Football Betting Alerts Review: LTD & Correct Score Tips

Football Betting Alerts Review

Note: This service is n​o longer available. Take a look at some of our "passed" services here.

  • Goal Profits Rating
  • Rated 2 stars

Welcome to our Football Betting Alerts review, home to the "Professor's Picks" trading selections, including Lay The Draw and Lay Half Time Score tips


  • Lay Correct Score strategy had promising results with a high strike rate
  • Cons

  • High membership fees and extra charge for use of a bot
  • Without a bot the service is tedious/time consuming to use
  • Lack of clarity for how the strategies work, with several changes made throughout the review
  • We are back with the final part of our Football Betting Alerts review after following the service since February. We have traded 220 selections in total and made a profit of £46.50 at an ROI of 0.7%.

    The service​ uses two main strategies - Lay The Draw and Lay the Correct Score at Half Time.

    The LTD strategy made a total loss of £100.37 at an ROI of -4.6% and the Lay Correct Score strategy made a profit of £126.57 at an ROI of 2.8%.

    During the final part of the review, we stopped receiving LTD selections so we are left with the one strategy for the time being. 

    There was a third strategy added to the mix that involved laying the draw in the first half, but this was quickly removed after a series of poor results. This caused quite a stir and many people, including ourselves, could not understand why the strategy had not been thoroughly tested beforehand.

    It hasn't been the smoothest of reviews due to problems with the third party bot that was built specifically for use alongside the service. ​This caused us to quite a few selections along the way, so we decided to extend the review to make sure we had recorded enough results to make a fair judgement.

    Another issue was the confusion on how to the trade the selections. The Lay CS at HT strategy was changed midway through the review from waiting for your lay to be matched at odds of 4.50 to using half your stake and putting another lay in later on (making the average odds 4.50).

    With the Lay The Draw strategy there was the option to trade out for a profit or just set and forget. We opted to use the trading method.

    The stakes used in the official results on the Football Betting Alerts website were increased during our review from £10 to £20. It seems odd to do this as it would be much easier for everyone if stakes were kept level.​

    Key Stats - Overall
     Lay The DrawLay Correct Score at HTLay HT DrawTotal
    Number of Trades731425220
    Total Liability£2,189.16£4,490.98£99.00£6,779.14
    Profit/Loss (£10 stakes)-£100.37£126.57£20.30£46.50
    Average Odds3.704.522.514.20
    Strike Rate78.1%83.1%80.0%81.4%

    Football Betting Alerts Review Graph

    Results - Update Four
    DateTeam ATeam BOddsStrategyLiabilityP/LTotal
    20/05/2017KobeFC Tokyo4.50LCS£35.00£9.50£115.32
     IngolstadtSchalke 043.95LTD£34.95-£34.95£80.37
     Hamburger SVWolfsburg3.70LTD£34.97£7.45£87.82
     Montreal ImpactPortland Timbers6.60LCS£28.00£4.75£106.82
     KonyasporKardemir Karabuk4.50LCS£35.00£9.50£125.67
     Young BoysBasel1.15LCS£17.50£2.50£128.17
     Malmo FFNorrkoping4.50LCS£35.00£9.50£137.67
    22/05/2017SundsvallIFK Goteborg4.50LCS£35.00£9.50£112.17
    04/06/2017AvaiSport Recife3.70LCS£34.97-£34.97£96.20
     Odds BKBrann3.90LCS£34.95-£34.95£61.25
    01/07/2017Vegalta SendaiG-Osaka4.50LCS£35.00£9.50£70.75
    05/07/2017Kawasaki FrontaleUrawa4.50LCS£35.00£9.50£69.00
    07/07/2017Sporting Kansas CityPhiladelphia Union4.50LCS£35.00£9.50£88.00
     Sarpsborg 08Lillestrom4.50LCS£35.00£9.50£46.50


    It seems to us like the service had been put together in a rush without any lengthy testing of the systems. There has been a lot of chopping and changing, which has caused confusion and given an unprofessional image.

    The membership fees are far higher than the average tipping service at £42 per fortnight or £79 per month. 

    This means that we would have to have been using at least ten times our stake to have broken even during the trial. This could also cause problems with liquidity if everyone is trying to get their lays in at the same time.

    Use of the bot costs an extra £12 per month and without one, following the selections is quite a chore as they need to be monitored at various times during the day. During the summer there have been fixtures for MLS and Japan that are early ​hours of the morning, which just isn't practical for many of us.

    The Lay Correct Score strategy has had some promising results, achieving a strike rate of 83.1% overall. The break even point at the average lay odds of 4.50 is 77.8%, so the service will be profitable long term as long as they can keep going at that rate. 

    At the current price of membership we cannot recommend subscribing to this service, but we do think there is some potential there with the Lay Correct Score strategy.

    We will be giving the service a "Neutral" rating, but we have to say that it is borderline on being a fail due to the issues we have mentioned. We would hope that the Football Betting Alerts team have a rethink of their pricing and perhaps include a bot in the package in the future.

    Football Betting Alerts Review: Update Three

    22nd May 2017

    We're back with another update to our review of Football Betting Alerts and this month we have made a profit of £128.23, which means our bank is finally back in the black!

    LTD had another tough month with a loss of £18.77, but the Lay Correct Score strategy performed well and gave us a profit of £147 to £10 stakes.​

    Unfortunately we have had problems being able to trading all of the selections as we have had technical issues with the PROF-it Bot, which is a third-party bot designed to trade the Professor's Picks.

    We have been unable to resolve the problems despite installing the software on three different machines, but have been advised that none of the other users have had the same issues as us. Very strange! 

    Anyhow, we will continue with our review for a further month but will have to trade the selections manually again or perhaps try a different bot.

    Some of the selections are past midnight or in the early hours, so we may not be able to cover them all without a bot, but we will try and fit as many in as we can.

    Key Stats - Update Three
     Lay The DrawLay Correct Score at HTTotal
    Number of Trades153146
    Total Liability£524.40£943.83£1,468.23
    Profit/Loss (£10 stakes)-£18.77£147.00£128.23
    Average Odds3.754.464.23
    Strike Rate73.3%93.5%87.0%

    Results - Update Three
    DateTeam ATeam BOddsStrategyLiabilityP/LTotal
    Bristol CityBarnsley7.20LCS£31.00£4.75£13.99
    RiedAC Wolfsberger3.55LTD£34.94-£6.30£29.49
    NEC NijmegenExcelsior4.50LCS£35.00£9.50£38.99
    AZ AlkmaarTwente1.14LCS£17.50£2.35£55.04
    23/04/2017Shandong LunengChanpqing Lifan4.50LCS£35.00£9.50£64.54
    SC FreiburgBayer Leverkusen4.45LCS£34.50£9.50£79.59
    Rapid ViennaAustria Vienna5.70LCS£23.50£4.75£84.34
    Schalke 04RB Leipzig4.00LTD£34.95-£34.95£15.39
    LiverpoolCrystal Palace4.50LCS£35.00£9.50£24.89
    Sarpsborg 08Kristiansund5.10LCS£20.50£4.75£29.64
    Real MadridBarcelona4.00LTD£34.95£11.05£52.54
    24/04/2017Malmo FFDjurgarden4.45LCS£34.50£9.50£62.04
    StuttgartUnion Berlin6.00LCS£25.00£4.75£66.79
    28/04/2017Union BerlinSandhausen4.50LCS£35.00£9.50£41.32
    Bayer LeverkusenSchalke 043.60LTD£34.97£12.80£63.62
    05/05/2017BraySt. Patricks4.00LTD£34.95-£34.95£37.57
     Derry CityBohemians4.00LTD£34.95£10.40£47.97
     Shamrock RoversDundalk4.50LCS£35.00£9.50£57.47
    13/05/2017Schalke 04Hamburger SV4.50LCS£35.00£9.50£71.72
    14/05/2017Jiangsu SuningShandong Luneng6.20LCS£26.00£4.75£51.47
     Den HaagExcelsior1.15LCS£17.50£2.45£58.67
     Vitesse ArnhemRoda1.28LCS£35.00£9.30£67.97
     Young BoysLuzern1.14LCS£17.50£2.35£70.32
     AltachSturm Graz3.90LCS£34.95£11.45£81.77
     AS RomaJuventus4.50LCS£35.00£9.50£96.02
    19/05/2017Beijing GuoanGuangzhou R&F4.00LTD£34.95-£12.25£83.77
    KashimaKawasaki Frontale3.65LTD£34.98£12.55£96.32

    As we have missed out on a few days of picks, we will continue our review for a further month and then we will be ready to post our final review and rating.

    Football Betting Alerts Review: Update Two

    20th April 2017

    It's been a better month for the Professor's Picks in our Football Betting Alerts review, with a profit of £59.07 added to the bank. There's been a change to the way we are running the review as we have found it far too time consuming to trade all of the selections, especially on a weekend.

    We decided to subscribe to a third party bot (PROF-it Bot), which automates the trading of all the selections. This requires an extra subscription fee, but personally we feel it is worth it for the time that it saves.

    We started using this from 7th April, so from here you will see that our staking has changed slightly. This is because we have found that we could only set one liability for all of the strategies, so instead of our usual £10 stake for LTD, the bot sets it to a £35 liability the same as the Lay Correct Score system.

    We have set the bot to enable hedging LTD trades, which uses built-in settings to trade out at various points of the game depending on how many goals have been scored. These settings cannot be altered, but the hedging function can be turned off to leave the selections as straight bets. 

    LTD didn't perform well this month with a loss of £101.33, but it's too early to say whether this has anything to do with the bot.

    There was also a new strategy added to the mix this month - Lay the HT Draw, which is a first half system. Although we made a small profit from the 5 selections that we traded, we missed out on quite a few as we were unable to trade for part of the weekend when they were introduced.

    After a poor performance, the selections were swiftly removed from the official picks and are now sent separately for those that want to follow them. The system had been tested prior to being added to the picks, so it seems odd to remove them so quickly after just one or two bad days.

    Key Stats - Update Two
     Lay The DrawLay Correct Score at HTLay HT DrawTotal
    Number of Trades2844577
    Total Stakes/Liability£868.84£1,393.23£99.00£2,361.07
    Profit/Loss (£10 stakes)-£101.33£140.10£20.30£59.07
    Average Odds3.764.842.514.29
    Strike Rate71.4%88.6%80.0%81.8%

    Results - Update Two
    DateTeam ATeam BOddsStrategyLiabilityP/LTotal
    14/03/2017MorecambeNewport County3.70LTD£27.00£1.70-£79.78
    DoncasterNotts Co.5.10LCS£20.50£4.75-£75.03
    AccringtonLeyton Orient5.10LCS£20.50£4.75-£70.28
    Cambridge Utd.Hartepool4.50LCS£35.00£9.50-£60.78
    NorthamptonPort Vale4.50LCS£35.00£9.50-£86.28
    18/03/2017Greuther FurthStuttgart3.70LTD£27.00£0.00-£86.28
    Leyton OrientDoncaster4.50LTD£35.00£3.40-£78.13
    C PalaceWatford3.55LTD£25.50£4.85-£73.28
    MotherwellSt. Johnstone3.65LTD£26.50£3.50-£63.38
    GrimsbyCrawley Town4.50LCS£35.00-£35.00-£122.88
    Rapid ViennaMattersburg4.50LCS£35.00-£35.00-£148.38
    20/03/2017Union BerlinNurnberg4.50LCS£35.00£9.50-£129.38
    21/03/2017CoventryPort Vale3.85LCS£28.50£9.50-£119.88
    AldershotDag and Red3.70LTD£27.00£6.60-£103.78
    Crawley TownLeyton Orient4.50LCS£35.00£9.50-£80.03
    St. PatricksShamrock Rovers2.26HT LTD£12.60£9.50-£70.53
    31/03/2017Almere CityTelstar8.00LCS£35.00£4.75-£65.78
    CambuurFC Emmen4.50LCS£35.00£9.50-£56.28
    OssAchilles 292.88HT LTD£18.80£9.50-£46.78
    VenloBreda2.58HT LTD£27.80£17.00-£25.68
    Wisla KrakowLech Poznan2.38HT LTD£25.20-£25.20-£50.88
    Dundee FCAberdeen2.46HT LTD£14.60£9.50-£41.38
    02/04/2017HeidenheimGreuther Furth4.10LCS£31.00£9.50-£31.88
    StuttgartDynamo Dresden3.95LTD£29.50£3.60-£28.28
    03/04/2017Ruch ChorzowPiast Gliwice2.50LTD£15.00-£15.00-£43.28
    04/04/2017KarlsruherWurzburger Kickers3.10LCS£21.00£9.50-£33.78
    HeerenveenSparta Rotteram4.50LCS£35.00£9.50-£19.53
    05/04/2017Sheffield Utd.Coventry4.50LCS£35.00£9.50-£10.03
    SouthamptonCrystal Palace3.75LTD£27.50£6.35-£0.68
    07/04/2017DordrechtFC Eindhoven4.00LTD£34.95-£34.95-£35.63
    VVV-VenloAlmere City4.50LCS£35.00£9.50-£26.13
    Drogheda U.Shamrock R.4.00LTD£34.95£6.20-£19.93
    08/04/2017GuangzhouGuangzhou R&F7.40LCS£32.00£4.75-£15.18
    Accrington SCrewe7.00LCS£30.00£4.75-£10.43
    CarlisleNotts County4.50LCS£35.00£9.50-£0.93
    Jong PSVVolendam4.00LTD£34.95£11.05-£5.88
    Crystal PalaceArsenal4.00LTD£34.95£7.15£1.27
    13/04/2017AnderlechtManchester United4.20LCS£34.88£10.35£18.72
    GillinghamBristol Rovers4.50LCS£35.00£9.50£2.77
    Port ValeSheffield Utd.4.50LCS£35.00£9.50£12.27
    Bristol CityQPR4.50LCS£35.00£9.50£21.77
    HeraclesAZ Alkmaar4.00LTD£34.95£6.45£37.72
    GalwaySt. Patricks3.55LTD£34.94-£8.25£29.47
    Newcastle Utd.Leeds4.40LCS£34.85£9.75£39.22
    15/04/2017Hannover 96Braunschweig4.50LCS£35.00-£35.00£4.22
    Crystal PalaceLeicester3.65LTD£34.98-£34.98-£30.76
    MotherwellInverness CT3.85LTD£34.91£10.95-£19.81
    Aston VillaReading4.90LCS£19.50£4.75-£15.06
    Rapid ViennaSCR Altach4.50LCS£35.00£9.50-£5.56
    TwenteNEC Nijmegen7.40LCS£32.00£4.75-£0.81
    16/04/2017BochumGreuther Furth4.45LCS£34.50-£34.50-£70.26
    MattersburgAustria Vienna3.70LTD£34.97£10.80-£59.46
    Werder BremenHamburger SV3.70LTD£34.97£7.00-£52.46
    DarmstadtSchalke 044.50LCS£35.00£9.50-£42.96
    Leyton OrientHartlepool4.00LTD£34.95£11.05-£22.41

    We will report back next month with another update of our results.

    Football Betting Alerts Review: Update One

    21st March 2017

    We have been trading the Professor's Picks for our Football Betting Alerts review over the last month and we're back with an update of our results. It's been a mixed start with a good performance for the Lay The Draw selections, giving us a profit of £47.23 to £10 stakes at an ROI of 6.5%.

    On the other hand, the Lay Correct Score at Half Time selections have given us a loss of £128.71, which makes it an overall loss of £81.48 so far.

    The main issue with this service is that it takes up a lot of your time as you have to keep track of a lot of matches, especially at the weekend​. There is a bot to automate the selections, but this is third party software that requires an additional subscription fee to access.

    We have not traded all of the selections as it just hasn't been practical to be tied to the screen all day, but we have covered as many as possible.

    Key Stats - Update One
     Lay The DrawLay Correct Score at HTTotal
    Number of Trades283967
    Total Stakes/Liability£726.00£1,247.00£1,973.00
    Profit/Loss (£10 stakes)£47.23-£128.71-£81.48
    Average Odds3.594.283.99
    Strike Rate89.3%69.2%77.6%

    Results - Update One
    DateTeam ATeam BOddsStrategyLiabilityP/LTotal
    ColchesterCrawley Town3.90LTD£29.00£4.00£4.02
    Notts Co.Exeter3.50LTD£25.00£0.02£4.04
    LeedsBristol City3.50LTD£25.00£7.40£15.44
    Oxford Utd.Southend4.10LCS£31.00£9.50£34.44
    PlymouthLeyton Orient4.50LCS£35.00£9.50£43.94
    Sparta RotterdamGroningen3.80LCS£35.00-£35.00£13.41
    MgladbachRB Leipzig3.40LTD£24.00£7.11-£7.48
    FC MidtyllandViborg4.10LCS£31.00-£31.00-£28.98
    AC MilanFiorentina3.60LTD£26.00£9.50-£19.48
    24/02/2017Union BerlinMunich 18604.40LCS£34.00£9.50£5.18
    ADO Den HaagTwente4.50LCS£35.00-£35.00-£29.82
    RandersFC Midtylland3.55LTD£25.50£1.84-£27.98
    WolfsburgWerder Bremen3.80LTD£28.00-£0.56-£28.54
    26/02/2017G.A. EaglesVitesse4.50LCS£35.00£9.50-£19.04
    VfB StuttgartKaiserslautern4.00LTD£30.00£5.08-£4.17
    NurnbergVfL Bochum4.50LCS£35.00-£35.00-£39.17
    St. EtienneCaen3.35LTD£23.50£0.13-£30.18
    St. GallenLugano4.40LCS£34.00£9.50-£20.68
    GijonCelta Vigo3.55LTD£25.50-£25.50-£77.18
    28/02/2017Real SociedadEibar4.30LCS£33.00£9.50-£48.68
    PlymouthNotts County4.00LTD£30.00£0.00-£48.68
    Crawley TownExeter3.80LTD£28.00£7.50-£41.18
    Aston VillaBristol City3.60LCS£26.00£9.50-£29.68
    BoltonBristol Rovers4.30LCS£33.00£9.50-£20.18
    03/03/2017TrabzonsporKardemir Karabuk4.50LCS£35.00£9.50-£32.03
    Greuther FurthNurnberg3.40LTD£24.00£9.50-£57.53
    KrasnodarSpartak Moscow3.45LTD£24.50£1.60-£55.93
    Rapid ViennaSalzburg4.10LCS£31.00£9.50-£46.43
    Terek GrozniUfa3.35LTD£23.50£2.25-£44.18
    Bristol CityNorwich4.50LCS£35.00£9.50-£15.68
    10/03/2017Kawasaki FrontaleKashiwa5.90LCS£24.50£4.75£3.32
    Jiangsu SuningTianjin Teda3.00LCS£20.00-£20.00-£16.68
    Randers FCAarhus3.90LCS£29.00£9.50-£7.18
    RB LeipzigWolfsburg4.50LCS£35.00-£35.00-£67.18
    CarlisleCambridge Utd4.50LCS£35.00£9.50-£92.68
    PartickInverness CT3.45LCS£24.50£9.50-£83.18
    Austria ViennaAC Wolfsberger4.50LCS£35.00£9.50-£65.48
    12/03/2017NurnbergArminia Bielefeld4.50LCS£35.00-£35.00-£81.48

    We will continue to review the service for a further two months and will report back next month with another update of our results.

    Football Betting Alerts Review: Introduction

    22nd February 2017

    We have got a new review underway of Football Betting Alerts, a service from the same team behind Pre-Match Betting and In-play Trading. The site offers trading and betting selections that are posted several times per week by someone known as "The Professor".

    The "Professor's Picks" currently use two different strategies - Lay The Draw and Lay Correct Score at HT. So far they have made a total profit of £876 to £10 stakes since October 2016.

    The ​full results have been posted on the website here. 

    The results for the LTD picks are recorded as if they had been traded out of at 85 minutes, but the FAQ states that it is a personal choice when you choose to trade out, or whether you do at all, so results could vary from person to person.

    The headline of the service states "Profitable trades direct to your inbox", but unfortunately we cannot find a way to receive the selections via email anywhere. They are accessible by logging in to the website though, so it's just a case of remembering to login and check. 

    They are added ​several times per week for the main worldwide league fixtures and usually there are a few days worth of picks in advance.

    We will be using a bank of £1000 split into 100 points, which works out at £10 per point. We will aim to trade as many as the selections as possible, but obviously we might have to miss a few if it means we will have to trade all day and night.

    There are approximately 45-85 picks per week, mostly kicking off in the evenings and weekends.​

    ​We have been advised that the team are working on a way to automate the selections using a bot. It's not quite there yet, but hopefully won't be long. Personally we would rather trade LTD ourselves as there are many other factors to take into account. For the Lay the HT Score strategy though, this will surely save a heap of time.

    The site offers support for those new to trading via email, a chatroom and video tutorials. 

    Membership costs ​£49 per month for the first month and then £99 per month, £269 for three months or £479 for six months.

    We started trading Professor's Picks last week, so we will report back in three weeks time with our first set of results.


  • Lay Correct Score strategy had promising results with a high strike rate
  • Cons

  • High membership fees and extra charge for use of a bot
  • Without a bot the service is tedious/time consuming to use
  • Lack of clarity for how the strategies work, with several changes made throughout the review

    1. FBA is just a con…professional traders they certainly aren’t…just some people winging it to make money….terrible picks, awful strategy and no customer service at all….any question of the service in comments gets instantly deleted…anybody advertising this service in any way should be ashamed

      1. Hi Rab, This is why we conduct these reviews – to find out what works and weed out the rubbish. Can’t comment on FBA yet as we have only just started a trial of the service, but we will report back with a monthly update.

          1. Hi Jay,
            The next update is due around the 14th May, but ideally we’d like to extend the review for a further 1-2 months so that we can do some more testing with the bot.

    2. Hi. I can only second what Rab said. First, you need a BOT (the owner blames losses on people not getting up at 6 am to place a bet). When that’s running, you may well see results. However ….

      The owner cannot tolerate questions or criticism in chat, will ban users, and send them verbally abusive e-mails (I have proof). On asking if users were in profit after sub’s and commission, I was instantly banned, and sent an e-mail saying “we don’t need users like you”, I.e. we only want users who will sing our praises.

      Today, for example, was the third losing Saturday in a row. I’m quite happy to accept losing runs. But I see no reason to tolerate a bullying owner who wants to ban all perceived criticism. Think about it: someone secure in what they offer wouldn’t ban people and send bullying e-mails, they would politely correct us.

      Steer clear of this unless you are prepared to say positive things only.

    3. Hi,

      This review is broadly in line with my experience. Except, I got banned and sent an aggressive e-mail for asking about the losses that were clearly happening. Note: This was not accusatory. I was simply asking for clarification as I was, at that point, unsure whether to continue. The next moment I received an e-mail saying “we don’t need users like you” and questions like mine were “a poisoned chalice.” That is bullying behaviour, and I can point to 4 other people that have been subjected to similar.

      So, to be clear. April losses are presently approx. £300, down from a high of approx. £550. Many of those occurred due to the introduction of the HT LTD strategy which we were told had been tested. Then it was introduced and lost. Now it’s back in ‘testing’ – it’s all rather confusing.

      Also, the LCS prices are usually higher than the results state which will naturally affect profits (advice has been half stakes when >4.5 which is often).

      The ‘Profit-It’ BOT has issues with users reporting it missing bets or placing them too early. Though these are technical ones that can be ironed out.

      I find it rather odd that the alerts apparently made £1K + profit but then mysteriously lost £550 soon after launching. It is also odd that people get banned for pointing that out. If the owner made approx. £11,800 in subscriber fees the first month (with 150-ish joining), whereas users are presently several hundred pounds down, then I think it’s reasonable to ask: who is the only one winning?

      I had the good sense to stop placing bets. FBA, I’m sorry to say, resembles a scam like many others out there.

    4. I joined the service for a bit and broke even thankfully.

      Unfortunately I’ve really lost any faith in Ads after all of this. The whole bot debarcle, a trader with so say 12 years experience chopping + changing untested methods, the fees and then him having the continued arrogance to give anyone stick who may question any of it.

      I will be staying well away from his products in the future after this heap of overpriced rubbish.

    5. I am still locked into site due to foolishly signing up for 6 months after reasonable early results. I was a member right from the onset. Initially it started OK but results soon went south along with £700 of my money. Ads, the guy who seems to run it is clearly a very novice inexperienced trader who pops up in the chat-room from time to time with awful money losing trade suggestions. I stopped betting any of the tips a long time ago. They are dreadful and I would strongly advise anyone thinking about joining these cowboys to think again.

    6. and to think if it that these guys rated his in play trading tool a 4.5 stars? hello goal profit what stuff are you smokin id like soem of that. that tool is from these same scammy cowboys called ads and co. the tool offers nothing more than what any bet365 and betfair user can access for free . they have long dodged their draw inflation and many other features your review raves upon. affiliate goal i smell.

      1. Hi Himesh, thanks for your comment.

        If you had read our review of In-Play Trading, you would have seen that we completely agree with your view! We wrote “Of course you can still access the in-play stats for free elsewhere (minus the pressure index), but none of the free sites seem to offer all of the information on one page” and “It is a personal choice whether you think the subscription price is worth the money”.

        The fact is that it does what was advertised during our review period and we judged it on that basis. As you can see throughout our site, if a service does not live up to expectations then we have no hesitation in awarding much lower ratings.

    7. Where are the results?
      Above I went to the last game and it goes to March, I also read from another review that they change strategies half way through, £80 for this shower of s**t?!

      And if you think the professor exists you must be thick, another bulls**tter I am afraid

      1. Hi McFish

        At the top of the page you will see “Update Two” which contains results up to 17th April. If you read our review so far, you will see that we have also commented on the change of strategies.

        To be honest, we couldn’t care less what the person sending out the tips decides to call him/herself. We judge services mainly on profit/loss as that’s what our readers want to know about.

    8. I take it £128.23 profit doesnt take account of £79 sub or £20 BOT so in real terms less than £30 profit in a month? If so, I think that should be highlighted in the review as otherwise it coud be misleading. Lots of work for little reward it seems. Service is still way wayyyy overpriced for me.

      1. Hi TK, We always highlight how much membership costs and this is a factor that we take into account when deciding on a rating in our final reviews. We agree that the subscription fees for this service are much higher than the average tips service and this will be mentioned in our conclusion.

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