JPW Racing Tipster Review: Horse Racing Tips Service

JPW Racing Tipster is a long-established horse racing tips service that has full results going back to 2015.

The service focuses on quality racing rather than lower grades, so they mainly provide tips for racing at the weekend and festivals throughout the year. 

There are a number of tips packages available, including National Hunt, Festival Only, Saturday Only and Weekend Only. There is the option to combine packages to suit what races or days you want to bet on.

The results are broken down into different groups and although they go back to 2015, the at a glance figures just show the profit/loss figures from 2020-2022. You can still view each year individually before that if you want to see more historical results.

During the past three years, the festivals and weekend tips have produced 251.7 points profit at an ROI of 12.6%. That works out at £2,517 profit to £10 stakes and an average monthly profit of £76.

Going by the at a glance figures, the weekend bets actually performed better alone with 281.6 points profit at an ROI of 22.7%.

JPW has built up quite a large following, with some saying they are one of the best out there. We recorded bets from the service for ourselves to find out if they really were as good as people were saying.

We tracked all tips that we received regardless of what package they were from, so that we could see how the service performed overall. Our results were recorded at the available odds and Betfair SP, alongside the advised odds.

Over a six month period, we were able to increase our betting bank by 19.1% and were able to make a sizable profit at Betfair SP. We definitely felt that JPW Racing Tipster was deserving of a "pass" rating.

Review Stats+19.12pts profit, 4.9% ROI, 28.3% SR
Stakes Advised between 0.5-2.00 stakes
Starting bank 100 points
Average no. betsApprox. 60 per month
Time of emails8.00-10.00am
Price£60 per quarter, £69.95 for 3 months, £105 for 6 months or £199 for 12 months

Month One Update

Our JPW Racing Tipster review got off to a poor start with 12.63 points lost at the available odds. That worked out as 12.6% decrease to our starting bank of 100 points.

There had been quite a few places, narrowly missing the win at double figure odds, so we hoped to see the tipster's luck turn around in the next month of our review.

Key Stats

Advised OddsAvailable OddsBSP (before comm.)
Number of Bets464646
Total Stakes (pts)50.550.550.5
Profit/Loss (pts)-12.37-12.63-10.37
Profit/Loss (£10 stakes)(£123.70)(£126.30)(£103.70)
Strike Rate30.4%30.4%30.4%
Overall Bank Growth-12.4%-12.6%-10.4%
Bank (100pt starting)87.6387.3789.63


DateRaceBetTotal StakeEW?Available OddsP/LBank
09/12/202212:40 CheltenhamMASTER CHEWY1.25 No2.50-1.25 98.75
09/12/20222:25 CheltenhamCAPTAIN CATTISTOCK1.00 No6.00-1.00 97.75
09/12/20222:25 CheltenhamSPIRITOFTHEGAMES1.00 Yes10.000.40 98.15
09/12/20223:00 CheltenhamROUGE VIF1.00 Yes26.00-1.00 97.15
11/12/202212:45 CorkARCTIC BRESIL1.00 No3.502.50 99.65
18/12/202212:44 ThurlesRAMILLIES1.25 No2.882.35 102.00
20/12/20221:00 NaasDEEPLY SUPERFICIAL1.00 Yes7.50-1.00 101.00
21/12/20221:15 HerefordEMIR SACREE1.00 No4.33-1.00 100.00
22/12/20221:40 Ffos LasCOMPLETE UNKNOWN1.00 No3.502.50 102.50
26/12/202212:10 KemptonRUBAUD1.00 No4.00-1.00 101.50
26/12/202212:45 KemptonCHAMP1.50 No1.50-1.50 100.00
26/12/20221:20 KemptonTHYME HILL1.00 No7.006.00 106.00
26/12/20221:35 WetherbyZANZA1.00 Yes13.00-1.00 105.00
26/12/20222:30 KemptonENVOI ALLEN1.50 Yes7.50-1.50 103.50
26/12/20223:13 WincantonBARBADOS BUCKS1.00 No5.50-1.00 102.50
27/12/20221:05 ChepstowGOLDEN WHISKY1.00 Yes12.000.60 103.10
27/12/20221:20 KemptonLAC DE CONSTANCE1.25 No2.75-1.25 101.85
27/12/20222:50 ChepstowTHE BIG BREAKAWAY1.50 Yes11.000.75 102.60
27/12/20223:00 LeopardstownAIN'T THAT A SHAME1.00 Yes8.000.20 102.80
27/12/20223:09 KemptonFIVE STAR GETAWAY1.00 Yes8.00-1.00 101.80
27/12/20223:25 ChepstowOSCAR ELITE2.00 Yes8.00-2.00 99.80
28/12/20221:10 LeopardstownERIC BLOODAXE1.50 Yes7.500.23 100.03
28/12/20221:45 LeopardstownBOB OLINGER1.00 No4.50-1.00 99.03
28/12/20221:45 LeopardstownSIRE DU BERLAIS0.75 Yes23.00-0.75 98.28
28/12/20222:20 LeopardstownGALVIN1.00 No5.00-1.00 97.28
29/12/202212:35 LeopardstownSEARCH FOR GLORY 1.00 No5.00-1.00 96.28
29/12/202212:45 DoncasterDATSALRIGHTGINO1.00 No6.00-1.00 95.28
29/12/20222:20 LeopardstownVAUBAN1.00 No6.00-1.00 94.28
30/12/20222:30 HaydockFINE CASTING1.00 No3.752.75 97.03
30/12/20223:00 HaydockGOOD BOY BOBBY1.00 Yes8.00-1.00 96.03
31/12/20221:15 NewburyONLY MONEY1.00 No6.00-1.00 95.03
31/12/20221:50 NewburyNINA THE TERRIER1.00 Yes11.00-1.00 94.03
31/12/20222:25 NewburyKILLER KANE1.00 Yes13.000.70 94.73
31/12/20223:35 NewburyNOTHIN TO ASK1.50 Yes8.00-1.50 93.23
01/01/202312:45 CheltenhamSECRET REPRIEVE1.00 Yes6.500.05 93.28
01/01/202312:45 CheltenhamSPIRITOFTHEGAMES1.00 Yes8.00-1.00 92.28
01/01/20231:55 CheltenhamIL RIDDOTO1.00 Yes7.500.15 92.43
01/01/20231:55 CheltenhamHAPPYGOLUCKY1.00 Yes10.00-1.00 91.43
01/01/20232:30 CheltenhamI LIKE TO MOVE IT1.00 No4.50-1.00 90.43
01/01/20233:05 CheltenhamCALL ME LORD1.50 Yes9.00-1.50 88.93
06/01/20233:30 LudlowHURRICANE HARVEY1.00 Yes6.503.44 92.37
07/01/20231:30 WincantonKILTEALY BRIGGS1.00 Yes6.50-1.00 91.37
07/01/20232:25 SandownARCTIC BRESIL1.00 No4.50-1.00 90.37
07/01/20233:00 SandownELEGANT ESCAPE1.00 Yes23.00-1.00 89.37
08/01/20232:10 ChepstowFIRST LORD DE CUET1.00 No4.50-1.00 88.37
08/01/20232:20 NaasINOTHEWAYURTHINKIN1.00 Yes7.50-1.00 87.37

Month Two Update

JPW Racing Tipster managed to recoup some of the loss from the first month of our review, with 6.63 points profit delivered in month two. That left us with a smaller overall loss of 6 points, a slightly better position to be in.

The month had started really well and our bank had reached 102.84 points, which was more than 15 points profit for the month. Unfortunately, there was quite a bad losing streak that followed where we gave some of it back.

Key Stats

Advised OddsAvailable OddsBSP (before comm.)
Number of Bets525252
Total Stakes (pts)58.558.558.5
Profit/Loss (pts)6.636.639.47
Profit/Loss (£10 stakes)£66.30 £66.30 £94.70
Strike Rate23.1%23.1%23.1%
Overall Bank Growth-5.7%-6.0%-0.9%
Bank (100pt starting)94.2694.0099.10


DateRaceBetTotal StakeEW?Available OddsP/LBank
09/01/20231:25 TauntonCAP DU MATHAN1.50No2.382.0789.44
09/01/20233:00 TauntonFOREVER WILLIAM1.00Yes7.503.9093.34
10/01/20233:15 ExeterEQUUS DREAMER1.00No5.50-1.0092.34
10/01/20233:45 ExeterMACK THE MAN1.00No5.50-1.0091.34
12/01/20232:50 CatterickCYCLOP1.00Yes6.00-1.0090.34
14/01/20232:05 KemptonANGELS BREATH1.00Yes10.00-1.0089.34
14/01/20232:40 KemptonWEST BALBOA1.00Yes12.006.6095.94
14/01/20232:40 KemptonPETITE TONNERRE1.00Yes13.00-1.0094.94
14/01/20233:00 WarwickTHREEUNDERTHRUFIVE1.00Yes7.50-1.0093.94
14/01/20233:35 WarwickON THE BLIND SIDE1.00Yes10.00-1.0092.94
15/01/20232:10 PunchestownMINELLA CROONER1.00No5.50-1.0091.94
21/01/20231:07 NavanHMS SEAHORSE2.00Yes8.008.40100.34
22/01/20231:40 ThurlesCHACUN POUR SOI1.50No2.75-1.5098.84
23/01/20233:30 Ffos LasROCKY MAN1.00No3.00-1.0097.84
24/01/20231:15 Down RoyalCALDWELL DIAMOND1.00Yes13.00-1.0096.84
26/01/20232:50 Gowran ParkDARRENS HOPE1.00Yes13.00-1.0095.84
26/01/20232:50 Gowran ParkFAKEIRA1.00Yes15.00-1.0094.84
27/01/20232:40 DoncasterGREYVAL1.00No6.005.0099.84
27/01/20233:15 DoncasterROUGE VIF1.00Yes21.00-1.0098.84
27/01/20233:35 HuntingdonTHE BOMBER LISTON1.00No7.00-1.0097.84
28/01/202311:40 CheltenhamSCRIPTWRITER1.00No4.00-1.0095.84
28/01/202312:10 CheltenhamSTAGE STAR1.00No6.005.00100.84
28/01/202312:40 CheltenhamDELTA WORK1.50No3.50-1.5099.34
28/01/20231:20 CheltenhamAMARILLO SKY (W/O MARKET)1.00No7.50-1.0098.34
28/01/20231:50 CheltenhamIL RIDOTO 1.50Yes6.004.50102.84
28/01/20233:35 CheltenhamHENRI THE SECOND1.50No4.33-1.50101.34
28/01/20234:10 CheltenhamMIGHT I1.00No5.00-1.00100.34
29/01/20232:42 NaasBOB OLINGER1.50No2.88-1.5098.84
30/01/20233:25 HuntingdonIMPULSIVE ONE1.00No4.33-1.0097.84
31/01/20233:00 LingfieldSHOLOKJACK1.00No4.503.50101.34
01/02/20233:55 ExeterBOBO MAC1.00Yes13.00-1.00100.34
02/02/20233:00 WincantonTALLOW FOR COAL1.00Yes12.00-1.0099.34
03/02/20233:00 ChepstowREE OKKA1.00No5.50-1.0098.34
03/02/20234:05 ChepstowNEW FOUND FAME1.00Yes11.00-1.0097.34
03/02/20234:05 ChepstowKATESON1.00Yes9.50-1.0096.34
04/02/20231:20 LeopardstownGRANGECLARE WEST1.00Yes8.50-1.0095.34
04/02/20231:35 WetherbyWAR LORD1.00No5.00-1.0094.34
04/02/20231:45 SandownDOLOS 1.00No4.00-1.0093.34
04/02/20232:03 MusselburghTHE WOLF1.00Yes9.00-1.0092.34
04/02/20232:30 LeopardstownAPPRECIATE IT1.25No2.75-1.2591.09
04/02/20232:55 SandownCOQUELICOT1.00Yes12.00-1.0090.09
04/02/20233:40 LeopardstownBLUE SARI1.00Yes12.00-1.0089.09
05/02/20231:10 LeopardstownBANNTOWN GIRL1.50Yes12.000.9089.99
05/02/20231:40 LeopardstownJAMES DU BERLAIS1.00No4.00-1.0088.99
05/02/20232:10 LeopardstownSCEAU ROYAL (WITHOUT BLUE LORD)1.25No2.88-1.2587.74
05/02/20232:40 LeopardstownBIRCHDALE 1.00Yes21.001.5089.24
05/02/20232:55 MusselburghHURRICANE HARVEY1.50Yes6.00-1.5087.74
05/02/20233:10 LeopardstownVAUBAN1.00No5.00-1.0086.74
05/02/20234:10 LeopardstownGAELIC WARRIOR2.00No2.633.2690.00
09/02/20233:00 HuntingdonGINNY'S DESTINY1.00No4.00-1.0089.00
09/02/20234:10 HuntingdonSONIGINO1.00No6.005.0094.00

Month Three Update

It was a bad month for JPW Racing Tipster with 13.65 points lost at the available odds, adding up to a 19.7% decrease to our betting bank overall.

It hadn't been going too badly but there was a long streak of losing bets towards the end of the month where the tipster just couldn't catch a break.

Ordinarily, we would have been thinking about wrapping our review up at this stage but Cheltenham was around the corner and we had some ante-post bets lined up. We decided to keep our review running until after the festival and weigh things up after that.

Key Stats

Advised OddsAvailable OddsBSP (before comm.)
Number of Bets424242
Total Stakes (pts)45.7545.7545.75
Profit/Loss (pts)-13.55-13.65-15.13
Profit/Loss (£10 stakes)(£135.50)(£136.50)(£151.30)
Strike Rate21.4%21.4%21.4%
Overall Bank Growth-19.3%-19.7%-16.0%
Bank (100pt starting)80.7180.3583.98


DateRaceBetTotal StakeEW?Available OddsP/LBank
11/02/20233:35 NewburyMASTER CHEWY2.00Yes17.002.2096.20
10/02/20231:50 BangorEFFERNOCK FIZZ1.00No3.50-1.0095.20
10/02/20233:00 KemptonKILLER KANE1.00No3.502.5097.70
11/02/20231:50 NewburyJATILUWIH1.00Yes7.00-1.0096.70
11/02/20232:25 NewburyDOES HE KNOW1.00No8.00-1.0095.70
11/02/20233:48 WarwickHARTUR D'OUDAIRIES1.50No3.25-1.5094.20
12/02/20232:10 NavanINOTHEWAYYOURTHINKIN1.00No4.00-1.0093.20
12/02/20234:00 ExeterWALKING ON AIR1.00No3.752.7595.95
13/02/20233:00 PlumptonLORD BADDESLEY 1.00No3.002.0097.95
15/02/20233:15 WetherbyPYRAMID PLACE1.00No5.00-1.0096.95
15/02/20233:50 WetherbyXCITATIONS1.00No3.50-1.0095.95
16/02/20231:15 SandownKANNAPOLIS0.50Yes41.00-0.5095.45
16/02/20231:50 SandownQUEL DESTIN1.00No3.50-1.0094.45
16/02/20234:45 SandownEQUINUS1.00No6.00-1.0093.45
17/02/20233:35 KelsoGINGER MAIL1.00No11.00-1.0092.45
18/02/20232:25 AscotDANNY KIRWAN1.50Yes6.50-1.5090.95
18/02/20232:40 HaydockSMALL PRESENT1.00Yes12.00-1.0089.95
18/02/20233:00 AscotTOO FRIENDLY1.00Yes12.000.6090.55
18/02/20233:18 HaydockONAGATHERINGSTORM1.00Yes13.00-1.0089.55
18/02/20233:35 AscotSHISHKIN 1.25No3.002.5092.05
18/02/20234:25 HaydockSAINT PALAIS1.00Yes13.00-1.0091.05
19/02/20232:10 PunchestownMILAN NATIVE1.00Yes26.00-1.0090.05
20/02/20233:15 CarlisleTILE TAPPER1.00No6.005.0095.05
22/02/20233:00 DoncasterDIDERO VALLIS1.00No4.50-1.0094.05
24/02/20233:00 WarwickKNIGHT IN DUBAI1.00Yes9.00-1.0093.05
24/02/20233:00 WarwickLOSTINTRANSLATION0.50Yes19.00-0.5092.55
25/02/20231:50 KemptonSCRIPTWRITER2.00No2.63-2.0090.55
25/02/20232:25 KemptonSOLO1.00No5.004.0094.55
25/02/20233:00 KemptonCAP DU NORD1.00No5.50-1.0093.55
25/02/20233:00 KemptonFRODON1.00Yes9.000.3093.85
26/02/20232:30 FontwellGOSHEN1.00No4.50-1.0092.85
27/02/20232:15 AyrBASS ROCK1.50No2.75-1.5091.35
02/03/20233:00 LudlowQUOI DE NEUF 1.00No6.50-1.0090.35
03/03/20231:40 NewburyCHIVES1.50Yes6.50-1.5088.85
03/03/20233:10 DoncasterMR MULDOON1.00No6.00-1.0087.85
03/03/20234:00 NewburyBOTHWELL BRIDGE1.25No4.33-1.2586.60
04/03/20232:45 NewburyPAINT THE DREAM1.25No3.75-1.2585.35
04/03/20231:50 KelsoCOLONEL MUSTARD1.00Yes8.00-1.0084.35
05/03/20233:35 HuntingdonSTRIKING A POSE1.00Yes8.00-1.0083.35
05/03/20234:55 LeopardstownBIRCHDALE1.00No4.33-1.0082.35
06/03/20231:40 LeopardstownI AM FORTUNATA1.00No3.75-1.0081.35
06/03/20234:25 WetherbyBEAKSTOWN1.00No4.00-1.0080.35

Month Four Update

We were glad to have kept our JPW Racing Tipster review running over the Cheltenham festival as we would have missed out on some cracking winners.

The tip of the festival had to be Sire Du Berlais for the Stayers Hurdle winning at 50/1. The bet had been at a reduced stake given the high odds but we still recorded 15 points profit for this bet.

In total, we finished the month with 11.65 points profit and 24.69 points at Betfair SP.

We decided to carry on following the service for at least another month after a much better performance from the tipster.

Key Stats

Advised OddsAvailable OddsBSP (before comm.)
Number of Bets838383
Total Stakes (pts)90.790.790.7
Profit/Loss (pts)10.511.6524.59
Profit/Loss (£10 stakes)£105.00 £116.50 £245.90
Strike Rate28.9%28.9%28.9%
Overall Bank Growth-8.8%-8.0%8.6%
Bank (100pt starting)91.2192.00108.57


DateRaceBetTotal StakeEW?Available OddsP/LBank
10/03/20233:00 ExeterSABRINA1.25No4.50-1.2579.10
11/03/20231:50 SandownCRAMBO1.00Yes8.004.2083.30
11/03/20231:50 SandownHENRI THE SECOND1.00Yes8.00-1.0082.30
11/03/20232:25 SandownMETIER1.00Yes10.00-1.0081.30
11/03/20234:45 SandownGOLDEN WHISKY1.00No5.50-1.0080.30
13/03/2023TOP JOCKEY BETNICO DE BOINVILLE1.00No7.00-1.0079.30
13/03/2023FESTIVAL LUCKY 15LUCKY 151.50No-0.5078.80
14/03/20232:50 Ultima Handicap ChaseCORACH RAMBLER1.50Yes8.006.3085.10
13/03/20232:50 Coral Cup (Wednesday)GOOD RISK AT ALL1.50Yes17.00-1.5083.60
13/03/20234:50 Grand AnnualELIXIR DE NUTZ1.50Yes17.00-1.5082.10
17/03/20232:10 County HurdleSHARJAH1.50Yes9.000.4582.55
13/03/2023FESTIVAL PATENTPATENT1.50No-0.4282.12
13/03/2023BANKER BET DOUBLEDOUBLE1.50No-1.5080.62
14/03/20231:30 Supreme Novice HurdleDOCTOR BRAVO0.50Yes21.00-0.5079.12
14/03/20232:10 Arkle ChaseJONBON1.25No2.75-1.2577.87
14/03/20232:50 Ultima Handicap ChaseMONBEG GENIUS1.00Yes10.000.4078.27
14/03/20232:50 Ultima Handicap ChaseTHE BIG BREAKAWAY0.75Yes19.00-0.7577.52
14/03/20233:30 Champion HurdleCONSTITUTION HILL BY OVER 10 LENGTHS1.00No3.00-1.0076.52
14/03/202316:10 Mares HurdleEPATANTE 1.00Yes8.50-1.0075.52
14/03/202316:10 Mares HurdleHONEYSUCKLE1.00No4.503.5079.02
14/03/202316:10 Mares HurdleREVERSE EXACTA0.30No-0.3078.72
14/03/20234:50 Boodles Handicap HurdlePERSEUS WAY1.00Yes15.00-1.0077.72
14/03/20234:50 Boodles Handicap HurdleFILS DE ROI 0.50Yes51.00-0.5077.22
15/03/20231:30 Ballymore Novice HurdleHERMES ALLEN1.00No6.00-1.0082.22
15/03/20232:10 Brown Advisory ChaseTHYME HILL1.50Yes11.00-1.5080.72
15/03/20232:50 Coral CupLANGER DAN1.00Yes11.006.0086.72
15/03/20233:30 Champion ChaseENERGUMENE1.25No2.882.3489.07
15/03/20234:50 Grand Handicap Annual ChaseELIXIR DE NUTZ1.50Yes15.00-1.5087.57
15/03/20234:50 Grand Handicap Annual ChaseANDY DUFRESNE1.00No7.50-1.0086.57
15/03/20235:30 Champion BumperBETTER DAYS AHEAD1.00Yes13.00-1.0085.57
15/03/2023QUEEN MOTHER CHAMPION CHASENUBE NEGRA0.70Yes26.00-0.7084.87
16/03/2023Pertemps Handicap HurdleWALKING ON AIR2.00Yes13.001.4086.40
15/03/2023Ballymore Novice HurdleGOOD LAND1.50Yes6.00-1.5084.90
15/03/2023Ballymore Novice HurdleAbove & MARINE NATIONALE1.00Yes-1.0083.90
16/03/2023Stayers HurdleHOME BY THE LEE 1.50Yes7.00-1.5082.40
16/03/20231:30 Turners Novice ChaseAPPRECIATE IT1.00No4.50-1.0081.40
16/03/20232:50 Ryanair ChaseCHACUN POUR SOI0.50Yes41.00-0.5080.90
16/03/20233:30 Stayers HurdleSIRE DU BERLAIS0.50Yes51.0015.0095.90
16/03/20234:10 Handicap Plate ChaseMIDNIGHT RIVER1.00Yes10.00-1.0094.90
16/03/20234:10 Handicap Plate ChaseIL RIDOTO1.00Yes9.000.3095.20
16/03/20234:50 Mare Novice HurdlePRINCESS ZOE1.00Yes17.00-1.0094.20
16/03/20235:30 Kim Muir ChaseDUNBOYNE1.50Yes8.000.3094.50
16/03/20235:30 Kim Muir ChaseMUSICAL SLAVE 0.75Yes26.00-0.7593.75
17/03/2023LUCKY 15LUCKY 151.50No-0.3993.35
17/03/20231:30 Triumph HurdleLOSSIEMOUTH 1.25No2.632.0395.39
17/03/20232:10 County HurdlePEMBROKE1.50Yes7.50-1.5093.89
17/03/20232:50 Albert BartlettTHREE CARD BRAG1.00No5.50-1.0092.89
17/03/20232:50 Albert BartlettFAVORI DE CHAMPDOU1.00Yes11.00-1.0091.89
17/03/20233:30 Gold CupBRAVEMANSGAME1.00Yes8.500.2592.14
17/03/20233:30 Gold CupA PLUS TARD1.00No5.50-1.0091.14
17/03/20233:30 Gold CupROYAL PAGAILLE0.50Yes51.00-0.5090.64
17/03/20234:10 Foxhunters ChaseCHRIS’S DREAM 1.00Yes10.000.4091.04
17/03/20234:10 Foxhunters ChaseFAMOUS CLERMONT1.00Yes8.00-1.0090.04
17/03/20234:50 Mares ChaseALLEGORIE DE VASSY1.25No2.75-1.2588.79
17/03/20235:30 Martin Pipe Handicap HurdleMIGHT I1.50Yes11.000.7589.54
21/03/20234:00 WetherbyFIRST LORD DE CUET1.00No4.00-1.0088.54
22/03/20232:25 HaydockRICHMOND LAKE 1.00No3.002.0090.54
22/03/20233:35 HaydockALNADAM1.00No4.333.3393.87
23/03/20234:10 LudlowTIDE TIMES1.00No7.50-1.0092.87
24/03/20232:40 NewburyTOTTERDOWN0.75Yes26.00-0.7592.12
24/03/20233:10 NewburyKNOWSLEY ROAD1.00No4.33-1.0091.12
25/03/20232:05 NewburyMESSIRE DES OBEAUX1.00Yes11.00-1.0090.12
25/03/20233:00 KelsoBONTTAY1.50No2.632.4492.55
25/03/20231:15 MeydanHAPPY ROMANCE1.00Yes26.00-1.0091.55
26/03/20233:25 LimerickTHEDEVILSCOACHMAN1.50No1.911.3792.92
27/03/20232:00 WincantonFOREVER WILLIAM1.00No4.33-1.0091.92
29/03/20233:00 NewcastleCASTLE RUSHEN1.00No3.75-1.0090.92
31/03/20233:25 WetherbyHARDY DU SEUIL1.00No5.00-1.0089.92
01/04/20233:35 DoncasterSAFE VOYAGE1.00Yes29.00-1.0088.92
01/04/20233:35 DoncasterMONTASSIB1.00Yes13.00-1.0087.92
01/04/20233:55 UttoxeterMAKE ME A BELIEVER1.00No8.00-1.0086.92
02/04/20233:00 AscotFILS DE ROI1.00Yes17.00-1.0085.92
05/04/20234:35 WincantonLADY ADARE1.00No4.00-1.0084.92
07/04/20233:15 LingfieldABERAMA GOLD1.00Yes13.00-1.0083.92
07/04/20233:15 LingfieldEMPEROR SPIRIT1.00Yes11.006.0089.92
08/04/20231:30 HaydockTOO FRIENDLY1.50Yes6.50-1.5088.42
08/04/20233:00 MusselburghCAME FROM THE DARK1.50Yes6.500.0888.50
08/04/20233:15 HaydockHYLAND1.00Yes8.00-1.0087.50
08/04/20235:05 FairyhouseRISK BELLE1.50Yes6.004.5092.00

Month Five Update

It was another fantastic month of results for JPW Racing Tipster with 20.18 points profit at an ROI of 23.7% at the available odds. At Betfair SP there was a profit of 26.14 points at an ROI of 30.7%.

The tipster delivered some outstanding winners during the Aintree festival, including the winner of the Grand National. In total there was a profit of 10.65 points from the meeting, but a much higher profit at Betfair SP thanks to some nice drifters.

There had been two consecutive months producing impressive profits, but we wanted to see if the service could improve on the total review profit of 12.17 points. We decided to extend our review for a further month to make it a total of six months.

Key Stats

Advised OddsAvailable OddsBSP (before comm.)
Number of Bets767676
Total Stakes (pts)85.0785.0785.07
Profit/Loss (pts)19.1820.1826.14
Profit/Loss (£10 stakes)£191.80 £201.80 £261.40
Strike Rate27.6%27.6%27.6%
Overall Bank Growth10.4%12.2%34.7%
Bank (100pt starting)110.38112.17134.70


DateRaceBetTotal StakeEW?Available OddsP/LBank
09/04/20232:35 FairyhouseMAGICAL ZOE1.25No4.50-1.2590.75
09/04/20232:35 FairyhousePRINCESS ZOE0.75Yes9.00-0.7590.00
09/04/20233:10 FairyhouseDOCTOR BRAVO1.00No4.50-1.0089.00
09/04/20233:30 CorkRONALD PUMP1.00No9.00-1.0088.00
09/04/20233:45 FairyhouseHERCULE DE SEUIL1.00No8.007.0095.00
09/04/20234:55 FairyhouseSIR GERHARD1.00No6.00-1.0094.00
10/04/20232:40 FairyhouseGUST OF WIND1.00No4.33-1.0093.00
10/04/20233:10 ChepstowANGELS BREATH1.00No4.00-1.0092.00
10/04/20234:20 FairyhouseEASY GAME1.50No3.003.0095.00
10/04/20235:00 FairyhouseI AM MAXIMUS1.00Yes13.007.20102.20
10/04/20235:00 FairyhouseCHEMICAL ENERGY0.75Yes13.00-0.75101.45
10/04/20235:00 FairyhouseROYAL PAGAILLE 0.75Yes17.00-0.75100.70
10/04/20236:10 FairyhouseFIREFOX1.00No4.502.45103.15
28/03/2023GRAND NATIONAL ANTE POSTDELTA WORK1.00Yes13.00-1.00109.35
13/04/20231:45 AintreeBANBRIDGE 1.00No2.751.75111.10
13/04/20232:20 AintreeSCRIPTWRITER1.00Yes8.50-1.00110.10
13/04/20232:55 AintreeA PLUS TARD1.25No4.50-1.25108.85
13/04/20234:05 AintreeWINGED LEADER1.00No4.50-1.00107.85
13/04/20234:40 AintreeTHIRD TIME LUCKI1.00No6.00-1.00106.85
13/04/20235:15 AintreeSEEYOUINMYDREAMS1.25No4.00-1.25105.60
13/04/2023LUCKY 63LUCKY 632.52No-2.40103.20
14/04/20231:45 AintreeTHOMAS DARBY1.00Yes21.00-1.00102.20
14/04/20232:20 AintreeCAMPROND2.00Yes6.50-2.00100.20
14/04/20232:20 AintreePULL AGAIN GREEN1.00Yes21.00-1.0099.20
14/04/20232:55 AintreeINTHEPOCKET1.00No5.504.50103.70
14/04/20232:55 AintreePEMBROKE0.75Yes23.00-0.75102.95
14/04/20233:30 AintreeFAKIR D'OUDAIRES1.25No3.25-1.25101.70
14/04/20234:05 AintreeASHTOWN LAD1.00Yes8.50-1.00100.70
14/04/20234:05 AintreeBURROWS SAINT1.00Yes12.00-1.0099.70
14/04/20234:05 AintreeIL RIDOTO1.00Yes13.00-1.0098.70
14/04/20234:40 AintreeSTAY AWAY FAY1.00No4.50-1.0097.70
14/04/20235:15 AintreePARAMOUNT1.00Yes9.00-1.0096.70
14/04/20235:15 AintreeSOUL ICON1.00Yes13.00-1.0095.70
14/04/20235:15 AintreeJPR ONE1.00Yes9.000.3096.00
15/04/20232:25 AintreeWEST BALBOA2.00Yes7.507.80103.80
15/04/20233:00 AintreeDARK RAVEN1.00No5.00-1.00102.80
15/04/20233:35 AintreeSIRE DU BERLAIS1.00No7.506.50109.30
15/04/20233:35 AintreeHOME BY THE LEE1.00No6.50-1.00108.30
15/04/2023REVERSE EXACTA0.30No-0.30108.00
15/04/20234:15 AintreeMIDNIGHT RIVER1.50Yes8.006.30114.30
15/04/20235:15 AintreeDELTA WORK0.50Yes10.00-0.50113.80
19/04/20231:30 CheltenhamCOOLE CODY1.00Yes11.00-1.00112.80
19/04/20231:30 CheltenhamCILAOS EMERY1.00Yes41.00-1.00111.80
19/04/20232:05 CheltenhamMASTER CHEWY1.00No6.50-1.00110.80
19/04/20233:15 CheltenhamCHASING FIRE1.00No5.00-1.00109.80
19/04/20233:35 NewmarketINNER SPACE1.00Yes13.00-1.00108.80
19/04/20233:50 CheltenhamCAPTAIN CATTISTOCK1.00No6.005.00113.80
20/04/20232:40 CheltenhamDEEPLY SUPERFICAL1.50No4.00-1.50112.30
20/04/20233:35 NewmarketMYSTERIOUS KNIGHT1.25No3.75-1.25111.05
20/04/20233:50 CheltenhamUNDER CONTROL1.25No4.003.75114.80
21/04/20231:15 AyrAFADIL1.00No4.503.50118.30
22/04/20231:15 AyrELIXIR DE NUTZ1.00Yes7.500.15118.45
22/04/20231:50 AyrOSCAR ELITE 1.00No5.50-1.00117.45
22/04/20232:25 AyrCOLONEL MUSTARD2.00Yes5.50-0.10117.35
22/04/20233:35 AyrDUSART1.00Yes19.00-1.00116.35
25/04/20233:40 PunchestownENFRANCHISE0.50Yes34.00-0.50115.85
25/04/20234:50 PunchestownBRAZIL1.50Yes7.00-1.50114.35
25/04/20236:35 PunchestownAPPRECIATE IT1.00No5.00-1.00113.35
26/04/2023PunchestownGAELIC WARRIOR & A DREAM TO SHARE1.50No5.12118.46
26/04/20234:15 PunchestownTHREE CARD BRAG1.00No3.75-1.00117.46
26/04/20235:55 PunchestownBRAVEMANSGAME1.00No5.50-1.00116.46
27/04/20234:15 PunchestownDOUGLAS TALKING1.25No4.50-1.25115.21
27/04/20235:25 PunchestownMONKFISH1.00No6.00-1.00114.21
27/04/20235:25 PunchestownASTERION FORLONGE1.00Yes9.000.30114.51
27/04/20236:00 PunchestownWALKING ON AIR2.00Yes9.00-2.00112.51
27/04/20236:35 PunchestownDYSART DYNAMO1.00No6.00-1.00111.51
27/04/20237:45 PunchestownAPPLES OF BRESIL1.00No4.50-1.00110.51
28/04/20234:15 PunchestownKILCRUIT1.00No5.004.00114.51
28/04/20234:50 PunchestownALLEGORIE DE VASSY1.00No3.75-1.00113.51
28/04/20236:35 PunchestownCHRIS'S DREAM1.00Yes6.50-1.00112.51
29/04/20231:40 SandownJONBON 1.50No2.382.06114.57
29/04/20232:15 SandownTEA CLIPPER1.50Yes13.00-1.50113.07
29/04/20233:50 PunchestownEPATANTE1.00Yes8.00-1.00112.07
29/04/20234:25 PunchestownRAMILLIES1.00No3.75-1.00111.07
29/04/20235:30 PunchestownBALLYADAM1.00Yes17.001.10112.17

Month Six Update

The service achieved yet another winning month with a profit of 6.95 points at an ROI of 11.7%. 

That made it three consecutive months with a profit, not just at the bookmaker odds but at Betfair SP too.

Key Stats

Advised OddsAvailable OddsBSP (before comm.)
Number of Bets545454
Total Stakes (pts)59.2559.2559.25
Profit/Loss (pts)7.316.951.14
Profit/Loss (£10 stakes)£73.10 £69.50 £11.40
Strike Rate37.0%37.0%37.0%
Overall Bank Growth17.7%19.1%35.8%
Bank (100pt starting)117.69119.12135.84


DateRaceBetTotal StakeEW?Available OddsP/LBank
13/05/20231.35 HaydockPULL AGAIN GREEN1.00Yes19.00-1.00111.17
13/05/20232.05 AscotMOUNTAIN SONG1.00No5.00-1.00110.17
13/05/20232.40 AscotSAFE VOYAGE1.50Yes13.001.05111.22
13/05/20232.40 AscotSIR DANCEALOT0.75Yes67.00-0.75110.47
13/05/20233.15 HaydockAUCUNRISQUE1.00Yes15.00-1.00109.47
13/05/20233.15 HaydockPARAMOUNT1.00Yes10.00-1.00108.47
13/05/20232.55 KillarneyPARTY CENTRAL1.50No2.20-1.50106.97
17/05/20232:25 YorkFIRST FOLIO1.00Yes12.00-1.00105.97
17/05/20233:00 YorkHIGHFIELD PRINCESS1.25No4.33-1.25104.72
17/05/20233:35 YorkNOVAKAI1.00Yes6.000.00104.72
18/05/20231:50 YorkKORKER2.00Yes9.000.60105.32
18/05/20232:25 YorkFREE WIND1.25No2.632.03107.35
18/05/20233:00 YorkCRUYFF TURN1.00Yes11.00-1.00106.35
18/05/20233:00 YorkBLUE FOR YOU1.00Yes15.000.90107.25
18/05/20233:35 YorkEPICTETUS1.00No5.50-1.00106.25
19/05/20231:50 YorkDOROTHY LAWRENCE1.00Yes8.000.20106.45
19/05/20232:25 YorkQUEEN FOR YOU1.00No4.00-1.00105.45
19/05/20233:00 YorkMOKTASAAB1.00Yes9.00-1.00104.45
19/05/20233:35 YorkELDAR ELDAROV1.00No6.50-1.00103.45
20/05/20233:00 NewburyBERTINELLI1.00Yes9.004.80108.25
20/05/20233:35 NewburyMY PROSPERO1.00No5.50-1.00107.25
20/05/20233:50 NewmarketMONTASSIB1.00No3.752.75110.00
21/05/20233:45 NaasTHE ANTARCTIC1.50No2.882.81112.82
24/05/20233:50 WarwickFINEST VIEW1.00Yes9.00-1.00111.82
25/05/20236:42 SandownELITE STATUS1.00No4.003.00114.82
25/05/20238:12 SandownYAANAAS1.00No3.75-1.00113.82
26/05/20234:10 GoodwoodGREGORY1.50No2.251.88115.69
27/05/20232:40 YorkKORKER1.00No4.33-1.00114.69
27/05/20233:00 HaydockCOLD CASE2.00Yes5.50-2.00112.69
27/05/20233:30 HaydockHAPPY ROMANCE1.00Yes13.00-1.00111.69
27/05/20233:40 CurraghPADDINGTON1.00No4.503.50115.19
28/05/20232:45 CurraghVADENI1.25No2.25-1.25113.94
28/05/20233:15 CurraghJUMBLY1.00No5.50-1.00112.94
28/05/20233:55 UttoxeterTEA CLIPPER1.25No7.00-1.25111.69
29/05/20234:00 RedcarOVIEDO1.00No5.004.00115.69
02/06/20232:35 EpsomALL THE KING’S MEN1.00Yes7.500.15115.84
02/06/20233:10 EpsomEMILY UPJOHN1.00No3.752.75118.59
02/06/20233:45 EpsomDUAL IDENTITY1.00Yes10.00-1.00117.59
02/06/20234:30 EpsomSOUL SISTER1.00No4.333.33120.92
03/06/202312:50 EpsomKOLSAI1.00No4.50-1.00119.92
03/06/20231:30 EpsomARREST1.25No5.00-1.25118.67
03/06/20231:30 EpsomWHITE BIRCH1.00Yes13.000.70119.37
03/06/20232:10 EpsomASTRAL BEAU1.00Yes7.00-1.00118.37
03/06/20233:20 EpsomCAME FROM THE DARK1.00Yes19.00-1.00117.37
03/06/20233:20 EpsomMOKAATIL1.00Yes10.00-1.00116.37
04/06/20233:05 ChantillyEPICTETUS1.00Yes15.00-1.00115.37
08/06/20233:35 HamiltonACKLAM EXPRESS1.00Yes9.50-1.00114.37
09/06/20232:50 Market RasenHANG IN THERE1.00Yes8.50-1.00113.37
10/06/20231:15 HaydockKORKER1.00Yes9.00-1.00112.37
10/06/20231:50 HaydockALL THE KING'S MEN1.00No5.50-1.00111.37
10/06/20233:00 HaydockSEA SILK ROAD1.00Yes10.005.40116.77
10/06/20233:15 BeverleyCUBAN SLIDE1.25No4.00-1.25115.52
11/06/20233:20 GoodwoodEMPRESS WU1.00Yes7.000.10115.62
12/06/20237:10 WindsorEQUALITY1.00No4.503.50119.12

Review Summary

  • Horse racing tipster focusing on high quality racing
  • Long-established service
  • Variety of packages available including festivals and weekends

The JPW Racing Tipster service is a rarity in the betting world, being one of the very few tipsters that have stuck around for the long-term. They have been providing tips for their members since 2015 and are still going strong.

During our review, the tipster really came to life once the flat season was underway, achieving three consecutive months with a profit at the available odds.

One of the major plus points was that we were able to make a profit at Betfair SP, removing the need for bookmakers. We made 35.84 points profit at BSP, which was 16.72 points extra profit compared to results at the bookies.

Key Stats

Advised OddsAvailable OddsBSP (before comm.)
Number of Bets353353353
Total Stakes (pts)389.77389.77389.77
Profit/Loss (pts)17.6919.1235.84
Profit/Loss (£10 stakes)£176.90 £191.20 £358.40
Strike Rate28.3%28.3%28.3%
Overall Bank Growth17.7%19.1%35.8%
Bank (100pt starting)117.69119.12135.84

If you are looking for a dependable horse racing tipster, that you can trust not to disappear when there is a bad run of results, JPW Racing Tipster is your guy.

He has outlasted most other horse racing tipsters out there and with the consistent profits that he has delivered each year, it is no wonder.

It's a "pass" from us!

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