Little Acorns Gold Review: Horse Racing Lay Betting System

Little Acorns Gold Review

Little Acorns Gold is a horse racing betting system based on building a bank by laying horses and compounding profits.

Using the power of compounding, the system shows how you could potentially turn £1,000 into £3,138.39 in 12 months and then into a massive £30,911.80 in 36 months.

All this needs is a profit of 2 points each month and the author, Andrew David, reckons the system can obtain this effortlessly.

The original Little Acorns system involved checking races for a few simple filters each day and then applying a staking plan, all of which was outined in a PDF file. However, with Little Acorns Gold, selections are researched sent to you each day, so it's even easier!

The system has been knocking around since the 2000's, but we hadn't got around to reviewing it. We figured, there must be something to it if it is still around after all that time.

We decided to start a trial of Little Acorns Gold with a view to recording selections over a period of at least six months.

All bets are sent out through email or the Telegram app as soon as they are available.

We started off with a bank of £880, which was the advised bank to begin with for a lay stake of £5. This was expected to make a profit of between £35 - £175 each month.

We followed the advice on compounding to see if we could turn little acorns into a mighty oak, as the saying goes!

However, it was important to us to find out if the system worked using level stakes too and we have to say, we were impressed with the results.

We gave Little Acorns Gold a pass rating after making consistent profits from both the level staking and Fibonacci plans. Read on to see our full results.

Update One Results

Our Little Acorns Gold review had an excellent start and profits steadily built up to £56.87 based on a starting stake of £5 per bet. We were two months into the review at this stage and our bank had grown by 6.5%.

After the first month we had made £23.54 profit and so our stake increased to £5.13 per bet for the next month, based on the compounding strategy.

As our bank continued to grow in month two, our new stake for month three rose to £5.32.

We hoped if results continued to be as consistent as they had been in the first two months, profits would soon mount up to a nice amount. Time would tell!

Key Stats

Number of Bets38
Total Stakes£200.41
Strike Rate57.9%
Overall Bank Growth6.5%
Bank (£880 starting)£936.87

Update Two Results

After four months of testing Little Acorns Gold, our bank had increased by 11.5%, which was a total profit of £100.98. The system seemed to be working exactly as it was supposed to, building profit up gradually.

Going into month five, our new stake was to be increased to £5.57.

Key Stats

Number of Bets45
Total Stakes£284.60
Strike Rate51.1%
Overall Bank Growth11.5%
Bank (£880 starting)£980.98

Update Three Results

Our Little Acorns Gold bank continued to grow and we had made a further £71.27 profit during months 5 & 6. This meant that our bank had increased by 19.6% overall.

There was a terrific winning run in month five with 10 bets in a row delivering a profit. However, during month six the service suffered the first monthly loss in 18 months.

There were 8 losing bets in a row and this meant that on bet number 9 we were staking at a multiplier of 34. There are 11 steps in the sequence in total, so we still had 2 more steps if that bet would have lost. The liability of bet number 9 was £204.99, but fortunately it won and there was little damage done.

That is the risk when using loss recovery staking plans, but the advised bank can handle 2.5 of these losing sequences. Given that they are only expected to happen every 15-18 months, the team state that there should be more than enough in reserve to absorb a full 11 bet losing sequence.

Andrew also advised that if users get nervous, there is the option to go two steps back so there is 13 chances to win. He also pointed out that they have never had a losing sequence past 12 before.

Key Stats

Number of Bets52
Total Stakes£687.62
Strike Rate59.6%
Overall Bank Growth19.6%
Bank (£880 starting)£1,052.25

Update Four Results

During months 7 & 8 of our Little Acorns Gold review, we added a further £98.70 to the pot at an ROI of 18.6%.

Despite good results overall for the two months, there had been another losing run of six bets in a row, which meant that we were up to step 7 of the staking sequence.

It worked out in the end with the seventh bet winning, recovering all losses from the previous six bets.

Key Stats

Number of Bets59
Total Stakes£530.57
Strike Rate45.8%
Overall Bank Growth30.8%
Bank (£880 starting)£1,150.95

Review Summary

In our Little Acorns Gold review, we tracked results using both the Fibonacci staking plan and level stakes. We were pleased to see that both resulted in consistent profits over the eight months that we tested the system.

Using the Fibonacci sequence gave better opportunity to make a higher amount of profit. However, loss recovery staking plans aren't everyone's cup of tea, so we felt it was important to see if the system worked at level stakes too.

At level stakes the system made £149.10 profit to £5 stakes, or 29.82 points, without compounding stakes each month.

Compounding each month would have resulted in £157.83 profit and would definitely be a better option in the long run to boost profits.

Using the Fibonacci plan, the system made £270.95 profit, or 54.19 points. We had compounded stakes monthly when recording these results.

Key Stats

Number of Bets194
Total Stakes£1,703.20
Strike Rate53.1%
Overall Bank Growth30.8%
Bank (£880 starting)£1,150.95

We were happy with other aspects of the service, such as customer service, which is always top notch from Andrew David and the Canonbury team.

It was an easy system to follow, simply placing our lay bets after receiving the text message with the selection.

The only thing was, if following the Fibonacci plan, you would need to keep a note somewhere of what stake you are on incase you get a selection whilst you are out.

It's unlikely that you would make enough profit to cover the membership fees using £5.00 stakes. Realistically you would need to be using at least £10.00 stakes.

Little Acorns Gold is a slow burner, but it is a system that produces consistent profits month to month. We gave it a pass rating and are happy to recommend it.

Review Stats+54.19pts profit, 15.9% ROI, 53.1% SR
Stakes Fibonacci staking plan
Starting bank 176 points
Average no. betsApprox. 25 per month
Time of emailsVarious times
Price£47 per month, £119 per quarter, £399 per year (+VAT)

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Little Acorns Gold is horse laying system, with all bets sent out to you daily. We made consistent profits during our eight month review and awarded a pass!

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