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Pro Footy Tips Review

Note: This service is n​o longer available. Take a look at some of our "passed" services here.

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Welcome to our Pro Footy Tips review - A betting service offering daily football tips for major worldwide leagues covering Match Odds and Handicap markets.


  • Simple, easy to follow service
  • Transparent results
  • High ROI for football betting


  • Sometimes unable to obtain the advised odds at UK bookies
  • High variance
  • Recommended starting bank needs to be set higher to cover downturns

We have been following Pro Footy Tips since the start of the football season in August and after extending our review for an extra month, we now have a clear verdict on the service. Over the last month we added a further 9.15 points to our bank, making it a total profit of 52.93 points at the advised stakes with an ROI of 13.1%.

After 166 bets our bank has increased by 70%, which makes it an easy pass!

The service is run by Geir on the Betting Gods platform and since launching it in March this year, he has racked up an impressive profit of 189.4 points with an ROI of 25.4% at the advised odds.

Geir advises stakes between 1-5 points, often using a lower stake for selections at higher odds or double bets. At level stakes, we recorded a profit of 24.69 points with an ROI of 14.9%, so following the stakes set by Geir looks to be beneficial.

Review Stats +52.93pts, 13.1% ROI, 27.1% SR
Stakes Advised between 1-5 points
Starting bank 75 points
Average no. bets Approx. 40 per month
Time of emails Morning on day of match or Friday’s email will often contain weekend bets
Price £1 for 30 days then £29.95 per month, £69.95 per quarter or £249.95 lifetime membership
Rating Pass

Overall - Key Stats
 Advised OddsAvailable Odds
Number of Bets166166
Total Stakes (pts)403.00403.00
Profit/Loss (pts)62.8252.93
Profits/Loss (£10 stakes)£628.20£529.30
Average Odds4.834.70
Strike Rate27.1%27.1%
Bank Increase %83.8%70.6%
Bank (75pt starting)137.82127.93

Pro Footy Tips Review Graph

Update Four - Results
DateBetStakeAvailable OddsProfit/LossRunning Total
20/11/2016St.Etienne to beat Nice3.002.10-3.0040.78
22/11/2016Grimsby to beat Carlisle3.002.90-3.0037.78
22/11/2016Barnet to beat Plymouth3.005.2512.7550.53
22/11/2016Tranmere to beat Forest Green3.003.40-3.0047.53
25/11/2016CA Bastia to beat Creteil3.002.153.4550.98
26/11/2016Chesterfield to beat Bristol R4.003.8011.2062.18
26/11/2016North Ferriby to beat Solihull3.005.00-3.0059.18
26/11/2016Ingolstadt to beat Wolfsburg3.003.00-3.0056.18
26/11/2016Ross County to beat Hamilton4.002.15-4.0052.18
26/11/2016Above double1.006.30-1.0051.18
27/11/2016Real Sociedad to beat Barcelona2.007.00-2.0049.18
28/11/2016Apollon to beat APOEL2.004.60-2.0047.18
29/11/2016Aalborg to beat Sønderjyske2.003.25-2.0045.18
29/11/2016Hull City to beat Newcastle3.003.55-3.0042.18
02/12/2016Nottingham to beat Newcastle3.005.0012.0054.18
03/12/2016Swansea to beat Tottenham2.0010.00-2.0052.18
02/12/2016Horn to beat Lustenau1.007.006.0058.18
03/12/2016Girona to beat Levante3.002.253.7561.93
03/12/2016St.Gallen to beat Sion2.004.336.6668.59
06/12/2016Akragas to beat Consenza3.002.75-3.0065.59
09/12/2016Granada to beat Malaga2.005.75-2.0063.59
10/12/2016Hamburg to beat Augsburg3.002.384.1467.73
10/12/2016Birmingham to beat Newcastle1.008.00-1.0066.73
10/12/2016St.Mirren to beat Raith Rovers4.002.807.2073.93
10/12/2016Wolves to beat Fulham3.003.40-3.0070.93
10/12/2016Swindon to beat Sheffield Utd1.007.50-1.0069.93
10/12/2016Sampdoria to beat Lazio2.003.40-2.0067.93
11/12/2016Sporting Gijon to beat Espanol1.005.80-1.0066.93
11/12/2016Sporting to beat Benfica2.003.30-2.0064.93
13/12/2016Rotherham (+0,25) to beat Fulham2.004.00-2.0062.93
15/12/2016Coventry to beat Sheffield U.2.005.75-2.0060.93
16/12/2016Trapani to beat Frosinone3.002.55-3.0057.93
17/12/2016St.Pauli to beat Bochum4.002.50-4.0053.93
17/12/2016Above double1.006.25-1.0052.93
17/12/2016Hertha Berlin to beat Leipzig2.006.00-2.0050.93
18/12/2016PSV to beat Ajax3.003.50-3.0047.93
18/12/2016Manch.City to beat Arsenal4.002.255.0052.93

The review did not start well with a hefty loss in month one, however since then we have had 3/3 winning months with a consistently high return on investment.

The odds have ranged from 2.00 to 19.20, averaging at 4.70 and the average winning odds were 4.24. Geir focuses on betting on underdogs so we did experience some losing runs, the highest being a streak of 13, but when we did win it was at juicy odds and swiftly put us back on track.

We would advise using a larger starting bank than the recommended 75 points, perhaps 100-150 points to be on the safe side.

It’s an easy service to follow, with approximately 40 bets per month being sent out with plenty of time to get bets on.

We did struggle to get the advised odds on occasion, which saw us make almost 10 points less over the four months compared to the official results. This was mainly because Geir was advising odds from a euro bookmaker site that we couldn’t access in the UK, so we had to settle for slightly lower odds at the UK bookies.


The first 30 days of tips cost £1.00, then there are three membership options:

  • £29.95 per month
  • £69.95 per quarter
  • £249.95 for a lifetime membership

Betting Gods also offer a 60 day money-back guarantee.


It was a shaky start, but what a cracking recovery! The return on investment has been impressive, especially for football betting which rarely sees a return of over 10%. The highlight was a 70% ROI in month three after a series of winning bets, including three doubles.

We don’t know anything about Geir’s selection process, but we like that he is going against the flow and taking a different approach in his betting service. There are so many football tipsters around that seem to go for odds on selections and you might get a higher strike rate, but there is value to be had in the less obvious bets.

The service isn’t going to suit everyone as you will need to be able to put up with the highs and lows along the way. However, it could work well as part of a betting portfolio and it’s certainly one that we can recommend and will continue to follow ourselves.

Pro Footy Tips Review: Update Three

21st November 2016

We’re back with another update to our review of Pro Footy Tips and after a shaky start, tipster Geir has managed to pull off a spectacular recovery after winning a Partick & Gefle double.

Over the last month, we have made a profit of 61.2 points at the available odds, which gives us an overall profit of 43.78 points with an ROI of 14.1%.

The service focuses on value bets on the underdogs and the odds have consistently averaged at around 4.7-5.0 during our review. This means that a bit of variance is to be expected and we have certainly experienced some so far, with several losing runs of 10 bets or more.

On the flipside, when you win… you win big!

Update Three - Key Stats
 Advised OddsAvailable Odds
Number of Bets3434
Total Stakes (pts)88.0088.00
Profit/Loss (pts)+62.42+61.20
Profits/Loss (£10 stakes)+£624.20+£612.00
Average Odds4.854.72
Strike Rate38.2%38.2%
Bank (75pt starting)126.95118.78

Update Three - Results
DateBetStakeAvailable OddsProfit/LossRunning Total
21/10/2016Kapfenberg to beat Liefering4.003.409.6067.18
21/10/2016Osasuna to beat Betis4.002.70-4.0063.18
21/10/2016Above double1.009.18-1.0062.18
22/10/2016Aston Villa (-1) to beat Fulham3.003.100.0062.18
22/10/2016Lincoln (-1) to beat Eastleigh3.003.20-3.0059.18
22/10/2016Aston Villa & Lincoln3.004.51-3.0056.18
22/10/2016Assyriska to beat Dalkurd1.005.75-1.0055.18
22/10/2016Roda to beat Den Haag3.002.60-3.0052.18
23/10/2016Prato to beat Lucchese2.003.80-2.0050.18
23/10/2016Monopoli to beat Foggia2.005.50-2.0048.18
23/10/2016Corinthians to beat Flamengo2.005.25-2.0046.18
25/10/2016Concord to beat Hemel2.004.50-2.0044.18
25/10/2016Dorchester to beat Slough2.006.50-2.0042.18
27/10/2016Häcken to beat AIK3.005.25-3.0039.18
28/10/2016Lille to beat Paris SG2.006.75-2.0037.18
28/10/2016Atletico GO to beat Nautico2.004.25-2.0035.18
29/10/2016Partick to beat St.Johnstone3.004.209.6044.78
29/10/2016Partick & Gefle2.0013.8625.7270.50
30/10/2016Strømdgodet to beat Rosenborg4.003.9011.6082.10
30/10/2016Trapani to beat Verona1.009.00-1.0081.10
05/11/2016Dundee FC to beat Motherwell4.002.405.6086.70
05/11/2016Edinburgh City to beat Montrose3.004.339.9996.69
05/11/2016Tupi (0) to beat Ceara (0)2.004.50-2.0094.69
05/11/2016Antalyaspor to beat Genclerbirligi3.002.654.9599.64
07/11/2016Ternana to beat Benevento4.002.50-4.0095.64
10/11/2016Newport to beat Carlisle3.004.009.00104.64
10/11/2016Edinburgh City to beat Annan4.003.259.00113.64
10/11/2016Gimnastica to beat Getafe3.002.885.64119.28
12/11/2016Oldham to beat Wimbledon2.002.90-2.00117.28
15/11/2016East Fife to beat Alloa, draw no bet2.003.300.00117.28
18/11/2016Cittadella to beat Verona3.003.507.50124.78
19/11/2016Exeter to beat Carlisle3.004.50-3.00121.78
19/11/2016Shrewsbury to beat Sheffield Utd2.008.00-2.00119.78
19/11/2016Exeter to win 1st half v Carlisle1.004.60-1.00118.78

Although we are in a winning position as it stands, we are going to extend our review for another month or two to see how things progress from here.

We’ll report back soon with our next set of results.

Pro Footy Tips Review: Update Two

24th October 2016

We’re back with an update to our review of Pro Footy Tips and we’re pleased to see the service managed to make a recovery after the poor results last month. Over the last month we have made a profit of 24.98 points with an ROI of 20.1%. Our bank is now at 57.58 points from a 75 point starting back, so there is still a bit of a way to go until we are breaking even again.

This month the service hit a strike rate of 30%, which beats the average for the historical results of 27%. Another good month could see us right back on track, so it’ll be interesting to see what happens next.

As we have said before, the service focuses mainly on underdogs and the odds have averaged at 4.83 during the review, so we can expect to experience downturns along the way.

Update Two - Key Stats
 Advised OddsAvailable Odds
Number of Bets5050
Total Stakes (pts)124.00124.00
Profit/Loss (pts)+30.43+24.98
Profits/Loss (£10 stakes)+£304.30+£249.80
Average Odds4.964.86
Strike Rate24.5%20.1%
Bank (75pt starting)64.5357.58

Update Two - Results
DateBetStakeAvailable OddsProfit/LossRunning Total
19/09/2016Gøteborg to beat Häcken2.002.88-2.0030.60
19/09/2016Throttur to beat Olafsvik2.003.00-2.0028.60
19/09/2016Above double1.008.64-1.0027.60
20/09/2016Derby to beat Liverpool1.0011.00-1.0026.60
22/09/2016Lyngby to beat Brøndby3.004.4010.2036.80
22/09/2016Sønderjyske to beat OB5.002.306.5043.30
22/09/2016Above double1.009.688.6851.98
22/09/2016Elfsborg to beat Malmø2.005.50-2.0049.98
23/09/2016Longford to beat Bohemians2.005.00-2.0047.98
24/09/2016Queen of South to beat Hibernian3.003.30-3.0044.98
25/09/2016Montedio Yamagata to beat Kumamoto3.002.35-3.0041.98
25/09/2016Montedio Yamagata (1st half) to beat Kumamoto1.003.20-1.0040.98
25/09/2016Montedio Yamagata & Gifu1.0010.69-1.0039.98
25/09/2016KPV Kokkola to beat Jaro4.003.50-4.0035.98
27/09/2016Värnamo to beat Trelleborg3.002.20-3.0032.98
27/09/2016Cambridge to beat Yeovil3.002.253.7536.73
29/09/2016Helsingborg to beat Hammarby4.002.70-4.0030.73
29/09/2016Nürnberg to beat Union Berlin5.002.386.9037.63
29/09/2016Dordrecht to beat deGraafschap2.006.0010.0047.63
01/10/2016Preussen Münster to beat Aalen2.004.00-2.0058.98
01/10/2016Westerlo to beat Beveren3.002.805.4064.38
01/10/2016Botafogo to beat Corinthians3.002.454.3568.73
02/10/2016Ljungskile to beat Värnamo3.002.103.3072.03
02/10/2016Ljungskile & AIK2.004.006.0078.03
02/10/2016Raufoss to beat Kongsvinger1.005.50-1.0077.03
02/10/2016Start to beat Viking1.009.00-1.0076.03
04/10/2016CRB to beat Atletico GO3.002.25-3.0073.03
04/10/2016Goyang Zaicro to beat Busan1.007.00-1.0072.03
04/10/2016Covilha to beat Academica3.002.55-3.0069.03
07/10/2016Solihull to beat Aldershot2.004.75-2.0067.03
07/10/2016Guiseley (-0,75) to beat Southport 4.002.455.8072.83
07/10/2016Ceara to beat Oeste2.003.10-2.0070.83
07/10/2016AB to beat Hobro4.003.60-4.0066.83
11/10/2016Metropolitan to beat Worthing3.002.50-3.0063.83
12/10/2016Kelsterbach to beat Lehnerz2.005.00-2.0061.83
13/10/2016Santa Cruz to beat Corinthians2.005.00-2.0059.83
14/10/2016Bourg Peronnas to beat Amiens4.002.65-4.0055.83
14/10/2016BOGEN to beat Schwabmunchen4.002.70-4.0051.83
15/10/2016Coventry (0) to beat Charlton4.002.60-4.0047.83
15/10/2016Stenhousemuir to beat Stranraer3.003.60-3.0044.83
15/10/2016Wolfsberger (0) to beat Salzburg2.004.250.0044.83
15/10/2016Sundsvall (-1) to beat Falkenberg3.002.85-3.0041.83
15/10/2016Waterford to beat Shelbourne2.005.258.5050.33
16/10/2016Siracusa to beat Vibonese2.003.20-2.0048.33
16/10/2016Catanzaro to beat Matera1.006.00-1.0047.33
16/10/2016Lillestrøm to beat Brann3.005.7514.2560.58
18/10/2016Southend to beat Bradford3.006.75-3.0057.58

We'll be back next month with another update.

Pro Footy Tips Review: Update One

22nd September 2016

We’re back with our first update to our review of Pro Footy Tips and unfortunately it has not been the best of starts. Over the last month there have been 45 bets and only 7 of them won, which is a strike rate of just 15.6%. This average strike rate of the service is around 29% so it has been running quite a way off that.

So far we have made a loss of 42.4 points at the available odds and a really poor ROI of -43.3%.

The service takes a different tack to the usual football tipsters as he usually bets on the underdogs where they represent good value. The odds have ranged from 2.00 to 10.00, averaging at 4.79.

One thing to note is there are sometimes tips for teams in obscure leagues, for example one bet we had was for Germany Oberliga Hamburg, which means the odds aren’t always available at all bookies.

Update One - Key Stats
 Advised OddsAvailable Odds
Number of Bets4545
Total Stakes (pts)98.0098.00
Profit/Loss (pts)-40.90-42.40
Profits/Loss (£10 stakes)-£409.00-£424.00
Average Odds4.994.79
Strike Rate15.6%15.6%
Bank (75pt starting)34.1032.60

Update One - Results
DateBetStakeAvailable OddsProfit/LossRunning Total
19/08/2016Metta/LU to beat Spartaks Jurmala2.006.50-2.0073.00
20/08/2016GrIFK to beat Oulo1.006.00-1.0072.00
20/08/2016Leiknir F. to beat Haukar2.006.00-2.0070.00
20/08/2016Crystal P (+0.25) to beat Tottenham2.003.80-2.0068.00
20/08/2016Colchester (Draw No Bet) to beat Portsmouth2.003.55-2.0066.00
20/08/2016Port Melbourne Sharks to beat Bentleigh Greens2.009.00-2.0064.00
22/08/2016Halmstad (-1) to beat Varberg4.002.606.4070.40
24/08/2016Avispa Fukuoka to beat Iwata2.003.00-2.0068.40
24/08/2016Avispa Fukuoka(-1) to beat Iwata1.005.50-1.0067.40
25/08/2016Figueirense to beat Flamengo2.003.304.6072.00
25/08/2016Mjøndalen & Sandefjord Double3.003.39-3.0069.00
25/08/2016Haukar (Draw No Bet) to beat Keflavik2.003.75-2.0067.00
27/08/2016Seligenporten to beat Bayern Hof2.003.004.0071.00
27/08/2016Seligenporten & Inter Turku2.006.09-2.0069.00
27/08/2016Bryne to beat Mjøndalen1.005.75-1.0068.00
28/08/2016Sport Recife (-1) to beat Internacional2.004.10-2.0066.00
29/08/2016GAIS to beat Sirius2.007.00-2.0064.00
29/08/2016GAIS (1st half) to beat Sirius2.006.00-2.0062.00
30/08/2016Tupi to beat Paysandu1.007.006.0068.00
30/08/2016Ørgryte (-1) to beat Varberg2.005.20-2.0066.00
02/09/2016Suderelbe to beat Turkiye Wilhelmsburg3.002.80-3.0063.00
03/09/2016Vfr Neumunster to beat Flensburg2.004.00-2.0061.00
06/09/2016Sampaio Correa to beat Bragantino2.004.10-2.0059.00
10/09/2016Iwata to beat Kobe2.002.90-2.0057.00
10/09/2016Iwata (1st half) to beat Kobe2.003.50-2.0055.00
10/09/2016Sagan Tosu to beat Urawa2.006.00-2.0053.00
10/09/2016Sagan Tosu (1st half) to beat Urawa1.005.50-1.0052.00
10/09/2016Southend (0) to beat Scunthorpe3.003.75-3.0049.00
10/09/2016Stalybridge to beat Halifax 1.009.00-1.0048.00
10/09/2016Åsane to beat Jerv2.007.00-2.0046.00
11/09/2016Giravanz to beat Tokushima3.003.10-3.0043.00
11/09/2016Internacional to beat Atletico PR3.003.30-3.0040.00
13/09/2016Chorley to beat Salford4.002.405.6045.60
13/09/2016Stalybridge to beat Harrogate2.005.00-2.0043.60
13/09/2016Concord to beat Wealdstone5.003.00-5.0038.60
15/09/2016Throttur to beat Fjolnir1.0010.00-1.0037.60
15/09/2016Sao Paulo to beat Cruzeiro4.002.004.0041.60
16/09/2016Koblenz to beat Mannheim1.008.007.0048.60
17/09/2016Queens PR to beat Huddersfield3.004.20-3.0045.60
17/09/2016Queens PR (1st half) to beat Huddersfield 1.004.50-1.0044.60
17/09/2016Nagoya to beat G-Osaka3.003.60-3.0041.60
17/09/2016Albion to beat Stranraer2.004.33-2.0039.60
17/09/2016Beveren to beat St.Truiden2.003.75-2.0037.60
18/09/2016Hummel to beat Anyang2.005.75-2.0035.60
18/09/2016Brøndby (-2) to beat Viborg3.003.55-3.0032.60

We can expect some bad runs with tips at longer odds, but it's worrying that we have lost over half of our betting bank already.

We'll see what happens over the next month and report back with our next set of results.

Pro Footy Tips Review: Introduction

17th August 2016

Pro Footy Tips is a fairly new football tipping service from the Betting Gods network that has been proofed since the end of March 2016. The service is run by tipster Geir, who has been tipping professionally for nearly 30 years and has been named the “Betting God of Football”.

So far he has achieved some impressive results from his tips during this period, with 120.22 points profit and an ROI of 37.22% to date.

There have been 144 tips and 48 of them have either been a win or a stake returned, which makes a strike rate of 33.33%. On first glance this would seem quite low for a football betting service, but the odds of the tips have ranged from 1.89 to 11.47 with an average of 4.5, so the strike rate is actually very good at these prices.

As with all Betting Gods tipsters, the full history of results are available to download from the website.

The service covers a number of markets, despite saying it is mainly just Match Odds bets on the sales page. In the official results we can see bets for other markets including Draw No Bet, Half Time Correct Score and some occasional handicap bets.

The tips are straightforward to follow, they are emailed out daily at around 12pm and there are approximately 25-35 per month. They come with an advised stake between 1 and 5 points and advised odds.

A starting bank of 75 points is recommended and the results are calculated using £10 per point, so we will use the same for our review.

The service has three pricing options which are £1.00 for 30 days and then:

  • £29.95 per month
  • £69.95 per quarter
  • £249.95 for a lifetime membership

There is also a 60 day money-back guarantee offered if you are unhappy with the service.

It’ll be interesting to see if these impressive results continue over the next three months during our trial.

We’ll be back next month with an update of our results.


  • Simple, easy to follow service
  • Transparent results
  • High ROI for football betting


  • Sometimes unable to obtain the advised odds at UK bookies
  • High variance
  • Recommended starting bank needs to be set higher to cover downturns

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  1. Believe it or not. Soccer is the most popular when comes to betting. But it is the most difficult sport to make money. Of course, I am not talking about in play and trading.

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