Little Acorns Review: Update One

Little Acorns Review

Little Acorns is a horse racing betting system based on building up a bank gradually by laying horses and compounding profits.

Using the power of compounding, the e-book explains how you could potentially turn £1,000 into £3,138.39 in 12 months and then into a massive £30,911.80 in 36 months.

All this needs is a profit of 2 points each month and the author, Andrew David, reckons the system can obtain this effortlessly.

It involves checking races for a few simple filters each day and then applying a staking plan, all of which is outined in a PDF file.

The system has been knocking around since the 2000's, but it's just one of those that we hadn't got around to reviewing. We figured, there must be something to it if it is still around, so it's time we checked it out for ourselves.

So, the burning question is, does Little Acorns still work?

That's what we will be finding out, with a view to recording selections over the next 12 months.

We will be starting off with a bank of £880, which is the advised bank to begin with for a lay stake of £5. This is expected to make a profit of between £35 - £175 each month.

We will also be following the advice on compounding to see if we can turn little acorns into a mighty oak, as the saying goes!

Update One Results

Our Little Acorns review had an excellent start and profits steadily built up to £56.87 based on a starting stake of £5 per bet. We were two months into the review at this stage and our bank had grown by 6.5%.

After the first month we had made £23.54 profit and so our stake increased to £5.13 per bet for the next month, based on the compounding strategy set out in the PDF.

As our bank continued to grow in month two, our new stake for month three rose to £5.32.

We hoped if results continued to be as consistent as they had been in the first two months, profits would soon mount up to a nice amount. Time would tell!

Key Stats

Number of Bets38
Total Stakes£200.41
Strike Rate57.9%
Overall Bank Growth6.5%
Bank (£880 starting)£936.87

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