STeeGolf Tips Review: Introduction

Written by Laura Turner

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STeeGolf Tips provide weekly golf betting tips for PGA and Tour events, using either traditional bookmakers or Betfair Exchange, making it accessible for all bettors.

The bets are all sent out via the Telegram app and on signing up, you simply choose which type of betting site you want to receive tips for. There is a choice of "Soft books", Bet365 only or Betfair Exchange only.

The service is part of the Wadster Bet Bots platform, which operates on a "pay when you profit" model.

Instead of a monthly subscription fee, you purchase credits that are only deducted when the bets win. For each losing bet, you receive a credit back.

At the time we are starting this review, the service is new to the platform but has been producing promising results during proofing. Since going live to the public, they have delivered 90.17 points profit at an ROI of 225.43%.

Yes, that ROI is correct!

It is still early days for this tipster and golf can be a high variance sport to bet on, so we would expect things to even out over time. However, it is a fantastic start for the service and definitely bodes well.

We will follow STeeGolf Tips for a minimum of three months, but it is likely to be longer to make sure we track enough results.

Our profit and loss figures will be posted here on a monthly basis.

Free Credits

Try STeeGolf Tips for free

To get 3 free credits for STeeGolf Tips, enter /affiliate into Telegram, followed by the code GOAL03.

Try the service out, free of charge.

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