Fold4Gold Review: Introduction

Fold4Gold Review

We have a new review underway of a betting service from Bet Fan known as Fold4Gold. It's a little different to the usual sports tipping service as it mainly advises accumulator bets such as 3, 4 or 5 folds, yankees, cross doubles and lucky 15s.

Sometimes there are also selections picked out for the Scoop6 on a Saturday, which is a pool bet that often has a jackpot of £1 million or more.

The tag line for the service is "Sports betting has never been so much fun!", but the sales page also says that they have serious financial intentions in mind.

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The service is run by a team of betting experts and professional gamblers and they research bets that may be a bit speculative but if they win, they can deliver huge profits. They say that the service is all about minimal stakes for maximum profits.

The sales page doesn't mention specifically but as far as we can tell from the recent results, the service focuses on horse racing bets only.

The proofing results go all the way back to November 2011 and show a profit of 1516.69 points, which works out at approximately 230 points profit per year on average. This year to date there has been a reported profit of 290 points.

Fold4Gold Review Chart

The profit graph shows a nice upward trend, but there have been times where very little profit has been made over a long period of time. For instance, from 2013-14 there wasn't much of a profit reported until the beginning of 2015 where it shoots up again.

This means that following this service is going to require a lot of patience for those big wins.

They advise a starting bank of 500 points and all bets are advised at a maximum stake of 5 points. This seems a sensible size but it does mean if using a modest stake of £10 per point, you would need a starting bank of £5000 which is a fair amount of money to invest in one service.

We have begun recording tips and we will report back in a month's time with our first set of results.

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