Merlin Results Radar Review: Treble Betting System

Merlin Results Radar Review

Merlin Results Radar claims to guarantee winning treble bets even if you wrongly predict two of the three selections.

The idea is that if you can correctly pick out one winning leg of the treble, the spreadsheet will calculate the correct results for all three games.

"Merlin" was the name given to the system because on first glance it seems almost magical, but in reality it is all based on maths and it also doesn't have anything to do with arbitage betting. 

The spreadsheet takes what would be a tedious and time consuming task and performs all the calculations at the push of a button. After entering your predictions and the available odds, it instantly tells you what bets to place and the potential profit/loss for each of them. It works with any treble bet that has a win, lose or draw outcome.

How you go about making your selections is another matter. Merlin can guarantee a winning treble, but only if you make the correct prediction of the outcome of one of the legs.

Everyone that tries this system out is going to have different results, so it was a tricky one to review. However, we gave it a go using our own researched selections to see if it checked out.

Update One Results

We picked out five sets of trebles to bet on to test out the Merlin Results Radar system and we were able to make a profit of 18.92 points in total.

Our results would be completely different to anyone else's as our selections were based on our own research. From the five sets of trebles we selected, we actually had to place a combination of 42 treble bets.

Out of the five "bankers" that we picked out as part of each treble, we had four correct results. This meant that in one of the sets, there were no winning bets and that resulted in a loss of 9 points. However, we had already made a good profit from the other sets to finish in a good position overall.

Update Two Results

We decided to try out the Merlin system a little more and we're pleased to say that we had another successful run of results, banking a further profit of 28.9 points.

Our second batch of bets ran over a period of six weeks and we picked out seven sets of bets altogether. Inputting odds and placing bets does take a bit of time so we aimed to use Merlin once a week.


18/12/2019Eintracht Frankfurt v FC Koln2-9.20-9.20
Atromitos v LamiaX
Everton v LeicesterX
20/12/2019Almere City FC v Roda116.367.16
Volendam v De GraafschapX
Spezia v CremoneseVoid
11/01/2020Oxford United v Rotherham2-11.00-3.84
Swindon Town v Crewe Alexandra1
Lazio v SSC Napoli1
18/01/2020Bristol City v Barnsley120.2516.41
Bradford City v Scunthorpe UtdX
Forest Green v Salford City2
25/01/2020Stade Brestois v Amiens SC10.0216.43
Montpellier HSC v Dijon FCO1
Motherwell FC v Hibernian FCX
25/01/2020Ipswich Town v Lincoln City15.4421.87
St Johnstone v Kilmarnock FC1
RKC Waalwijk v VVV Venlo2
28/01/2020Blackburn Rovers v QPR17.0328.90
Bolton Wanderers v Bristol RoversX
Northampton v Scunthorpe Utd1

As you can see, despite two losing sets of bets out of the seven, we still managed to make a sizeable profit.

Review Summary

There are some pros and cons to this system that we will go over in this summary, but in general we found that it worked well in making a steady profit from betting on trebles. 

As we reported in our results, we were able to make a profit of 47.82 points in our review from 12 sets of trebles. However, results for this system will be different for every user depending on their selection process.

You are not guaranteed a profit every time, as this would rely on your "banker" bet winning every time. This is pretty much impossible, as anything can happen in football. An injury or red card could completely change a game. So, there will be losing bets along the way.

With a sound selection process, the system makes it easy to profit from trebles. The best results actually come from the banker winning and then the favourites losing or drawing in the other two legs. This can generate some excellent returns.

We found that when all three favourites winning the treble can mean just a small profit or even a loss is made. However, the "New Stake" feature on the worksheet can adjust the stakes to make it a profitable bet.

There is also a dutching worksheet which is also an effective way of dealing with that issue.


  • Lowers the variance on treble betting with more consistent profits
  • Underdogs or draws winning alongside the banker can result in high returns


  • Risk of bookmaker accounts being flagged up due to betting on different combinations of trebles at the same place. This can be avoided by spreading bets across different bookies, but the profit would differ depending on the odds available.

We would definitely recommend taking a look at Merlin. If you can accurately pick out one winning bet out of three on a regular basis, then the system will make you money.

We've given Merlin Results Radar a "pass" rating.

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Merlin Results Radar is an Excel based football treble betting app that guarantees winning bets, even if you predict the outcome of two of the three legs wrong.

13 thoughts on “Merlin Results Radar Review: Treble Betting System”

  1. If your site wants to be regarded as a positive resource for punters, please review the pass rating for Merlin Results Radar.
    What would the ROI be if you had just backed the 4 out of 5 winners (“Bankers”) in singles?
    The example shown in the link shows that if any of the original predictions come in you LOSE! Backing more of the possible 27 outcomes is obviously going to give you a greater chance of winning, but will that be profitable?

  2. Hi,

    What are the average odds for your ‘banker’ selections?
    Would also appreciate if you could show examples of your treble bets


    • Hi Lee, We never accept payment for a review – never have done and never will. We will be updating the review in the next week or so with more results from our testing of the system.

  3. Hi Laura

    The Merlin idea has been around for at least a decade in various formats. So here we go again.

    Trialling a ‘system’ for a dozen or two games shows nothing of importance. So what if you made 1000 + points in 2 weeks? Your trial does not validate or detract from the Merlin app at all – it’s just too limited.

    Merlin attempts to convince everyone that it is a mathematical loophole that shows how it is possible to create a set of treble bets from potentially losing bets and thereby make a profit. It is mathematics that is the engine behind the app – allegedly. So any review that simply ignores the mathematics – (it’s simple enough if you know a little or care about statistics) – really can’t stand up to scrutiny. There’s no legitimacy to the Merlin system from a mathematical point of view – none whatsoever. It’s pure smoke and mirrors and the fact that you give it a pass without any mathematical scrutiny is appalling.

    Keep up the good work


  4. Hi Laura. If I’ve understood this right it works like this….I choose Leicester to win, City to win and Sheff Utd to win from today’s games. As I got City right I win whatever?? Merlin will choose me 7ish trebles which I spread round and will have some sort of profit? Will that profit cover all the bets placed too?

    • Hi David, One of the bets will be the “main” pick, so if that was City then you would be guaranteed a profit. If not, you may still make a profit depending on the mix of trebles.

      • Hi Laura, many thanks for your reply! On average how many selections did it give you to bet on? We’re you able to spread them okay and get any restrictions whilst doing it?

        • It usually gives around 7-9 trebles and it’s easy enough to spread them around. I didn’t get any restrictions, but it’s always a possibility with a winning betting system. I would advise trying to rotate bookmakers as much as possible and try to round your stakes so they aren’t strange amounts.

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