Profit Maximiser Review: How Much Money Can You Really Make?

Profit Maximiser Review
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Welcome to our Profit Maximiser review - A follow-up product to Bonus Bagging from Mike Cruickshank that shows you how to profit from on-going sports/casino/bingo promotions.

We have been reviewing Profit Maximiser over the last couple of months and Aaron has reported back with an update of his results. With a fantastic profit in the bank, there is no doubt that Profit Maximiser lands a maximum 5 star rating!

Aaron has been short on time and was unable to continue with the review, so we carried on with for a little while longer to get a better picture of how the service works.

During our review we completed a combined total of 41 offers and made a total profit of £391.12.

That's an average profit of £9.54 per completed offer. Considering each offer usually takes no more than 10-15 minutes, that is a pretty good hourly rate.

Breakdown of Results

Following on from when Aaron finished his trial, we started by checking the calendar, and despite not being eligible for some of the main bookmaker offers anymore; we were still able to find plenty to be getting on with. The highlight of the week was having 10 free spins at Coral and hitting the slot feature twice. We finished the offer with £81.60 profit… not bad for 5 minutes work!

Get 14 days access to Profit Maximiser for just £1 with our special offer!

What is Profit Maximiser?

Profit Maximiser is a follow up service to Mike Cruickshank's Bonus Bagging product. Once you have completed most of the bookie Welcome Offers and grasped the basics of Matched Betting, the next step is to take advantage of on-going bonus offers.

This service provides strategies for completing a large variety of offers that have positive expected value, for both new and existing members of bookmakers, casino and bingo sites.

Some are completely risk-free and with some there will be variance involved and losses may occur, but as long the instructions are followed correctly, there is money to be made both in the short & long term.

Main Areas of the Site
  • New Player Offers – Instructions for completing various welcome bonuses available for Sportsbooks, Casinos, Bingo and Spreads
  • Training – Here there are video tutorials explaining all you need to know about Profit Maximising
  • Calendar – Updated daily with existing customer offers
  • Forum – Very active Facebook group that is updated daily with discussions and support for all types of offers

I’d say PM is a decent product and gives good guidance on finding and profiting from risk free and +EV offers. I hadn’t used many casinos and I’d never tried bingo ever before, so they were my main focus.

There continue to be existing customer offers for all products (sports/casino/bingo) posted up on the forum and daily offers calendar.

The PM forum hosted on Facebook Groups is good for regular interaction, with the PM site guru Mike Cruickshank very active posting offers and commenting on a frequent basis.

Commenting on the most recent offers I have completed, it hasn’t been a great run due to one particular loss, which I believe was due to variance. PM advice is only to do offers with positive estimated or expected value (+EV) but despite the expected value being positive, the result can of course be negative due to variance, and this is what hit me. Of course in the long run I should make a good profit due to the inherent +EV.

Profit Maximiser Reviewer

The results below show Aaron’s results, which finish on 11/12/15, followed by our own.

Update Two Results
DateCategoryBookieProfit/LossRunning Total
19/11/15CasinoWilliam Hill Vegas-£76.00£184.00
30/11/15CasinoBet365 Vegas£29.98£213.98
30/11/15CasinoWilliam Hill Macau£0.00£213.98
10/12/15BingoFoxy Bingo£15.00£228.98
16/12/15SportsWilliam Hill£16.52£270.37
17/12/15SportsBet Bright£5.89£276.26
17/12/15CasinoBet Bright-£9.22£267.04
17/12/15SportsBet Bright£6.74£273.78
30/12/15CasinoWilliam Hill-£11.20£375.35
30/12/15BingoTreasure Bingo£15.77£391.12

Profit Maximiser Graph

Profit Maximiser Success Stories

At the top of the forum we came across a thread titled “Let’s stay motivated – Post your total profit since starting Profit Maximiser.” Below is a small section from the thread with some recent comments… there are over 2000 of these comments… it’s really inspiring to read!

Profit Maximiser Forum


Profit Maximiser is available for just £1 for 14 days and then £97 + VAT for an annual membership.

There is also a 30 day money back guarantee if you aren't happy with the service.

Things To Be Aware Of
  • If you live outside the UK you may not be eligible for some offers
  • Taking advantage of these offers may lead to you to having your bookmaker accounts limited, but there are tips for avoiding this in the forum
  • You can start with a small bank, but this will limit the amount of offers you can do at the same time. £500+ is more than enough to get started, but you may want to avoid the higher variance offers until you have built it up more


We have no reservations in giving Profit Maximiser our highest rating and awarding an easy "Pass".

We have only just scratched the surface, but we have already been easily able to make a profit with little effort. The more time you are able to put in, the more money you can make. It does what it says on the tin and is a fantastic follow-up to Bonus Bagging.

Profit Maximiser Review: Update One

28th October 2015

It’s already been a month since we started our Profit Maximiser review. Aaron has been working his way through the bonus offers, and he’s certainly given the bookies & casinos a run for their money. He completed 22 offers and finished the month £260 better off!

The majority of promotions Aaron went for this month were Bingo and Casino offers. These are often overlooked as the terms and conditions can be complicated at times. Profit Maximiser guides you through the process so that you know what to look out for.

For example, a couple of the offers had changed their T&C to a higher rollover requirement, but Aaron had been advised what the optimal rollover needs to be to make a profit – so he simply ditched the offer and moved on to the next one.

Aaron noted that a few of the offers available now are different to what is listed on the Profit Maximiser website. This is understandable as there are so many out there and they are constantly changing. There is a wealth of knowledge in the forum, with more recent advice to help understand the best way to complete the offers.

Update One Results
DateCategoryBookieProfit / LossRunning Total
28/09/15SpreadsWilliam Hill Financials£21.46£21.46
28/09/15SpreadsCity Hi Lo£0.00£21.46
28/09/15CasinoTotesport Games-£0.04£31.37
28/09/15CasinoBoyle Games-£9.87£21.50
29/09/15CasinoBetfair Arcade-£3.80£17.70
30/09/15CasinoWilliam Hill Scratchcards£0.00£17.70
30/09/15CasinoWilliam Hill Vegas-£20.00-£2.30
01/10/15BingoBoyle Bingo Mobile£0.00-£2.30
01/10/15BingoPaddy Power Bingo£7.15£4.85
02/10/15BingoMecca Bingo£25.45£30.30
03/10/15CasinoBetfred Games£8.00£38.30
04/10/15CasinoTotesport Games£22.30£60.60
05/10/15CasinoPink Casino£0.00£60.60
06/10/15BingoGala Bingo£21.48£82.08
14/10/15BingoMecca Bingo£2.41£84.49
17/10/15BingoLadbrokes Bingo£0.00£84.49
17/10/15BingoCoral Bingo£43.70£128.19
17/10/15CasinoPrestige Casino£0.00£128.19
17/10/15BingoWilliam Hill Bingo£0.00£128.19
19/10/15CasinoLadbrokes Games£33.05£260.00
Bingo Total+£100.19
Casino Total+£138.35
Spreads Total+£21.46

There were a couple of issues at the beginning of the trial - one where Aaron was ineligible for an offer, which resulted in a £9.87 loss. Going forward he always checks his eligibility beforehand now.

Unfortunately a couple of days later, customer services made an error, which meant he lost a further £20. It’s important to be aware that things like this do happen occasionally, but as you can see, the profits to be made far outweigh these mishaps.

Aaron has already covered the £97 annual fee for this service in his first month! And there's tons more to get his teeth into yet. We’ll be back soon to see how he gets on next month.

Profit Maximiser Review: Introduction

28th September 2015

Hi everyone, it's Aaron here and I'm going to be trying out Profit Maximiser over the next few months to see if it really works.

Unlike the lengthy sales page I’m going to cut to the chase and describe what Profit Maximiser actually is. It’s a subscription service that guides you through finding and exploiting new and existing customer offers offered by UK & Ireland sports bookmakers, casinos, spreadbetting and bingo operators.

How does it work?

The service is offered via a member's only website that you gain access to after paying for an annual subscription, and also a forum where members can interact with the website’s operator Mike Cruickshank as well as each other.

The website firstly guides you through “risk free” offers and then moves you on to offers that are not “risk free” but have positive estimated value. Such offers that involve risk mean you could make a loss by doing the offer but based on probabilities you are more likely to make a profit.

Members's Only Area

The website is pretty clean and uncluttered with the different sections clearly laid out. There is a “Start Here” section that clearly suggests the path you take, which starts with a Training section.

The training section has many pages of advice, containing demonstration videos, written text and some screenshots. There is actually so much information and lengthy videos that it seems a bit overwhelming.

The first training video you are presented with is labelled as a “bonus” and is a recording of a live training webinar that is 1 hour and 15 minutes long! It’s not really made clear what is in this video (there’s no contents/timings listing) and as I already have a good understanding of betting online, I found myself skipping through it trying to figure out whether there would be much content of value for me or not. I missed it at first, but there is a written transcript available although it lacks screenshots so I think it could be richer.

Profit Maximiser Forum

The forum is actually on Facebook Groups so you need to have a profile on Facebook and then email Mike Cruickshank giving him your Facebook profile details so that Mike or his assistant can send you an invitation to the private member's only group.

The downside is if you don't have (or want) a Facebook account, you will be unable to make use of the forum.


Profit Maximiser is currently available for a 14 day trial for £1, and then £97 + VAT, which gives you 12 months access. There is also a 30 day money-back guarantee.

First Offer Completed - Ka-ching!

The first offer I did was with a sportsbook but it was a risk free offer on financial betting. I had actually seen this offer myself on the bookie’s website but hadn’t bothered to look into it.

Profit Maximiser provided clear advice about how the offer worked, why it was worth doing, and a good strategy to attempt to make a profit from the offer. The final outcome from the offer could have been making scratch (no profit but no loss) or a profit. My luck was in and I happened to make a profit of £21.46.

I'll be back in a month's time to let you know how I'm getting on after working through some more offers.


  1. Hi there, Does this system try to take advantage of mainly casino/bingo/reload offers please ? I dipped my toes into matched betting and have got all the free bets that are worth it. Had a look at some casino/bingo offers on Oddsmonkey and most of them don’t really seem to be worth the effort due to the number of hoops one has to jump through in order to cash out, and since the house ALWAYS wins, by the time you have worked through gambling the required amounts in order to cash out you end up with pennies unless you have got very lucky.
    Am i looking at this wrongly or is this what Profit Maximiser consists of (more or less the same offers you can find through Oddsmonkey?). Cheers

    1. Hi Kev, Not sure about Oddsmonkey as we haven’t reviewed that one yet, but yes Profit Maximiser has casino/bingo sign up and reload offers as well as sportsbook reloads. They are well worth a go, even if you just worked through the no-deposit offers to start with.

      As you can see in our review, Aaron made £331.38 from casino/bingo offers. All of the offers posted on PM will make money in the long-term, as long as you follow the advice on the best strategies to use & what slots to use etc. Just be aware that some offers will have higher variance than others and you need to make sure you have set a bank big enough to handle the swings.

  2. Hi Laura
    Looking to make a start on matched betting.This is obviously a very positive review but how does it compare to Profit Accumulator and Odds Monkey. I’m just starting looking into it and they seem to be the big players, have you reviewed them since the comment above?

    1. Hi Craig, We would still class Profit Maximiser as one of the best matched betting services around but we will be looking to review Odds Monkey and Profit Accumulator very soon, so watch this space!

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