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Welcome to our Over Goals Tips review - A football system based on betting on the Over 1.5 Goals markets for 47 high scoring teams from worldwide leagues.


  • Low price that includes all future revisions
  • Excellent customer support


  • Recovery staking plan caused us to bust the bank
  • Time consuming finding selections

We’ve been reviewing Over Goals Tips for less than one month and have had to cut it short as our betting bank has bust after a losing sequence of just three bets.

The system is based on betting on the Over 1.5 Goals market on teams that are statistically high scoring. The teams are listed in a PDF document along with a recommended staking plan.

The odds of the selections ranged from as low as 1.03 to 1.46, averaging at 1.22.

Due to the staking plan being recovery based, after 2 losing bets our next stake had shot up from £27.00 to £276.75.

Review Stats-270.07pts profit, -40.7% ROI, 85.7% SR
Stakes Loss recovery staking system
Starting bank Set at whatever you want, but we used 250 points
Average no. betsVaries, approx 2-3 week days and 5-8 on weekends
Time of emailsNo emails, you find your own selections
Price£12 one-off fee

When we started the review we were aware of the risks of using this sort of staking plan. It seems that we have been quite unlucky hitting a streak of 3 losses as the author stated this is quite rare. The reviewer’s curse strikes again!

Level 1 point stakes would have produced a profit 1.73 points, but this could quickly be wiped out with a couple of losing bets.

Key Stats
Number of Bets35
Total Stakes (pts)663.38
Profit/Loss (pts)-270.07
Profits/Loss (£10 stakes)-£2,700.70
Average Odds1.22
Strike Rate85.7%
Bank (250pt starting)-20.07

DateFixtureStakeOddsProfit/LossRunning Total
20/08/2016Guangzhou v Hangzhou Greentown7.811.16-7.81242.19
20/08/2016Shanghai v Licaning Whowin47.681.199.06251.25
20/08/2016Levandia v Rakvere41.671.031.25252.50
20/08/2016K Almaty v FK Aktobe9.611.131.25253.75
20/08/2016FK Jelgava v FK Ventspils4.031.311.25255.00
21/08/2016Dinamo Minsk v BATE Borisov3.001.411.23256.23
21/08/2016Palmeiras v Ponte Preta3.731.331.23257.46
21/08/2016Vikingur Olafsvik v Fjolnir4.921.251.23258.69
21/08/2016Brann v Rosenberg4.101.301.23259.92
21/08/2016Hammarby v IFK Goteburg4.391.281.23261.15
21/08/2016Hai Phong v Thanh Hoe5.351.231.23262.38
21/08/2016Tampines v Ceres9.461.131.23263.61
22/08/2016ATM v Johar DT42.671.031.28264.89
22/08/2016Elfsborg v Sundsvall6.741.191.28266.17
22/08/2016Malmo v Jonkopings6.101.211.28267.45
23/08/2016Flora Tallin v FC Infonet5.001.261.30268.75
23/08/2016Levadia Tallin v Nomma Kalju3.331.391.30270.05
23/08/2016ATM v Johar DT10.831.121.30271.35
24/08/2016RFS v Spartaks Jurmala2.871.461.32272.67
24/08/2016FS Meta v FK Ventspils6.291.211.32273.99
24/08/2016Felda v Johor8.251.161.32275.31
26/08/2016Trans Narvar v Levadia Tallin7.051.191.34276.65
26/08/2016FC Ordabasy v Kairat Almaty5.581.241.34277.99
26/08/2016Hougang Utd v Brunei DPMM FC7.881.171.34279.33
27/08/2016Breidablik v Stjarnan4.391.311.36280.69
27/08/2016Kalmar v Norrkoping4.691.29-4.69276.00
28/08/2016BATE Borisov v Belshina Bobruish37.131.165.94281.94
28/08/2016Fluminense v Palmeiras4.061.331.34283.28
28/08/2016Fjolnir v Fylkir6.091.221.34284.62
28/08/2016FK Ventspils v FS METTA LU4.791.281.34285.96
28/08/2016Rosenborg v Tromso8.381.161.34287.30
28/08/2016FC Seoul v Jeonbuk Motors26.801.051.34288.64
28/08/2016Jonkopping v Elfsborg4.961.27-4.96283.68
28/08/2016Sundsvall v Malmo27.001.23-27.00256.68
04/09/2016Hanoi T & T v Sanna Khanh Hoa276.751.12-276.75-20.07


The system is priced at £12 and this includes all future updates to the list of teams, which we think offers good value. Perhaps using a different staking plan or even betting on a different market (Over 2.5 Goals?), the list of high scoring teams could generate a profit.

Purely following the instructions in the e-book caused us to lose 250 point bank in less than one month, so on that basis the system gets a fail rating.

Over Goals Tips Review: Introduction

21st August 2016

Over Goals Tips is a football system based on betting on the Over 1.5 Goals football markets. It is a very simple system that is detailed in a PDF guide, which has recently been revised for the 2016/2017 season.

The guide contains a list of all the teams from worldwide leagues that have good stats for scoring a lot of goals and this has to be least 85% of the time they play. Currently there are 47 teams on the list and the best of the best are marked as “High Scorer”.

The idea is to simply back Over 1.5 Goals when any of the teams are playing. There is also a recommended staking plan, which uses a loss recovery system that could work quite well as long as the strike rate is high enough.

Obviously with these sorts of staking plans there is always the risk of a long losing streak wiping out the bank, but the author states that they very rarely encounter three or four losses in a row.

There is the option of only betting on the “High Scorer” teams to lessen the risk even more.

The system costs a one-off fee of £12 and with this you get all future updates and revisions to the list.

The author has also created a service that sends Over 1.5 Goals tips via email for those that don't want to find their own selections, however this is a completely seperate service and for whatever reason, does not use the same teams that are on this list. We will be commencing a trial of the tips service alongside this review shortly.

We will aim to record the results for 100-150 selections to try and get a decent idea of whether the system works and we will record the results for both level stakes and the advised staking plan to compare the two.

We’ll be back in a month’s time with an update.


  • Low price that includes all future revisions
  • Excellent customer support


  • Recovery staking plan caused us to bust the bank
  • Time consuming finding selections

2 thoughts on “Over Goals Tips Review: Football Betting System”

  1. Re Over Goals Tips, I purchased this after reading a review on another site a few weeks ago and am impressed by the strike rate so far.

    There was some confusion, however, re the £12 PDF and the weekly tipping service. The latter is not an extension of the PDF, but uses completely different teams. This isn’t a problem to me, as both are very cheaply priced, but some were put out that you had to by the PDF to get into the tipping service when it had no relevance.

    From my experience so far I can recommend.

    • Hi Susan, Thanks for your feedback – glad it’s working well for you. I’ve updated the intro post to avoid any confusion on the tipping service.

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