Robert Fraser’s Racing Tips Review: Betfair SP Service

Robert Fraser's Racing Tips Review
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  • Last modified: 22nd May 2018

Welcome to our Robert Fraser's Racing Tips review - A Betfair SP horse racing betting service from the Betting Gods platform that sends out daily win/place tips

Note: This service is n​o longer available. Take a look at some of our "passed" services here.

It's been another dismal month for Robert Fraser's Racing Tips with a further loss of 26.28 points at the advised stakes and 21.92 points to 1 point level stakes.

In our last update we noted that we were in profit using level stakes overall, but after the results over the past month this has now also dipped into the red.

Our 100 point starting bank has now almost depleted by 50% and we were beginning to think this service could be beginning of the end. Our suspicions were confirmed after receiving an email from Robert stating that he had decided to discontinue the service.

Key Stats - Overall
 Advised StakesLevel Stakes
Number of Bets369369
Total Stakes (pts)591.00369.00
Profit/Loss (pts)-47.68-9.58
Profit/Loss (£10 stakes)-£476.80-£95.80
Average Odds10.2810.28
Strike Rate20.1%20.1%
Overall Bank Growth/Decline-47.7%-9.6%
Bank (100pt starting)52.3290.42

Results - Update Six
DateRaceSelectionBetStakeBSP OddsP/LBank
27/11/2017Ludlow 13:40Colonial DreamsRace Winner1.002.86-1.0077.59
28/11/2017Southwell 14:40Amity IslandRace Winner3.005.38-3.0074.59
28/11/2017Lingfield 15:00Solstice StarRace Winner2.004.70-2.0072.59
29/11/2017Wolverhampton 12:45Where's JeffTo Place: Top 31.002.22-1.0071.59
29/11/2017Wetherby 14:30ThorpeTo Place: Top 31.005.08-1.0070.59
30/11/2017Taunton 14:50More Than LuckRace Winner1.003.152.0472.64
01/12/2017Southwell 12:40Majestic MoonTo Place: Top
02/12/2017Newcastle 13:40Lake View LadTo Place: Top
03/12/2017Fairyhouse 15:10Mall DiniTo Place: Top 41.002.721.6384.30
04/12/2017Southwell 11:50Percys PrincessTo Place: Top 21.0014.54-1.0083.30
04/12/2017Southwell 14:20NovabridgeTo Place: Top 31.003.64-1.0082.30
05/12/2017Lingfield 14:00Britanio BelloTo Place: Top 32.003.61-2.0080.30
06/12/2017Haydock 13:20Buster ThomasTo Place: Top 22.002.32-2.0078.30
06/12/2017Lingfield 14:15Anonymous JohnRace Winner1.0011.50-1.0077.30
07/12/2017Leicester 15:25KalaskadesemilleyTo Place: Top 31.001.800.7678.06
08/12/2017Exeter 13:35Druid's FollyTo Place: Top 31.007.36-1.0077.06
09/12/2017Wetherby 11:45Game OnRace Winner1.005.61-1.0076.06
09/12/2017Aintree 13:30Rogue AngelTo Place: Top 41.005.74-1.0075.06
11/12/2017Fontwell 14:15Leo LunaTo Place: Top 22.005.67-2.0073.06
13/12/2017Lingfield 12:00Lunar DeityRace Winner1.0027.82-1.0072.06
13/12/2017Lingfield 12:30FootstepsintherainTo Place: Top 22.005.44-2.0070.06
13/12/2017Kempton 16:40Sovereign DukeTo Place: Top 31.002.72-1.0069.06
14/12/2017Chelmsford City 18:45TasaaboqRace Winner1.005.60-1.0068.06
15/12/2017Cheltenham 12:10Some ManTo Place: Top 31.003.35-1.0067.06
16/12/2017Hereford 14:40Rayvin BlackTo Place: Top 22.001.661.2568.32
17/12/2017Chelmsford City 14:25TellovoiTo Place: Top 21.002.92-1.0067.32
18/12/2017Wolverhampton 17:10Middle CreekRace Winner1.008.20-1.0066.32
19/12/2017Southwell 12:30Shadow SeekerRace Winner2.0036.00-2.0064.32
19/12/2017Fakenham 13:40???????Princeton RoyaleRace Winner2.0016.00-2.0062.32
20/12/2017Newbury 12:30Royale ZanzibarRace Winner1.0020.00-1.0061.32
20/12/2017Newbury 14:40Exmoor MistRace Winner2.0017.29-2.0059.32
21/12/2017Exeter 13:35Midnight RequestRace Winner1.007.40-1.0058.32
21/12/2017Chelmsford City 20:15Red TycoonRace Winner1.008.80-1.0057.32
22/12/2017Ascot 13:55Slate HouseTo Place: Top 21.002.89-1.0056.32
22/12/2017Southwell 15:20Vigee Le BrunTo Place: Top 21.006.00-1.0055.32
23/12/2017Ascot 12:40Natter Jack CroakTo Place: Top 31.0012.66-1.0054.32
23/12/2017Lingfield 13:45Dolphin VistaTo Place: Top 31.003.02-1.0053.32
26/12/2017Fontwell 13:25Jersey BeanRace Winner1.004.89-1.0052.32


Unfortunately, Robert hasn't achieved the same success with his racing service as he has with his tennis tips. There's no point in wasting any more time as it's a clear fail for this one and we will be swiftly moving on with our search to find profitable betting services.

Robert Fraser's Racing Tips Review: Update Five

30th November 2017

It's been another poor month in our review of Robert Fraser's Racing Tips with a loss of 53.83 points at the advised stakes, which means the profit we had built up so far has been completely wiped out.

In total we have lost 21.41 points and which leaves our bank at 78.59 points.

On a positive note, we have also been tracking results using 1 point level stakes and this is showing an overall profit of 12.34 points since the start of the review, although the ROI is quite low for horse racing at 3.73%.

Key Stats - Update Five
 Advised StakesLevel Stakes
Number of Bets5353
Total Stakes (pts)83.0053.00
Profit/Loss (pts)-53.83-33.28
Profit/Loss (£10 stakes)-£538.30-£332.80
Average Odds16.7216.72
Strike Rate11.3%11.3%
Overall Bank Growth/Decline-21.4%12.3%
Bank (100pt starting)78.59112.34

Results - Update Five
DateRaceSelectionBetStakeBSP OddsP/LBank
27/10/2017Doncaster 15:00AmplificationRace Winner1.002.901.81134.23
27/10/2017Newbury 16:00Executive ForceRace Winner3.006.65-3.00131.23
28/10/2017Cheltenham 14:00Viconte Du NoyerTo Place: Top 42.004.27-2.00129.23
28/10/2017Cheltenham 17:30Mighty ThunderRace Winner1.0019.06-1.00128.23
29/10/2017Aintree 13:15VerygoodverygoodRace Winner1.005.16-1.00127.23
29/10/2017Aintree 13:50Baileys ConcertoRace Winner2.0020.95-2.00125.23
29/10/2017Aintree 15:00Royal RegattaRace Winner2.0029.59-2.00123.23
30/10/2017Ayr 15:50Halcyon DaysRace Winner1.004.00-1.00122.23
31/10/2017Chepstow 13:45Saint John HenryTo Place: Top 31.008.557.17129.40
01/11/2017Kempton 17:25Sky RocketRace Winner2.003.38-2.00127.40
01/11/2017Kempton 17:55Dashing PoetRace Winner1.0011.50-1.00126.40
01/11/2017Kempton 18:25Wannabe Like YouRace Winner1.0012.00-1.00125.40
02/11/2017Lingfield 13:20Promising RunRace Winner2.004.10-2.00123.40
02/11/2017Lingfield 13:20Promising RunTo Place: Top 31.001.550.52123.93
03/11/2017Newmarket 13:45All OutRace Winner1.004.30-1.00122.93
03/11/2017Newmarket 13:45All OutTo Place: Top 32.001.791.50124.43
04/11/2017Newmarket 15:30Lord GlittersRace Winner1.001.84-1.00123.43
05/11/2017Huntingdon 12:40IniestaRace Winner1.003.35-1.00122.43
05/11/2017Huntingdon 12:40IniestaTo Place: Top 22.001.47-2.00120.43
06/11/2017Southwell 13:30Brown TrixRace Winner1.003.35-1.00119.43
06/11/2017Southwell 16:00Barley HillRace Winner1.004.27-1.00118.43
07/11/2017Fairyhouse 12:55Tenth AmendmentRace Winner3.0042.89-3.00115.43
07/11/2017Exeter 13:30DessinateurRace Winner1.007.00-1.00114.43
07/11/2017Fairyhouse 14:25Larry CapriRace Winner3.0016.48-3.00111.43
08/11/2017Nottingham 13:05Doctor KnoxTo Place: Top 31.004.25-1.00110.43
09/11/2017Ludlow 14:55Still BelievingRace Winner1.006.95-1.00109.43
09/11/2017Market Rasen 15:10ElkstoneRace Winner1.003.55-1.00108.43
10/11/2017Hexham 13:40BaracaluRace Winner1.004.70-1.00107.43
11/11/2017Aintree 12:30The DellercheckoutRace Winner1.006.20-1.00106.43
11/11/2017Aintree 14:15GardefortTo Place: Top 34.004.95-4.00102.43
12/11/2017Sandown 12:45Vicenzo MioRace Winner1.0034.00-1.00101.43
12/11/2017Sandown 12:45Vicenzo MioTo Place: Top 32.006.36-2.0099.43
13/11/2017Kempton 13:20Ramore WillTo Place: Top 31.002.22-1.0098.43
13/11/2017Kempton 16:00Magic DancerTo Place: Top 31.001.650.6299.04
14/11/2017Worcester 14:00Eau De NileRace Winner1.00304.01-1.0098.04
15/11/2017Ayr 14:40Mac N CheeseRace Winner4.002.09-4.0094.04
16/11/2017Southwell 12:40WardyRace Winner1.0024.70-1.0093.04
17/11/2017Cheltenham 13:15Spiritual ManRace Winner1.00153.47-1.0092.04
17/11/2017Cheltenham 13:15Spiritual ManTo Place: Top 41.0016.03-1.0091.04
18/11/2017Lingfield 13:00TopmeupRace Winner1.006.42-1.0090.04
18/11/2017Lingfield 13:00TopmeupTo Place: Top 21.002.50-1.0089.04
19/11/2017Fontwell 14:40RemilucRace Winner5.004.71-5.0084.04
20/11/2017Leicester 13:50Prussian EagleTo Place: Top 32.003.01-2.0082.04
20/11/2017Leicester 15:20No No CardinalTo Place: Top
21/11/2017Southwell 12:30Pretty RecklessRace Winner3.003.95-3.0087.59
22/11/2017Hexham 12:55PaddlingRace Winner1.0018.81-1.0086.59
22/11/2017Kempton 16:10Jive TalkingRace Winner1.0011.06-1.0085.59
23/11/2017Chelmsford 17:55Avon GreenRace Winner1.003.98-1.0084.59
24/11/2017Newcastle 20:45Connemera QueenRace Winner1.0011.50-1.0083.59
25/11/2017Haydock 15:00OutlanderRace Winner1.006.58-1.0082.59
26/11/2017Exeter 13:55Umberto DolivateRace Winner1.006.82-1.0081.59
26/11/2017Exeter 14:25Brelan DasRace Winner1.002.61-1.0080.59
26/11/2017Uttoxeter 14:15Zephyros BleuRace Winner2.004.58-2.0078.59

It's been a terrible couple of months, but we aren't quite ready to give up on the service yet so we are going to carry on for another month. We'll be back soon with an update of our results.

Robert Fraser's Racing Tips Review: Update Four

31st October 2017

It's been a frustrating month for Robert Fraser's Racing Tips with so many near misses where horses have finished 2nd and a few of them being at high odds that would have given a real boost to our profit. We finished the month with a loss of 35.08 points at the advised stakes from 64 selections.

We've been really unfortunate not to have made a profit this month, but Robert hasn't been one to dwell on things. Patience is key with this service as one or two race winner bets coming in can catapult profits.

Key Stats - Update Four
 Advised StakesLevel Stakes
Number of Bets6464
Total Stakes (pts)121.0064.00
Profit/Loss (pts)-35.08-14.21
Profit/Loss (£10 stakes)-£350.80-£142.10
Average Odds9.689.68
Strike Rate17.2%17.2%
Overall Bank Growth/Decline32.4%45.6%
Bank (100pt starting)132.43145.62

Results - Update Four
DateRaceSelectionBetStakeBSP OddsP/LBank
27/09/2017Kempton 19:40Cape To CubaRace Winner1.003.42-1.00166.50
28/09/2017Newmarket 14:00Para MioRace Winner1.008.60-1.00165.50
28/09/2017Newmarket 14:35RastrelliTo Place: Top 22.002.643.12168.62
29/09/2017Haydock 14:10King Of ScotlandTo Place: Top 33.003.04-3.00165.62
29/09/2017Worcester 15:10Marquis Of CarabasRace Winner1.0012.62-1.00164.62
30/09/2017Haydock 14:40ConfessionalRace Winner1.0013.00-1.00163.62
30/09/2017Haydock 15:15AeolusTo Place: Top 42.002.83-2.00161.62
01/10/2017Epsom 14:10AlifaxRace Winner1.0010.00-1.00160.62
01/10/2017Musselburgh 15:35Economic CrisisTo Place: Top 33.002.49-3.00157.62
02/10/2017Bath 14:10HaylahRace Winner9.002.14-9.00148.62
02/10/2017Bath 15:10Diamond PursuitRace Winner2.0011.50-2.00146.62
03/10/2017Kempton 17:40DalalahRace Winner2.005.10-2.00144.62
03/10/2017Kempton 18:10Bath And TennisRace Winner1.0024.00-1.00143.62
04/10/2017Nottingham 14:55La DivaRace Winner5.002.74-5.00138.62
04/10/2017Kempton 17:40Fire DiamondTo Place: Top 34.003.74-4.00134.62
05/10/2017Warwick 15:50AviatorRace Winner1.0015.00-1.00133.62
05/10/2017Huntingdon 16:45OsgoodRace Winner1.0025.00-1.00132.62
05/10/2017Chelmsford City 19:15Buckland BeauRace Winner1.0032.89-1.00131.62
05/10/2017Chelmsford City 20:15DibloamTo Place: Top 31.007.36-1.00130.62
06/10/2017Ascot 15:10MerlinTo Place: Top 32.002.94-2.00128.62
06/10/2017Fontwell 15:55AntonyTo Place: Top
06/10/2017Ascot 16:55AltaayilRace Winner3.006.90-3.00129.44
07/10/2017Newmarket 14:05KassiaTo Place: Top 34.002.56-4.00125.44
07/10/2017Newmarket 17:35GroovejetTo Place: Top 32.004.92-2.00123.44
08/10/2017Kelso 15:15Westend TheatreRace Winner2.0070.99-2.00121.44
09/10/2017Salisbury 14:05Bodes WellTo Place: Top 34.002.867.07128.51
09/10/2017Windsor 14:45Outback BlueRace Winner1.003.80-1.00127.51
10/10/2017Newcastle 19:30Fruit SaladTo Place: Top 33.003.71-3.00124.51
11/10/2017Nottingham 13:45AlwasmiyaRace Winner2.004.005.70130.21
11/10/2017Kempton 17:55ExpromptTo Place: Top 32.002.12-2.00128.21
12/10/2017Worcester 13:50Dusky LegendRace Winner4.002.67-4.00124.21
13/10/2017Newmarket 14:25ButterscotchRace Winner1.0018.98-1.00123.21
13/10/2017Newton Abbot 15:10Mighty LeaderRace Winner1.0023.00-1.00122.21
13/10/2017York 15:20Midsummer KnightRace Winner1.007.20-1.00121.21
13/10/2017Kempton 18:15Oh So SassyRace Winner2.008.70-2.00119.21
14/10/2017Hexham 14:15Jeu De MotsRace Winner1.005.50-1.00118.21
14/10/2017Hexham 14:15Jeu De MotsTo Place: Top 31.001.87-1.00117.21
15/10/2017Goodwood 14:00Song LightRace Winner1.0011.429.90127.10
15/10/2017Goodwood 14:00Song LightTo Place: Top 31.003.912.76129.87
16/10/2017Windsor 16:00South Sea BelleRace Winner2.0045.71-2.00127.87
16/10/2017Windsor 16:00South Sea BelleTo Place: Top 31.006.52-1.00126.87
17/10/2017Huntingdon 14:20TempuranRace Winner2.0010.50-2.00124.87
17/10/2017Huntingdon 14:20TempuranTo Place: Top 32.002.96-2.00122.87
18/10/2017Nottingham 16:05Stoney BrokeRace Winner2.0012.00-2.00120.87
18/10/2017Punchestown 16:45Routes ChoiceRace Winner2.0011.00-2.00118.87
18/10/2017Punchestown 17:20Cordovan BrownRace Winner2.0012.5021.85140.72
19/10/2017Brighton 14:30GeorgeRace Winner1.004.40-1.00139.72
19/10/2017Carlisle 15:15CarrigdhounRace Winner1.005.18-1.00138.72
19/10/2017Uttoxeter 17:00BallybrowneybridgeRace Winner1.0027.00-1.00137.72
20/10/2017Redcar 17:25DecimaRace Winner2.007.40-2.00135.72
20/10/2017Newcastle 20:15SamarmadiRace Winner2.008.29-2.00133.72
21/10/2017Market Rasen 13:40Zen MasterRace Winner1.003.762.62136.34
21/10/2017Ascot 15:15Al WukairTo Place: Top 32.002.76-2.00134.34
22/10/2017Southwell 13:30African ShowgirlRace Winner1.0026.74-1.00133.34
22/10/2017Leopardstown 13:50ContingentRace Winner1.003.692.56135.90
22/10/2017Kempton 15:50WorkbenchRace Winner1.0010.88-1.00134.90
23/10/2017Windsor 14:10Fast And HotRace Winner1.008.80-1.00133.90
23/10/2017Windsor 14:10Fast And HotTo Place: Top 41.002.14-1.00132.90
24/10/2017Yarmouth 14:30Spenny’s LassRace Winner1.006.80-1.00131.90
24/10/2017Yarmouth 14:30Spenny’s LassTo Place: Top 32.001.300.57132.47
25/10/2017Worcester 16:30Another StowawayRace Winner1.008.06-1.00131.47
25/10/2017Worcester 16:30Another StowawayTo Place: Top 32.001.81-2.00129.47
26/10/2017Southwell 15:45Undefined BeautyRace Winner3.002.744.96134.43
26/10/2017Chelmsford City 18:45Flora SandesRace Winner2.007.50-2.00132.43

We're going to stick with this service for another couple of months to see how things go and we'll report back soon with our next set of results.

Robert Fraser's Racing Tips Review: Update Three

7th October 2017

It's turning out to be quite a rollercoaster in our review of Robert Fraser's Racing Tips, with our profit climbing to more than 60 points before plummeting back down to a deficit of 30 points.

The service did manage to recover from this nasty spell with a few winning bets at juicy odds of 19.37, 20.35 and 9.64. We finished the month with a profit of 49.2 points, which gives us an overall profit of 67.5 points at an ROI of 20%.

Using level stakes would have given an even better return on investment of 28%, although the overall profit is smaller at 59.8 points.

Key Stats - Update Three
 Advised StakesLevel Stakes
Number of Bets6464
Total Stakes (pts)155.0064.00
Profit/Loss (pts)49.2044.58
Profit/Loss (£10 stakes)£492.00£445.80
Average Odds7.867.86
Strike Rate26.6%26.6%
Overall Bank Growth/Decline67.5%59.8%
Bank (100pt starting)167.50159.83

Results - Update Three
DateRaceSelectionBetStakeBSP OddsP/LBank
27/08/2017Goodwood 17:05White ChocolateRace Winner2.002.69-2.00116.30
27/08/2017Yarmouth 17:15Horsted KeynesRace Winner2.005.30-2.00114.30
27/08/2017Curragh 17:30RaphaelRace Winner2.007.56-2.00112.30
28/08/2017Southwell 13:30Be Be KingRace Winner1.002.65-1.00111.30
28/08/2017Chepstow 15:25Go Amber GoTo Place: Top 32.001.57-2.00109.30
29/08/2017Ripon 15:25Paramount LoveRace Winner1.005.45-1.00108.30
29/08/2017Epsom 15:45TigerwolfRace Winner1.005.99-1.00107.30
30/08/2017Lingfield 14:40Storm JazzRace Winner1.007.83-1.00106.30
30/08/2017Catterick 15:20Magical EffectRace Winner2.003.95-2.00104.30
31/08/2017Chelmsford City 13:20ChileanRace Winner2.003.935.57109.87
31/08/2017Musselburgh 14:30Foxy LadyRace Winner3.006.27-3.00106.87
01/09/2017Sandown 17:00Precious AngelRace Winner5.0012.35-5.00101.87
01/09/2017Sandown 17:00Precious AngelTo Place: Top 35.003.35-5.0096.87
02/09/2017Beverley 18:05La HavreseRace Winner8.006.49-8.0088.87
02/09/2017Beverley 18:05La HavreseTo Place: Top 38.002.319.9698.82
03/09/2017Brighton 17:00Top OfferRace Winner10.009.38-10.0088.82
03/09/2017Brighton 17:00Top OfferTo Place: Top 210.003.51-10.0078.82
04/09/2017Windsor 14:50House Of CommonsRace Winner1.0011.47-1.0077.82
04/09/2017Windsor 14:50House Of CommonsTo Place: Top 22.004.29-2.0075.82
05/09/2017Hamilton 17:20HellavashockRace Winner1.0011.03-1.0074.82
05/09/2017Kempton 20:20TibibitTo Place: Top 31.007.01-1.0073.82
06/09/2017Lingfield 17:25Danica AshtonTo Place: Top 21.0013.95-1.0072.82
06/09/2017Kempton 19:55NarjesRace Winner1.003.79-1.0071.82
07/09/2017Salisbury 15:20Final SetRace Winner1.005.10-1.0070.82
07/09/2017Haydock 17:05King Of The CeltsTo Place: Top 31.007.34-1.0069.82
08/09/2017Newcastle 14:50BreezeRace Winner1.0010.819.3279.14
08/09/2017Kempton 18:20Dragon MountainTo Place: Top 31.004.633.4582.59
09/09/2017Haydock 14:25The Tin ManRace Winner1.007.11-1.0081.59
09/09/2017Kempton 18:20EskendashRace Winner1.003.77-1.0080.59
10/09/2017Fontwell 17:45Malindi BayTo Place: Top 31.001.630.6081.19
11/09/2017Perth 16:35UrtheoneiwantRace Winner1.0011.67-1.0080.19
11/09/2017Perth 16:35UrtheoneiwantTo Place: Top 22.003.915.5385.72
12/09/2017Catterick 16:15Bold SpiritRace Winner2.006.009.5095.22
12/09/2017Leicester 17:25WaadyRace Winner3.003.557.27102.49
13/09/2017Carlisle 14:10Excellent TimesRace Winner5.009.00-5.0097.49
13/09/2017Kempton 17:45MishaalRace Winner6.002.42-6.0091.49
14/09/2017Chepstow 13:10Pollys GoldRace Winner6.002.28-6.0085.49
14/09/2017Hexham 16:10RossamilanRace Winner1.0012.00-1.0084.49
15/09/2017Doncaster 13:50Music BoxRace Winner1.0010.609.1293.61
15/09/2017Chester 15:55PenworthamTo Place: Top 32.001.711.3594.96
16/09/2017Chester 15:15Dan TroopRace Winner1.004.303.1498.09
16/09/2017Lingfield 17:25Duke Of NorthTo Place: Top 31.002.42-1.0097.09
17/09/2017Bath 15:15Delagate This LordRace Winner4.003.258.55105.64
17/09/2017Bath 14:15Fantasy JustifierTo Place: Top 44.002.65-4.00101.64
18/09/2017Worcester 14:00Irish OctaveRace Winner1.0019.3717.45119.09
18/09/2017Worcester 15:00Mile HouseTo Place: Top 32.001.711.35120.44
19/09/2017Chepstow 14:10NatheerRace Winner1.005.60-1.00119.44
19/09/2017Yarmouth 16:45Drop Kick MurphiTo Place: Top 31.0015.53-1.00118.44
20/09/2017Sandown 14:00First ElevenRace Winner1.006.99-1.00117.44
20/09/2017Kelso 17:00Coopers FriendRace Winner2.0012.75-2.00115.44
21/09/2017Pontefract 17:05HeronRace Winner2.006.07-2.00113.44
22/09/2017Newbury 13:50Foreseeable FutureTo Place: Top 34.005.03-4.00109.44
22/09/2017Newbury 14:25RogueRace Winner4.009.6432.83142.27
22/09/2017Newton Abbot 16:10Cabernet DaleneRace Winner2.0020.3536.77179.04
23/09/2017Newbury 13:15Face Like ThunderTo Place: Top 32.006.03-2.00177.04
23/09/2017Catterick 17:20Embers GlowRace Winner1.0012.81-1.00176.04
24/09/2017Uttoxeter 14:10Fisherman FrankRace Winner1.0022.00-1.00175.04
24/09/2017Plumpton 15:20City DreamerRace Winner1.005.704.47179.50
25/09/2017Kempton 13:50Shamrock EmmaRace Winner2.0026.55-2.00177.50
25/09/2017Leicester 17:15Navajo StormTo Place: Top 32.005.89-2.00175.50
26/09/2017Lingfield 14:35North Bay SunriseRace Winner2.007.60-2.00173.50
26/09/2017Beverley 15:50Edward LewisRace Winner2.003.13-2.00171.50
26/09/2017Beverley 16:25Make On MadamRace Winner2.0018.10-2.00169.50
26/09/2017Beverley 17:25Royal HolidayRace Winner2.0034.00-2.00167.50

We think that this service warrants an extended review so that we can see how it performs over a long period. We will be back with another update of our results soon.

Robert Fraser's Racing Tips Review: Update Two

6th September 2017

We're back with an update to our review of Robert Fraser's Racing Tips and unfortunately month two has been a disaster, ending with loss of 33.96 points using BSP odds.

After a great start in the first month we can't deny it was disappointing to our profits dwindle away, however, on a positive note we are still in profit overall by 18.3 points. This works out as an average of 9.15 points per month, which would certainly be an acceptable profit for a tipster over a longer term.

Key Stats - Update Two
Number of Bets85
Total Stakes (pts)97.00
Profit/Loss (pts)-33.96
Profit/Loss (£10 stakes)-£339.60
Average Odds11.41
Strike Rate15.3%
Overall Bank Growth/Decline18.3%
Bank (100pt starting)118.30

Results - Update Two
DateRaceSelectionBetStakeBSP OddsP/LBank
27/07/2017Doncaster 19:50Peak PrincessRace Winner1.004.60-1.00151.26
27/07/2017Doncaster 19:50Peak PrincessTo Place: Top 21.002.371.30152.56
28/07/2017Thirsk 17:05Imperial LegendRace Winner1.0023.00-1.00151.56
28/07/2017Thirsk 17:05Imperial LegendTo Place: Top 31.005.06-1.00150.56
28/07/2017York 20:00Gulf Of PoetsRace Winner1.0018.59-1.00149.56
28/07/2017York 20:00Gulf Of PoetsTo Place: Top 31.004.26-1.00148.56
29/07/2017Chester 14:35Bush BeautyRace Winner1.0014.65-1.00147.56
29/07/2017Chester 14:35Bush BeautyTo Place: Top 31.003.342.22149.78
29/07/2017Newmarket 14:50Dark RedRace Winner1.0012.81-1.00148.78
29/07/2017Newmarket 14:50Dark RedTo Place: Top
29/07/2017York 17:00CelestationRace Winner1.009.60-1.00149.80
29/07/2017York 17:00CelestationTo Place: Top 31.002.55-1.00148.80
30/07/2017Uttoxeter 14:45Crucial MomentRace Winner1.0015.2113.50162.30
30/07/2017Uttoxeter 14:45Crucial MomentTo Place: Top 31.002.721.63163.93
30/07/2017Pontefract 17:00Oriental SplendourRace Winner1.008.76-1.00162.93
30/07/2017Pontefract 17:00Oriental SplendourTo Place: Top 31.002.771.68164.61
31/07/2017Ayr 15:30CoreczkaRace Winner1.0014.00-1.00163.61
31/07/2017Ayr 15:30CoreczkaTo Place: Top 31.004.19-1.00162.61
31/07/2017Newton Abbot 16:45Complice Du ChenetRace Winner1.008.11-1.00161.61
31/07/2017Newton Abbot 16:45Complice Du ChenetTo Place: Top 31.002.35-1.00160.61
01/08/2017Yarmouth 14:15Sandy CoveRace Winner1.0021.00-1.00159.61
01/08/2017Yarmouth 14:15Sandy CoveTo Place: Top 31.004.02-1.00158.61
01/08/2017Goodwood 15:35Higher PowerRace Winner1.0030.67-1.00157.61
01/08/2017Goodwood 15:35Higher PowerTo Place: Top 31.005.90-1.00156.61
02/08/2017Perth 16:35TekthelotRace Winner1.007.88-1.00155.61
02/08/2017Perth 16:35TekthelotTo Place: Top 31.002.54-1.00154.61
02/08/2017Goodwood 17:50Lost At SeaRace Winner1.0019.83-1.00153.61
02/08/2017Goodwood 17:50Lost At SeaTo Place: Top 41.003.55-1.00152.61
03/08/2017Nottingham 15:20Swaffham BulbeckRace Winner1.008.206.84159.45
03/08/2017Galway 18:00All Good ThingsRace Winner1.007.21-1.00158.45
04/08/2017Thirsk 15:20Sea FoxRace Winner1.006.97-1.00157.45
04/08/2017Goodwood 15:35MarshaRace Winner1.006.26-1.00156.45
04/08/2017Goodwood 17:15Cross StepRace Winner1.0026.70-1.00155.45
05/08/2017Lingfield 17:15AlmanackRace Winner1.0014.00-1.00154.45
05/08/2017Lingfield 17:45IballisticvinRace Winner1.004.813.62158.07
05/08/2017Lingfield 18:15Secret LookRace Winner1.0031.08-1.00157.07
06/08/2017Chester 15:40Michele StrogoffRace Winner1.006.80-1.00156.07
06/08/2017Chester 16:50MagnusRace Winner1.008.34-1.00155.07
06/08/2017Market Rasen 17:40Strong TeamRace Winner1.008.03-1.00154.07
07/08/2017Salisbury 17:35Mighty MissileRace Winner1.0054.35-1.00153.07
09/08/2017Bath 14:00Davids BeautyRace Winner1.004.20-1.00152.07
09/08/2017Bath 14:00Davids BeautyTo Place: Top 31.001.500.48152.55
09/08/2017Bath 17:00Secret PotionRace Winner1.004.96-1.00151.55
09/08/2017Bath 17:00Secret PotionTo Place: Top 31.001.960.91152.46
10/08/2017Brighton 17:00Rattle OnRace Winner1.006.95-1.00151.46
11/08/2017Newmarket 18:05Kheleyfs GirlRace Winner2.006.27-2.00149.46
11/08/2017Haydock 19:45BreathableRace Winner2.0014.50-2.00147.46
11/08/2017Newmarket 20:10TatlisuRace Winner2.0011.30-2.00145.46
12/08/2017Newmarket 14:00Altyn OrdaRace Winner1.0033.59-1.00144.46
12/08/2017Haydock 14:30GabrialRace Winner1.0036.83-1.00143.46
12/08/2017Ascot 16:00Bohemian FlameTo Place: Top 31.003.78-1.00142.46
13/08/2017Leicester 15:10Hi MiladyRace Winner1.0015.50-1.00141.46
14/08/2017Ayr 15:15BreanskiRace Winner1.004.30-1.00140.46
14/08/2017Ayr 15:45Funding DeficitRace Winner1.0022.94-1.00139.46
14/08/2017Wolverhampton 17:20Long EmbraceRace Winner1.007.42-1.00138.46
15/08/2017Thirsk 17:30Mr Cool CashRace Winner1.005.31-1.00137.46
15/08/2017Nottingham 18:25Master ArcherRace Winner1.003.44-1.00136.46
15/08/2017Chelmsford City 20:10Golden GoalRace Winner1.003.35-1.00135.46
16/08/2017Salisbury 14:20LaubaliRace Winner1.007.68-1.00134.46
16/08/2017Newton Abbot 15:00GalizziRace Winner1.0018.50-1.00133.46
17/08/2017Chepstow 19:15Stringybark CreekRace Winner1.006.17-1.00132.46
17/08/2017Fontwell 16:30Prouts PubRace Winner1.0013.21-1.00131.46
18/08/2017Nottingham 13:30EqtidaarRace Winner2.002.713.25134.71
18/08/2017Nottingham 14:00Global PassionRace Winner2.003.65-2.00132.71
19/08/2017Market Rasen 18:30XenophonRace Winner1.0052.50-1.00131.71
19/08/2017Market Rasen 18:30XenophonTo Place: Top
19/08/2017Bath 19:10Bbob AlulaRace Winner1.0045.73-1.00137.54
19/08/2017Bath 19:10Bbob AlulaTo Place: Top
21/08/2017Windsor 17:20GraffitistaRace Winner1.0026.67-1.00141.30
21/08/2017Windsor 17:20GraffitistaTo Place: Top 31.004.69-1.00140.30
21/08/2017Hexham 20:00Brandy BurnRace Winner1.0044.33-1.00139.30
21/08/2017Hexham 20:00Brandy BurnTo Place: Top 31.005.93-1.00138.30
22/08/2017Kempton 14:15Ravens RaftRace Winner1.007.56-1.00137.30
22/08/2017Kempton 14:15Ravens RaftTo Place: Top 31.002.46-1.00136.30
22/08/2017Kempton 15:15ZafaranahRace Winner1.0016.19-1.00135.30
22/08/2017Kempton 15:15ZafaranahTo Place: Top 31.003.30-1.00134.30
23/08/2017Kempton 19:15Simply MeRace Winner1.0021.42-1.00133.30
23/08/2017Kempton 19:15Simply MeTo Place: Top 31.005.13-1.00132.30
24/08/2017Fontwell 19:50Kebir De La VisRace Winner3.005.00-3.00129.30
24/08/2017Fontwell 19:50Kebir De La VisTo Place: Top 23.002.03-3.00126.30
25/08/2017Ffos Las 14:15Foxrush Take TimeRace Winner1.002.44-1.00125.30
25/08/2017Newmarket 14:40FastarTo Place: Top 31.002.95-1.00124.30
26/08/2017York 15:00HeadwayRace Winner2.006.80-2.00122.30
26/08/2017Goodwood 15:55Count OctaveRace Winner2.003.20-2.00120.30
26/08/2017Newmarket 16:25MythmakerRace Winner2.0016.81-2.00118.30

Let's hope this tipster can make a recovery in month three... we will report back soon with our next set of results.

Robert Fraser's Racing Tips Review: Update One

1st August 2017

​It's been a great start to our Robert Fraser's Racing Tips review with a fantastic profit of 52.26 points at an ROI of 62.2% banked in the first month.

There were several tips that won at Betfair SP odds between 13.50 - 14.00 and the race winner bets alone made a profit of 46.94 points at a whopping 102% ROI.

The place bets added a further 5.32 points to the total and had an ROI of 14%, so it was great results all round from both sets of bets.

The best thing is, the service advises tips to be bet at Betfair SP, so we haven't had to rely on being able to get the advised odds or BOG to match the results of the tipster.

Key Stats - Update One
Number of Bets65
Total Stakes (pts)84.00
Profit/Loss (pts)52.26
Profit/Loss (£10 stakes)£522.60
Average Odds8.09
Strike Rate32.3%
Bank Growth52.3%
Bank (100pt starting)152.26

Results - Update One
DateRaceSelectionBetStakeBSP OddsP/LBank
27/06/2017Leicester 19:10Clear As A BellTo Place: Top 33.002.935.50105.50
28/06/2017Salisbury 15:10OnefootinparadiseRace Winner1.005.70-1.00104.50
28/06/2017Carlisle 15:30Silvery MoonTo Place: Top
29/06/2017Nottingham 17:10Flash CityRace Winner1.005.62-1.00104.71
29/06/2017Newbury 19:25BoycieTo Place: Top 31.003.83-1.00103.71
30/06/2017Doncaster 15:00Jack NevisonRace Winner1.0012.50-1.00102.71
30/06/2017Chester 20:15ExplainTo Place: Top 31.001.620.59103.30
01/07/2017Lingfield 17:40King OlavRace Winner2.0011.39-2.00101.30
01/07/2017Lingfield 19:40MutineerRace Winner2.0024.62-2.0099.30
02/07/2017Uttoxeter 14:30Burrows LaneRace Winner2.002.603.04102.34
02/07/2017Windsor 15:40DonnchaTo Place: Top 32.002.27-2.00100.34
03/07/2017Pontefract 16:30DestroyerRace Winner2.003.875.45105.79
03/07/2017Hamilton 19:15Salvatore FuryTo Place: Top 32.002.96-2.00103.79
04/07/2017Chepstow 18:10Fortunes PearlRace Winner2.006.9411.29115.08
05/07/2017Thirsk 15:30Sir Billy WrightRace Winner1.008.276.91121.99
05/07/2017Bath 18:30SfumatoTo Place: Top
06/07/2017Perth 15:10Clondaw BankerRace Winner1.0046.10-1.00121.97
07/07/2017Sandown 13:50Fethiye BoyRace Winner2.0013.5023.75145.72
07/07/2017Newton Abbot 16:50Princess RoaniaTo Place: Top 32.001.48-2.00143.72
08/07/2017Haydock 15:15BaydarRace Winner2.0032.00-2.00141.72
08/07/2017Nottingham 20:15Ice DancingTo Place: Top 32.004.13-2.00139.72
09/07/2017Ayr 16:20Town CharterRace Winner2.003.00-2.00137.72
09/07/2017Limerick 17:20Kalanisi RepreRace Winner2.005.48-2.00135.72
10/07/2017Worcester 17:10 StonecoldsobaRace Winner1.0014.0012.35148.07
10/07/2017Worcester 17:10 StonecoldsobaTo Place: Top 31.003.712.57150.64
11/07/2017Pontefract 15:40Russian RealmRace Winner2.0013.86-2.00148.64
11/07/2017Pontefract 15:40Russian RealmTo Place: Top 32.003.51-2.00146.64
12/07/2017Yarmouth 15:45First VoyageRace Winner2.005.00-2.00144.64
12/07/2017Yarmouth 15:45First VoyageTo Place: Top 32.001.76-2.00142.64
14/07/2017Ascot 15:25Getback In ParisRace Winner1.006.32-1.00141.64
14/07/2017Ascot 15:25Getback In ParisTo Place: Top
15/07/2017York 13:55Sir RodericRace Winner1.0024.00-1.00141.73
15/07/2017York 13:55Sir RodericTo Place: Top 31.006.01-1.00140.73
16/07/2017Southwell 17:40Young SunshineRace Winner1.0029.65-1.00139.73
16/07/2017Southwell 17:40Young SunshineTo Place: Top 31.005.96-1.00138.73
16/07/2017Curragh 15:10WilaminaRace Winner1.0011.99-1.00137.73
16/07/2017Curragh 15:10WilaminaTo Place: Top 21.004.373.20140.93
16/07/2017Southwell 17:40Biento MadameRace Winner1.0023.96-1.00139.93
16/07/2017Southwell 17:40Biento MadameTo Place: Top 31.005.614.38144.31
17/07/2017Ayr 15:00SpecialvRace Winner1.006.32-1.00143.31
17/07/2017Ayr 15:00SpecialvTo Place: Top 31.002.22-1.00142.31
17/07/2017Ffos Las 15:15The Daley ExpressRace Winner1.0012.99-1.00141.31
17/07/2017Ffos Las 15:15The Daley ExpressTo Place: Top 31.003.302.18143.49
18/07/2017Beverley 16:45Lord ReasonRace Winner1.0013.42-1.00142.49
18/07/2017Beverley 16:45Lord ReasonTo Place: Top 31.003.43-1.00141.49
18/07/2017Worcester 19:00Mr ShantuRace Winner1.0017.00-1.00140.49
18/07/2017Worcester 19:00Mr ShantuTo Place: Top 31.004.02-1.00139.49
19/07/2017Uttoxeter 15:00Classic JewelRace Winner1.0013.5011.88151.37
19/07/2017Uttoxeter 15:00Classic JewelTo Place: Top 31.003.882.74154.11
20/07/2017Doncaster 18:40Miss Bar BeachRace Winner1.005.56-1.00153.11
20/07/2017Doncaster 18:40Miss Bar BeachTo Place: Top 21.002.77-1.00152.11
21/07/2017Nottingham 17:15Toms AnnaRace Winner1.0017.50-1.00151.11
21/07/2017Nottingham 17:15Toms AnnaTo Place: Top 31.004.57-1.00150.11
22/07/2017Newbury 14:25Best Of DaysRace Winner1.004.12-1.00149.11
22/07/2017Newbury 14:25Best Of DaysTo Place: Top 31.001.48-1.00148.11
23/07/2017Stratford 15:40Mighty LeaderRace Winner1.007.30-1.00147.11
23/07/2017Stratford 15:40Mighty LeaderTo Place: Top 21.003.32-1.00146.11
24/07/2017Ayr 17:10Kashmiri SunsetRace Winner1.007.606.27152.38
24/07/2017Ayr 17:10Kashmiri SunsetTo Place: Top 21.003.452.33154.71
25/07/2017Nottingham 17:50ArithmeticRace Winner1.005.72-1.00153.71
25/07/2017Nottingham 17:50ArithmeticTo Place: Top 31.002.12-1.00152.71
26/07/2017Lingfield 15:50Baby GalRace Winner1.005.07-1.00151.71
26/07/2017Lingfield 15:50Baby GalTo Place: Top 31.001.910.86152.57
26/07/2017Lingfield 17:20Perla BlancaRace Winner1.004.30-1.00151.57
26/07/2017Lingfield 17:20Perla BlancaTo Place: Top 31.001.730.69152.26

We will be back with our next set of results in a month's time.

Robert Fraser's Racing Tips Review: Introduction

19th June 2017

We have been on the look out for horse racing tips services that claim to make a profit betting at Betfair SP (BSP) odds and the Betting Gods have pointed us in the direction of one of their new tipsters, Robert Fraser.

Robert has been tipping for Betting Gods since February of this year and has so far made a profit of 99.13 points or £991.32 to £10 stakes at an ROI of 27.1%. This includes a 5% deduction of Betfair commission.

This works out at approximately £200 profit per month to £10 stakes.

So far there have been 196 tips and 63 of them have returned a profit, which works out as a strike rate of 32.1%.

The selections are sent out each evening at around 10.00pm via email, but they can also be accessed via the member's area or the Betting Gods mobile app.

The service provides both win and place bets and stakes are advised between 1 and 5 points. 

Subscription to the service costs £1.00 for the first 30 days and then it is £49.95 per month or £119.95 per quarter. There is also a lifetime membership option of £599.95.

Membership fees do seem high and have obviously been set to reflect the success of the tipster, however he is still fairly new to the network. 

It'd be great to see the profits continue ​throughout our review... time will tell!

We will be following the tips over the next three months and will report back monthly with our results.

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