Betting Mastermind Review: Ultimate Matched Betting Package

Written by Laura Turner

Betting Mastermind Review

Betting Mastermind is the ultimate matched betting package with 16 systems and tools from Mike Cruickshank.

It includes Mike's most loved matched betting services, including Profit Maximiser and Each Way Sniper, as well as value betting and trading systems as part of the package.

An important part of the Betting Mastermind suite is the "Project Prosperity Training System", which tells you the best way to use the package in 5 steps.

The idea is to make a profit by spending an hour a day or less. With so many systems at hand, this is an excellent way to make your betting more time efficient.

Betting Mastermind really has something for everyone, whether you are just starting out at matched betting, or if you're looking for more advanced strategies. 

Perhaps you have been looking to get into trading horses, well the Betfair Sniper system shows you how to do just that. Or if football value betting is your thing, the Betfair Renegade software can help with that.

In our Betting Mastermind review, we explore what’s included and how you can achieve substantial profits using a combination of their systems.

Read on to find out more, or click here to get started.

1 - Bonus Bagging

Bonus Bagging is the best place for matched betting newbies to get started. With this product, you can easily build a up a betting bank of £400+ to use as you progress to using the other systems including in the package.

It is designed to introduce you to the world of matched betting, with step-by-step guides to completing introductory bookmaker offers.

The best thing is, unlike regular betting, this is an extremely low-risk way to make cash. That's why Bonus Bagging has been around for so long and is still as popular as ever.

Betting Mastermind Review - Bonus Bagging

It's very simple, Mike emails you the exact selections to bet on for 30 different bookmaker welcome bonuses. Everything is there for you, stakes, odds, etc. so all you need to do is put the bets on and watch the profits come in.

2 - Profit Maximiser

Profit Maximiser is the follow-up product to Bonus Bagging, where you can find bookmaker offers for both new and existing customers. As well as the sports bonuses, it also covers casino and bingo offers which are just as lucrative.

It includes a video training guides for all the matched betting techniques that you could ever need, as well as tools such as the Odds Software. 

The calendar makes it easy to find offers to complete and it can be tailored to your the bookmakers that you want to use and your risk level.

One of the best things about Profit Maximiser is the private member's group where you can discuss offers with other members. This is one of the largest online forum in the betting industry and you will find profitable offers posted there every day.

3 - Matched Betting Software

The Matched Betting Software scans the bookies to find the best bets for you, which saves a huge amount of time compared to manually finding suitable bets.

The software lets you filter bets by sport, market, bookmaker, exchange, rating, odds and more.

In our opinion, it is an absolute must have if you are serious about making the most profit that you can from matched betting.

Betting Mastermind Review - Matched Betting Software

4 - Each Way Sniper

Each Way Sniper is a horse racing betting system that is based on a loophole in the way that bookmakers price up their each-way markets.

It is a simple system and doesn't rely on having access to promotions and bonuses from the bookies. You can even use it on accounts that have been limited, as long as you can still place bets at a reasonable stake.

The Each Way Sniper software calculates the stakes to use, so all you need to do is place your bet at the bookmaker and lock in a profit on Betfair.

Each Way Sniper Automated Software

Using this system, you can expect to earn up to £10 profit per race, depending on your stake size. It's extremely low risk, but it should be used carefully to stay under the bookies radar.

Alternatively, there is a "Value System" for Each Way Sniper, where you omit laying the bet off on Betfair. This means that it is not risk free, but as you are betting at higher odds than the actual chance of the horse winning, the system is profitable in the long run.

5 - Accumulator Generator

Accumulator Generator is a system that shows you how to make risk-free profits from the accumulator offers from bookmakers. For example, a popular offer is a refund on your accumulator bet if one leg lets you down.

With this system you can lock in a profit knowing that you will be covered by the refund, so whatever the result, you are a winner.

The Accumulator Generator software does all the work for you, from sourcing the offers, to finding exactly what teams to put into your acca and stakes to use.

Accumulator Generator review: Acca Matcher software

You can expect to make up to £10 per accumulator, depending on your stakes, so the profits can quickly add up.

6 - EV Maximiser

The EV Maximiser is a handy tool to have to help squeeze out as much profit from casino bonuses. 

As well as all the tutorials that you need to make money from the various casino offers available, there is an advanced simulator and a slots database. The database contains the RTP and risk level of slots so that you can be sure you are using the most suitable one for the offer.

After entering all of the offer details into the simulator, such as deposit, bonus and wagering requirement, it will tell you the expected value (EV) of the offer.

From here you can decide whether it is worth completing or not based on how much profit you can expect to make.

7 - Betfair Sniper

Betfair Sniper is a horse racing system based on trading horses before the race starts. It works by finding value in exchange markets and targetting horses that are likely to be profitable to trade.

The system tells you exactly when to enter the trade and when the exit, leaving you with an equal profit whatever the result.

The strategy is a bit different to Mike's other systems as it is not risk-free and it comes as a PDF guide. However, it is simple to get to grips with and is great if you want a system that only uses Betfair.

8 - Betfair Renegade

As with Betfair Sniper, the Betfair Renegade is also different to the systems that Mike usually offers. 

This system is based on finding value football bets and again, it can be used on Betfair alone without any need for traditional bookmakers. 

The software works out the true odds for markets including match odds, over/under goals and correct score. It scans the Betfair odds and works out the rating of the bet, so you can easily see which bets to place.

It is a set-and-forget system with no trading needed, so it takes very little time to operate.

Betfair Renegade Review Software

9 - Bookie Blowout

The Bookie Blowout system taskes advantage of the early prices available on horses the night before the racing. Emails are sent out each evening explaining exactly which horses to back and then a lay bet is placed in the morning to lock in a profit.

It is a low risk system, as even if the odds go against you overnight, you will still be trading out to minimise the loss. Following Mike's advice from the eBook should make this a rare occurance.

10 - Betfair 1% Club System

The Betfair 1% Club system is a set and forget strategy that involves scalping football matches pre-match. It is low risk and takes very little effort to get going with it.

The system includes a bank building plan to help maximise your returns.

Betting Mastermind Review - Betfair 1% Club

11 - Project Prosperity Training System

This is a training programme where Mike tells you the best way to use Betting Mastermind in just 5 steps. The idea is to maximise your profits and get the best results spending an hour or less each day using the collection of systems.

This is a crucial part of the Betting Mastermind package, as it can be a little overwhelming with so many strategies to use each day. The training plan helps you get the most out of everything whilst being time efficient.

12 - Betfair Matched Bettors Exploit

This is a nifty little system based on taking advantage of other matched bettors!

Don't worry, it's not as sinister as it sounds.

Basically, matched bettors are often laying similar markets that correspond with certain offers available at particular bookmakers. When a large amount of people are laying the same market, it can force the Betfair prices up. 

So, the idea is to place a back bet when the price is inflated and hedge out later for a profit once the odds return to what they should be. 

13 - Accumulator Booster System

The Accumulator Booster system is a value betting system where the total back odds of the accas is higher than the lay odds at Betfair.

As the matches are playing at the same time, there isn't a way to lay them at Betfair, but that doesn't mean that they aren't profitable bets.

The software flags up selections and tells you how much value the bet has. All you need to is place the bets using the staking advice that Mike has put together.

14 - Dutching Bounty Software

The Dutching Bounty system uses the same loophole as Each Way Sniper, but involves using a different strategy to make a profit from it.

Instead of backing and laying, with this system you dutch all of the horses each way across bookmakers.

The idea is to break even if the favourite wins, but if an outsider wins you will make a large profit. If any horses inbetween go on to win, you can make 30-50% of the maximum profit.

In a typical week there is usually 1 race per day on average flagged up on the software for this system. It automatically works out stakes and payouts for you.

15 - The Golden Parachute Method

The Golden Parachute Method is a way of taking advantage of the Best Odds Guaranteed concession offered by some bookmakers. 

The software finds suitable races, in order of their overround, then you simply need to dutch all of the runners.

If the odds of the winning horse drift, you will receive a nice BOG payment.

This is a good strategy for days when there isn't much else happening as there are often 20+ races per day that meet the criteria.

16 - Real Time Notifications

Finally, The Betting Mastermind can send a real time notification to your mobile phone whenever there are any good value opportunities to be had. 

This feature monitors all the different pieces of software, so you don't need to be sat at your computer looking out for bets across multiple systems.

You can edit your alerts so that you only receive the notifications that you want and you can also filter your available bookmakers. A fantastic time saver!

Review Summary

  • Complete matched betting toolkit
  • Betting and trading strategies
  • Some of the included systems work with Betfair Exchange (no bookmakers required)

Betting Mastermind has everything that you need to start your betting career, with a master plan to build a starting bank and then grow it to £50,000 profit and beyond.

It covers everything from the basics of matched betting, to more advanced strategies such as pre-race trading on Betfair. It even shows you how to make use of gubbed accounts!

The package is available for a one time fee of £216 or it can be split into four monthly payments. Unlike Mike's individual products, all annual renewal fees (apart from a £40 admin charge) are waived, saving more than £600 a year!

If you are serious about making a second income (or even doing this full time) from betting, this is the way to go. Along with an arsenal of profitable systems, there is on-going support and a bustling community of people on the same journey to go with it.

  • Hi Laura, if you had to pick between Betting Mastermind and Outplayed which would you say is better? I’ve been a member of Betting Mastermind for a few years but not making as much as I was so currently deciding between renewing Betting Mastermind or trying Outplayed. I have been gubbed by a few bookies like Sky Bet and Betway.

    • Hi Paul, More recently I have found myself using Outplayed more, as I feel like they have more up to date offers and plenty of casino stuff to tackle.

      Betting Mastermind includes some other betting systems in the package that you won’t find on Outplayed though, but as you have already been a member, you will have had access to them already.

  • Hi Laura,
    I am potentially interested to purchase the Betting Mastermind package, but I already subscribed to Outplayed for about 4 months earlier this year meaning I will not be able to make any money from Bonus Bagging (or just a bit).
    I am mainly interested by the other systems ie “Betfair Sniper”, “Betfair Renegade”, “Bookie Blowout”, “Betfair 1% Club System” and “Betfair Matched Bettors Exploit”.
    Do you still use these systems? Do they work?

    Kind Regards

    • Hey Laurent, Personally, I don’t get much time to do a lot of betting myself alongside testing new systems and services for reviews. However, I am sure these systems would still work now, as I can’t think of anything that has changed in the markets that would stop them working.

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