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Magic Soccer Bot Review
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Welcome to our Magic Soccer Bot review - The latest bot from the Winning More team that is designed to automate lay betting on Betfair correct score markets.


  • Can be left to run on your PC or VPS with little input needed once filters have been set
  • Cons

  • Potential to lose a lot of money with the recovery staking plan if the stop loss feature isn't used
  • Our review of the Magic Soccer Bot has now come to an end and overall, reviewer Dave has made a profit of 16.5 points after three months of testing.

    The review didn’t get off to a great start but after making some adjustments to the filter settings within the software, he was rewarded with a profit in the both of the following two months.

    • Update 1: -5.4pts
    • Update 2: +12.4pts
    • Update 3 : +9.5pts
    • Total: +16.5pts
    Magic Soccer Bot Review Interface

    The software has a similar interface to other bots developed by Winning More and if you have ever used Auto Profit Soccer, you notice a lot of familiar features. 

    This particular bot is designed to lay scores in the football correct score markets and comes with a built-in recovery staking system. Although the bot only places one lay bet per game, it can bet on several games at once due to the tab system and three strategies can be used at the same time.

    There is a "stop loss" setting available to prevent stakes becoming too high.

    The bot is priced at £79.97 for a 6 month licence or £119.97 for a 12 month licence and comes with an instruction manual.

    Results Update

    Over to Dave with a summary of his results for month two and three:

    "A nice turnaround at the end of month two saw an overall profit of 7 points after taking into account the Betfair commission.

    In line with the vendors suggestion, I excluded two of the correct score choices in the second month's selections but did not alter any of the other criteria. The result of this was a reduction in the number of selections made by the bot but a turnaround in fortunes as regards profit.

    It's still fair to issue the warning that this bot operates on a loss recovery system and a couple of losses can trigger quite large bets into the system and your losses can be very large if things go against you. Recovery from such losses can take some time as this is a laying system and you are therefore only getting your stake back (less commission) in the event of a win.

    Finally, for month three I excluded a further correct score line as suggested, and the results saw the profit rise from 7 points to 16.5. Not a huge increase but nevertheless, going in the right direction
    Obviously with three correct scores excluded from the selections, the number of qualifiers dropped again quite dramatically but, there were fewer losers.

    I stated in my initial overview that it would be pointless to list my qualifying matches as the slightest alteration to the bot settings will drastically alter the games selected. It is also fair to say that in month three, numbers of matches selected were still quite large."

    Dave's Final Thoughts

    "I would put this system into the pass category but caution very strongly that losses can be quite high at times and large bets are placed to try and effect recovery. During the trial, my worst position was a loss of 27.75 points which took a long time to recover from.

    If you decide that this might be for you then I suggest that you read the manual very thoroughly until you fully understand what it is you are doing and then check and double check your settings. There is no practice mode with this so you are risking real money from the beginning."

    Dave has recommended a rating of three stars as he did make a profit using the bot but it is certainly not going to be to everyone's taste. Filters could be tweaked to mitigate the damage of a losing run, but it could be considered high risk as there is no practice mode to play around before putting your hard earned cash down.

    Magic Soccer Bot Review: Update One

    27th November 2017

    It's Dave here reporting back with an update to my review of the correct score laying software, Magic Soccer Bot. I can report that I have made a small loss of 5.4 points since starting my trial of the product last month.

    It is fair to say that I am still experimenting with the settings for this to try and find an optimum. For the first month as suggested, I excluded one particular score line and for the next month, I propose to exclude a further score line from the selection process and see how the results go.

    I have deliberately set the match liquidity high so as to get matched whenever possible and this has resulted in a number of qualifiers with low liquidity being excluded. It is also right to say that a fairly large number of matches have been excluded due to not meeting the criteria set out in the manual.

    This bot will place bets for you automatically in the correct score market of qualifying matches and will attempt loss recovery in the event that the result goes against you. The bot tends to select common scores to lay and therefore, the likelihood of a loss is perhaps increased and it does take quite a few wins to recover from this.

    I have not attached my results as they would be meaningless unless you selected exactly the same criteria for exactly the same matches as me.

    I will report further in a month’s time as to how it has performed with the additional filter as mentioned above.

    Magic Soccer Bot Review: Introduction

    25th October 2017

    It's Dave here with a new review of the latest bot from the Steve Davidson / Winning More stable - Magic Soccer Bot. I've reviewed a couple of these bots before (see here & here) so I'm quite familiar with how they work, but this one in particular is built to automate lay betting on the football correct score market only.

    Like the other bots from the same source, it uses a progressive staking system and as usual aims to make a target profit from each match.

    This time, there are a total of twenty tabs making it possible to trade up to twenty games at a time. The bot cycles through each tab waiting for a bet to be settled before moving on to the next. There are as usual two instruction manuals with this bot, one contains the installation instructions and the other details the method that is going to be used.

    On the sales page there are results for six different strategies that have been tested using the bot, but bare in mind that currently the bot can only run three strategies at once. The results reported are as follows:

    • Strategy 1: 527 bets, 454 wins, 86% strike rate, +4.3 points
    • Strategy 2: 345 bets, 304 wins, 88% strike rate, +113.8 points
    • Strategy 3: 619 bets, 538 wins, 87% strike rate, -49.6 points
    • caret-right
      Strategy 4: 488 bets, 426 wins, 87% strike rate, +109.7 points
    • caret-right
      Strategy 5: 73 bets, 70 wins, 96% strike rate, +45 points
    • caret-right
      Strategy 6: 109 bets, 104 wins, 95% strike rate, +115 points

    Access to the software costs £79.97 for 6 months or £119.97 for 12 months access.

    Installation is straightforward but it will only work on Windows based systems and once installed, requires a key for initial access. This key is massive and I recommend that you copy and paste if possible as it is not easy at times to differentiate between letters and numerals.

    The instruction manual is quite short and to the point and the system outlined there could possibly be used without recourse to using a bot, but that would be up to the individual.

    I have not yet found a practice mode with this so once you press the button, you are risking real money. I will play around with this for the first month with small stakes to try and find optimum settings, as these can be varied by the user. I don't intend to leave it running 24 hours a day until I am comfortable with it, due to the nature of the staking plan it uses.

    I will report back in a month with an update as to how it has performed.


  • Can be left to run on your PC or VPS with little input needed once filters have been set
  • Cons

  • Potential to lose a lot of money with the recovery staking plan if the stop loss feature isn’t used

    1. thinking of purchasing this, but shall wait for the review before shelling out 80 quid blind. @geordie couldnt you get on with it then ?

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