JB Racing Tips Review: Horse Racing Betting Service

JB Horse Racing Tips Review

Note: This service was discontinued before we could complete our review. Take a look at some of our "passed" services here.

JB Racing Tips has finished the first month of our review with a small loss of 4.96 points at the available odds. The Betfair SP results have performed much better with a profit of 19.34 points at an ROI of 6.1%.

Towards the end of the month, the stakes were reduced from the usual 2.5 points each-way down to 1 point each-way. We're not sure if this is a permanent thing, but it's quite a big change and perhaps one for the better.

Key Stats - Update One
 Advised OddsAvailable OddsBSP
Number of Bets717171
Total Stakes (pts)314.50314.50314.50
Profit/Loss (pts)-3.52-4.9619.34
Profit/Loss (£10 stakes)-£35.20-£49.60£193.40
Average Odds14.6114.226.77
Strike Rate39.4%39.4%38.0%
Overall Bank Growth-1.8%-2.5%9.7%
Bank (150pt starting)196.48195.04219.34

Results - Update One
DateRaceSelectionTotal StakeEW?Available OddsP/LBank
15/08/2018Beverley 17:00Palmer5.00Yes21.00-5.00195.00
16/08/2018Yarmouth 20:00Ocean Temptress3.00Yes17.00-3.00192.00
17/08/2018Newbury 14:25Sir Roderic5.00Yes12.00-5.00187.00
17/08/2018Newbury 14:25Pure Shores5.00Yes29.00-5.00182.00
18/08/201816:00 DoncasterCompas Scoobie5.00Yes15.004.50186.50
18/08/201820:10 ChepstowRainbow Jazz5.00Yes12.003.00189.50
19/08/201814:40 TramoreSuperefficient5.00Yes7.50-5.00184.50
19/08/201815:05 PontefractWind Place And Sho5.00Yes10.00-5.00179.50
19/08/201816:50 TramoreBellgrove5.00Yes8.5022.50202.00
19/08/201817:10 PontefractRound The Island5.00Yes8.5020.25222.25
21/08/201813:50 HamiltonManshood5.00Yes6.50-5.00217.25
21/08/201815:20 HamiltonOne Boy5.00Yes12.003.00220.25
21/08/201816:55 HamiltonClary5.00Yes8.50-5.00215.25
22/08/201816:15 YorkSoldier In Action5.00Yes12.003.00218.25
22/08/201816:25 CarlisleMy Name Is Rio5.00Yes7.00-5.00213.25
24/08/201815:00 YorkLegends Of War3.00Yes15.002.70215.95
25/08/201813:50 YorkSeniority (place)4.00No2.46-4.00211.95
25/08/201814:40 GoodwoodLook Around6.00Yes4.50-6.00205.95
25/08/201816:50 YorkPivoine (place)5.00No2.504.37210.32
26/08/201815:35 GoodwoodMr Red Clubs2.50No3.05-2.50207.82
26/08/201816:00 YarmouthCarrie's Vision5.00No2.547.31215.13
26/08/201817:00 BeverleyJohn Caesar5.00No2.61-5.00210.13
26/08/201817:25 CurraghPolly Douglas5.00No3.96-5.00205.13
26/08/201818:00 BeverleyTwentysvnthlancers5.00Yes6.0015.00220.13
27/08/201815:35 SouthwellJack The Truth5.00Yes12.00-5.00215.13
27/08/201816:10 SouthwellLiamba5.00Yes10.003.13218.26
28/08/201816:35 RiponThe Eagles Nest5.00Yes7.50-5.00213.26
28/08/201817:30 BallinrobeIcario5.00Yes8.0021.88235.13
28/08/201818:30 BallinrobeSe Mo Laoch5.00Yes8.001.44236.57
29/08/201817:10 MusselburghHoney Gg5.00Yes6.00-5.00231.57
30/08/201816:45 CarlisleIconic Code5.00Yes9.00-5.00226.57
30/08/201818:10 BellewstownBoot Camp5.00Yes10.0028.13254.70
30/08/201813:40/16:35/16:50/18:20King Of The Celts, Magical Thomas, Beautiful People, Apterix5.00Yes70.74-5.00249.70
31/08/201815:05 ThirskHadley5.00Yes12.004.38254.07
31/08/201816:40 BangorKingston5.00Yes5.5013.50267.57
31/08/201817:20 CurraghRoyal Canford5.00Yes15.00-5.00262.57
31/08/201817:50 ThirskTrogon5.00Yes10.00-5.00257.57
01/09/201816:00 CurraghKatiymann5.00Yes17.007.50265.07
01/09/201816:15 Newton AbbotTreasure The Ridge5.00Yes13.00-5.00260.07
02/09/201815:00 BrightonHart Stopper5.00Yes8.00-5.00255.07
02/09/201815:45 WorcesterGinger Fizz5.00Yes11.00-5.00250.07
03/09/201815:00 BrightonHarlequin Rose5.00Yes7.000.50250.57
03/09/201816:35 RoscommonStormy Belle5.00Yes5.50-0.25250.32
03/09/201818:00 WindsorHarry Hurricane5.00Yes5.00-0.50249.82
05/09/201814:30 BathBabyfact5.00No4.50-5.00244.82
05/09/201816:00 BathMamnoon5.00Yes9.00-5.00239.82
05/09/201814:20 SouthwellBallycamp5.00Yes13.00-5.00234.82
07/09/201816:20 AscotFire Brigade5.00Yes6.500.25235.07
07/09/201816:55 AscotBoy In The Bar5.00Yes7.50-5.00230.07
07/09/201817:00 MusselburghFumbo Jumbo5.00Yes8.00-5.00225.07
07/09/201818:00 MusselburghZeshov5.00Yes3.758.25233.32
08/09/201816:10 NavanKonig Hall5.00Yes11.00-5.00228.32
08/09/201816:20 ThirskVenturous5.00Yes7.00-5.00223.32
08/09/201816:50 HaydockBlue De Vega5.00Yes7.00-5.00218.32
08/09/201817:35 KemptonJawwaal5.00Yes6.50-5.00213.32
09/09/201813:50 YorkSaryshagann5.00Yes19.00-5.00208.32
09/09/201814:20 YorkInternational Man5.00Yes21.00-5.00203.32
09/09/201816:50 ListowelJack Slade5.00Yes11.00-5.00198.32
09/09/201817:00 YorkCaptain Jameson5.00Yes7.00-5.00193.32
10/09/201814:45 ListowelPolly Douglas5.00Yes9.001.50194.82
10/09/201816:30/16:40/16:55/18:45Bermeo, Nyala, Check Your Pockets, Dubai One1.00Yes257.002.26197.08
12/09/201816:15 CarlisleRedarna2.00Yes13.00-2.00195.08
12/09/201817:15 DoncasterBashiba2.00Yes9.000.70195.78
12/09/201817:25 CarlisleAuxiliary2.00Yes10.000.80196.58
13/09/201815:25 Ffos LasNananita2.00Yes8.000.40196.98
13/09/201815:45 HamiltonGaelic Wizard2.00Yes11.00-2.00194.98
13/09/201817:00 Ffos LasSmokey Lane2.00Yes5.00-0.20194.78
13/09/201817:55 HamiltonCorton Lad2.00Yes8.500.50195.28
14/09/201815:00 DoncasterAustrian School2.00Yes11.001.00196.28
14/09/201816:50 ListowelTheatre World2.00Yes12.000.76197.04
14/09/201814:40/15:45 ListowelRattling Jewel/Queen Iseult2.00Yes35.00-2.00195.04

We'll report back in a month's time for our next set of results.

JB Racing Tips Review: Introduction

15th August 2018

JB Racing Tips is said to have generated one of the highest monthly profits across the Betting Gods network of tipsters, with an average of £488.40 per month.

The results show that the service has tripled the bank since launching in Nov '17, with a total profit of £4,883.95 at an ROI of 16.3%. This is based on using stakes of £10 per point, although we can see that recently many of the bets have been advised at 2.5pts each-way which makes it a total of £50 per bet.

The service focuses mainly on betting on horses at big odds, with the average odds so far at 19/1. There is a 200 point starting bank advised, which we hope will be enough to handle the ups and downs that we are likely to face betting at high odds.

Selections are sent out via email between 5.00-7.00pm each day, or they can be accessed in the member's area or on the Betting Gods app. 

There's an average of 75-80 bets per month and they are mostly each-way bets, with the occasional win bet.

As usual, Betting Gods offer a no quibble 30 day moneyback guarantee and the first 10 days worth of tips are available for £1.

We have begun recording results starting from today, to include profit/loss at the advised odds, available odds and Betfair SP and we will report back next month with our first update.

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