Little Acorns International Review: US Racing Lay Bet System

Written by Laura Turner

Little Acorns International Review

The original Little Acorns system has been around since 2003 and is still going strong. But does it work on US Racing too?

Andrew David decided to test this theory and although there were some differences, he found that the core principles that made Little Acorns work were universal.

The system is a simple lay betting strategy for horse racing on Betfair Exchange, with no bookmaker accounts required.

With some tinkering with the original filters, Andrew worked out the parameters for the system to work with US horse races.

It has been tested since June 2020, and at the time of our review, had achieved more than 108 points profit and had only experienced 2 losing months out of a total of 28.

They were only small losses too, with -3.5 points in one month and -0.3 points in the other.

We already knew that Little Acorns was low risk and provided steady gains from our original review, where we made consistent profits during the eight months that we tested the system. 

Little Acorns Gold is horse laying system, with all bets sent out to you daily. We made consistent profits during our eight month review and awarded a pass!

We expected Little Acorns International to produce similar results, but as always we wanted to try it out for ourselves.

With it being US horse racing, the bets are mostly in the evening for those in the UK, usually from 5.00pm - 12.30am.

All bets are sent out through email, so you don't need to go and manually find bets yourself. The first email is a "heads up" message that tells you the chances of their being a bet in different time brackets, so you know when to look out for an email.

During our review, the system made a profit in all five months and we finished with 38.46 points profit at an ROI 27.5% and a 29.6% increase to our bank.

It was another easy pass for this system alongside the original Little Acorns.

Read on for our full Little Acorns International review, or click here to get started.

Review profit/loss

+38.46 points profit



Strike rate



1 point stakes (Fibonacci)

Starting bank

130 points

Average no. bets

Approx. 20-25 per month

Time tips sent



1st month £19.97 then £34.97



Review Update - Latest Results

The Little Acorns International system has produced a profit in every one of the past twelve months, totalling 68.23 points.

Based on a £1,500 starting bank, stakes would be set at £30 per point, so the profit adds up to £2,046.90.

This is without compounding the bank each month, which the system guide recommends. Compounding stakes since September 2023 has produced a total profit of £3,064.56.

"Just to let you know, Little Acorns International has hit nearly £3,000 pure profit in 9 months for our £1,500 to £50,000 3 year challenge, so we're well on course! As you know with compounding it's not until the second half of year 2 that profits start to build faster." - Andrew David

DateProfit/Loss (Points)Profit/Loss (£30 Stakes)


Month One Update

It was a positive start to our Little Acorns International review with 9.31 points profit at an ROI of 22.6% banked using the Fibonacci staking plan. We also recorded 5.61 profit using level stakes at an ROI of 22.3%.

There were a total of 30 bets that met the qualifying odds out of all of those sent out and 17 of them won (or lost, since we were laying), which was a strike rate of 56.7%.

Key Stats

Number of Bets3030
Total Stakes (pts)25.1241.17
Profit/Loss (pts)5.619.31
Profit/Loss (£10 stakes)£56.10£93.10
Strike Rate56.7%56.7%
Overall Bank Growth5.6%7.2%
Bank (100pt/130pt starting)105.61139.31


06/10/2022Belmont At The Big A17:35North Pole1.001.601.00 131.00
07/10/2022Keeneland19:04Key Of Life1.001.89-0.89 130.11
07/10/2022Gulfstream19:24Vandalia1.001.70-0.70 129.41
10/10/2022Finger Lakes18:10Kanthartana2.002.152.00 131.41
10/10/2022Finger Lakes18:39Toosweettobesour1.001.80-0.80 130.61
10/10/2022Finger Lakes19:08Full Moon Fever1.001.75-0.75 129.86
10/10/2022Finger Lakes19:37Thats Pretty Nice2.001.80-1.60 128.26
18/10/2022Finger Lakes18:10Alicias Way3.002.05-3.15 125.11
18/10/2022Finger Lakes18:39Isle Storm5.001.60-3.00 122.11
18/10/2022Finger Lakes19:37Whittington Park8.001.608.00 130.11
18/10/2022Finger Lakes20:35Interstate1.001.651.00 131.11
20/10/2022Keeneland18:00Keen Lady1.001.971.00 132.11
20/10/2022Delaware Park18:00Torn Jeans1.001.801.00 133.11
20/10/2022Keeneland18:32Evoking1.001.611.00 134.11
23/10/2022Gulfstream17:52Demurely1.002.101.00 135.11
23/10/2022Gulfstream18:52Journeytothemoon1.002.10-1.10 134.01
25/10/2022Finger Lakes21:04Shared Success1.001.701.00 135.01
26/10/2022Delaware Park17:30Six Oclock Sarah1.001.70-0.70 134.31
26/10/2022Keeneland18:00Passionfortreasure1.001.991.00 135.31
26/10/2022Delaware Park18:30Loose Ends1.001.701.00 136.31
26/10/2022Finger Lakes18:39Noble Journey1.001.851.00 137.31
26/10/2022Delaware Park19:00Rowsie Express1.002.10-1.10 136.21
27/10/2022Laurel Park18:50Devilish Affair1.001.90-0.90 135.31
28/10/2022Gulfstream19:59Atthecrossroads2.002.00-2.00 133.31
01/11/2022Finger Lakes17:59All About Bella3.002.00-3.00 130.31
01/11/2022Finger Lakes19:06Unbridleds Reign5.001.605.00 135.31
02/11/2022Delaware Park18:30Illustrious1.001.701.00 136.31
02/11/2022Finger Lakes19:35Fire King1.002.001.00 137.31
04/11/2022Gulfstream17:27No Man Left Behind1.002.001.00 138.31
04/11/2022Keeneland17:40Arabian Lion1.001.711.00 139.31

Our results are based on the starting price and do not include commission, which varies depending which country you are in, but in our case it would just be a 2% deduction.

We had the option to follow the "Pension Booster 200 Compounding Plan" from here, but for review purposes we decided to keep stakes the same throughout.

Month Two Update

Little Acorns International delivered a further 6.5 points profit at an ROI of 22% using the advised staking plan in month two of our review. We also recorded 2.6 points profit based on level stakes at an ROI of 15.3%.

There were 22 bets that met the odds criteria and 11 of them returned a profit, which was a 50% strike rate with average odds of 1.77.

The Fibonacci staking system had been doing well to boost our profit, although it did carry more risk than level stakes.

Key Stats

Number of Bets2222
Total Stakes (pts)17.029.6
Profit/Loss (pts)2.66.5
Profit/Loss (£10 stakes)£26.00£65.00
Strike Rate50.0%50.0%
Overall Bank Growth8.2%12.2%
Bank (100pt/130pt starting)108.21145.81


07/11/2022Laurel Park18:11Connecting1.001.801.00 140.31
07/11/2022Turf Paradise21:43Midnight Garden1.002.001.00 141.31
08/11/2022Finger Lakes18:42Thats Pretty Nice1.001.60-0.60 140.71
08/11/2022Finger Lakes20:09Gone And Forgotten1.001.651.00 141.71
09/11/2022Finger Lakes20:38He Is Bonafide1.002.101.00 142.71
13/11/2022Laurel Park18:40Mavilus1.001.70-0.70 142.01
13/11/2022Gulfstream20:33The Distractor1.001.90-0.90 141.11
14/11/2022Finger Lakes17:44Noble Journey1.001.601.00 142.11
15/11/2022Finger Lakes18:42I Am The Cash Man1.001.651.00 143.11
16/11/2022Finger Lakes18:13Conformist1.001.75-0.75 142.36
16/11/2022Finger Lakes19:11Hes Got The Jack1.002.00-1.00 141.36
16/11/2022Turf Paradise20:37Sunny Lane2.001.70-1.40 139.96
22/11/2022Delta Downs22:39Corrente De Ouro3.001.60-1.80 138.16
23/11/2022Delta Downs21:43Aligned Interest5.001.60-3.00 135.16
24/11/2022Laurel Park16:25Rustys Gfivefifty8.001.908.00 143.16
24/11/2022Golden Gate Fields19:15Big Gift1.001.901.00 144.16
25/11/2022Aqueduct18:18Cupids Heart1.001.701.00 145.16
27/11/2022Laurel Park18:13Collection Day1.001.60-0.60 144.56
27/11/2022Aqueduct18:18Todays Flavor1.002.15-1.15 143.41
30/11/2022Tampa Bay Downs20:20Candy Arcade2.001.80-1.60 141.81
01/12/2022Gulfstream20:34Empress Tigress3.001.603.00 144.81
04/12/2022Gulfstream18:06Wand1.001.701.00 145.81

Month Three Update

Both our level stakes and Fibonacci betting banks were growing steadily during our Little Acorns International review, with three out of three profitable months.

We added 6.55 points profit to the Fibonacci bank at an ROI of 29.5% and our total profit was up to 22.36 points, which was a 17.2% total increase to the bank.

Level staking was ticking along nicely too with 12.16 points profit overall and a 12.2% increase to the bank.

Key Stats

Number of Bets2222
Total Stakes (pts)16.722.2
Profit/Loss (pts)3.956.55
Profit/Loss (£10 stakes)£39.50 £65.50
Strike Rate54.5%54.5%
Overall Bank Growth12.2%17.2%
Bank (100pt/130pt starting)112.16152.36


07/12/2022Gulfstream20:04Double Tough Tiger1.001.701.00 146.81
09/12/2022Gulfstream17:38Strasbourg1.002.101.00 147.81
10/12/2022Hawthorne18:55Dash To The Cash1.001.601.00 148.81
10/12/2022Tampa Bay Downs20:01R Adios Jersey1.001.80-0.80 148.01
10/12/2022Aqueduct20:12Who Hoo Thats Me1.001.851.00 149.01
10/12/2022Hawthorne20:18My Brother Cam1.001.701.00 150.01
14/12/2022Turf Paradise20:58Dirt Flirt1.001.60-0.60 149.41
16/12/2022Gulfstream17:38Bedtime Story1.001.60-0.60 148.81
16/12/2022Gulfstream18:06Emperors Appeal2.001.60-1.20 147.61
16/12/2022Aqueduct18:18Cees Get Degrees3.001.90-2.70 144.91
18/12/2022Laurel Park18:53Natagar5.001.605.00 149.91
30/12/2022Laurel Park17:53Prince Of Jericho1.001.601.00 150.91
30/12/2022Aqueduct18:18Tough Street1.001.901.00 151.91
30/12/2022Hawthorne18:55Dash To The Cash1.001.601.00 152.91
30/12/2022Gulfstream19:10New York Thunder1.001.80-0.80 152.11
30/12/2022Golden Gate Fields20:45Big Gift1.002.00-1.00 151.11
31/12/2022Laurel Park17:55Speak Unity2.001.702.00 153.11
31/12/2022Gulfstream18:10Franks Rockette1.001.80-0.80 152.31
31/12/2022Gulfstream19:10Expect More1.001.601.00 153.31
01/01/2023Aqueduct17:50Joey Freshwater1.001.85-0.85 152.46
05/01/2023Gulfstream18:40Anas Gun1.001.701.00 153.46
05/01/2023Gulfstream20:44Collaborate1.002.10-1.10 152.36

Month Four Update

Month four was the worst that we had experienced so far during our Little Acorns International review, but we still managed to make a 4.7 points profit using the Fibonacci staking method.

At level stakes we came out unscathed from the two losing runs and finished up with 0.5 points profit.

Our Fibonacci bank had now increased by 20.8% with steady gains each month.

Key Stats

Number of Bets2121
Total Stakes (pts)17.3529.85
Profit/Loss (pts)0.54.7
Profit/Loss (£10 stakes)£5.00 £47.00
Strike Rate47.6%47.6%
Overall Bank Growth12.7%20.8%
Bank (100pt/130pt starting)112.66157.06


06/01/2023Laurel Park18:53Ekatis Verve1.002.10-1.10 151.26
07/01/2023Gulfstream17:39Flokis Flight2.001.902.00 153.26
09/01/2023Turf Paradise19:54Big Creed1.001.601.00 154.26
13/01/2023Aqueduct17:50Candlestick Maker1.001.651.00 155.26
16/01/2023Laurel Park18:53Proper Attire1.002.10-1.10 154.16
17/01/2023Turf Paradise19:55Twice Fooled1.001.601.00 155.16
21/01/2023Aqueduct18:47Afleet Arlene1.001.80-0.80 154.36
22/01/2023Laurel Park19:23Thencomemorning1.001.70-0.70 153.66
22/01/2023Golden Gate Fields20:45Emily Smiles2.001.80-1.60 152.06
22/01/2023Laurel Park20:51H P Moon3.002.00-3.00 149.06
22/01/2023Santa Anita20:59Little Rachel5.002.105.00 154.06
22/01/2023Golden Gate Fields21:14Macho Chrome1.002.001.00 155.06
24/01/2023Turf Paradise23:16Barnfield1.001.90-0.90 154.16
27/01/2023Aqueduct18:47Vax1.001.80-0.80 153.36
27/01/2023Laurel Park18:54Doppelganger2.001.70-1.40 151.96
29/01/2023Aqueduct17:20Dees Speedstre3.001.65-1.95 150.01
29/01/2023Laurel Park18:28Somebody Loves Me5.001.605.00 155.01
29/01/2023Aqueduct18:47Super Quality1.001.901.00 156.01
31/01/2023Turf Paradise20:25Pure Rocket1.001.701.00 157.01
02/02/2023Gulfstream17:39Yooou Know1.001.801.00 158.01
02/02/2023Aqueduct19:51Just A Nyquist1.001.95-0.95 157.06

Month Five Update

It was a fantastic month for Little Acorns International with 11.4 points profit using both the advised staking plan and level staking plan. There were no stake increases as there weren't any losing runs throughout the whole month.

We had accumulated a fantastic 38.46 points profit in total using this system and a respectable 24.06 points using the low risk level staking method.

Key Stats

Number of Bets2323
Total Stakes (pts)17.0517.05
Profit/Loss (pts)11.411.4
Profit/Loss (£10 stakes)£114.00 £114.00
Strike Rate69.6%69.6%
Overall Bank Growth24.1%29.6%
Bank (100pt/130pt starting)124.06168.46


06/02/2023Turf Paradise19:25Creme De Menthe1.001.801.00 158.06
06/02/2023Turf Paradise19:55Civil Suit1.002.001.00 159.06
09/02/2023Aqueduct19:51Lifetime Of Chance1.001.651.00 160.06
09/02/2023Turf Paradise20:58Madisons Quarters1.001.801.00 161.06
12/02/2023Gulfstream17:39Laveau1.001.901.00 162.06
12/02/2023Laurel Park17:55Great Go Go1.001.70-0.70 161.36
15/02/2023Turf Paradise21:18Socal Red1.001.801.00 162.36
18/02/2023Laurel Park17:56Nostalgic Run1.001.60-0.60 161.76
20/02/2023Santa Anita20:30Our Shining Light1.001.901.00 162.76
20/02/2023Santa Anita20:59Sonoran1.001.60-0.60 162.16
20/02/2023Aqueduct21:57Please Be Nice1.001.601.00 163.16
21/02/2023Turf Paradise20:55Deputys Dancer1.001.60-0.60 162.56
22/02/2023Gulfstream18:38Cloud Storage1.001.801.00 163.56
22/02/2023Gulfstream19:38Spicy Ginger1.001.701.00 164.56
24/02/2023Laurel Park17:25Ampersand1.001.901.00 165.56
24/02/2023Gulfstream17:39Battle Cry1.001.701.00 166.56
25/02/2023Laurel Park18:27Jessicas Race1.001.601.00 167.56
28/02/2023Turf Paradise21:25Jazz Hands1.001.80-0.80 166.76
01/03/2023Turf Paradise20:20American Grit1.001.801.00 167.76
01/03/2023Gulfstream20:38Pillbox1.001.70-0.70 167.06
03/03/2023Gulfstream20:07Joe Di Baggio1.001.901.00 168.06
04/03/2023Laurel Park17:54Majestic Frontier1.001.601.00 169.06
05/03/2023Gulfstream19:06Your Inheritance1.001.60-0.60 168.46

Review Summary

  • Bets for horse racing from the USA
  • All bets to be placed on Betfair Exchange 
  • Low risk option available

We were confident going into this review that this system would work, as we had already tested and passed the original system for UK and Irish racing. Although the filters for US racing may have differed slightly, we expected similar results.

It worked out brilliantly, with 38.46 points profit an an ROI of 27.5% for the advised Fibonacci staking plan.

Even at level stakes, which is the lowest risk way to use the system, we recorded 24.06 points profit at an ROI of 25.8%.

Key Stats

Number of Bets118118
Total Stakes (pts)93.22139.87
Profit/Loss (pts)24.0638.46
Profit/Loss (£10 stakes)£240.60 £384.60
Strike Rate55.9%55.9%
Overall Bank Growth24.1%29.6%
Bank (100pt/130pt starting)124.06168.46

It was incredibly easy to operate, as it was just a case of waiting for the email alert and laying the horse on Betfair Exchange.

The only thing was, if using the advised staking plan, you would need to note down where you are in the sequence to make sure you remember what the next stake is.

The highest stake we had with the Fibonacci system was 8 points and that was just on one occasion. Starting with the extra cushion of a 130 point bank meant that we never felt uncomfortable with the staking.

As you can see, using level stakes produced a profit every month too, so that would be more suitable for the risk averse.

We didn't include any of the compounding methods during our review, which would have boosted profit considerably.

One member came up with a compounding plan nicknamed the "Pension Booster", which starting with a £1,500 bank has surpassed £31,000 profit in 33 months. This was achieved simply by increasing stakes by 2% of the bank each month.

With a system that is so consistent, a compounding stakes is a great way to accelerate bank growth.

It was an easy decision to give Little Acorns International a pass and definitely one to add to the portfolio.

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