PlayScoop6 Review: Introduction

PlayScoop6 Review

David Leslie, Chief Exec of the PlayScoop6 club, was part of a syndicate that won a huge jackpot just shy of £3.2 million!

His club has racked up total jackpot winnings of just under £350,000 since March 2019 and has won the Scoop6 twice, including at the Cheltenham festival at odds of 26.3 million to 1.

PlayScoop6 is the UK's largest public access Scoop6 club and it's easy to become a member. You simply fill in a registration form and choose how many shares you want to buy - that's it.

This not only gives you the chance to share a Scoop6 jackpot, but also gives you access to all of the shortlisted selections which can be used in your own bets.

As an example, betting on the Scoop6 selections as an accumulator on the 8th June 2019 would have resulted in a winning 52,650/1 bet!

PlayScoop6 Review - Scoop6 Win

What is Scoop6?

The Scoop6 is a totepool bet which runs each Saturday on six races and the idea is to pick the winner or placed runner of each race. It is split into three funds, the win fund, the bonus fund and the place fund.

If you pick the winner of each race, you win the amount of money in the pool and this is divided amongst other winners. If there are no winners, the fund rolls over to the next week.

If you win the Scoop 6 then the next week you select one horse to win a selected bonus race. This fund also rolls over each week if it is not won and has reached as high as £5 million in the past.

As a consolation, if you get a placed horse in each of the races then there is a place dividend. This isn't a huge jackpot but often pays out somewhere between £100-£500. However, David and the team have pulled off much larger Place Fund payouts - one at £24,636 and another win of the entire Place Fund paying £16,808.

I'm David Leslie - 56 years young with 38 years of horse racing and tipping experience, knowledge and passion!

I currently run a highly successful online horse racing business - PlayScoop6, a Scoop6 Club with many members where we place large, weekly bets on the Totesport Scoop6, a jackpot pool bet which often pays hundreds of thousands and sometimes millions of pounds.

Aside from winning the Scoop6 jackpot twice, the club has had many Place Fund wins too including wins of the entire Place Fund and prior to the Club's creation, I personally shared in a £3.2 million Scoop6 jackpot, which is what led me to set up my own Scoop6 Club.

I've run other successful horse racing betting businesses too.

Over the years and due to the amounts I've won, I've ended up being banned by most bookmakers and even where my accounts are still open, the size of my bets is severely restricted, sometimes to pennies.

David Leslie


We are going to monitoring the PlayScoop6 club over the next few months to see whether they pull off another big jackpot win. We will also be recording results for the Scoop6 selections to see how they perform as singles and accumulators.

We will be back with an update next month.

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