JPW Racing Tipster Review: Month One Update

JPW Racing Tipster review

JPW Racing Tipster is a long-established horse racing tips service that has full results going back to 2015.

The service focuses on quality racing rather than lower grades, so they mainly provide tips for racing at the weekend and festivals throughout the year. 

There are a number of tips packages available, including National Hunt, Festival Only, Saturday Only and Weekend Only. There is the option to combine packages to suit what races or days you want to bet on.

The results are broken down into different groups and although they go back to 2015, the at a glance figures just show the profit/loss figures from 2020-2022. You can still view each year individually before that if you want to see more historical results.

During the past three years, the festivals and weekend tips have produced 251.7 points profit at an ROI of 12.6%. That works out at £2,517 profit to £10 stakes and an average monthly profit of £76.

Going by the at a glance figures, the weekend bets actually performed better alone with 281.6 points profit at an ROI of 22.7%.

JPW has built up quite a large following, with some saying they are one of the best out there. We will be recording bets from the service for ourselves to find out if they really are up to the mark.

We will track all tips that we receive regardless of what package they are from, so that we can see how the service performs overall. Our results will be recorded at the available odds and Betfair SP, alongside the advised odds.

Month One Update

Our JPW Racing Tipster review got off to a poor start with 12.63 points lost at the available odds. That worked out as 12.6% decrease to our starting bank of 100 points.

There had been quite a few places, narrowly missing the win at double figure odds, so we hoped to see the tipster's luck turn around in the next month of our review.

Key Stats

Advised OddsAvailable OddsBSP (before comm.)
Number of Bets464646
Total Stakes (pts)50.550.550.5
Profit/Loss (pts)-12.37-12.63-10.37
Profit/Loss (£10 stakes)(£123.70)(£126.30)(£103.70)
Strike Rate30.4%30.4%30.4%
Overall Bank Growth-12.4%-12.6%-10.4%
Bank (100pt starting)87.6387.3789.63


DateRaceBetTotal StakeEW?Available OddsP/LBank
09/12/202212:40 CheltenhamMASTER CHEWY1.25 No2.50-1.25 98.75
09/12/20222:25 CheltenhamCAPTAIN CATTISTOCK1.00 No6.00-1.00 97.75
09/12/20222:25 CheltenhamSPIRITOFTHEGAMES1.00 Yes10.000.40 98.15
09/12/20223:00 CheltenhamROUGE VIF1.00 Yes26.00-1.00 97.15
11/12/202212:45 CorkARCTIC BRESIL1.00 No3.502.50 99.65
18/12/202212:44 ThurlesRAMILLIES1.25 No2.882.35 102.00
20/12/20221:00 NaasDEEPLY SUPERFICIAL1.00 Yes7.50-1.00 101.00
21/12/20221:15 HerefordEMIR SACREE1.00 No4.33-1.00 100.00
22/12/20221:40 Ffos LasCOMPLETE UNKNOWN1.00 No3.502.50 102.50
26/12/202212:10 KemptonRUBAUD1.00 No4.00-1.00 101.50
26/12/202212:45 KemptonCHAMP1.50 No1.50-1.50 100.00
26/12/20221:20 KemptonTHYME HILL1.00 No7.006.00 106.00
26/12/20221:35 WetherbyZANZA1.00 Yes13.00-1.00 105.00
26/12/20222:30 KemptonENVOI ALLEN1.50 Yes7.50-1.50 103.50
26/12/20223:13 WincantonBARBADOS BUCKS1.00 No5.50-1.00 102.50
27/12/20221:05 ChepstowGOLDEN WHISKY1.00 Yes12.000.60 103.10
27/12/20221:20 KemptonLAC DE CONSTANCE1.25 No2.75-1.25 101.85
27/12/20222:50 ChepstowTHE BIG BREAKAWAY1.50 Yes11.000.75 102.60
27/12/20223:00 LeopardstownAIN'T THAT A SHAME1.00 Yes8.000.20 102.80
27/12/20223:09 KemptonFIVE STAR GETAWAY1.00 Yes8.00-1.00 101.80
27/12/20223:25 ChepstowOSCAR ELITE2.00 Yes8.00-2.00 99.80
28/12/20221:10 LeopardstownERIC BLOODAXE1.50 Yes7.500.23 100.03
28/12/20221:45 LeopardstownBOB OLINGER1.00 No4.50-1.00 99.03
28/12/20221:45 LeopardstownSIRE DU BERLAIS0.75 Yes23.00-0.75 98.28
28/12/20222:20 LeopardstownGALVIN1.00 No5.00-1.00 97.28
29/12/202212:35 LeopardstownSEARCH FOR GLORY 1.00 No5.00-1.00 96.28
29/12/202212:45 DoncasterDATSALRIGHTGINO1.00 No6.00-1.00 95.28
29/12/20222:20 LeopardstownVAUBAN1.00 No6.00-1.00 94.28
30/12/20222:30 HaydockFINE CASTING1.00 No3.752.75 97.03
30/12/20223:00 HaydockGOOD BOY BOBBY1.00 Yes8.00-1.00 96.03
31/12/20221:15 NewburyONLY MONEY1.00 No6.00-1.00 95.03
31/12/20221:50 NewburyNINA THE TERRIER1.00 Yes11.00-1.00 94.03
31/12/20222:25 NewburyKILLER KANE1.00 Yes13.000.70 94.73
31/12/20223:35 NewburyNOTHIN TO ASK1.50 Yes8.00-1.50 93.23
01/01/202312:45 CheltenhamSECRET REPRIEVE1.00 Yes6.500.05 93.28
01/01/202312:45 CheltenhamSPIRITOFTHEGAMES1.00 Yes8.00-1.00 92.28
01/01/20231:55 CheltenhamIL RIDDOTO1.00 Yes7.500.15 92.43
01/01/20231:55 CheltenhamHAPPYGOLUCKY1.00 Yes10.00-1.00 91.43
01/01/20232:30 CheltenhamI LIKE TO MOVE IT1.00 No4.50-1.00 90.43
01/01/20233:05 CheltenhamCALL ME LORD1.50 Yes9.00-1.50 88.93
06/01/20233:30 LudlowHURRICANE HARVEY1.00 Yes6.503.44 92.37
07/01/20231:30 WincantonKILTEALY BRIGGS1.00 Yes6.50-1.00 91.37
07/01/20232:25 SandownARCTIC BRESIL1.00 No4.50-1.00 90.37
07/01/20233:00 SandownELEGANT ESCAPE1.00 Yes23.00-1.00 89.37
08/01/20232:10 ChepstowFIRST LORD DE CUET1.00 No4.50-1.00 88.37
08/01/20232:20 NaasINOTHEWAYURTHINKIN1.00 Yes7.50-1.00 87.37

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