TradeShark Tennis Review: Trading Guide and Daily Advice

Written by Laura Turner

TradeShark Tennis Review

TradeShark Tennis goes above and beyond, with a small one-off payment giving you access to a trading mentor for life.

The service is run by Paul Shires, who says he was able to quit his job in 2010 to start trading tennis markets full time.

Paul originally set up the website as a blog and a trading community to help newbie traders to learn the ropes. Since then, Paul has put together a service with a wealth of information that is valuable for both beginners and more experienced traders alike.

There is a detailed Betfair Tennis Trading Guide which includes simple, low risk strategies that are also demonstrated in video guides. As well as this, there is general advice on staking and money management and a helpful section on what to do in different trading scenarios.

He also offers trading tips via email for every main tour match, with his own personal favoured trades highlighted each day.

It's recommended to use software to carry out any trading on Betfair, so we used Fairbot throughout our review.

Community and support seem to be the heart of the service, with Paul on hand to give advice along the way and a member's Skype chatroom that he also attends.

It seemed like a bargain at £39 for lifetime access, but we tried out TradeShark's trading advice and strategies for ourselves to find out for sure.

Read on for our full TradeShark Tennis review, or click here to get started.

What's Included with TradeShark Tennis?

We spent a couple of months trying out TradeShark Tennis and we have to say, we were impressed with Paul Shires' knowledge and passion for the sport. We would actually go out on a limb and say that it's the best tennis trading service that we have ever come across.

The Tennis Trading Guide was informative and enough to get us clued up on the basics, but we found that the service had much more to offer aside from this.

The "Stats Spreadsheet" was a goldmine in itself! After entering the player's names into the spreadsheet, it automatically updated itself to show all the stats you needed to analyse an upcoming match.

As well as this there was the "Player Notes" spreadsheet that Paul had put together with information on the top 100 ATP/WTA players. This is especially useful for novice tennis traders, until they got to know the players for themselves. This saved a bunch of time on research when there are so many matches going each day.

The Tennis Trading Guide started with a beginners section, followed by advice on staking, bank management and controlling losses, which is one of the most important things to get to grips with in any form of trading. 

There was also a new section called "What do I do if...?". This was particularly handy for what to do in common scenarios when trading tennis, for example, "The first set has finished. How do I know if it’s a good idea to lay the set winner?".

Also included in the service are several tennis trading strategies that Paul uses, with his favourite being "Lay the Leader". We found that the strategies were well explained and there were also video examples of Paul's own trades to see them in action. Some of the videos also showed losing trades as well as winning to show what he did when the trade didn't go to plan.

The Skype group was active with traders of various levels each day and Paul was on hand to help too.

Trading Tips Email

Although the guide and spreadsheets give you enough to research your own tennis trades, Paul offers a daily trading tips email which has previews and trading advice for every main tour match.

An email is sent each morning with a link to a spreadsheet with a breakdown of each match and Paul's own estimated prices. Even for advanced traders it could take up a fair amount of time each day researching every match, so it's an absolute godsend to have all of the information we need straight away.

Anyone can check the statistics of the players for any match but stats only paint part of the picture. I have many years of experience of the players and how they are most likely to react in play.

Each day I create a document while I am researching the matches. I use it as a memory prompt during the trading session. It includes head to heads, recent form and any relevant stats and facts that will be useful during the match.

Paul Shires

TradeShark Tennis

Although the guide and spreadsheets give you enough to research your own tennis trades, Paul offers a daily trading tips email which has previews and trading advice for every main tour match.

An email is sent each morning with a link to a spreadsheet with a breakdown of each match and Paul's own estimated prices.

TradeShark Tennis Review- Trading Tips Email

The trading tips email is included for free for 10 days for new purchasers of the tennis trading guide, else it is just £10 for 7 days or £20 per month which we feel is totally worth it.

Why No Review Results?

We tried out some tennis trading for ourselves in Fairbot's practice mode, using a combination of advice from the trading tips emails and the strategies from the guide.

We had some profitable trades and inevitably some losing trades, but as we had learnt from Paul how to start a trade from a value position, we felt comfortable that in the long run we would be winning.

We don't think it would be useful to anyone to publish our results, as every trader's results would be different despite trading the same matches with the same advice. It's all down to how much risk each trader is willing to take, the staking they have chosen, entry/exit points, etc. 

In our case we chose to stake 10% of our bank and accept a maximum loss of 20% of our stake on each match. This kept losses to a minimum, but when a match was going the right way there was potential for big profits.

Review Summary

In our opinion, there isn't a tennis trading service out there to even come close to rivalling TradeShark Tennis. 

As with everything, there are pros and cons but we would easily recommend this service to anyone looking to get into tennis trading. It's not just a trading guide, it's access to a friendly trading community and a wealth of knowledge and advice.


  • Handy stats and player notes spreadsheets
  • Active Skype group with Paul on hand to help novice traders
  • Video examples
  • Optional daily trading tips email available


  • Can be time consuming
  • Trying to trade multiple matches at the same time can get hectic for beginners
  • Member's area isn't the most aesthetically pleasing but it does the job! 

We've enjoyed trading tennis on Betfair and we have added TradeShark Tennis to our "passed" services.

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