecourse. It was here that he first found his passion for jumps racing, although he says he still loves the challenge of analysing flat horse races too.

With every tip that he sends out he includes a full write-up, so you can get a good idea about the reasoning behind the bet.

The selections are sent out by email, text message or through the member's area. Text message is said to be the best option as you often receive the tips sooner, giving you more time to get the advised odds if you are betting at bookmakers.

We followed the service over a period of three months and we were delighted with the results, with 65.66 points profit at an ROI of 38.7% and an even better profit at Betfair SP.

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Review Stats+65.66pts profit, 38.7% ROI, 37.5% SR
Stakes Advised, mostly 0.5-1.00 e/w & 1 pt win
Starting bank 150 points
Average no. betsApprox. 50-60 per month
Time of emailsMorning 10-11 or sometimes evening 6-7
Price£34.99 per month, £87.50 per quarter or £279.99 per year

Month One Update

It was a terrific start to our Cotswold Racing review with 31.78 points profit at an ROI of 56.3%. That meant that our starting bank of 150 points had increased by a fifth already.

We were blown away with the amount of work going into the service with the analysis given for each bet and lengthy daily recap. It was clear that this wasn't just a run-of-the-mill horse tipping service!

Key Stats

Advised OddsAvailable OddsBSP
Number of Bets656565
Total Stakes (pts)56.4556.4556.45
Profit/Loss (pts)30.6031.7844.29
Profit/Loss (£10 stakes)£306.00£317.80£442.90
Strike Rate43.1%43.1%43.1%
Overall Bank Growth20.4%21.2%29.5%
Bank (150pt starting)180.60181.78194.29


DateRaceSelectionTotal StakeEW?Available OddsP/LBank
30/09/20224.55 AscotCity Runner0.80Yes23.00-0.80149.20
01/10/20223.21 RedcarHolguin1.00Yes13.000.58149.78
01/10/20223.57 RedcarCopper and Five0.60Yes26.001.20150.98
01/10/20221.51 AscotCame From The Dark1.00Yes11.00-1.00149.98
01/10/20222.25 AscotCandleford1.00Yes23.001.70151.68
01/10/20223.00 AscotFlaming Rib1.00Yes9.00-1.00150.68
01/10/20223.36 AscotSymbolize1.00Yes7.00-1.00149.68
01/10/20221.33 LongchampVerry Elleegant0.70No4.00-0.70148.98
01/10/20223.25 LongchampTashkhan1.00Yes8.500.25149.23
02/10/20225.00 LongchampSandrine1.00Yes9.00-1.00148.23
02/10/20224.25 LongchampThe Platinum Queen1.00No4.003.00151.23
02/10/20223.50 LongchampMy Astra1.00Yes11.000.50151.73
02/10/20223.05 LongchampTorquator Tasso1.00Yes8.500.25151.98
02/10/20223.05 LongchampDo Deuce1.30Yes29.00-1.30150.68
03/10/20222.37 WindsorSydney Mews1.00Yes8.000.20150.88
05/10/20224.55 NottinghamAlternative Fact0.50Yes7.000.01150.89
05/10/20225.30 NottinghamEldrickjones0.50Yes15.00-0.50150.39
06/10/20221.40 WarwickLe Cameleon1.00Yes5.002.00152.39
06/10/20223.00 AyrAberama Gold1.00Yes7.003.60155.99
07/10/20225.50 NewmarketCreative Flair1.00Yes9.505.10161.09
07/10/20222.40 YorkLa Trinidad0.50Yes13.00-0.50160.59
07/10/20222.40 YorkEmprirestateofmind0.50Yes8.000.10160.69
07/10/20223.50 YorkPost Impressionist1.50Yes8.006.30166.99
08/10/20224.02 ChepstowLord Baddesley0.70Yes6.000.00166.99
08/10/20223.40 NewmarketZoffee1.50Yes15.001.35168.34
08/10/20223.40 NewmarketBascule0.50Yes34.00-0.50167.84
08/10/20223.40 NewmarketBaby Zeus0.50Yes13.00-0.50167.34
08/10/20223.15 YorkAdmiral D1.50Yes21.00-1.50165.84
08/10/20223.15 YorkGulliver1.00Yes9.00-1.00164.84
10/10/20222.20 WindsorReward Smile1.50Yes10.008.10171.84
10/10/20222.40 MusselburghUgo Gregory1.00Yes15.00-1.00170.84
11/10/20222.30 LeicesterHighbank0.75No2.88-0.75170.09
11/10/20224.57 HuntingdonEmmas Dilemma0.25No26.00-0.25169.84
12/10/20221.20 WetherbyFransham0.50No5.00-0.50169.34
14/10/20221.49 UttoxeterTequila Blaze0.50No7.50-0.50168.84
15/10/20221.25 AscotEldar Eldarov1.50No3.75-1.50167.34
15/10/20222.40 AscotStay Alert0.70Yes13.00-0.70166.64
15/10/20222.40 AscotVerry Elleegant0.50Yes21.00-0.50166.14
15/10/20222.00 AscotKinross0.50Yes6.501.65167.79
15/10/20223.20 AscotBayside Boy0.70Yes26.0010.50178.29
20/10/20222.10 CarlisleBenson1.00Yes8.000.20178.49
20/10/20223.20 CarlisleCracking Find0.50Yes21.000.75179.24
21/10/20222.10 CheltenhamByzantine Empire0.60Yes41.00-0.60178.64
21/10/20223.20 CheltenhamPull Again Green1.50No3.75-1.50177.14
21/10/20223.55 CheltenhamSeddon1.00Yes8.504.50181.64
21/10/20224.30 CheltenhamHuntsmans Jog1.00Yes11.00-1.00180.64
21/10/20224.30 CheltenhamPowerful Position0.50No6.50-0.50180.14
22/10/20221.30 Cheltenham/2.05 CheltenhamSaint Palais/The Hollow Ginge1.00Yes-1.00179.14
22/10/20223.15 CheltenhamDads Lad1.50Yes6.004.50183.64
22/10/20223.50 CheltenhamAn Tailliur1.50Yes8.000.30183.94
22/10/20221.50 NewburyKnight0.60Yes9.503.06187.00
22/10/20224.10 DoncasterCame From The Dark0.50Yes10.00-0.50186.50
23/10/20222.40 AintreeSoldier Of Destiny1.00Yes6.50-1.00185.50
24/10/20223.30 LeicesterStrongbowe0.80Yes9.00-0.80184.70
25/10/20222.20 BangorKayf Hernando1.00Yes6.00-1.00183.70
26/10/20222.00 ChepstowButch0.60Yes7.00-0.60183.10
27/10/20225.20 WorcesterHermes Boy0.50Yes11.000.25183.35
29/10/20222.40 AscotFrero Banbou1.50Yes8.000.30183.65
29/10/20223.35 WetherbyPaint The Dream0.50No34.00-0.50183.15
29/10/20223.35 WetherbyW/O Bravemansgame and Ahoy Senor0.50No7.00-0.50182.65
29/10/20222.33 AyrWakool0.50No3.751.38184.03
29/10/20223.08 AyrMarown0.50No3.50-0.50183.53
29/10/20222.05 AscotAnyharminasking0.75No4.50-0.75182.78
29/10/20223.15 AscotKittys Light1.00Yes15.00-1.00181.78

Month Two Update

It was a poor start to month two of our Cotswold Racing review with a long batch of losing bets. The results started to pick up towards the end, but we finished with a loss of 10.68 points.

We were still in good shape for the review overall with 21.1 points profit, which was a 14.1% increase to our starting bank.

Key Stats

Advised OddsAvailable OddsBSP
Number of Bets707070
Total Stakes (pts)70.370.370.3
Profit/Loss (pts)-11.78-10.68-18.36
Profit/Loss (£10 stakes)(£117.80)(£106.80)(£183.60)
Strike Rate22.9%22.9%22.9%
Overall Bank Growth12.5%14.1%17.3%
Bank (150pt starting)168.82171.10175.93


DateRaceSelectionTotal StakeEW?Available OddsP/LBank
30/10/20222.30 CarlisleBear Ghylls1.00No4.00-1.00180.78
30/10/20223.05 CarlisleSilver Hallmark1.00Yes9.00-1.00179.78
01/11/20222.05 WarwickStage Star1.00No2.501.50181.28
01/11/20223.15 WarwickReilly0.50No4.50-0.50180.78
01/11/20223.45 WarwickHorizon D’Ainay0.50No5.50-0.50180.28
02/11/20222.52 ChepstowTriple Trade0.75No5.00-0.75179.53
05/11/20223.13 DoncasterOn To Victory1.50Yes21.00-1.50178.03
04/11/20223.00 ExeterKiller Kane1.50Yes4.50-1.50176.53
04/11/20222.15 FontwellDesque De L’isle0.50No3.50-0.50176.03
04/11/20227.00 KeenelandLove Reigns1.00No4.33-1.00175.03
05/11/20222.11 AintreeLifetime Ambition2.00No6.50-2.00173.03
05/11/20222.11 AintreeGesskille0.50No11.00-0.50172.53
05/11/20221.01 AintreeGericault Roque0.35No6.50-0.35172.18
26/11/2022Coral Gold CupGericault Roque0.65No13.00-0.65171.53
05/01/20223.35 WincantonButterwick Brook0.50No4.00-0.50171.03
05/01/20223.13 DoncasterFaylaq0.50Yes29.00-0.50170.53
07/11/20222.35 KemptonHaddex Des Obeaux1.00No3.75-1.00168.53
08/11/20223.30 LingfieldEmitom1.00Yes9.000.22168.75
08/11/20223.15 HerefordGemirande1.00Yes6.000.00168.75
09/11/20223.05 BangorLimited Reserve0.50No41.00-0.50168.25
09/11/20223.05 BangorLimited Reserve0.50Yes41.00-0.50167.75
09/11/202212.50 BangorYggdrasil0.75No4.50-0.75167.00
09/11/202212.50 BangorMister Watson0.50No15.00-0.50166.50
11/11/20221.10 CheltenhamNietzsche1.50Yes21.00-1.50165.00
11/11/20221.10 CheltenhamFine Casting1.00Yes8.000.20165.20
11/11/20221.45 CheltenhamGrey Diamond0.50No4.33-0.50164.70
11/11/20221.45 CheltenhamThe Glancing Queen0.50No5.50-0.50164.20
11/11/20222.20 CheltenhamPull Again Green2.00No4.33-2.00162.20
11/11/20222.55 CheltenhamMagic Dancer0.50No5.502.25164.45
12/11/20221.10 CheltenhamCastle Robin1.00Yes6.50-1.00163.45
12/11/20221.45 CheltenhamPentland Hills0.50No6.00-0.50162.95
12/11/20222.55 CheltenhamPunxatawney Phil1.00Yes23.001.70164.65
12/11/20221.18 WetherbyOnagatheringstorm2.00Yes5.50-0.10164.55
12/11/2022Lucky 15Lucky 151.50No-1.50163.05
13/11/20222.20 CheltenhamDomain De L’Isle1.00Yes17.00-1.00162.05
13/11/20222.55 CheltenhamI like To Move It1.00Yes9.004.80166.85
13/11/20222.55 CheltenhamFirst Impression1.00Yes23.001.70168.55
13/11/20222.55 CheltenhamN’Golo0.50Yes34.00-0.50168.05
16/11/20223.15 WarwickCepage1.00Yes9.00-1.00167.05
16/11/202212.53 HexhamMossy Fen0.50No4.50-0.50166.55
16/11/20224.38 SouthwellEagle Creek0.60Yes41.00-0.60165.95
17/11/20222.05 WincantonKonigin Isabella1.00Yes17.00-1.00164.95
19/11/20222.25 HaydockWakool2.00Yes13.00-2.00162.95
18/11/202212.20 AscotAwaythelad1.00Yes9.500.35163.30
18/11/20222.05 AscotYour Darling1.50Yes8.506.75170.05
19/11/202212.10 HaydockSnake Roll0.50No3.75-0.50169.55
19/11/20222.25 HaydockAilie Rose1.00Yes21.00-1.00168.55
20/11/20223.35 ExeterHartur D’Oudairies3.00No5.00-3.00164.05
21/11/202212.50 MusselburghFever Roque1.00No5.00-1.00163.05
21/11/20223.05 MusselburghEvita Du Mesnil1.00Yes15.00-1.00162.05
24/11/20222.58 KelsoTfou1.00No3.00-1.00161.05
24/11/20222.35 LingfieldGood Look Charm1.00Yes7.00-1.00160.05
24/11/20222.20 TauntonKayf Hernando1.00Yes10.005.40165.45
24/11/20223.50 TauntonCallisto’s King1.00Yes7.500.15165.60
25/11/202212.10 NewburyCall The Dawn0.60Yes9.00-0.60165.00
25/11/20221.20 NewburyHeezer Geezer1.30Yes5.00-0.18164.82
25/11/20223.05 NewburyProschema1.50No4.00-1.50163.32
25/11/20223.40 NewburyAbuffalosoldier1.00Yes13.007.20170.52
25/11/20223.40 NewburySkandiburg1.00Yes51.00-1.00169.52
26/11/20221.20 NewburyZanza1.00No6.005.00174.52
26/11/20221.20 NewburyCap Du Nord1.00Yes10.00-1.00173.52
26/11/20221.55 NewburyCurrent Mood1.00Yes6.50-1.00172.52
26/11/20222.30 NewburyFirst Street1.00No4.333.33175.85
26/11/20223.05 NewburyOscar Elite1.00Yes9.50-1.00174.85
26/11/20223.05 NewburyFanion D’Estruval0.60Yes17.00-0.60174.25
27/11/20222.20 NavanFighter Allen1.50Yes11.00-1.50172.75
27/11/20222.20 NavanLifetime Ambition0.70Yes11.000.35173.10
28/11/20221.45 KemptonBug Boy1.50Yes5.50-1.50171.60
29/11/20221.40 AyrNo Regrets0.50No19.00-0.50171.10

Month Three Update

Cotswold Racing managed to top their fantastic set of results from month one of our review, netting 44.57 points profit at an ROI of 103.6% and a strike rate of 53.7%.

The highlight of the month was a 50/1 winner (65.00 BSP) which gave us 15 points profit from the advised 0.25 e/w stake. On the same day, he also hit another winner at 22/1 and a place, so three profitable bets from five.

Key Stats

Advised OddsAvailable OddsBSP
Number of Bets414141
Total Stakes (pts)43.0043.0043.00
Profit/Loss (pts)41.4244.5748.78
Profit/Loss (£10 stakes)£414.20 £445.70 £487.80
Strike Rate53.7%53.7%48.8%
Overall Bank Growth40.2%43.8%49.8%
Bank (150pt starting)210.23215.66224.71


DateRaceSelectionTotal StakeEW?Available OddsP/LBank
30/11/20223.07 HaydockThe Two Amigos 2.00 Yes7.500.30 171.40
03/12/20222.05 AintreeDidero Vallis 1.00 Yes26.00-1.00 170.40
02/12/20222.35 ExeterShakem Up’arry2.00 No4.336.66 177.06
03/12/20221.30 AintreeChantry House0.50 No6.50-0.50 176.56
03/12/20222.05 AintreeGesskille1.00 Yes7.000.10 176.66
03/12/20222.05 AintreeCloth Cap 0.50 Yes34.001.40 178.06
03/12/20222.40 Aintree Elvis Mail1.00 Yes13.00-1.00 177.06
03/12/20221.10 SandownBridge North1.50 Yes4.50-1.50 175.56
03/12/20223.30 SandownIn Rem1.00 Yes13.00-1.00 174.56
04/12/202212.55 FairyhouseFakiera2.00 Yes8.500.50 175.06
06/12/20222.25 UttoxeterTanganyika1.00 Yes9.50-1.00 174.06
06/12/20222.05 FontwellFoxboro1.00 Yes9.505.10 179.16
07/12/202212.40 LeicesterThe Boat0.50 No3.751.38 180.53
07/12/20223.35 LeicesterCilaos Glace0.25 No31.00-0.25 180.28
09/12/20222.25 CheltenhamCaptain Cattistock1.50 Yes7.00-1.50 178.78
09/12/20223.35 Chelteham Captain Morgs2.00 Yes6.504.29 183.07
09/12/20223.35 Chelteham Jatiluwih0.50 Yes17.49-0.50 182.57
15/12/20223.33 SouthwellSeptember Power 1.00 Yes6.003.00 185.57
18/12/202212.44 ThurlesRamillies0.50 No2.630.82 186.39
18/12/20222.44 ThurlesCerberus0.50 Yes21.000.75 187.14
20/12/20221.15 LudlowBobhopeornohope1.00 Yes5.001.92 189.06
21/12/2022TrixieTrixie1.00 No0.88 189.93
22/12/20222.10 Ffos LasYggdrasil0.50 Yes13.00-0.50 189.43
22/12/20222.40 Ffos Las Bold Plan 0.50 Yes10.00-0.50 188.93
26/12/20222.30 KemptonAhoy Senor1.00 Yes13.00-1.00 187.93
26/12/20222.30 KemptonRoyal Pagaille1.00 Yes15.00-1.00 186.93
26/12/20223.20 WetherbyGalahad Threpwood2.00 Yes6.000.00 186.93
26/12/20222.15 Market RasenSergeant Wilson0.75 No4.00-0.75 186.18
26/12/20222.50 Market RasenSmall Present1.00 Yes12.000.60 186.78
26/12/20221.15 HuntingdonCrystal Moon1.50 Yes5.003.24 190.02
27/12/20222.50 ChepstowThe Big Breakaway1.00 Yes13.000.70 190.72
27/12/20222.50 ChepstowWayfinder1.50 Yes23.00-1.50 189.22
27/12/20222.50 ChepstowThe Two Amigos0.50 Yes23.006.60 195.82
27/12/20223.00 LeopardstownBallyshannon Rose 1.50 Yes17.00-1.50 194.32
27/12/20223.00 LeopardstownReal Steel0.50 Yes51.0015.00 209.32
28/12/20221.10 LeopardstownFalcon Eight1.50 Yes11.00-1.50 207.82
28/12/20221.45 LeopardstownHome By The Lee1.00 Yes9.004.80 212.62
28/12/20221.45 LeopardstownBob Ollinger1.00 No4.50-1.00 211.62
29/12/202212.45 DoncasterHaddex Des Obeaux1.50 Yes5.504.05 215.67
29/12/202212.45 DoncasterDargiannini0.50 Yes13.00-0.50 215.17
29/12/20222.40 DoncasterBurrows Diamond1.00 Yes12.000.49 215.66

Review Summary

  • Detailed write-ups with every tip
  • Profitable at Betfair SP - no bookmakers required! 
  • Option to receive tips via SMS

Cotswold Racing pulled off some amazing results during our three month review, banking a total 65.66 points profit at an ROI of 38.7%. That meant that our starting bank of 150 points had increased by 43.8%.

Using £10 per point stakes, that works out at £656.60 profit overall.

When we started the review, we had seen that the service was performing really well at Betfair SP. In fact, it was showing more profit at BSP than at the bookies.

This proved to be true during our review with 74.71 points profit at an ROI of 44%, which was a difference of 9.05 points.

Key Stats

Advised OddsAvailable OddsBSP
Number of Bets176176176
Total Stakes (pts)169.75169.75169.75
Profit/Loss (pts)60.2365.6674.71
Profit/Loss (£10 stakes)£602.30 £656.60 £747.10
Strike Rate37.5%37.5%36.4%
Overall Bank Growth40.2%43.8%49.8%
Bank (150pt starting)210.23215.66224.71

Long-term BSP results show 567.28 points profit at an ROI of 25%, so that's great news if you are short of bookie accounts or just prefer to bet on the exchanges.

As for other aspects of the service, we found it to be professional and easy to follow. The write-ups sent out with the tips were very in-depth and it was clear that the tipster is hugely passionate about the sport. 

We had no hesitation in recommending the service and it has been added to our list of "Passed" services.

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