Footballer Tips Review: High ROI Football Bets

Footballer Tips is a tipping service that offers regular bets on popular football markets such as BTTS and Over/Under Goals. 

They are one of the most profitable services on the Tipstrr network, with a total of 1,015.6 points profit using level stakes since launching in August 2020.

That works out as an average monthly profit of 27.4 points, again based on level staking of 1 point per bet.

The service bases its bets solely on value, so they are looking for discrepancies in odds rather than what they think is going to happen. This means many of the bets go against the flow and what is deemed the most likely outcome.

One thing to note is that the tipster has been known to advise his bets to be placed at Pinnacle, which is not currently available in the UK. He does use other UK bookmakers, but you would either have to skip these bets or take lower odds somewhere else.

Digging into the stats shows that the Pinnacle bets have the lowest ROI out of all of the bookmakers, with SkyBet, Betfair and PaddyPower producing the highest ROI. So based on that, there's still plenty of opportunity for UK bettors to get involved.

We tracked bets from the service for three months and finished with 81.31 points profit at an ROI of 17.8%. We were amazed by the performance, but there are some things you need to know about the service. Read on to find out.

Review Stats+81.31pts profit, 17.8% ROI, 42.1% SR
Stakes Level 1 point stakes
Starting bank Not advised, we used 100 points
Average no. betsApprox. 150 per month
Time of emailsMorning 8.00-11.00am
Price£8.70 for the 1st month and then £29 per month

Month One Update

We were off to a great start in month one of our Footballer Tips review with 22.41 points profit banked at an ROI of 14.6%.

The tips had mostly been Both Teams to Score (No) bets, which we had been seeing a lot of in recent football tips reviews. It seemed that there was plenty of value to be found in those markets and tipsters were capitalising on it.

Key Stats

Available Odds
Number of Bets154
Total Stakes (pts)154.00
Profit/Loss (pts)22.41
Profit/Loss (£10 stakes)£224.10
Strike Rate40.3%
Overall Bank Growth22.4%
Bank (100pt starting)122.41


DateMatchBetStakeAvailable OddsP/LBank
28/09/2023Swindon Supermarine v Merthyr TownBoth teams to score - No 1.002.801.80101.80
28/09/2023Peterborough Sports v Brackley TownBoth teams to score - No 1.001.900.90102.70
28/09/2023Al-Wasl U21 v Al-Sharjah U21Both teams to score - No 1.002.75-1.00101.70
28/09/2023Mjondalen 2 v Start IIBoth teams to score - No 1.004.20-1.00100.70
29/08/2023Queen Of The South v HibernianBoth teams to score - No 1.002.60-1.0099.70
29/08/2023HerTo v SAPA HelsinkiBoth teams to score - No 1.005.504.50104.20
29/08/2023Gjelleraasen v Ullern IIBoth teams to score - No 1.002.75-1.00103.20
30/08/2023Silas v BFA VilniusBoth teams to score - No 1.002.801.80105.00
30/08/2023III Keruleti Tve v Bicskei TcBoth teams to score - No 1.002.40-1.00104.00
31/08/2023BATE Borisov v FC BallkaniBoth teams to score - No 1.002.501.50105.50
31/08/2023Ki Klaksvik II v B71 SandoyBoth teams to score - No
01/09/2023MuSa v TPK TurkuBoth teams to score - No
01/09/2023Kurvin Vauhti v LJSBoth teams to score - No
01/09/2023Oberneuland v Union BremenBoth teams to score - No 1.003.30-1.00110.70
02/09/2023Auerbach v VfB 1921 KrieschowBoth teams to score - No 1.003.30-1.00109.70
02/09/2023Tus Rot-Weiß Koblenz v Wormatia WormsBoth teams to score - No
02/09/2023FC Edinburgh v FalkirkBoth teams to score - No
02/09/2023Hapoel Petach Tikva v Bnei SakhninBoth teams to score - No 1.002.05-1.00111.95
02/09/2023Brighton and Hove Albion v Newcastle UtdBoth teams to score - No 1.002.87-1.00110.95
02/09/2023Gosk Gabela v SarajevoBoth teams to score - No 1.002.05-1.00109.95
02/09/2023Ceske Budejovice v Mlada BoleslavBoth teams to score - No 1.003.30-1.00108.95
02/09/2023Holbaek v Young Boys FDHolbaek Under
02/09/2023SC Freital v Einheit WernigerodeBoth teams to score - No 1.003.40-1.00106.95
02/09/2023Shkendija v ShkupiShkupi Under
02/09/2023Pescara v Juventus BBoth teams to score - No 1.002.15-1.00107.02
02/09/2023FCSB v Universitatea CraiovaBoth teams to score - No
03/09/2023Liverpool v Aston VillaBoth teams to score - No 1.002.801.80110.02
03/09/2023Union Tornesch v Victoria HamburgBoth teams to score - No 1.003.752.75112.77
03/09/2023Igdir Belediyespor v EtimesgutBoth teams to score - No
02/09/2023Laanemaa Haapsalu v Narva Trans IIBoth teams to score - No 1.004.00-1.00112.92
02/09/2023Nordstrand v LorenskogBoth teams to score - No 1.003.502.50115.42
03/09/2023Anagennisi Arta v Apollon ParalimniouBoth teams to score - No 1.002.40-1.00114.42
04/09/2023Frigg v Lillestrom IIBoth teams to score - No
04/09/2023JK Tammeka Tartu II v Nomme Kalju U21Both teams to score - No
05/09/2023Taastrup v FA 2000Both teams to score - No 1.002.801.80122.22
05/09/2023Gleisdorf 09 v Bad GleichenbergBoth teams to score - No
05/09/2023Gorslev v Ishoj IFBoth teams to score - No 1.002.90-1.00123.42
05/09/2023Dassendorf v Niendorfer TSVBoth teams to score - No 1.003.10-1.00122.42
05/09/2023Grorud 2 v GjelleraasenBoth teams to score - No 1.003.60-1.00121.42
05/09/2023Atletico FC Cali v Boca Juniors de CaliBoth teams to score - No
06/09/2023TPS II v Peimari UtdBoth teams to score - No 1.003.20-1.00121.67
07/09/2023Estonia v BulgariaBoth teams to score - No 1.001.95-1.00120.67
07/09/2023TPK Turku v VG-62Both teams to score - No 1.003.80-1.00119.67
07/09/2023Anguilla v Saint MartinBoth teams to score - No 1.002.501.50121.17
08/09/2023Villingen v HolzhausenBoth teams to score - No 1.002.871.87123.04
08/09/2023Hibernian B v The New SaintsBoth teams to score - No 1.002.801.80124.84
08/09/20231. CfR Pforzheim v VfR MannheimBoth teams to score - No 1.002.751.75126.59
08/09/2023Mali v South SudanBoth teams to score - No 1.001.570.57127.16
08/09/2023Saffle FF v FBK KarlstadClean sheet - FBK Karlstad1.003.202.20129.36
08/09/2023IPS v MiPKBoth teams to score - No 1.005.50-1.00128.36
09/09/2023Njardvik v AkranesBoth teams to score - No 1.003.60-1.00127.36
09/09/2023FK Humenne v Povazska BystricaBoth teams to score - No 1.002.55-1.00126.36
09/09/2023Tromso 2 v KFUM 2Both teams to score - No 1.003.75-1.00125.36
09/09/2023Oldenburger SV v VfR NeumunsterBoth teams to score - No
09/09/2023Senegal v RwandaBoth teams to score - No 1.001.90-1.00127.36
10/09/2023Yokohama Marinos v Consadole SapporoBoth teams to score - No 1.003.602.60129.96
10/09/2023Kumamoto v Fujieda MYFCBoth teams to score - No 1.002.751.75131.71
10/09/2023RC Deportivo Fabril v Santander BBoth teams to score - No 1.002.00-1.00130.71
10/09/2023Karlbergs BK v FC ArlandaBoth teams to score - No
10/09/2023Nyva Buzova v Khust CityBoth teams to score - No 1.002.00-1.00131.81
10/09/2023Sokol Zapy v Arsenal Ceska LipaBoth teams to score - No
10/09/2023Togo v Cape VerdeBoth teams to score - No 1.001.72-1.00132.06
12/09/2023Haka Juniorit v Tervakosken PatoBoth teams to score - No 1.003.30-1.00131.06
12/09/2023Concordia v SuderelbeBoth teams to score - No 1.004.50-1.00130.06
12/09/2023Azerbaijan v JordanBoth teams to score - No 1.001.80-1.00129.06
12/09/2023Bulgaria v IsraelBoth teams to score - No
12/09/2023Turkey v ItalyBoth teams to score - No
12/09/2023Albania v RomaniaBoth teams to score - No 1.002.30-1.00130.11
12/09/2023Union Tornesch v SV Halstenbek-RellingenBoth teams to score - No 1.003.30-1.00129.11
13/09/2023FC Holon Yermiyahu v Hapoel Bikat HayardenBoth teams to score - No
13/09/2023TSV Sasel v Hamburg Eimsbutteler BCBoth teams to score - No 1.004.00-1.00129.36
14/09/2023Al-Ain v Al BataehBoth teams to score - No 1.002.60-1.00128.36
15/09/2023Yokohama Marinos v TosuBoth teams to score - No 1.002.62-1.00127.36
15/09/2023Tanjong Pagar Utd v DPMMBoth teams to score - No 1.004.20-1.00126.36
15/09/2023Bali Utd v RANS NusantaraBoth teams to score - No 1.002.40-1.00125.36
15/09/2023Eimsbutteler TV v Weiche FlensburgBoth teams to score - No 1.002.371.37126.73
15/09/2023Oberneuland v ESC GeestemundeBoth teams to score - No 1.004.00-1.00125.73
15/09/2023Bayern Munich v Bayer LeverkusenBoth teams to score - No 1.003.00-1.00124.73
15/09/2023Wuhan Three Towns v Cangzhou Mighty LionsBoth teams to score - No 1.002.621.62126.35
15/09/2023Kari v MagniBoth teams to score - No
16/09/2023Pardubice v Frydek MistekBoth teams to score - No 1.002.401.40130.85
16/09/2023KTS-K Luzino v Elana TorunBoth teams to score - No 1.002.55-1.00129.85
16/09/2023Hannover II v Eintracht NorderstedtBoth teams to score - No 1.003.70-1.00128.85
16/09/2023Dynamo Schwerin v SV Eintracht 1949Both teams to score - No 1.003.25-1.00127.85
16/09/2023Kristianstads v IFK BergaBoth teams to score - No 1.002.371.37129.22
16/09/2023Mosonmagyarovari TE v Puskas AcademyBoth teams to score - No
16/09/2023Fyllingsdalen v EigerBoth teams to score - No 1.002.87-1.00129.22
16/09/2023Loddefjord v Staal JorpelandBoth teams to score - No
16/09/2023Basel II v FC ParadisoBoth teams to score - No 1.003.00-1.00130.47
16/09/2023Manchester Utd v Brighton and Hove AlbionBoth teams to score - No 1.003.20-1.00129.47
16/09/2023B71 Sandoy v B68 Toftir IIBoth teams to score - No 1.003.30-1.00128.47
16/09/2023Dinamo Tbilisi v Torpedo KutaisiTorpedo Kutaisi Under
16/09/2023SV Elversberg v HamburgBoth teams to score - No 1.002.87-1.00126.47
16/09/2023NSI Runavik v EB/Streymur IIBoth teams to score - No 1.001.850.85127.32
17/09/2023TSG Neustrelitz v BSV Eintracht MahlsdorfBoth teams to score - No
17/09/2023Ludwigsfelder v Bischofswerdaer FV 08Ludwigsfelder Under
17/09/2023Medeama SC v HoroyaBoth teams to score - No 1.001.75-1.00127.42
17/09/2023Siroki Brijeg v FK Zvijezda 09FK Zvijezda 09 Under
17/09/2023Levadia Tallinn II v Paide Linnameeskond IIBoth teams to score - No 1.004.00-1.00125.42
17/09/2023Aviles Stadium Cf v UC CearesBoth teams to score - No 1.001.90-1.00124.42
17/09/2023VMA IK v IFK MalmoBoth teams to score - No 1.003.602.60127.02
17/09/2023Efeler 09 v Yeni Altindag BBoth teams to score - No 1.002.10-1.00126.02
17/09/2023Bergama v Nevsehir BelediyesporBoth teams to score - No 1.002.20-1.00125.02
17/09/2023Sultanbeyli Belediyespor v Siirt OzelBoth teams to score - No
17/09/2023Bremer v SV Drochtersen AsselClean sheet - SV Drochtersen Assel1.003.00-1.00125.22
18/09/2023Dinamo Minsk v Neman GrodnoNeman Grodno Under
18/09/2023Al-Ahed v Al-NahdaBoth teams to score - No 1.002.40-1.00123.22
18/09/2023Al-Quwa Al-Jawiya v SepahanBoth teams to score - No 1.001.95-1.00122.22
19/09/2023Maziya S&RC v BashundharaBoth teams to score - No 1.002.25-1.00121.22
19/09/2023Hamburg II v Hannover IIBoth teams to score - No 1.003.10-1.00120.22
19/09/2023RKVV DEM v Sportlust '46Both teams to score - No 1.002.62-1.00119.22
20/09/2023Benfica v Red Bull Salzburg U19Both teams to score - No 1.002.90-1.00118.22
20/09/2023Leiknir v AftureldingBoth teams to score - No 1.003.00-1.00117.22
20/09/2023Vestri v FjolnirBoth teams to score - No
20/09/2023ADO 20 v Quick BoysBoth teams to score - No 1.003.302.30121.52
21/09/2023CPK v Taichung FuturoBoth teams to score - No 1.002.501.50123.02
22/09/2023Memmingen v AnsbachBoth teams to score - No 1.002.80-1.00122.02
22/09/2023Bayern Munich II v IllertissenBoth teams to score - No 1.003.70-1.00121.02
22/09/2023ToTe v HerToBoth teams to score - No 1.002.75-1.00120.02
22/09/2023Borussia Monchengladbach II v Paderborn 07 IIBoth teams to score - No 1.002.80-1.00119.02
23/09/2023Frydek Mistek v ZlinBoth teams to score - No 1.003.302.30121.32
23/09/2023KajHa v Tervarit JunioritBoth teams to score - No 1.002.40-1.00120.32
23/09/2023Bischofswerdaer FV 08 v VfB 1921 KrieschowBoth teams to score - No 1.003.40-1.00119.32
23/09/2023Dassendorf v Altona 93Both teams to score - No 1.002.80-1.00118.32
23/09/2023Rostocker v Dynamo SchwerinBoth teams to score - No 1.003.702.70121.02
23/09/2023IK Gauthiod v LidkopingsClean sheet - IK Gauthiod1.003.25-1.00120.02
23/09/2023Long Eaton v Kettering TownBoth teams to score - No 1.002.50-1.00119.02
23/09/2023Bulle v Basel IIBoth teams to score - No 1.003.30-1.00118.02
23/09/2023Uerdingen v SV StraelenBoth teams to score - No 1.002.80-1.00117.02
23/09/2023Velez Mostar v Sloga DobojBoth teams to score - No 1.001.90-1.00116.02
23/09/2023Lions Gibraltar v St JosephsBoth teams to score - No 1.002.00-1.00115.02
23/09/2023Kemi City v KePSBoth teams to score - No 1.004.503.50118.52
23/09/2023Stenungsunds IF v FBK KarlstadBoth teams to score - No 1.003.00-1.00117.52
23/09/2023Nassjo FF v Tolo IFBoth teams to score - No 1.002.62-1.00116.52
24/09/2023Carl Zeiss Jena v Rb LeipzigBoth teams to score - No 1.003.00-1.00115.52
24/09/2023Koln v Arminia BielefeldArminia Bielefeld Under
24/09/2023BSV Eintracht Mahlsdorf v MakkabiBoth teams to score - No
24/09/2023Teutonia 05 v Hannover IIBoth teams to score - No 1.003.30-1.00115.62
24/09/2023Persija Jakarta v Bali UtdBoth teams to score - No 1.002.25-1.00114.62
24/09/2023Panathinaikos B v KalamataBoth teams to score - No 1.001.85-1.00113.62
24/09/2023Fjolnir v VestriBoth teams to score - No 1.002.80-1.00112.62
25/09/2023Donn v Start IIBoth teams to score - No 1.003.20-1.00111.62
25/09/2023Berum v Brann 2Both teams to score - No 1.004.503.50115.12
25/09/2023Balestier Khalsa v Lion City SailorsBoth teams to score - No 1.003.502.50117.62
25/09/2023Ullern II v FriggBoth teams to score - No 1.003.40-1.00116.62
25/09/2023East Bengal v JamshedpurBoth teams to score - No 1.002.551.55118.17
25/09/2023National Bank v PyramidsNational Bank Under
25/09/2023Nordsjaelland v HvidovreBoth teams to score - No 1.001.950.95120.26
27/09/2023Erbaaspor v Fatsa BelediyesporBoth teams to score - No
27/09/2023NK Stupcanica v Rudar PrijedorBoth teams to score - No 1.002.20-1.00120.26
27/09/2023Radnik Bijeljina v Sloga DobojBoth teams to score - No
27/09/2023Zagorec v HNK GoricaBoth teams to score - No
27/09/2023Dugo Selo v LokomotivaBoth teams to score - No
27/09/2023Municipal v AchuapaBoth teams to score - No 1.002.15-1.00122.41

Month Two Update

It had been an even better month for Footballer Tips off the back off a great start to our review, with a further 36.59 points profit banked in month two at an ROI of 24.2%.

Our 100 point bank had increased by 59% in two months, which was an amazing performance from the tipster.

It was good news for UK bettors too, as we found that the vast majority of bets were available at UK bookmakers at close or even the same odds as Pinnacle.

Key Stats

Available Odds
Number of Bets151
Total Stakes (pts)151.00
Profit/Loss (pts)36.59
Profit/Loss (£10 stakes)£365.90
Strike Rate45.7%
Overall Bank Growth59.0%
Bank (100pt starting)159.00


DateMatchBetStakeAvailable OddsP/LBank
28/09/2023Racing Club v NejmehBoth teams to score - No 1.002.15-1.00121.41
28/09/2023Alexandria v CFR ClujBoth teams to score - No 1.001.95-1.00120.41
28/09/2023Al Sadd v Al GharafaBoth teams to score - No
29/09/2023Kirivong Sok Sen Chey v ISI Dangkor SencheyBoth teams to score - No 1.003.802.80125.46
29/09/2023Dukla Prague v FC BrnoBoth teams to score - No 1.003.302.30127.76
29/09/2023Yokohama Marinos v KobeBoth teams to score - No 1.002.901.90129.66
29/09/2023Nrb Teleghma v USM El HarrachBoth teams to score - No 1.001.80-1.00128.66
29/09/2023MCB Oued Sly v ES MostaganemBoth teams to score - No 1.001.900.90129.56
29/09/2023Albirex Niigata v Geylang InternationalBoth teams to score - No 1.002.501.50131.06
29/09/2023Js Bordj Menaiel v AS KhroubBoth teams to score - No 1.001.750.75131.81
29/09/2023USM El Eulma v Ain MlilaBoth teams to score - No 1.001.950.95132.76
29/09/2023Hamburg v Fortuna DusseldorfBoth teams to score - No 1.002.901.90134.66
29/09/2023Orlando Pirates v Jwaneng GalaxyBoth teams to score - No 1.001.830.83135.49
29/09/2023USM Khenchela v KabylieKabylie Under
30/09/2023Fujieda MYFC v ShimizuBoth teams to score - No 1.002.301.30135.79
30/09/2023Shakhter Karagandy v Tobol KostanayBoth teams to score - No 1.002.10-1.00134.79
30/09/2023Aston Villa v Brighton and Hove AlbionBoth teams to score - No 1.003.00-1.00133.79
30/09/2023Al Fahaheel v Al QadsiaBoth teams to score - No 1.002.301.30135.09
30/09/2023Tosu v KyotoBoth teams to score - No 1.002.25-1.00134.09
30/09/2023Orenburg v Zenit St PetersburgOrenburg Under
30/09/2023Nurnberg v Bayern MunichBoth teams to score - No 1.003.60-1.00132.09
30/09/2023Kampala City Council v Abu SalimBoth teams to score - No 1.002.25-1.00131.09
30/09/2023AEK Athens B v Athlitiki Enosi LarissaAEK Athens B Under
30/09/2023Panachaiki v Panathinaikos BBoth teams to score - No 1.001.900.90130.99
30/09/2023Sandnes v StartBoth teams to score - No
30/09/2023Bissingen v VfR MannheimBoth teams to score - No 1.003.302.30135.39
30/09/2023Whitby Town v Morpeth TownBoth teams to score - No
30/09/2023Asker v OppsalBoth teams to score - No
30/09/2023Sarajevo v FK Zvijezda 09Both teams to score - No 1.001.950.95141.44
30/09/2023Kungsangen v FC ArlandaBoth teams to score - No 1.003.80-1.00140.44
30/09/2023BTS Neustadt v Brinkumer SV4Both teams to score - No 1.004.80-1.00139.44
30/09/2023KaaPo v WilpasBoth teams to score - No 1.002.87-1.00138.44
01/10/20231860 Munich v AugsburgBoth teams to score - No 1.002.75-1.00137.44
01/10/2023Wuppertaler SV v DuisburgBoth teams to score - No 1.002.871.87139.31
01/10/2023Everton v Brighton and Hove AlbionBoth teams to score - No 1.002.70-1.00138.31
01/10/2023Igman Konjic v ZrinjskiBoth teams to score - No
01/10/2023TuS Komet Arsten v TS WoltmershausenBoth teams to score - No 1.004.20-1.00138.56
01/10/2023Borac Banja Luka v Velez MostarVelez Mostar Under
01/10/2023Lusail v Al ShahaniyaBoth teams to score - No 1.002.30-1.00138.59
01/10/2023Al Waab SC v Al KhorBoth teams to score - No 1.002.30-1.00137.59
01/10/2023Nordstrand v Tromso 2Both teams to score - No 1.003.502.50140.09
01/10/2023TSV Alemannia Aachen v SchalkeBoth teams to score - No 1.002.25-1.00139.09
01/10/2023Tartu Kalev v JK Tammeka Tartu IIBoth teams to score - No 1.004.00-1.00138.09
02/10/2023Bashundhara v OdishaBoth teams to score - No 1.002.25-1.00137.09
02/10/2023Hamarkameratene 2 v Sogndal IIBoth teams to score - No 1.004.00-1.00136.09
02/10/2023Zeljeznicar v Siroki BrijegBoth teams to score - No 1.002.25-1.00135.09
02/10/2023Inter Turku II v MuSaBoth teams to score - No 1.003.60-1.00134.09
03/10/2023B71 Sandoy v Havnar Boltfelag IIBoth teams to score - No 1.003.30-1.00133.09
03/10/2023College 1975 v St JosephsBoth teams to score - No 1.002.401.40134.49
03/10/2023Manchester Utd U19 v GalatasarayBoth teams to score - No 1.002.401.40135.89
04/10/2023Olympiacos U19 v US Lecce U19Both teams to score - No 1.002.75-1.00134.89
05/10/2023Moik Baku v Shamakhi FKBoth teams to score - No 1.002.55-1.00133.89
05/10/2023Bodo Glimt v Club BruggeBoth teams to score - No 1.002.871.87135.76
06/10/2023SC Freital v Budissa BautzenBoth teams to score - No 1.003.402.40138.16
06/10/2023Askollen v HalsenBoth teams to score - No
06/10/2023Ponnistajat v LPSBoth teams to score - No 1.004.50-1.00141.16
06/10/2023SAPA Helsinki v HerToBoth teams to score - No 1.004.00-1.00140.16
06/10/2023Tennis Borussia Berlin v Dynamo SchwerinBoth teams to score - No 1.002.80-1.00139.16
07/10/2023Eastern Salon v Sham Shui PoBoth teams to score - No 1.001.75-1.00138.16
07/10/2023Dassendorf v Hamburg Eimsbutteler BCBoth teams to score - No 1.002.80-1.00137.16
07/10/2023NSI Runavik v FC HoyvikBoth teams to score - No 1.002.551.55138.71
07/10/2023MyPa v HaPKBoth teams to score - No 1.002.87-1.00137.71
07/10/2023Bromsgrove Sporting v Halesowen TownBoth teams to score - No 1.002.551.55139.26
07/10/2023Cheshunt v Dulwich HamletBoth teams to score - No 1.002.751.75141.01
07/10/2023Harrow Borough v MargateBoth teams to score - No 1.003.302.30143.31
07/10/2023Long Eaton v StourbridgeBoth teams to score - No 1.002.55-1.00142.31
07/10/2023Tallinna JK Legion v Paide Linnameeskond IIBoth teams to score - No 1.003.60-1.00141.31
07/10/2023Lietava Jonava v BFA VilniusBoth teams to score - No
07/10/2023Banik Ostrava v Ceske BudejoviceBoth teams to score - No 1.004.00-1.00142.41
07/10/2023Pallo-Iirot v Ilves KissatBoth teams to score - No
07/10/2023PIF Parainen v Honka AkatemiaBoth teams to score - No 1.003.80-1.00144.41
07/10/2023Berliner AK 07 U19 v Hertha BerlinBerliner AK 07 U19 Under
07/10/2023Zilina B v SamorinBoth teams to score - No
07/10/2023FC Paradiso v Zurich IIBoth teams to score - No 1.002.75-1.00144.41
07/10/2023Al Qadsia v Al ArabiBoth teams to score - No 1.002.50-1.00143.41
07/10/2023Bjarg v LoddefjordClean sheet - Bjarg1.003.40-1.00142.41
08/10/2023Brighton and Hove Albion v LiverpoolBoth teams to score - No 1.003.30-1.00141.41
08/10/2023SpVgg Quierschied v DiefflenBoth teams to score - No 1.003.10-1.00140.41
08/10/2023FK Berane v FK GrbaljBoth teams to score - No 1.002.55-1.00139.41
08/10/2023RW Rankweil v FC WolfurtBoth teams to score - No 1.004.00-1.00138.41
08/10/2023Breidablik v StjarnanBoth teams to score - No 1.003.402.40140.81
09/10/2023Hamarkameratene 2 v ElverumBoth teams to score - No 1.004.50-1.00139.81
10/10/2023Lys Sassandra v Racing Club DabidjanBoth teams to score - No 1.001.950.95140.76
11/10/2023Diagoras v PanetolikosBoth teams to score - No 1.002.00-1.00139.76
11/10/2023Niki Volou v LevadiakosBoth teams to score - No 1.001.950.95140.71
11/10/2023Greece v Bulgaria U19Both teams to score - No 1.002.301.30142.01
11/10/2023Spartak Subotica (W) v RosengardBoth teams to score - No 1.002.62-1.00141.01
11/10/2023Ferroviaria v Sao BernardoSao Bernardo Under
12/10/2023ASI Abengourou v AS Denguele DodienneBoth teams to score - No 1.002.00-1.00141.25
13/10/2023GKS Tychy v KarvinaBoth teams to score - No
13/10/2023Nrb Teleghma v Ib Khemis El KhechnaBoth teams to score - No 1.001.860.86144.11
13/10/2023Soa v Racing Club DabidBoth teams to score - No 1.001.900.90145.01
14/10/2023Czech Republic v FinlandBoth teams to score - No
14/10/2023Austria v MontenegroBoth teams to score - No
14/10/2023Nomme Kalju v Harju JKHarju JK Under
14/10/2023Djerv 1919 v StordBoth teams to score - No 1.003.75-1.00145.11
14/10/2023Skjetten v FriggBoth teams to score - No 1.003.752.75147.86
14/10/2023GKS Wikielec v GKS BelchatowBoth teams to score - No 1.002.551.55149.41
14/10/2023Ivory Coast v MoroccoBoth teams to score - No 1.001.90-1.00148.41
15/10/2023Zalgiris Vilnius II v Minija KretingaBoth teams to score - No 1.003.30-1.00147.41
15/10/2023Hodd 2 v BrumunddalBoth teams to score - No 1.004.50-1.00146.41
15/10/2023VMA IK v KristianstadsBoth teams to score - No
15/10/2023Tiller v Bodo/Glimt 2Both teams to score - No 1.004.00-1.00147.51
15/10/2023KuPS Akatemia v Atlantis AkatemiaBoth teams to score - No 1.002.751.75149.26
16/10/2023Rosenborg II v VerdalBoth teams to score - No 1.003.402.40151.66
16/10/2023Saint Martin v AnguillaBoth teams to score - No 1.001.800.80152.46
16/10/2023Mjondalen 2 v Odd IIBoth teams to score - No
17/10/2023Gibraltar U19 v LatviaBoth teams to score - No 1.001.720.72156.38
17/10/2023Bulgaria v KosovoBoth teams to score - No 1.001.95-1.00155.38
18/10/2023Bavois v Zurich IIBoth teams to score - No 1.003.20-1.00154.38
18/10/2023Cham v FC Luzern IIBoth teams to score - No 1.003.60-1.00153.38
20/10/2023FCV Dender v Sint TruidenBoth teams to score - No
20/10/2023Benfica v Estrela U23Both teams to score - No 1.002.551.55157.13
20/10/2023Stolem Gniewino v Swit SkolwinBoth teams to score - No 1.002.401.40158.53
20/10/2023Paide Linnameeskond II v FC TallinnBoth teams to score - No
20/10/2023Spartak Subotica v Partizan BelgradeSpartak Subotica Under
20/10/2023Galway Utd v WexfordWexford Under
21/10/2023Mainz v Bayern MunichBoth teams to score - No 1.005.20-1.00163.05
21/10/2023Holstebro v AvartaBoth teams to score - No 1.002.37-1.00162.05
21/10/2023Spisska Nova Ves v FK HumenneSpisska Nova Ves Under
21/10/2023Pontypridd Utd v Connahs QuayPontypridd Utd Under
21/10/2023B68 Toftir II v Vikingur IIBoth teams to score - No
21/10/2023Skala v Havnar Boltfelag IIBoth teams to score - No 1.002.751.75166.03
21/10/2023Herrestads AIF v Stenungsunds IFClean sheet Herrestads AIF1.002.87-1.00165.03
21/10/2023Nykopings BIS v IFK EskilstunaBoth teams to score - No 1.003.20-1.00164.03
21/10/2023Budissa Bautzen v Germania HalberstadtBoth teams to score - No 1.003.502.50166.53
21/10/2023Rubin Kazan v CSKA MoscowRubin Kazan Under
22/10/2023Daejeon Citizen v SuwonBoth teams to score - No 1.002.55-1.00167.51
22/10/2023Albirex Niigata v Young LionsBoth teams to score - No 1.001.800.80168.31
22/10/2023Geylang International v DPMMBoth teams to score - No 1.003.50-1.00167.31
22/10/2023Igman Konjic v SarajevoIgman Konjic Under
22/10/2023Brumunddal v FoerdeBoth teams to score - No 1.004.33-1.00165.31
22/10/2023Floro v Hamarkameratene 2Both teams to score - No 1.003.75-1.00164.31
22/10/2023Sogndal II v SpjelkavikClean Sheet Sogndal II1.004.50-1.00163.31
22/10/2023Skiljebo v IK FrankeBoth teams to score - No 1.003.30-1.00162.31
22/10/2023Lucchese v PescaraBoth teams to score - No 1.002.37-1.00161.31
22/10/2023Borac Banja Luka v ZrinjskiBoth teams to score - No
23/10/2023PSMS Medan v SriwijayaBoth teams to score - No 1.002.40-1.00161.56
25/10/2023Borussia Monchengladbach II v Jong UtrechtBoth teams to score - No 1.003.302.30163.86
25/10/2023Malzenice v Zlate MoravceMalzenice Under
25/10/2023Paide Linnameeskond II v Flora Tallinn IIBoth teams to score - No 1.004.00-1.00161.86
25/10/2023Buriram Utd v Melbourne CityBoth teams to score - No 1.002.621.62163.48
26/10/2023Taichung Futuro v Taiwan SteelBoth teams to score - No 1.002.40-1.00162.48
26/10/2023Al-Khaleej v Al-TaawounBoth teams to score - No 1.002.87-1.00161.48
26/10/2023Leones v Boca Juniors de CaliBoth teams to score - No 1.002.25-1.00160.48
27/10/2023WIT Georgia v Dinamo-2 TbilisiOver
27/10/2023PDRM v Kuala LumpurClean sheet Kuala Lumpur1.003.20-1.00158.48
27/10/2023Oberneuland v Aumund-VegesackBoth teams to score - No 1.004.00-1.00157.48
27/10/2023Austria Vienna II v SCU ArdaggerSCU Ardagger Under
27/10/2023Ferroviaria v BragantinoBoth teams to score - No 1.002.40-1.00157.75
27/10/2023FK Kukesi v VllazniaBoth teams to score - No

Month Three Update

Footballer Tips added even more profit to the bank in the third month of our review, with a total of 22.31 points profit from 153 bets. Added to the profit from the previous two months, that worked out as a total of 81.31 points profit.

Key Stats

Available Odds
Number of Bets153
Total Stakes (pts)153.00
Profit/Loss (pts)22.31
Profit/Loss (£10 stakes)£223.10
Strike Rate40.5%
Overall Bank Growth81.3%
Bank (100pt starting)181.31


DateMatchBetStakeAvailable OddsP/LBank
28/10/2023Bursa Yildirimspor v Orduspor 1967Both teams to score - No 1.002.15-1.00158.00
28/10/2023Krabi v SuphanburiKrabi Under
28/10/2023STK Eilvese v VfV Borussia HildesheimBoth teams to score - No 1.002.801.80161.36
28/10/2023Garbarnia v Ks WiazownicaBoth teams to score - No 1.002.55-1.00160.36
28/10/2023FC Hoyvik v B71 SandoyBoth teams to score - No
28/10/2023Vikingur II v B36 Torshavn IIBoth teams to score - No 1.003.30-1.00162.36
28/10/2023St Pauli II v Holstein Kiel IIBoth teams to score - No 1.003.10-1.00161.36
28/10/2023Bergama v Sultanbeyli BelediyesporBoth teams to score - No 1.002.75-1.00160.36
28/10/2023TURA Bremen v Brinkumer SVBoth teams to score - No 1.004.20-1.00159.36
28/10/2023Berum v Stjordals-BlinkBoth teams to score - No
28/10/2023City of Liverpool v StamfordBoth teams to score - No 1.002.751.75163.21
28/10/2023Al-Feiha v Al NasrBoth teams to score - No 1.003.10-1.00162.21
28/10/2023Kaiserslautern v HamburgBoth teams to score - No 1.002.87-1.00161.21
28/10/2023Lunds v TrollhattanBoth teams to score - No
28/10/2023Nakhon Si Utd v Nakhon RatchasimaBoth teams to score - No
28/10/2023Bangor 1876 v Airbus Uk BroughtonBoth teams to score - No 1.002.80-1.00163.61
29/10/2023KI Klaksvik v Vikingur GotaBoth teams to score - No 1.002.62-1.00162.61
29/10/2023UNA Strassen v Fola EschBoth teams to score - No 1.003.25-1.00161.61
29/10/2023US Hostert v Union TitusBoth teams to score - No 1.003.30-1.00160.61
29/10/2023Rostocker v Union FurstenwaldeBoth teams to score - No 1.003.40-1.00159.61
29/10/2023Leher TS v BlumenthalerBoth teams to score - No 1.004.00-1.00158.61
29/10/2023Atletic Club Escaldes v CE CarroiBoth teams to score - No 1.002.15-1.00157.61
29/10/2023Germinal v Sol de MayoSol de Mayo Under
29/10/2023Makkabi v FC Hertha 03 ZehlendorfBoth teams to score - No 1.003.25-1.00155.61
29/10/2023Skedsmo v FriggBoth teams to score - No 1.004.00-1.00154.61
29/10/2023Stabaek II v Ullern IIClean sheet Stabaek II1.003.202.20156.81
29/10/2023Bjarg v Staal JorpelandBoth teams to score - No 1.003.502.50159.31
29/10/2023TSG Neustrelitz v SV Tasmania BerlinBoth teams to score - No 1.003.00-1.00158.31
29/10/2023Ida-Virumaa v Tallinna JK LegionBoth teams to score - No 1.003.20-1.00157.31
29/10/2023Union Frintrop v UerdingenBoth teams to score - No 1.002.501.50158.81
29/10/2023Alianza v DragonBoth teams to score - No 1.002.40-1.00157.81
29/10/2023Flora U21 v Paide Linnameeskond IIBoth teams to score - No 1.003.75-1.00156.81
29/10/2023Os Turn v SandvikensBoth teams to score - No 1.004.25-1.00155.81
29/10/2023Stord v Froya FotballClean sheet Stord1.003.80-1.00154.81
29/10/2023Eik-Tonsberg v Sprint-JelyClean sheet Eik-Tonsberg1.003.002.00156.81
29/10/2023Kristiansund BK II v Troender-LynClean sheet Kristiansund BK II1.004.50-1.00155.81
29/10/2023KFUM 2 v Sarpsborg 08 2Clean sheet KFUM 21.004.333.33159.14
29/10/2023Sandefjord II v Odd IIBoth teams to score - No 1.004.10-1.00158.14
30/10/2023Noah v AlashkertBoth teams to score - No 1.002.37-1.00157.14
31/10/2023Dinamo Tirana v KF Skenderbeu KorceBoth teams to score - No 1.002.25-1.00156.14
31/10/2023Karlovac v OsijekClean sheet Osijek1.001.700.70156.84
31/10/2023Wigan Athletic v Charlton AthleticBoth teams to score - No 1.002.45-1.00155.84
01/11/2023Povazska Bystrica v Spartak TrnavaBoth teams to score - No 1.002.25-1.00154.84
01/11/2023Columbus Crew v AtlantaBoth teams to score - No 1.002.701.70156.54
02/11/2023Johor Darul Tazim v PerakBoth teams to score - No 1.002.30-1.00155.54
02/11/2023CSKA Moscow v OrenburgOrenburg Under
02/11/2023Tabasalu JK v Paide Linnameeskond IIBoth teams to score - No 1.004.50-1.00153.54
03/11/2023Sabail v Turan TovuzBoth teams to score - No 1.002.20-1.00152.54
03/11/2023Lichtenberg 47 v Tennis Borussia BerlinBoth teams to score - No 1.002.80-1.00151.54
04/11/2023Dynamo Schwerin v TSG NeustrelitzBoth teams to score - No 1.003.702.70154.24
04/11/2023FC Turkiye v ConcordiaBoth teams to score - No 1.004.00-1.00153.24
04/11/2023Puebla v LeonBoth teams to score - No 1.002.55-1.00152.24
04/11/2023Cangzhou Mighty Lions v Qingdao ManateeBoth teams to score - No 1.002.621.62153.86
04/11/2023Changchun Yatai v Wuhan Three TownsBoth teams to score - No 1.002.75-1.00152.86
04/11/2023Young Lions v DPMMClean sheet DPMM1.002.871.87154.73
04/11/2023BTS Neustadt v Union BremenBoth teams to score - No 1.004.20-1.00153.73
04/11/2023Anker Wismar v BSV Eintracht MahlsdorfBoth teams to score - No 1.003.302.30156.03
04/11/2023Budissa Bautzen v Einheit WernigerodeBoth teams to score - No 1.003.40-1.00155.03
04/11/2023Orgryte v VasterasBoth teams to score - No 1.002.701.70156.73
04/11/2023FK Garliava v FK Panevezio EkranasBoth teams to score - No 1.002.871.87158.60
04/11/2023Stjordals-Blink v Kvik HaldenBoth teams to score - No 1.003.752.75161.35
04/11/2023Optik Rathenow v SC StaakenBoth teams to score - No 1.003.70-1.00160.35
04/11/2023Sutton Utd v FyldeBoth teams to score - No 1.002.37-1.00159.35
04/11/2023BK Olympic v TrollhattanBoth teams to score - No 1.003.10-1.00158.35
04/11/2023Penya Encarnada v Atletic Club EscaldesClean sheet Atletic Club Escaldes1.002.40-1.00157.35
05/11/2023Union Furstenwalde v Hertha 06Both teams to score - No 1.003.30-1.00156.35
05/11/2023Ajax v HeerenveenBoth teams to score - No 1.002.55-1.00155.35
05/11/2023Schalke v Viktoria KolnBoth teams to score - No 1.002.10-1.00154.35
05/11/2023Ming Chuan v TaipowerBoth teams to score - No 1.002.871.87156.22
05/11/2023SV Tasmania Berlin v MakkabiBoth teams to score - No 1.003.302.30158.52
05/11/2023Europa Point v EuropaBoth teams to score - No 1.002.751.75160.27
05/11/2023Blumenthaler v OberneulandBoth teams to score - No 1.004.20-1.00159.27
07/11/2023Orlando Pirates v Sekhukhune UtdClean sheet Orlando Pirates1.002.001.00160.27
07/11/2023AL Duhail v Al NasrBoth teams to score - No 1.003.20-1.00159.27
11/11/2023Dungannon Swifts v Carrick RangersBoth teams to score - No 1.002.50-1.00158.27
08/11/2023Rukh Lviv v FC Midtjylland U19Both teams to score - No 1.002.871.87160.14
08/11/2023Zamalek v PyramidsBoth teams to score - No 1.002.25-1.00159.14
08/11/2023Zalgiris Vilnius II v Kauno Zalgiris IIBoth teams to score - No 1.003.70-1.00158.14
08/11/2023Akritas Chlorakas v AEZ ZakakiouBoth teams to score - No 1.002.25-1.00157.14
09/11/2023Zaqatala v Shamakhi FKBoth teams to score - No 1.003.00-1.00156.14
09/11/2023Shan Utd v DH CebuBoth teams to score - No 1.002.75-1.00155.14
09/11/2023Persija Jakarta v Tira-PersikaboBoth teams to score - No 1.002.871.87157.01
09/11/2023Al Sailiya v Al ShahaniyaBoth teams to score - No 1.002.62-1.00156.01
10/11/2023St Pauli II v OldenburgBoth teams to score - No 1.002.801.80157.81
10/11/2023Weiche Flensburg v Hamburg IIBoth teams to score - No 1.003.30-1.00156.81
10/11/2023Slavia Prague v Frydek MistekBoth teams to score - No 1.002.551.55158.36
10/11/2023WA Boufarik v MedeaBoth teams to score - No 1.001.80-1.00157.36
10/11/2023Oberneuland v Sv HemelingenBoth teams to score - No 1.004.50-1.00156.36
11/11/2023PAOK v PanetolikosPanetolikos Under
11/11/2023Pyunik v NoahNoah Under
11/11/2023LZS Starowice v Goczalkowice-ZdrojLZS Starowice Under
11/11/2023Kvik Halden v Ullensaker KisaBoth teams to score - No
11/11/2023Sotra v Gjovik-LynBoth teams to score - No 1.003.402.40158.76
11/11/2023VFC Plauen v Budissa BautzenBoth teams to score - No
11/11/2023NK Bilje v GoricaBoth teams to score - No
11/11/2023Angelholms v TornsBoth teams to score - No 1.002.501.50163.61
11/11/2023Mulheimer FC 97 v UerdingenBoth teams to score - No 1.002.62-1.00162.61
11/11/2023TS Woltmershausen v BTS NeustadtBoth teams to score - No
11/11/2023Posusje v SarajevoBoth teams to score - No 1.001.950.95167.56
11/11/2023Albinoleffe v PadovaBoth teams to score - No 1.001.950.95168.51
11/11/2023Bangor 1876 F.C v FLINTBoth teams to score - No 1.002.80-1.00167.51
12/11/2023Real Esteli v MasachapaMasachapa Under
12/11/2023Fujieda MYFC v IwakiBoth teams to score - No 1.003.00-1.00167.96
12/11/2023ESC Geestemunde v Aumund-VegesackBoth teams to score - No 1.004.50-1.00166.96
12/11/2023Flora Tallinn II v JarveBoth teams to score - No
12/11/2023Bayern Munich v Greuther FurthBoth teams to score - No 1.002.871.87171.83
12/11/2023Einheit Wernigerode v Einheit RudolstadtBoth teams to score - No 1.003.40-1.00170.83
12/11/2023TuS Komet Arsten v Vahr-BlockdiekBoth teams to score - No 1.003.40-1.00169.83
12/11/2023Brommapojkarna v BK HäckenBoth teams to score - No 1.003.40-1.00168.83
12/11/2023Karlstad BK v StocksundBoth teams to score - No 1.003.402.40171.23
15/11/2023Hapoel Jerusalem v Hapoel Petach TikvaBoth teams to score - No 1.002.15-1.00170.23
15/11/2023Republic of Ireland v AlbaniaBoth teams to score - No 1.002.00-1.00169.23
16/11/2023Atletico Sanluqueno v CadizBoth teams to score - No
17/11/2023TJ Tatran Bohunice v Slovan RosiceBoth teams to score - No 1.002.40-1.00169.43
17/11/2023Poland v IsraelBoth teams to score - No 1.002.00-1.00168.43
17/11/2023Kosovo v BulgariaBoth teams to score - No 1.001.95-1.00167.43
17/11/2023Romania v AlbaniaBoth teams to score - No
18/11/2023Ukraine v KosovoBoth teams to score - No
18/11/2023Israel v ArmeniaArmenia Under
18/11/2023BTS Neustadt v OberneulandBoth teams to score - No 1.003.75-1.00169.87
18/11/2023Hungerford v Truro CityBoth teams to score - No
19/11/2023CD Burriana v CD RodaBoth teams to score - No 1.001.950.95172.82
19/11/2023Sao Paulo v PalmeirasBoth teams to score - No 1.002.40-1.00171.82
20/11/2023Wales v DenmarkBoth teams to score - No 1.002.25-1.00170.82
21/11/2023Bulgaria v EstoniaClean sheet Bulgaria1.001.720.72171.54
21/11/2023Sweden v ItalyBoth teams to score - No 1.002.55-1.00170.54
21/11/2023Austria v GermanyBoth teams to score - No 1.002.701.70172.24
24/11/2023Malisheva v FC BallkaniBoth teams to score - No 1.002.401.40173.64
24/11/2023Al Hamriyah v Al RammsAl Ramms Under
24/11/2023Torpedo Kutaisi v Dinamo TbilisiBoth teams to score - No 1.002.50-1.00174.25
24/11/2023Pyramids v TP MazembeBoth teams to score - No 1.001.950.95175.20
24/11/2023Al Markhiya v Al AhliBoth teams to score - No
24/11/2023Auerbach v SC FreitalBoth teams to score - No 1.002.80-1.00176.20
24/11/2023Anker Wismar v TSG NeustrelitzBoth teams to score - No 1.002.871.87178.07
25/11/2023Wuppertaler SV v Arminia BielefeldBoth teams to score - No 1.003.00-1.00177.07
25/11/2023Budissa Bautzen v LudwigsfelderBoth teams to score - No 1.002.751.75178.82
25/11/2023Rostocker v Hertha 06Both teams to score - No 1.003.502.50181.32
25/11/2023SV Eintracht 1949 v Tennis Borussia BerlinBoth teams to score - No
25/11/2023Raj Pracha v Kanchanaburi CityBoth teams to score - No 1.002.601.60185.17
25/11/2023Balestier Khalsa v Tanjong Pagar UtdBoth teams to score - No 1.004.33-1.00184.17
25/11/2023Hougang Utd v Lion City SailorsBoth teams to score - No 1.003.75-1.00183.17
25/11/2023Odra Bytom Odrzanski v Goczalkowice-ZdrojBoth teams to score - No 1.002.40-1.00182.17
25/11/2023Coalville Town v Halesowen TownClean sheet Coalville Town1.002.75-1.00181.17
25/11/2023Broxburn Athletic v Buckie ThistleBoth teams to score - No 1.002.80-1.00180.17
25/11/2023Sportive de Tunis v Etoile Sportive SahelBoth teams to score - No 1.001.720.72180.89
25/11/2023Muaither SC v Al RayyanMuaither SC Under
25/11/2023St Josephs v Glacis UtdBoth teams to score - No 1.003.302.30185.06
25/11/2023Nairobi City Stars v Kariobangi SharksBoth teams to score - No 1.002.20-1.00184.06
26/11/2023Union Bremen v Aumund-VegesackBoth teams to score - No 1.004.20-1.00183.06
26/11/2023Diables Noirs v Stade MalienBoth teams to score - No 1.001.95-1.00182.06
26/11/2023Telaviv v MusongatiBoth teams to score - No 1.002.25-1.00181.06
26/11/2023Sarpsborg v MoldeBoth teams to score - No 1.003.40-1.00180.06
27/11/2023Partizan Tirana v Dinamo TiranaBoth teams to score - No

Review Summary

  • High ROI
  • Easy to follow
  • Relies on access to certain bookmakers

Footballer Tips have clearly found where the value is with their football bets, achieving 81.31 points profit at an ROI of 17.8% during our three month review.

They were able to make consistent profits each month, with three out of three winning months averaging at 27 points in each.

The timing of the tips was fairly consistent between 7.00-9.00am, but sometimes there were further bets between 10.00-11.00, so we had to watch out for those.

Key Stats

Available Odds
Number of Bets458
Total Stakes (pts)458.00
Profit/Loss (pts)81.31
Profit/Loss (£10 stakes)£813.10
Strike Rate42.1%
Overall Bank Growth81.3%
Bank (100pt starting)181.31

With such great results, we figured there might be a catch and we were right. The tipster has definitely found an edge here, but unfortunately it will be short-lived, as many of the bets are obscure and only available at one or two bookmakers.

Once they limit you, which they soon will because of the type of bets these are, you are left unable to use the service as the majority of the tips aren't available to bet on anywhere else.

It's always a tricky one in this situation as a reviewer, as the tipster does have a profitable service, but there is no knowing how long you will be able to use it for.

We are inclined to give the service a pass, as you could still make a profit whilst you are able to use it. Once your bookie account is burnt out, move on to something else.

Fortunately, the service is available to trial for just £8.70 for the first month, so grab some profit while you can.

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  • Goal Profits Rating
  • Rated 3.5 stars

  • Footballer Tips review
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  • Last modified: 29th February 2024

Footballer Tips is one of the most profitable tipping services on the Tipstrr network, offering regular bets on popular markets such as BTTS and O/U Goals.

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