Little Acorns International Review: Month One Update

Little Acorns International Review

The original Little Acorns system has been around since 2003 and is still going strong. But does it work on US Racing too?

Andrew David decided to test this theory and although there were some differences, he found that the core principles that made Little Acorns work were universal.

With a bit of tinkering of the original filters, he worked out the ideal parameters to make the system work with US horse races.

The system has been tested since June 2020 and has achieved more than 108 points profit and only experienced 2 losing months out of a total of 28.

They were only small losses too, with -3.5 points in one month and -0.3 points in the other.

We already know that Little Acorns is low risk and provides steady gains from our original review, where we made consistent profits during the eight months that we tested the system. 

Little Acorns Gold is horse laying system, with all bets sent out to you daily. We made consistent profits during our eight month review and awarded a pass!

We would expect Little Acorns International to produce similar results, but as always we will be trying it out for ourselves.

With it being US horse racing, the bets will mostly be in the evening for those in the UK, usually from 5.00pm - 12.30am.

All bets are sent out through email, so you don't need to go and manually find bets yourself. The first email is a "heads up" message that tells you the chances of their being a bet in different time brackets, so you know when to look out for an email.

We will test the system for a few months to see how it performs. Hopefully this will be another easy pass alongside the original Little Acorns system.

Month One Update

It was a positive start to our Little Acorns International review with 8.31 points profit at an ROI of 20.8% banked using the Fibonacci staking plan. We also recorded 5.61 profit using level stakes at an ROI of 22.3%.

There were a total of 30 bets that met the qualifying odds out of all of those sent out and 17 of them won (or lost, since we were laying), which was a strike rate of 56.7%.

Key Stats

Number of Bets3030
Total Stakes (pts)25.1240.02
Profit/Loss (pts)5.618.31
Profit/Loss (£10 stakes)£56.10£83.10
Strike Rate56.7%56.7%
Overall Bank Growth5.6%6.4%
Bank (100pt/130pt starting)105.61138.31


06/10/2022Belmont At The Big A17:35North Pole1.001.601.00131.00
07/10/2022Keeneland19:04Key Of Life1.001.89-0.89130.11
10/10/2022Finger Lakes18:10Kanthartana1.002.151.00130.41
10/10/2022Finger Lakes18:39Toosweettobesour1.001.80-0.80129.61
10/10/2022Finger Lakes19:08Full Moon Fever1.001.75-0.75128.86
10/10/2022Finger Lakes19:37Thats Pretty Nice2.001.80-1.60127.26
18/10/2022Finger Lakes18:10Alicias Way3.002.05-3.15124.11
18/10/2022Finger Lakes18:39Isle Storm5.001.60-3.00121.11
18/10/2022Finger Lakes19:37Whittington Park8.001.608.00129.11
18/10/2022Finger Lakes20:35Interstate1.001.651.00130.11
20/10/2022Keeneland18:00Keen Lady1.001.971.00131.11
20/10/2022Delaware Park18:00Torn Jeans1.001.801.00132.11
25/10/2022Finger Lakes21:04Shared Success1.001.701.00134.01
26/10/2022Delaware Park17:30Six Oclock Sarah1.001.70-0.70133.31
26/10/2022Delaware Park18:30Loose Ends1.001.701.00135.31
26/10/2022Finger Lakes18:39Noble Journey1.001.851.00136.31
26/10/2022Delaware Park19:00Rowsie Express1.002.10-1.10135.21
27/10/2022Laurel Park18:50Devilish Affair1.001.90-0.90134.31
01/11/2022Finger Lakes17:59All About Bella3.002.00-3.00129.31
01/11/2022Finger Lakes19:06Unbridleds Reign5.001.605.00134.31
02/11/2022Delaware Park18:30Illustrious1.001.701.00135.31
02/11/2022Finger Lakes19:35Fire King1.002.001.00136.31
04/11/2022Gulfstream17:27No Man Left Behind1.002.001.00137.31
04/11/2022Keeneland17:40Arabian Lion1.001.711.00138.31

Our results are based on the starting price and do not include commission, which varies depending which country you are in, but in our case it would just be a 2% deduction.

We had the option to follow the "Pension Booster 200 Compounding Plan" from here, but for review purposes we decided to keep stakes the same throughout.

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