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Welcome to our Dobbin Day Review - A piece of horse racing trading software designed to identify potential dobbing selections and automate the betting process.


  • Intuitive, well-designed and professional software
  • Comes with a clear instruction manual and tutorial videos
  • Automated betting and results recording
  • Can be left to run on a VPS once bets have been added
  • Fair price for what it offers
  • Cons

  • Not necessarily a con, but time is required to research bets properly - blindly picking from the shortlist is not an optimal strategy
  • After finding our feet in the first part of our Dobbin Day review, we managed to make a steady profit in month two and three, finishing with an overall profit of £26.01 to £5.00 stakes or 5.20 points. This works out as a modest 10.4% increase to our £250 starting bank.

    The software is designed to analyse the historical in-running data of horse races each day and identify potential candidates for "dobbing". You can then add selections to the betting list and the software will trade them automatically for you according to your chosen risk settings.

    By hovering over the graphs for each selection, you can immediately see ​how much profit could have been made in previous races judging by the lowest in-play odds. It really is a great bit of kit and we've no qualms in recommending it to anyone with an interest in dobbing.

    If you are unfamilar with dobbing, in a nutshell it is a trading strategy where you back a horse pre-race on a betting exchange such as Betfair, with the hope that the odds will decrease enough in-play to be able to trade out and double your money (or better, depending what percentage profit you're aiming for).

    Key Stats - Update Three
    No. Of Trades230
    Profit/Loss (£5 stakes)£26.01
    Profit/Loss (pts)5.00
    Average Back Odds11.04
    Average Lay Odds4.92
    Strike Rate46.1%
    Bank (£250 starting)£276.01
    Bank Growth/Decline10.4%

    Dobbin Day Review Graph

    Results - Update Three
    DateCourseHorseStakeBack OddsLay OddsMovementP/LTotal
    11/07/2017 15:40PontefractRobero£5.004.802.04-78.96%6.77£15.68
    11/07/2017 19:15BrightonGeneral Hazard (IRE)££10.68
    11/07/2017 20:45BrightonDelfie Lane£5.002.681.14-62.31%6.75£17.43
    12/07/2017 15:10YarmouthAvenue Des Champs££23.62
    12/07/2017 16:35DundalkAbstraction (IRE)£5.006.402.80-65.63%6.43£30.05
    12/07/2017 17:40DundalkDodgybingo (IRE)£5.002.801.24-17.14%-5.00£25.05
    12/07/2017 17:55KemptonSaleh (IRE)£5.005.302.36-57.36%6.23£31.28
    12/07/2017 20:40BathDevil's Bridge (IRE)£5.006.602.56-9.09%-5.00£26.28
    14/07/2017 16:55YorkStanghow£5.0018.008.00-66.67%6.25£32.53
    14/07/2017 17:40AscotBalmoral Castle£5.0016.007.00-65.00%6.43£38.96
    14/07/2017 17:55MusselburghHarpers Ruby£5.0032.0012.50-50.00%-5.00£33.96
    14/07/2017 19:25MusselburghAstrophysics£5.0022.0010.00-50.00%-5.00£28.96
    24/07/2017 16:55CartmelCharlie Wingnut (IRE)£5.003.601.59-9.72%-5.00£23.96
    24/07/2017 17:10AyrItlaaq£5.0015.006.80-86.53%6.03£29.99
    24/07/2017 19:05BallinrobePalmones (IRE)£5.004.301.90-17.44%-5.00£24.99
    26/07/2017 16:00CatterickGlenrowan Rose (IRE)£5.003.351.35-69.85%7.41£32.40
    26/07/2017 17:10BathZlatan (IRE)£5.004.902.06-44.90%-5.00£27.40
    26/07/2017 17:30CatterickCompetition£5.0016.506.20-65.45%8.31£35.71
    26/07/2017 18:35SandownKingston Kurrajong££42.10
    26/07/2017 19:20LeicesterFlyboy (IRE)££47.94
    27/07/2017 17:45DoncasterSheriff Of Nawton (IRE)£5.0012.505.40-81.44%6.57£54.51
    27/07/2017 20:10LimerickIusetaluvheronce (IRE)£5.003.851.712.60%-5.00£49.51
    28/07/2017 15:20AscotGolden Stunner (IRE)£5.006.603.00-13.64%-5.00£44.51
    28/07/2017 15:40UttoxeterMondello (GER)£5.009.403.45-44.68%-5.00£39.51
    28/07/2017 16:25AscotCoolfitch (IRE)£5.0011.003.804.55%-5.00£34.51
    28/07/2017 16:55AscotMidnight Malibu (IRE)£5.004.502.04-36.89%-5.00£29.51
    29/07/2017 14:05YorkFingal's Cave (IRE)£5.0019.008.20-78.42%6.59£36.10
    29/07/2017 14:25AscotMasham Star (IRE)£5.0028.4012.00-89.44%6.83£42.93
    29/07/2017 14:30NewcastleHigh On Light£5.008.403.60-74.52%6.67£49.60
    29/07/2017 15:10ChesterPlant Pot Power (IRE)£5.008.803.40-77.05%7.94£57.54
    29/07/2017 16:05CurraghAbstraction (IRE)£5.0012.505.40-45.60%-5.00£52.54
    01/08/2017 14:35BeverleyMoon Over Rio (IRE)£5.004.501.876.67%-5.00£47.54
    01/08/2017 15:00GoodwoodAclaim (IRE)£5.0012.005.20-66.67%6.54£54.08
    01/08/2017 15:35GoodwoodWicklow Brave£5.0010.003.70-70.00%8.51£62.59
    01/08/2017 16:45GoodwoodA Momentofmadness£5.008.603.95-76.74%5.89£68.48
    01/08/2017 17:00YarmouthFang£5.0012.505.50-4.00%-5.00£63.48
    01/08/2017 17:35YarmouthPowerful Wind (IRE)£5.0014.506.00-17.24%-5.00£58.48
    01/08/2017 18:10WorcesterViking Mistress£5.004.711.96-52.87%-5.00£53.48
    02/08/2017 13:50GoodwoodArthur Mc Bride (IRE)£5.0013.005.90-74.23%6.02£59.50
    02/08/2017 14:50PerthWelcome Ben (IRE)£5.003.451.43-39.71%-5.00£54.50
    02/08/2017 15:25PerthDear Sire (FR)££60.46
    02/08/2017 16:00PerthIndian Temple (IRE)££55.46
    02/08/2017 16:35PerthJack The Hat (IRE)£5.004.401.96-15.91%-5.00£50.46
    04/08/2017 14:35BangorThe Clock Leary (IRE)£5.004.902.24-79.39%5.93£56.39
    04/08/2017 15:20ThirskMount Tahan (IRE)£5.004.801.91-2.08%-5.00£51.39
    04/08/2017 15:35GoodwoodTake Cover£5.0013.505.30-18.52%-5.00£46.39
    06/08/2017 15:40ChesterNavarone (IRE)££41.39
    06/08/2017 17:30GalwayDara Tango (FR)£5.003.901.53-74.10%7.74£49.13
    09/08/2017 15:30BathCosmeapolitan£5.006.602.88-50.76%-5.00£44.13
    09/08/2017 16:10PontefractSee The Sun£5.009.404.30-12.77%-5.00£39.13
    09/08/2017 17:00BathOur Lord£5.004.541.80-77.75%7.61£46.74
    09/08/2017 17:10PontefractHarwoods Volante (IRE)£5.005.302.40-47.17%-5.00£41.74
    09/08/2017 17:55SligoArthamint£5.009.804.30-42.86%-5.00£36.74
    10/08/2017 14:50HaydockChickenfortea (IRE)£5.008.403.55-38.10%-5.00£31.74
    10/08/2017 16:00BrightonHoniara£5.003.601.65-71.94%5.91£37.65
    10/08/2017 18:35WolverhamptonTooty Fruitti£5.005.402.36-11.11%-5.00£32.65
    10/08/2017 19:45SandownEasy Tiger££27.65
    10/08/2017 19:50LeopardstownAbraham (IRE)£5.0010.003.5510.00%-5.00£22.65
    15/08/2017 16:45Ffos LasSternrubin (GER)£5.005.902.54-82.88%6.62£29.27
    15/08/2017 18:25NottinghamDeinonychus£5.008.603.5522.09%-5.00£24.27
    15/08/2017 18:55NottinghamGracious John (IRE)£5.007.403.20-45.95%-5.00£19.27
    15/08/2017 19:10Chelmsford CityMasham Star (IRE)££26.01

    How does the Dobbin Day software work?

    We put together a brief overview of the software in our introduction, but here is a refresher on how the software works.

    There are two options for finding selections within the software; the Full Markets List or the Best Of.

    The Best Of, as it's name suggests, is a compilation of the best selections of the day and is what we opted to use to pick out our own trades. It is not the optimal strategy but with limited time and knowledge, it was a good starting point for us to try the software out.

    The Full Markets List ​is where you can click through every race of the day and see a graph and statistics for each horse, which means you can take other runners into account when narrowing down your selections.

    Full Market List
    Dobbin Day Review Full List
    Best Of
    Dobbin Day Review Best Of

    Once you have chosen your selections for the day, you can set the stake, target profit and the hedging method for each individual trade. 

    There are three hedging methods; hedge for an equal profit (hedge), win more if the horse wins (win max) or win more if the horses loses (loss max). In our review we did a couple of "loss max" at the start but decided to stick to a standard hedge after that to keep things simple.

    Dobbin Day Review Selections

    The instruction manual explains in detail how everything works, but we would definitely recommend watching the tutorial videos to see it in action.

    Once the bets have been settled all of the results can be viewed in the Betting History tab, where you will find graphs and statistics such as Betfair SP and the lowest odds the horse went to in-play, as well as profit/loss, ROI and strike rate etc. This can be exported to excel, which is handy if you want to keep an extra copy of the results or do some further analysis.

    How much does it cost?

    Access to the software costs £99 for 12 months, which works out at just £8.25 per month. There is usually a 10 day refund period offered if you are not happy with the product, but signing up via our review will give you an extended 30 day refund guarantee.


    Dobbin Day is an excellent piece of software; we found it to be well-designed and easy to get to grips with even if you are new to dobbing. It does require a bit of time to analyse the data each day, but we enjoyed having more control over our trades rather than blindly following someone else's picks.

    Once the software has been tweaked to your desired risk level, it takes care of the rest of the betting process and recording of results automatically. It can also be left to run on a VPS if you have access to one.

    We took the easy route in our review by using the daily Best Of list, but still managed to make a profit after deducting 5% Betfair commission, which is pretty good going. Going forward we would definitely make use of the Full Markets List and analyse other runners in the races before making our final selections.

    Dobbin Day takes out the leg work by pulling all of the statistics you need together in once place and although it's not a necessity in order to make a profit from the dobbing strategy, it's a major timesaver and a great weapon to have in your armoury.

    Dobbin Day Review: Update Two

    11th July 2017

    During the first month of our review of the Dobbin Day software, we found that by making some small changes to our selection process our results would have been much better.

    Since then we have been picking out horses that have a high strike rate hitting a return of at least 2.14 times our stake and it has been working out well so far.

    We have also been looking closely at the recent performance of the horses going by their last few races and discarding selections that cast any doubt.

    This month we made a profit of £32.13 to £5.00 stakes at an ROI of 8.9%, which includes a deduction of 5% Betfair commission. 

    This gives us a small profit of £8.91 overall since starting the review​, which we are hoping to build on now that we have made these improvements.

    Key Stats - Update Two
    No. Of Trades72
    Profit/Loss (£5 stakes)£32.13
    Profit/Loss (pts)6.43
    Average Back Odds12.03
    Average Lay Odds5.32
    Strike Rate48.6%
    Bank (£250 starting)£258.91

    Results - Update Two
    DateCourseHorseStakeBack OddsLay OddsMovementP/LTotal
    31/05/2017 15:00BeverleyYoung Tiger£5.004.301.44-48.84%-5.00-28.22
    31/05/2017 15:30BeverleyArcane Dancer (IRE)£5.003.901.89-38.46%-5.00-33.22
    31/05/2017 18:00PunchestownOur Dougal (IRE)£
    31/05/2017 18:20KemptonTommys Geal£5.007.603.65-40.79%-5.00-32.44
    31/05/2017 18:30PunchestownSandymount Duke (IRE)£
    01/06/2017 16:40LingfieldPermanent£5.0022.0010.00-89.73%6.00-20.94
    01/06/2017 17:20WolverhamptonNoble Act£5.0030.0014.50-10.00%-5.00-25.94
    01/06/2017 19:45FairyhouseHouse Limit (IRE)£5.0050.0024.00-20.00%-5.00-30.94
    01/06/2017 20:00Ffos LasIncluded£5.0011.005.00-81.82%6.00-24.94
    02/06/2017 15:45EpsomGreat Hall£5.0042.0020.00-30.95%-5.00-29.94
    02/06/2017 16:10CatterickLittle Miss Kodi (IRE)£5.004.302.10-6.98%-5.00-34.94
    02/06/2017 16:55CatterickStanghow£5.0011.505.50-82.26%5.45-29.49
    02/06/2017 17:20Market RasenArboretum£
    02/06/2017 17:30CatterickNuala Tagula (IRE)£5.0010.505.00-52.38%5.50-18.56
    03/06/2017 13:50NavanPiazzini (IRE)£5.008.403.90-57.74%5.77-12.79
    03/06/2017 14:00EpsomMister Blue Sky (IRE)£5.0015.506.20-45.81%-5.00-17.79
    03/06/2017 14:20WorcesterMasterofdeception (IRE)£5.0012.506.00-89.52%5.42-12.37
    03/06/2017 14:40HexhamHattons Hill (IRE)£5.004.502.12-77.56%5.62-6.75
    03/06/2017 15:10EpsomSovereign Debt (IRE)£5.005.702.76-82.28%5.32-1.43
    04/06/2017 14:40ListowelGeological (IRE)£
    04/06/2017 14:45PerthDr Moloney (IRE)£5.009.403.75-71.28%7.5312.46
    04/06/2017 14:50KilbegganMy Betty (IRE)£5.0010.504.40-23.81%-5.007.46
    04/06/2017 16:15PerthUpswing (IRE)£5.009.403.85-44.68%-5.002.46
    04/06/2017 16:30FakenhamLarkhall£
    05/06/2017 16:25ListowelDamut (IRE)£5.0024.009.00-33.33%-5.00-7.54
    05/06/2017 16:40Gowran ParkTribal Path (IRE)£5.0010.004.50-2.00%-5.00-12.54
    05/06/2017 18:25AyrDuchess Of France (IRE)£5.006.402.88-46.88%6.11-6.43
    05/06/2017 19:25AyrDanish Duke (IRE)£5.0014.005.80-31.43%-5.00-11.43
    07/06/2017 16:20WolverhamptonKingsley Klarion (IRE)£5.007.603.35-5.26%-5.00-16.43
    07/06/2017 17:55KemptonSaleh (IRE)£5.005.802.58-65.17%6.24-10.19
    07/06/2017 19:45WexfordVelocity Boy (IRE)£5.003.451.51-10.14%-5.00-15.19
    07/06/2017 19:55KemptonCaptain Peacock£
    07/06/2017 20:25KemptonDenmead£5.006.402.90-84.22%6.04-14.15
    08/06/2017 15:20BangorDegooch (IRE)£
    08/06/2017 15:30RiponJust Hiss£5.0014.805.70-25.68%-5.00-24.15
    08/06/2017 15:50BangorPaddy The Oscar (IRE)£5.007.602.68-73.16%9.18-14.97
    08/06/2017 18:20LeopardstownOh Grace (IRE)£
    09/06/2017 18:05StratfordDecade Player (IRE)£
    09/06/2017 18:40StratfordRepeat Business (IRE)£5.006.602.82-9.09%-5.00-18.30
    09/06/2017 19:15StratfordPopaway£5.004.301.80-11.63%-5.00-23.30
    14/06/2017 17:20WorcesterPrincesse Fleur£5.009.604.40-63.54%5.91-17.39
    15/06/2017 13:50FontwellBostin (IRE)£5.005.402.40-55.56%6.25-11.14
    15/06/2017 15:20NottinghamEnglishman£5.0028.0012.00-64.29%6.67-4.47
    15/06/2017 15:40NewburyKingston Kurrajong£5.0028.9012.50-77.16%6.562.09
    15/06/2017 17:55UttoxeterIcanmotor£5.004.501.82-44.44%-5.00-2.91
    15/06/2017 18:25UttoxeterCharlie Wingnut (IRE)£5.005.702.52-70.00%6.313.40
    27/06/2017 14:30BeverleyBeatbybeatbybeat£5.0036.0015.00-30.56%-5.00-1.60
    27/06/2017 15:45BrightonSandfrankskipsgo£
    27/06/2017 19:50BallinrobePrince Charmin' (IRE)£5.003.951.76-5.06%-5.00-11.60
    27/06/2017 20:55BallinrobePowersbomb (IRE)£
    28/06/2017 14:50WorcesterAl Alfa£
    28/06/2017 15:50WorcesterLand Of Vic£5.006.402.90-64.06%6.03-4.67
    28/06/2017 16:40SalisburyKingston Kurrajong£
    30/06/2017 14:50CartmelAttention Seaker£
    30/06/2017 16:30DoncasterItlaaq£5.0015.967.40-67.42%6.152.91
    30/06/2017 18:00NewcastleRoman De Brut (IRE)£5.0015.507.00170.97%-5.00-2.09
    30/06/2017 18:10ChesterHeir Of Excitement (IRE)£
    01/07/2017 13:50NewcastleRobero£5.007.603.20-13.16%-5.00-12.09
    01/07/2017 14:20ChesterStanghow£5.0018.008.00-88.89%6.25-5.84
    01/07/2017 14:25NewcastleSolar Flair£5.0030.0010.00-33.33%-5.00-10.84
    01/07/2017 15:10CurraghDragon Fei (IRE)£5.0021.009.00-4.76%-5.00-15.84
    01/07/2017 15:35YorkFingal's Cave (IRE)£5.0024.0010.50-33.33%-5.00-20.84
    01/07/2017 16:50YorkMidnight Malibu (IRE)£5.0013.506.00-25.93%-5.00-25.84
    06/07/2017 15:40PerthMotion To Strike (IRE)£5.008.603.10-53.49%-5.00-30.84
    06/07/2017 16:30HaydockMerry Banter£5.004.401.77-69.55%7.43-23.41
    06/07/2017 19:05BellewstownSong Of Namibia (IRE)£5.004.602.08-78.04%6.05-17.36
    06/07/2017 20:40BellewstownBay Hill (IRE)£5.009.804.20-40.82%6.67-10.69
    06/07/2017 20:55TipperaryThe Major General (IRE)£5.003.401.49-8.82%-5.00-15.69
    09/07/2017 14:00LimerickAfatcat£5.0060.0027.00-55.00%6.11-9.58
    09/07/2017 15:40LimerickBaily Moon (IRE)£
    09/07/2017 16:35Market RasenThe Tourard Man (IRE)£5.0011.505.00-91.22%6.503.00
    09/07/2017 16:45LimerickDefinite Soldier (IRE)£5.008.403.85-70.24%5.918.91

    We will continue with this selection process over the next month and will report back soon with our latest results.

    Dobbin Day Review: Update One

    3rd June 2017

    We've been testing the Dobbin Day horse trading software out for a little over a month now and we're back with some results for you. 

    So far we have traded 96 horses and made a small loss of £23.22 to £5.00 stakes at an ROI of -4.8%.

    We have included a standard 5% Betfair commission in our results and this is partly where the problem lies. Even if you find an edge, you need to consider that a percentage of the profit will be taken in fees and could leave you in the red.

    In some cases where we have found a particularly strong selection, we have aimed for a higher return than just doubling our stake and this has worked well. By filtering out any selections with a return of less than x2.16, we calculated a profit of £11.11 at an ROI of 5.7%.

    Key Stats - Update One
    No. Of Trades96
    Profit/Loss (£5 stakes)-£23.22
    Profit/Loss (pts)-4.64
    Average Back Odds11.76
    Average Lay Odds5.41
    Strike Rate44.80%
    Bank (£250 starting)£226.78

    Results - Update One
    DateCourseHorseBet TypeStakeBack OddsLay OddsMovementP/LTotal
    26/04/2017 14:00PerthRamore Will (IRE)Loss Max£5.0012.005.90-8.33%-£5.00-£5.00
    26/04/2017 14:10EpsomJust That LordHedge£5.008.804.10-63.64%£5.44£0.44
    26/04/2017 15:40PunchestownFridaynightlights (IRE)Hedge£5.007.603.80-75.00%£4.75£5.19
    26/04/2017 15:50EpsomGreat HallHedge£5.0032.3316.00-93.50%£4.81£10.00
    26/04/2017 16:35CatterickBest Trip (IRE)Hedge£5.0055.0027.00-65.45%£4.93£14.93
    27/04/2017 14:20TauntonCabernet D'alene (FR)Loss Max££0.01£14.94
    27/04/2017 14:35PerthValseur Du Granval (FR)Hedge£5.003.401.65-46.76%-£5.00£9.94
    27/04/2017 15:05PerthLouloumillsHedge£5.008.404-11.90%-£5.00£4.94
    27/04/2017 16:00TauntonNo No Cardinal (IRE)Hedge££5.12£10.06
    27/04/2017 16:10PerthMystifiableHedge£5.005.302.56-80.94%£5.08£15.14
    28/04/2017 13:50SandownRebel De LopeHedge£5.0030.0013.50-68.67%£5.80£20.94
    28/04/2017 14:45DoncasterArt EchoHedge£5.0011.505.20-91.22%£5.75£26.69
    28/04/2017 15:30SandownDawn Of Hope (IRE)Hedge££5.00£21.69
    28/04/2017 16:20PunchestownBalko Des Flos (FR)Hedge£5.009.804.60-60.20%£5.37£27.06
    28/04/2017 18:40PunchestownOn The Fringe (IRE)Hedge££5.00£22.06
    29/04/2017 13:30HaydockSomeone ExcitingHedge£5.0011.504.600.00%-£5.00£17.06
    29/04/2017 14:05HaydockWar Glory (IRE)Hedge£5.007.403.55-36.49%-£5.00£12.06
    29/04/2017 14:05HaydockEarly Morning (IRE)Hedge£5.005.302.06-60.38%-£5.00£7.06
    29/04/2017 14:25SandownVibrato Valtat (FR)Hedge£5.0014.507.00-24.14%-£5.00£2.06
    30/04/2017 15:20LimerickSeverus (GER)Hedge£5.0010.504.10-33.33%-£5.00-£2.94
    30/04/2017 16:15ThirskLife Knowledge (IRE)Hedge£5.0011.505.50-13.04%-£5.00-£7.94
    02/05/2017 15:00BrightonBahamian SunriseHedge£5.002.641.28-6.82%-£5.00-£12.94
    02/05/2017 16:10BrightonKafeel (USA)Hedge£5.002.981.23-32.89%-£5.00-£17.94
    02/05/2017 16:50NottinghamRowlestone LassHedge££5.00-£22.94
    02/05/2017 17:20BallinrobeIneffable (IRE)Hedge£5.0025.0011.50-8.00%-£5.00-£27.94
    03/05/2017 15:10AscotPallasatorHedge£5.004.902.36-26.53%-£5.00-£32.94
    03/05/2017 15:35WolverhamptonCount Montecristo (FR)Hedge££5.00-£37.94
    03/05/2017 16:20AscotTabarrak (IRE)Hedge£5.004.901.82-79.39%£8.04-£29.90
    03/05/2017 18:05BrightonMobley ChaosHedge£5.0019.509.20-89.13%£5.32-£24.58
    04/05/2017 14:40LingfieldJoyful Dream (IRE)Hedge£5.0034.0016.50-23.53%-£5.00-£29.58
    04/05/2017 15:20TowcesterOrion's Might (IRE)Hedge£5.0012.505.80-87.36%£5.49-£24.09
    04/05/2017 15:50TowcesterRakaia Rosa (IRE)Hedge£5.0016.007.00-93.69%£6.10-£17.99
    04/05/2017 16:20TowcesterKaylaHedge£5.003.651.65-67.40%£5.76-£12.23
    04/05/2017 16:50TowcesterHigh Aspirations (IRE)Hedge££5.00-£17.23
    05/05/2017 14:10LingfieldGaelic Silver (FR)Hedge£5.0013.506.40-27.41%-£5.00-£22.23
    05/05/2017 14:50ChepstowPowerful Wind (IRE)Hedge££5.07-£17.16
    05/05/2017 17:05CorkNicaraguaHedge£5.005.902.52-50.85%-£5.00-£22.16
    05/05/2017 17:25FontwellLord Ben (IRE)Hedge££5.00-£27.16
    05/05/2017 17:45DownpatrickGood To Flow (IRE)Hedge£5.006.603.05-19.70%-£5.00-£32.16
    06/05/2017 13:50NewmarketGreat HallHedge£5.0030.0014.50-77.33%£5.07-£27.09
    06/05/2017 15:15GoodwoodJust That LordHedge£5.0010.004.60-38.00%-£5.00-£32.09
    09/05/2017 16:10FakenhamSureness (IRE)Hedge£5.0018.008.20-88.89%£5.68-£26.42
    09/05/2017 16:40FakenhamMaster Workman (IRE)Hedge£5.003.601.22-71.94%£9.28-£17.14
    10/05/2017 14:35Newton AbbotWadswick Court (IRE)Hedge££5.00-£22.14
    10/05/2017 14:45KelsoIfandbutwhynot (IRE)Hedge£5.008.403.85-70.00%£5.61-£16.53
    10/05/2017 15:00ChesterSpring Loaded (IRE)Hedge£5.006.603.05-69.70%£5.53-£11.00
    10/05/2017 15:45Newton AbbotHenryvilleHedge£5.004.402.04-77.05%£5.50-£5.50
    11/05/2017 13:50ChesterBroroccoHedge££5.00-£10.50
    11/05/2017 14:45WorcesterNo No Cardinal (IRE)Hedge£5.0015.507.40-93.29%£5.20-£5.30
    11/05/2017 15:00ChesterMasham Star (IRE)Hedge£5.0010.504.50-87.33%£6.34£1.04
    11/05/2017 15:35ChesterCunco (IRE)Hedge££5.00-£3.96
    11/05/2017 15:55WorcesterRum SwizzleHedge£5.0010.004.505.00%-£5.00-£8.96
    11/05/2017 18:40TipperaryHard Bought (IRE)Hedge£5.008.804.20-43.18%-£5.00-£13.96
    12/05/2017 16:45Market RasenPawn Star (IRE)Hedge£5.003.851.74-73.77%£5.77-£8.19
    12/05/2017 17:05ChesterModernismHedge£5.0012.505.80-75.20%£5.49-£2.70
    12/05/2017 17:35AscotHandiworkHedge££5.00-£7.70
    12/05/2017 18:20KilbegganBashful Beauty (IRE)Hedge££6.16-£1.54
    12/05/2017 19:05RiponHoneysuckle Lil (IRE)Hedge£5.0011.505.50-72.17%£5.18£3.64
    14/05/2017 14:05KillarneyTurbine (IRE)Hedge£5.0028.0013.00-46.43%-£5.00-£1.36
    14/05/2017 14:55CurraghJust Glamorous (IRE)Hedge£5.0021.009.00-85.00%£6.34£4.98
    14/05/2017 15:05KillarneyThe Nutcracker (IRE)Hedge£5.0070.0032.00-60.00%£5.64£10.62
    14/05/2017 15:30LudlowChieftain's Choice (IRE)Hedge£5.005.502.42-29.09%-£5.00£5.62
    14/05/2017 16:00LudlowFair LochHedge£5.0011.005.20-4.55%-£5.00£0.62
    16/05/2017 16:40WarwickColbert Station (IRE)Hedge£5.005.402.62-11.11%-£5.00-£4.38
    16/05/2017 17:30SouthwellLarkhallHedge£5.0038.0018.50-69.74%£5.01£0.63
    16/05/2017 18:00SouthwellRoyal PlazaHedge££5.00-£4.37
    16/05/2017 18:30SouthwellGalway Jack (IRE)Hedge££6.18£1.81
    16/05/2017 19:40ChepstowAngelical (IRE)Hedge£5.003.801.7513.16%-£5.00-£3.19
    16/05/2017 20:30SouthwellFuhgeddabouditHedge£5.0022.0010.00-50.00%-£5.00-£8.19
    18/05/2017 14:10SalisburyRed AlertHedge£5.0015.006.00-44.00%-£5.00-£13.19
    18/05/2017 14:20YorkDuke Of FirenzeHedge££5.20-£7.99
    18/05/2017 16:05YorkCote D'azurHedge£5.0032.0015.00-60.94%£5.39-£2.60
    18/05/2017 16:15PerthWeapon Of Choice (IRE)Hedge£5.004.402.10-14.77%-£5.00-£7.60
    18/05/2017 16:45PerthDr Moloney (IRE)Hedge£5.004.901.96-59.18%-£5.00-£12.60
    19/05/2017 14:35NewburyScrutineer (IRE)Hedge£5.0010.504.70-27.62%-£5.00-£17.60
    19/05/2017 14:45NewmarketArt EchoHedge£5.003.801.72-73.42%£5.74-£11.86
    19/05/2017 15:30YorkSimple Verse (IRE)Hedge£5.008.403.65-81.90%£6.18-£5.68
    19/05/2017 16:05YorkBurguillosHedge£5.003.851.83-19.48%-£5.00-£10.68
    19/05/2017 17:35AintreeLets Go DutchessHedge£5.003.751.65-73.07%£6.05-£4.63
    20/05/2017 14:40NewmarketMasham Star (IRE)Hedge£5.0010.004.20-6.00%-£5.00-£9.63
    20/05/2017 15:20ThirskOrient ClassHedge£5.003.701.77-16.22%-£5.00-£14.63
    20/05/2017 15:30NewburyRibchester (IRE)Hedge£5.002.881.38-64.93%£5.17-£9.46
    20/05/2017 15:55ThirskFoolaadHedge££5.00-£14.46
    22/05/2017 17:25CarlisleFine ExampleHedge££5.00-£19.46
    22/05/2017 18:00CarlisleLa FritillaireHedge££5.00-£24.46
    22/05/2017 18:45PunchestownGlendaars Best (IRE)Hedge£5.0042.0019.50-35.71%-£5.00-£29.46
    22/05/2017 19:25WindsorTropics (USA)Hedge£5.0011.004.50-43.64%-£5.00-£34.46
    23/05/2017 16:20BrightonTommys GealHedge££5.06-£29.40
    23/05/2017 17:40NewcastleLittle Kingdom (IRE)Hedge£5.007.403.55291.89%-£5.00-£34.40
    23/05/2017 18:05HuntingdonJackthejourneyman (IRE)Hedge£5.006.803.25-70.59%£5.19-£29.21
    23/05/2017 20:35HuntingdonAlways ArchieHedge£5.001.951.01-5.13%-£5.00-£34.21
    24/05/2017 19:00WexfordOrchard Road (USA)Hedge£5.0023.0010.50-66.09%£5.65-£28.56
    24/05/2017 19:30WexfordAll In The Head (IRE)Hedge£5.009.603.35-65.10%£8.86-£19.70
    24/05/2017 19:40KemptonStorm RockHedge£5.0032.0013.50-39.06%-£5.00-£24.70
    24/05/2017 20:00WexfordMilsean (IRE)Hedge£5.002.801.37-40.71%-£5.00-£29.70
    24/05/2017 20:20SouthwellIcanmotorHedge£5.003.951.67-74.43%£6.48-£23.22

    Going forward we will aim to pick out selections that have a strong strike rate for hitting a return of over x2.14. We will report back next month with another update of our results.

    Dobbin Day Review: Introduction

    26th April 2017

    We have reviewed a few different trading services before and have had varying degrees of success, but today we are starting a review of something a bit different, offering maximum control in the selection process but automation of the trading itself. The best of both worlds!

    Dobbin Day is horse trading software that uses historical in-running data to identify potential dobbing selections. Once selected, the software will then go on to trade the horses automatically based on a customisable risk level and strategy.

    It requires a Betfair account and will work on a PC or Mac set up with Adobe Air.

    Just incase you don't already know, Dobbing is a horse trading strategy made up from the phrase "Double Or Bust". In it's simplest form, the idea is to try and find horses that will have enough price movement to enable you to hedge your bet and double your money.

    Although the software may look a bit overwhelming at first, there is a user guide and tutorial videos and we were able to get to grips with it all quite quickly.

    The first step is to go through the runners and add selections to the betting grid. These can be viewed either by the Full Markets List or just the Best Of. The Best Of puts together a list of the best selections of the day, but it restricts you from comparing against other horses in the race so it is worth checking the full market to gain the most information.

    Full Market List
    Dobbin Day Review Full List
    Best Of
    Dobbin Day Review Best Of

    At a glance we can see straight away basic information about each runner, including how many runs and the current odds, which are refreshed every 5 seconds. The chart next to each runner shows the performance of it's previous runs.

    After clicking on one of the selections we are given further information, including full details on the previous runs, risk & profit charts and hedging options.

    Hovering over the Return v Profit chart allows you to set a risk level from low to high and alters the Historical Profit chart. It is here you can select how much of a return you want to aim for and see how much of a risk this will be according to the strike rate to date.

    The guide explains this in more detail and we would definitely recommend watching the videos for a better understanding.

    Once the parameters have been set, you can then add the selection to the betting list ready for later when the software will be activated ready for betting.

    Bets can be placed at Betfair SP or at a set amount of minutes before the race. 

    Dobbin Day Review Selections

    The software has three options to choose from when the odds movement target has been achieved:

    • Hedge for an equal profit across all horses.
    • Win more if the horse goes on to win, but losing nothing (scratch) if it loses.
    • If the horse wins you lose nothing (scratch) but you win on all other results.

    The image below shows an example of these three hedging methods for Hoy Hoy, taken from the user guide.

    Dobbin Day Review Hedging

    The software will now trade the selections automatically according to what settings have been chosen and the results can be viewed in the Betting History tab. 

    The thing to note here is that there is some work required to pick the right selections. It's not a case of the software doing everything for you, but it will make the process a whole lot easier. Once the initial work has been done, the software can be left to run on your computer or a VPS to do all the trading for you, which is a great feature.

    We are going to be trying out the Dobbin Day software to see what kind of profit we can achieve from selecting around 5 runners each day using £5.00 stakes.

    We will report back in a month's time with our results.​


  • Intuitive, well-designed and professional software
  • Comes with a clear instruction manual and tutorial videos
  • Automated betting and results recording
  • Can be left to run on a VPS once bets have been added
  • Fair price for what it offers
  • Cons

  • Not necessarily a con, but time is required to research bets properly – blindly picking from the shortlist is not an optimal strategy
  • 6 thoughts on “Dobbin Day Review: Horse Racing Trading Software”

      • Bare in mind that we achieved these results purely from the shortlist without taking into account other factors of the race. Results using this type of software will differ from person to person, but we have no doubt that putting in a bit more research time and taking advantage of the full race list would boost profits. It’s highly unlikely that the amount of users would affect liquidity… there are races throughout the day and evening to profit from and plenty of money in the markets.

    1. Warning.
      This software has not been working properly for a week now.
      It does not display runners in some markets, and even when it does it often fails to place any bets at all.
      I have stopped using it because I don’t want to be in the situation where it places only one side of a bet, and I really cannot trust it one bit at the moment,

      Support from Nigel is pretty damm slow to say the least, and even though he claimed it had been fixed, it clearly has not been fixed.


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