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Global Soccer Goals Review
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  • Last modified: 26th June 2018

Welcome to our Global Soccer Goals review - A correct score football betting system that has been profitable over two seasons in leagues across the world.


  • Easy to implement


  • Odds of target scores too low to make up for losing runs
  • Poor strike rate

We’ve been testing the Global Soccer Goals system over the last three months and after the poor performance of the system throughout our review, we have decided to call it a day.

We have bet on 87 matches (435 bets) during the review and made a loss of 151 points, which is a 30.2% decrease to our 500 point starting bank.

We were feeling quite optimistic at the beginning of the review, as we have awarded passes to a few of Winning More’s products before, such as Auto Profit Soccer and Super Sports Bot, but on this occasion the system just didn’t cut it.

Review Stats-151pts loss, -34.7% ROI, 7.6% SR
Stakes 1 point stake per bet, 5 per match
Starting bank 50 points per league
Average no. betsApprox. 145 bets / 29 matches per month
Time of emailsN/A
Price£69.97 one-off payment

It is a very easy system to use, with simple criteria used to pick out qualifying matches and then five bets are to be placed on the Correct Score market.

It can be used on any league/tournament in the world, but we chose to bet on ten of the system’s top performing leagues/tournaments.

A bank of 50 points was recommended per league, so in total we had a bank of 500 points. A disappointing 8/10 leagues failed to make a profit during our review.

League Totals
Belgian Jupiler League-11.0039.00
Champions League-17.0033.00
England National League1.5051.50
England Premier League-37.5012.50
German Bundesliga-33.0017.00
Greek Super League-17.5032.50
Serie A-24.0026.00
Spain Primera-12.0038.00
UEFA Europa League-8.5041.50
Czech Synot Liga8.0058.00
Grand Total-151.00353.00

Key Stats
Number of Bets435
Total Stakes (pts)435.00
Profit/Loss (pts)-151.00
Profit/Loss (£10 stakes)-£1,510.00
Average Odds10.72
Strike Rate7.6%
Bank (100pt starting)349.00
Global Soccer Goals Review Graph

Month Three Results
15/10/2016Juventus v UdineseSerie A1.007.00-1.00400.00
Serie A1.006.00-1.00399.00
Serie A1.006.50-1.00398.00
Serie A1.0010.00-1.00397.00
Serie A1.0019.00-1.00396.00
Barcelona v DeportivoSpain Primera1.0010.00-1.00395.00
Spain Primera1.006.50-1.00394.00
Spain Primera1.006.50-1.00393.00
Spain Primera1.008.007.00400.00
Spain Primera1.0012.00-1.00399.00
A Madrid v GranadaSpain Primera1.007.00-1.00398.00
Spain Primera1.005.00-1.00397.00
Spain Primera1.005.50-1.00396.00
Spain Primera1.007.50-1.00395.00
Spain Primera1.0013.00-1.00394.00
Arsenal v SwanseaEngland Premier League1.009.00-1.00393.00
England Premier League1.007.00-1.00392.00
England Premier League1.008.50-1.00391.00
England Premier League1.0013.00-1.00390.00
England Premier League1.0026.00-1.00389.00
16/10/2016Sparta Prague v Vysocina jihlavaCzech Synot League1.007.00-1.00388.00
Czech Synot League1.007.00-1.00387.00
Czech Synot League1.007.506.50393.50
Czech Synot League1.0011.00-1.00392.50
Czech Synot League1.0019.00-1.00391.50
Panathinaikos v XanthiGreek Super League1.005.50-1.00390.50
Greek Super League1.005.50-1.00389.50
Greek Super League1.007.50-1.00388.50
Greek Super League1.0013.00-1.00387.50
Greek Super League1.0029.00-1.00386.50
PAOK v IraklisGreek Super League1.006.005.00391.50
Greek Super League1.005.00-1.00390.50
Greek Super League1.006.00-1.00389.50
Greek Super League1.0010.00-1.00388.50
Greek Super League1.0019.00-1.00387.50
18/10/2016R Madrid v Legia WarsawChampions League1.0023.00-1.00386.50
Champions League1.0011.00-1.00385.50
Champions League1.007.50-1.00384.50
Champions League1.007.50-1.00383.50
Champions League1.008.00-1.00382.50
19/10/2016Arsenal v LudgoretsChampions League1.009.50-1.00381.50
Champions League1.006.50-1.00380.50
Champions League1.006.00-1.00379.50
Champions League1.008.00-1.00378.50
Champions League1.0013.00-1.00377.50
B Munich v PSVChampions League1.009.00-1.00376.50
Champions League1.008.50-1.00375.50
Champions League1.008.50-1.00374.50
Champions League1.0012.00-1.00373.50
Champions League1.0019.00-1.00372.50
PSG V FC BaselChampions League1.008.50-1.00371.50
Champions League1.006.50-1.00370.50
Champions League1.007.006.00376.50
Champions League1.0010.00-1.00375.50
Champions League1.0019.00-1.00374.50
20/10/2016Roma v Austria ViennaChampions League1.0011.00-1.00373.50
Champions League1.007.00-1.00372.50
Champions League1.008.00-1.00371.50
Champions League1.0011.00-1.00370.50
Champions League1.0019.00-1.00369.50
22/10/2016B Munich v B MonchengladbachGerman Bundesliga1.0012.00-1.00368.50
German Bundesliga1.007.006.00374.50
German Bundesliga1.007.00-1.00373.50
German Bundesliga1.009.50-1.00372.50
German Bundesliga1.0015.00-1.00371.50
Arsenal v MiddlesvroughEngland Premier League1.007.00-1.00370.50
England Premier League1.007.00-1.00369.50
England Premier League1.008.50-1.00368.50
England Premier League1.0013.00-1.00367.50
England Premier League1.0023.00-1.00366.50
Liverpool v WBAEngland Premier League1.007.50-1.00365.50
England Premier League1.007.00-1.00364.50
England Premier League1.008.50-1.00363.50
England Premier League1.0013.00-1.00362.50
England Premier League1.0026.00-1.00361.50
Forest Green v GuiseleyEngland National League1.006.50-1.00360.50
England National League1.007.00-1.00359.50
England National League1.008.507.50367.00
England National League1.0015.00-1.00366.00
England National League1.0026.00-1.00365.00
Slavia Prague v SlovackoEngland National League1.006.505.50370.50
England National League1.006.00-1.00369.50
England National League1.007.50-1.00368.50
England National League1.0012.00-1.00367.50
England National League1.0023.00-1.00366.50
23/10/2016Roma v PalermoSerie A1.009.50-1.00365.50
Serie A1.008.50-1.00364.50
Serie A1.008.50-1.00363.50
Serie A1.0011.00-1.00362.50
Serie A1.0017.00-1.00361.50
R Madrid v A BilbaoSpain Primera1.0013.00-1.00360.50
Spain Primera1.008.00-1.00359.50
Spain Primera1.0011.00-1.00358.50
Spain Primera1.0010.00-1.00357.50
Spain Primera1.0015.00-1.00356.50
25/10/2016Tranmere v North FerribyEngland National League1.005.504.50361.00
England National League1.005.50-1.00360.00
England National League1.006.50-1.00359.00
England National League1.0010.00-1.00358.00
England National League1.0019.00-1.00357.00
26/10/2016Fiorentina v CrotoneSerie A1.0075.00-1.00356.00
Serie A1.006.50-1.00355.00
Serie A1.007.50-1.00354.00
Serie A1.0012.00-1.00353.00
Serie A1.0021.00-1.00352.00
Juventus v SampdoriaSerie A1.007.00-1.00351.00
Serie A1.006.00-1.00350.00
Serie A1.007.00-1.00349.00
Serie A1.0011.00-1.00348.00
Serie A1.0021.00-1.00347.00
Napoli v EmpoliSerie A1.006.50-1.00346.00
Serie A1.006.005.00351.00
Serie A1.008.00-1.00350.00
Serie A1.0013.00-1.00349.00
Serie A1.0026.00-1.00348.00
Club Brugge v WesterloBelgium Jupiler League1.0010.00-1.00347.00
Belgium Jupiler League1.007.50-1.00346.00
Belgium Jupiler League1.008.00-1.00345.00
Belgium Jupiler League1.0011.0010.00355.00
Belgium Jupiler League1.0019.00-1.00354.00
29/10/2016A Madrid v MalagaSpain Primera1.006.00-1.00353.00
Spain Primera1.005.50-1.00352.00
Spain Primera1.006.50-1.00351.00
Spain Primera1.0011.00-1.00350.00
Spain Primera1.0021.00-1.00349.00
Barcelona v GranadaSpain Primera1.0021.0020.00369.00
Spain Primera1.0011.00-1.00368.00
Spain Primera1.008.00-1.00367.00
Spain Primera1.007.00-1.00366.00
Spain Primera1.008.00-1.00365.00
Man Utd v BurnleyEngland Premier League1.006.00-1.00364.00
England Premier League1.006.00-1.00363.00
England Premier League1.007.00-1.00362.00
England Premier League1.0012.00-1.00361.00
England Premier League1.0023.00-1.00360.00
Genk v WesterloBelgium Jupiler League1.009.00-1.00359.00
Belgium Jupiler League1.007.50-1.00358.00
Belgium Jupiler League1.008.50-1.00357.00
Belgium Jupiler League1.0013.00-1.00356.00
Belgium Jupiler League1.0026.00-1.00355.00
Sparta Prague v PribramCzech Synot League1.009.00-1.00354.00
Czech Synot League1.006.50-1.00353.00
Czech Synot League1.007.00-1.00352.00
Czech Synot League1.009.508.50360.50
Czech Synot League1.0015.00-1.00359.50
30/10/2016Panathinaikos v IraklisGreek Super League1.008.50-1.00358.50
Greek Super League1.005.504.50363.00
Greek Super League1.006.00-1.00362.00
Greek Super League1.008.00-1.00361.00
Greek Super League1.0013.00-1.00360.00
01/11/2016A Madrid v RostovChampions League1.006.50-1.00359.00
Champions League1.005.50-1.00358.00
Champions League1.006.00-1.00357.00
Champions League1.008.00-1.00356.00
Champions League1.0013.00-1.00355.00
02/11/2016Porto v Club BruggeChampions League1.006.505.50360.50
Champions League1.006.00-1.00359.50
Champions League1.007.50-1.00358.50
Champions League1.0013.00-1.00357.50
Champions League1.0026.00-1.00356.50
Sevila v Dinamo ZagrebChampions League1.007.00-1.00355.50
Champions League1.006.00-1.00354.50
Champions League1.007.00-1.00353.50
Champions League1.0011.0010.00363.50
Champions League1.0019.00-1.00362.50
05/11/2016B Munich v HoffenheimGerman Bundesliga1.0013.00-1.00361.50
German Bundesliga1.009.00-1.00360.50
German Bundesliga1.008.50-1.00359.50
German Bundesliga1.0010.00-1.00358.50
German Bundesliga1.0015.00-1.00357.50
B Leverkeusen v SV DarmstadtGerman Bundesliga1.007.00-1.00356.50
German Bundesliga1.006.50-1.00355.50
German Bundesliga1.008.00-1.00354.50
German Bundesliga1.0013.00-1.00353.50
German Bundesliga1.0023.00-1.00352.50
Man City v MiddlesbroughEngland Premier League1.009.50-1.00351.50
England Premier League1.007.00-1.00350.50
England Premier League1.007.50-1.00349.50
England Premier League1.0011.00-1.00348.50
England Premier League1.0019.00-1.00347.50
06/11/2016Inter v CrotoneSerie A1.007.00-1.00346.50
Serie A1.009.00-1.00345.50
Serie A1.008.507.50353.00
Serie A1.0012.00-1.00352.00
Serie A1.0023.00-1.00351.00
R Madrid v LeganesSpain Primera1.0017.00-1.00350.00
Spain Primera1.009.50-1.00349.00
Spain Primera1.008.007.00356.00
Spain Primera1.008.50-1.00355.00
Spain Primera1.0011.00-1.00354.00
Liverpool v WatfordEngland Premier League1.009.00-1.00353.00
England Premier League1.007.00-1.00352.00
England Premier League1.008.00-1.00351.00
England Premier League1.0012.00-1.00350.00
England Premier League1.0023.00-1.00349.00

The system costs £69.97 and comes packaged within an executable file that can only be run on Windows, but please note that it is just a tool to view the PDF, rather than actual betting software.

We just cannot see how the system can work. The odds for some of the higher target scores for the games we picked out just haven’t been high enough to reward us when we actually hit one.

What this review has highlighted for us is the potential of a profitable system betting on the opposite outcome, rather than what the system was originally intended for!

Global Soccer Goals Review: Update Two

15th October 2016

The poor results have continued through the second month of our review of Global Soccer Goals with a further loss of 37.5 points and an ROI of -26.8%.

There were 28 qualifying matches for our chosen leagues and 11 of them hit a target score. Unfortunately, this still wasn’t a big enough strike rate to enable us to make an overall profit. Even hitting a score at odds of 20/1 didn’t help us.

At this point it’s hard to see how this system is going to work as it is targeting games with a heavy favourite and the odds just aren’t giving us enough value.

League Totals
Belgian Jupiler League-12.0038.00
Champions League-1.5048.50
England National League-4.0046.00
England Premier League-7.5042.50
German Bundesliga-25.0025.00
Greek Super League-14.0036.00
Serie A-8.5041.50
Spain Primera-19.0031.00
UEFA Europa League-8.5041.50
Czech Synot Liga1.0051.00
Grand Total-99.00401.00

Key Stats
Number of Bets140
Total Stakes (pts)140.00
Profit/Loss (pts)-37.5
Profit/Loss (£10 stakes)-£375.00
Average Odds10.46
Strike Rate7.9%
Bank (100pt starting)401.00

Month #2 Results
13/09/2016Gateshead v North FerribyEngland National League1.008.00-1.00437.50
England National League1.007.00-1.00436.50
England National League1.008.50-1.00435.50
England National League1.0013.00-1.00434.50
England National League1.0026.00-1.00433.50
13/09/2016Barcelona v CelticChampions League1.0012.00-1.00432.50
Champions League1.007.00-1.00431.50
Champions League1.007.00-1.00430.50
Champions League1.008.00-1.00429.50
Champions League1.0010.00-1.00428.50
13/09/2016Bayern Munich v RostocChampions League1.0011.00-1.00427.50
Champions League1.007.00-1.00426.50
Champions League1.006.00-1.00425.50
Champions League1.007.00-1.00424.50
Champions League1.0010.009.00433.50
14/09/2016R Madrid v Sporting LisbonChampions League1.0010.00-1.00432.50
Champions League1.008.50-1.00431.50
Champions League1.008.50-1.00430.50
Champions League1.0011.00-1.00429.50
Champions League1.0017.00-1.00428.50
15/09/2016AZ Alkmaar v DundalkUEFA Europa League1.007.50-1.00427.50
UEFA Europa League1.006.00-1.00426.50
UEFA Europa League1.007.00-1.00425.50
UEFA Europa League1.0011.00-1.00424.50
UEFA Europa League1.0021.00-1.00423.50
15/09/2016Villareal v FC ZurichUEFA Europa League1.006.50-1.00422.50
UEFA Europa League1.006.00-1.00421.50
UEFA Europa League1.006.50-1.00420.50
UEFA Europa League1.0010.00-1.00419.50
UEFA Europa League1.0019.00-1.00418.50
17/09/2016Napoli v BolognaSerie A1.006.50-1.00417.50
Serie A1.006.00-1.00416.50
Serie A1.007.00-1.00415.50
Serie A1.0011.00-1.00414.50
Serie A1.0021.00-1.00413.50
17/09/2016B Munich v IngoldstadtGerman Bundesliga1.007.00-1.00412.50
German Bundesliga1.006.00-1.00411.50
German Bundesliga1.006.50-1.00410.50
German Bundesliga1.008.50-1.00409.50
German Bundesliga1.0013.00-1.00408.50
17/09/2016Dortmund v SV DarmstadtGerman Bundesliga1.008.50-1.00407.50
German Bundesliga1.007.00-1.00406.50
German Bundesliga1.007.00-1.00405.50
German Bundesliga1.008.50-1.00404.50
German Bundesliga1.0013.00-1.00403.50
17/09/2016A Madrid v S GijonSpain Primera1.005.50-1.00402.50
Spain Primera1.004.75-1.00401.50
Spain Primera1.006.00-1.00400.50
Spain Primera1.0010.00-1.00399.50
Spain Primera1.0021.0020.00419.50
17/09/2016Man City v BournemouthEngland Premier League1.009.00-1.00418.50
England Premier League1.007.50-1.00417.50
England Premier League1.009.00-1.00416.50
England Premier League1.0013.0012.00428.50
England Premier League1.0026.00-1.00427.50
18/09/2016Spurs v SunderlandEngland Premier League1.007.006.00433.50
England Premier League1.007.00-1.00432.50
England Premier League1.009.00-1.00431.50
England Premier League1.0015.00-1.00430.50
England Premier League1.0029.00-1.00429.50
18/09/2016Panathinaikos v PAS GianninaGreek Super League1.005.50-1.00428.50
Greek Super League1.005.50-1.00427.50
Greek Super League1.006.50-1.00426.50
Greek Super League1.0011.0010.00436.50
Greek Super League1.0021.00-1.00435.50
18/09/2016Viktoria Pizen v MFK KarvinaCzech Synot League1.006.50-1.00434.50
Czech Synot League1.006.005.00439.50
Czech Synot League1.007.00-1.00438.50
Czech Synot League1.0010.00-1.00437.50
Czech Synot League1.0019.00-1.00436.50
23/09/2016B Dortmund v FreiburgGerman Bundesliga1.009.50-1.00435.50
German Bundesliga1.008.50-1.00434.50
German Bundesliga1.008.50-1.00433.50
German Bundesliga1.0012.00-1.00432.50
German Bundesliga1.0019.00-1.00431.50
24/09/2016Napoli v ChievoSerie A1.006.50-1.00430.50
Serie A1.006.505.50436.00
Serie A1.008.50-1.00435.00
Serie A1.0015.00-1.00434.00
Serie A1.0029.00-1.00433.00
24/09/2016Liverpool v HullEngland Premier League1.007.50-1.00432.00
England Premier League1.006.50-1.00431.00
England Premier League1.007.50-1.00430.00
England Premier League1.0012.00-1.00429.00
England Premier League1.0021.00-1.00428.00
24/09/2016Gent v St TruidenBelgian Jupiler League1.007.00-1.00427.00
Belgian Jupiler League1.006.50-1.00426.00
Belgian Jupiler League1.008.50-1.00425.00
Belgian Jupiler League1.0015.00-1.00424.00
Belgian Jupiler League1.0029.00-1.00423.00
25/09/2016A Madrid v DeportivoSpain Primera1.005.004.00427.00
Spain Primera1.004.75-1.00426.00
Spain Primera1.006.00-1.00425.00
Spain Primera1.0010.00-1.00424.00
Spain Primera1.0021.00-1.00423.00
25/09/2016Anderlecht v WesterloBelgian Jupiler League1.0011.00-1.00422.00
Belgian Jupiler League1.008.00-1.00421.00
Belgian Jupiler League1.008.00-1.00420.00
Belgian Jupiler League1.0011.00-1.00419.00
Belgian Jupiler League1.0019.00-1.00418.00
26/09/2016AEK Athens v IraklisGreek Super League1.005.00-1.00417.00
Greek Super League1.005.50-1.00416.00
Greek Super League1.006.00-1.00415.00
Greek Super League1.009.00-1.00414.00
Greek Super League1.0017.00-1.00413.00
27/09/2016Sporting Lisbon v Legia WarsawChampions League1.008.00-1.00412.00
Champions League1.006.005.00417.00
Champions League1.007.00-1.00416.00
Champions League1.0010.00-1.00415.00
Champions League1.0019.00-1.00414.00
29/09/2016Man Utd v ZorayaUEFA Europa League1.007.506.50420.50
UEFA Europa League1.005.50-1.00419.50
UEFA Europa League1.005.50-1.00418.50
UEFA Europa League1.008.00-1.00417.50
UEFA Europa League1.0013.00-1.00416.50
29/09/2016Roma v Astra GiurgiuUEFA Europa League1.0010.00-1.00415.50
UEFA Europa League1.007.00-1.00414.50
UEFA Europa League1.007.00-1.00413.50
UEFA Europa League1.009.508.50422.00
UEFA Europa League1.0015.00-1.00421.00
01/10/2016B Munich v FC KolnGerman Bundesliga1.007.50-1.00420.00
German Bundesliga1.006.00-1.00419.00
German Bundesliga1.006.50-1.00418.00
German Bundesliga1.009.00-1.00417.00
German Bundesliga1.0015.00-1.00416.00
02/10/2016R Madrid v EibarSpain Primera1.0015.00-1.00415.00
Spain Primera1.008.00-1.00414.00
Spain Primera1.007.00-1.00413.00
Spain Primera1.007.50-1.00412.00
Spain Primera1.0010.00-1.00411.00
02/10/2016Man Utd v StokeEngland Premier League1.007.00-1.00410.00
England Premier League1.007.00-1.00409.00
England Premier League1.009.00-1.00408.00
England Premier League1.0015.00-1.00407.00
England Premier League1.0020.00-1.00406.00
02/10/2016Panathinaikos v Asteras TripolisGreek Super League1.006.50-1.00405.00
Greek Super League1.006.50-1.00404.00
Greek Super League1.009.00-1.00403.00
Greek Super League1.0015.00-1.00402.00
Greek Super League1.0034.00-1.00401.00

We will report back with our next results in a months time.

Global Soccer Goals Review: Update One

15th September 2016

We’re back with an update to our review of Global Soccer Goals and brace yourselves as it has been a pretty horrendous start!

​During the first month our reviewer, Dave, found 20 qualifying matches from our selected leagues. Five of them returned a profit, but because there are 5 x 1 point bets placed on different Correct Scores, the return from hitting a target score have been as little as 1 point profit after subtracting the other losing stakes.

​Overall we have made a loss of 61.5 points and had a strike rate of 25% from the 20 matches (counting the 5 scores as one bet, as obviously you can only hit one per match!)

League Totals
Belgian Jupiler League-2.0048.00
Champions League+2.5052.50
England National League+1.0051.00
England Premier League-7.5042.50
German Bundesliga-5.0045.00
Greek Premier-10.0040.00
Serie A-5.0045.00
Spain Primera-30.0020.00
UEFA Europa League-5.5044.50
Czech Synot Liga0.0050.00
Grand Total-61.50438.50

Key Stats
Number of Bets100
Total Stakes (pts)100.00
Profit/Loss (pts)-61.50
Profit/Loss (£10 stakes)-£615.00
Average Odds10.51
Strike Rate5.0%
Bank (100pt starting)438.50

Month #1 Results
DateMatchLeagueStakeP/LRunning Total
13/08/2016Man City v SunderlandEngland Premier League1.00-1.00499.00
14/08/2016Club Brugge v LokerenBelgian Jupiler League1.007.00502.00
18/08/2016FC Krasnodar v Partizani TiranaUEFA Europa League1.00-1.00497.00
18/08/2016Gent v ShkendijaUEFA Europa League1.00-1.00501.50
20/08/2016Barcelona v Real BetisSpain Primera1.00-1.00496.50
21/08/2016A Madrid v AlavesSpain Primera1.00-1.00491.50
21/08/2016Gent v WesterloBelgian Jupiler League1.00-1.00486.50
24/08/2016Man City v Steaua BucharestChampions League1.006.50489.00
25/08/2016West Ham v Astra GiurgiuUEFA Europa League1.00-1.00484.00
26/08/2016B Munich v W BremenGerman Bundesliga1.00-1.00479.00
27/08/2016Chelsea v BurnleyPremier League1.00-1.00474.00
27/08/2016R Madrid v Celta VigoSpain Primera1.00-1.00476.50
28/08/2016Man City v West HamPremier League1.00-1.00471.50
28/08/2016Inter v PalermoSerie A1.00-1.00466.50
03/09/2016Eastleigh v North FerribyEngland National League1.00-1.00461.50
10/09/2016Juventus v SassuoloSpain Primera1.00-1.00461.50
10/09/2016Real Madrid v OsasunaSpain Primera1.00-1.00456.50
10/09/2016Barcelona v AlavesSpain Primera1.00-1.00451.50
11/09/2016PAOK v PanaitolikosGreek Premier1.00-1.00446.50
11/09/2016Olympiakos v VeriaGreek Premier1.00-1.00441.50

Basically for the system to make money in the long term we are going to need to hit some of the big scores, which is going to require some patience. Also we are going to need some juicy odds to make it all worthwhile.

​We will report back next month with another update of our results.

Global Soccer Goals Review: Introduction

11th August 2016

With many European football leagues starting their 2016/2017 seasons over the next month, we have been asked to review a football system called Global Soccer Goals. It is a straight betting system that is recommended to be used throughout the whole season for optimal results.

The system is very easy to use - it involves picking games that meet simple criteria and placing five bets within the Correct Score market.

It has been tested on many worldwide leagues, Cup games and even Friendly matches since 2014. During the 2015/2016 season it produced an overall profit of 503.64 points. However, realistically you probably wouldn’t choose to bet on every qualifying game, so results would vary from person to person.

The system comes in the format of a PDF, which needs to be activated using the provided software. As it is really a simple strategy, after the initial instructions the PDF mainly consists of screenshot examples of past selections.

A bank of 50 points per league is recommended, so we will be selecting ten leagues that have been some of the most profitable over the last two years of proofing. This will make it a total starting bank of 500 points.

  • Italy Serie A
  • Germany Bundesliga
  • Spain Primera
  • England Premier League
  • Greek Super League
  • Belgian Jupiler League
  • Czech Synot Liga
  • England National League
  • UEFA Champions League
  • UEFA Europa League

There are 5 points staked per match, which means there will be a 10% risk to the respective league’s bank each time. Past results have shown some losing runs from time to time, so it’ll be interesting to see whether this staking plan works out ok.

You can either put bets at the bookies or use Betfair (or other exchange) with this system, but we will be using bookies.

The system is priced at £69.97 and will work on Windows OS only, due to the .exe activation.

We will see how the system holds up over the next three months to start with, then make a decision at that point whether to extend the review or come to a conclusion.


  • Easy to implement


  • Odds of target scores too low to make up for losing runs
  • Poor strike rate

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  1. I did a version of this some time ago but looked for teams in any leagues that had the appropriate odds (or thereabouts) and screened them – looking primarily at their likelihood of conceding goals. That got rid of a lot of the matches and I was reasonably successful. I was also using Betfair and they only had the appropriate market for the bigger games (and seem to provide that market less now, assume not popular as often minimal liquidity).
    Another site started to provide a similar trial service and following that I started losing money and stopped. Might have to look at it again but I do think a quick screening of the team’s history is essential.

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