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Select Horse Racing Update One

21st August 2017

We are back with the first update to our Select Horse Racing review and after following a month of selections, we have made a small profit of £3.31 using £20 liability per bet. 

At one stage we were up to £89.81 profit, but immediately after that there was a bad run where there were 7 losing lays from 12 bets.

This set us right back and put us in the red, but we're glad to see that the service did manage to make a recovery and we are pretty much back to where we started.

Key Stats - Update One
Number of Lays123
Total Staked£2,460.00
Profit/Loss (£20 liability per bet)£3.31
Average Odds6.63
Strike Rate82.10%
Bank (£1000 starting)£1,003.31

Results - Update One
DateCourseTimeSelectionBSP OddsP/LBank
04/07/2017Stratford20:20Braqueur Dor2.81-£20.00£980.00
05/07/2017Thirsk15:00Laydee Victoria5.76£3.98£991.42
05/07/2017Worcester15:50Slim Pickens5.73£4.00£995.42
05/07/2017Perth17:10Ardview Boy4.44£5.50£1,000.92
06/07/2017Epsom18:10The Salmon Man14.75£1.38£1,019.84
06/07/2017Newbury19:00Bobbys Charm7.80£2.80£1,002.64
06/07/2017Yarmouth14:50Sir Gnet3.05£9.28£1,014.84
07/07/2017Haydock19:20Areen Heart5.50£4.22£1,019.06
08/07/2017Carlisle20:30Captain Hawk7.02£3.16£1,005.24
08/07/2017Naas14:45Music Box5.52-£20.00£989.99
08/07/2017Nottingham20:15Suspect Package5.34£4.38£994.37
09/07/2017Ayr17:30Dodgy Bob6.87£3.22£997.59
10/07/2017Windsor19:35Fastnet Spin6.45£3.48£989.67
11/07/2017Pontefract14:10The Love Doctor5.60£4.13£973.80
11/07/2017Uttoxeter19:35Solar Impulse4.76£5.05£978.85
11/07/2017Brighton19:15New World Power2.53£12.42£991.27
12/07/2017Bath18:40Discreet Hero7.55£2.90£994.17
13/07/2017Carlisle14:00Savannah Moon9.25£2.30£999.12
13/07/2017Carlisle15:45Dealers Choice4.89£4.88£1,006.00
13/07/2017Leopardstown18:25Dreaming Of Gold5.60£4.13£1,028.94
25/07/2017Ffos Las14:00Mail Order5.42£4.30£1,033.24
25/07/2017Musselburgh15:15Pearl Acclaim5.73£3.76£1,037.00
26/07/2017Bath15:40Silver Link3.62£7.26£1,034.56
26/07/2017Bath16:40See The Sea5.75-£20.00£1,014.56
26/07/2017Leicester20:50Deciding Vote10.71£1.94£1,016.50
26/07/2017Lingfield14:50Sausage Fingers9.00£2.38£1,018.88
27/07/2017Doncaster19:50Miss Sheridan10.72£1.95£1,024.91
27/07/2017Leopardstown18:55Dawn Delivers10.50£2.00£1,026.91
27/07/2017Yarmouth15:15Ski Blast7.20£3.06£1,029.97
28/07/2017Chepstow18:50Used To Be7.00£3.17£1,033.14
28/07/2017Down Royal17:55Sankari Royale6.40-£20.00£1,013.14
28/07/2017Down Royal21:00Lady Clinch8.79£2.44£1,015.58
28/07/2017Uttoxeter16:45Solar Impulse6.57£3.41£1,022.25
29/07/2017Ascot13:50Mistress Of Venice10.30£2.04£1,024.29
29/07/2017Ascot16:10Tigre du Terre2.94£9.79£1,034.08
29/07/2017Newcastle14:30High On Light7.80£2.79£1,036.87
29/07/2017York15:15Victory Bond5.31£4.41£1,041.28
29/07/2017York15:50Barefoot Baby8.40£2.57£1,043.85
30/07/2017Uttoxeter15:45Buckle Street5.24£4.48£1,034.75
31/07/2017Newton Abbot13:45Black Anthem7.40£2.96£1,037.71
31/07/2017Newton Abbot14:15Jonagold8.35£2.56£1,040.27
31/07/2017Newton Abbot14:45Miss Spent2.52£12.48£1,052.75
31/07/2017Windsor18:40Western Duke2.49£12.74£1,065.49
01/08/2017Perth17:50Sense Of Urgency12.17£1.70£1,067.19
01/08/2017Perth18:55Special Prep5.03£4.72£1,071.91
01/08/2017Perth19:30Russian Regent9.28£2.28£1,074.19
01/08/2017Worcester17:05Magie Du Ma10.07£2.08£1,076.27
01/08/2017Worcester19:50Poetic Lady3.85£6.64£1,089.81
01/08/2017Yarmouth15:25Casina di Notte8.31-£20.00£1,069.81
02/08/2017Leicester18:30Josh The Plod3.35£8.09£1,077.90
02/08/2017Perth16:00Brave Spartacus12.50£1.65£1,079.55
02/08/2017Sandown18:20The Golden Cue7.00-£20.00£1,059.55
03/08/2017Epsom19:30Coral Sea4.96-£20.00£1,019.55
03/08/2017Ffos Las19:45Mister Chow9.77£2.16£1,021.71
03/08/2017Nottingham14:45Sands Of Mali7.01-£20.00£1,004.03
03/08/2017Nottingham17:05Foxtrot Knight9.00£2.38£1,006.41
04/08/2017Thirsk14:10Dysons Girl5.40£4.32£970.73
04/08/2017Thirsk15:20George Dryden11.32£1.84£977.32
05/08/2017Doncaster15:55Global Applause6.40£3.52£980.84
05/08/2017Goodwood15:00Crystal Ocean2.79-£20.00£960.84
05/08/2017Hamilton19:00Royal Connoisseur5.43£4.29£965.13
05/08/2017Newmarket15:50Esprit De Corps6.00£3.80£968.93
06/08/2017Chester14:05Snooker Jim8.94£2.39£971.32
06/08/2017Chester14:35Ulshaw Bridge5.08£4.66£975.98
06/08/2017Galway16:30Arbre De Vie3.55-£20.00£955.98
08/08/2017Chelmsford17:50Coastal Drive14.00£1.46£968.29
08/08/2017Cork19:00Sir John Lavery3.95-£20.00£952.09
08/08/2017Leicester15:00Peace Prevails4.60£5.28£957.37
08/08/2017Leicester16:00Just In Time14.00£1.46£958.83
08/08/2017Nottingham18:35Dealers Choice4.56£5.34£966.75
10/08/2017Sandown19:15Star of Rory6.80£3.28£975.03
11/08/2017Brighton16:40Still Waiting8.51£2.53£977.56
11/08/2017Musselburgh14:30Global Academy11.66£1.78£979.34
12/08/2017Haydock16:05Glorious Forever5.89£3.89£963.23
12/08/2017Newmarket14:35Fleeting Freedom8.20£2.64£965.87
12/08/2017Redcar13:30Jaimies Joy5.66£4.08£969.95
13/08/2017Downpatrick14:45Timi Roli3.44£7.79£977.74
13/08/2017Downpatrick15:50Pats Pearl6.84£3.25£980.99
13/08/2017Leicester15:10Queen Beatrice10.04£2.10£963.09
13/08/2017Leicester16:20Cuban Heel4.39£5.60£968.69
13/08/2017Windsor14:25Pollys Gold3.58£7.36£976.05
13/08/2017Windsor14:55Soldier To Follow3.70£7.04£983.09
14/08/2017Ripon15:00On Fire5.16£4.57£992.63

Note: There is a gap in the results where we were unable to check for selections, so we have added the days on at the end to make it a complete month's worth of results.

Hopefully in month two we will see the profits start to roll in again now that the losing streak has been dealt with. We will report back soon with our next update.

Select Horse Racing Introduction

3rd July 2017

We recently received an email from Select Horse Racing asking if we could review their lay betting service and we were happy to get a three month trial underway.

The service provides daily UK & Irish horse racing selections that are to be placed as Lay Bets at Betfair SP at maximum odds of 15.00.

This means that bets can be placed any time before the race and it takes very little time, with no need to be glued to the PC. Also, the service does not depend on having access to multiple bookie accounts, as all of the bets can be placed on Betfair.

Full results are available to download from the website and they begin from March of this year. Up until the end of June, the service has reported a profit of £405.19 at an ROI of 5.98% using a £20 liability per lay. We calculated this as a bank growth of 40.5% in just over three months.

The service has a high strike rate of 86% and plenty of long winning streaks so it should be easy to handle mentally.

The results also show figures for a percentage of bank staking system, which is working well so far adding a further profit of £64.87 in comparison to level staking.

For the purpose of our review we will stick with level staking to judge the service, but we will report the stats for both staking plans out of interest.

There are an average of five selections each day and they are posted to a member's area of the website at around 1.00pm daily, so you will need to remember to login each day to check.

Membership to the service costs:

  • €14.00 per fortnight
  • €24.00 per month
  • €58.00 per quarter (€19.33 per month)

Payment is to be made via Paypal or Skrill.

Unfortunately there isn't a free trial available, however there are free tips posted in an area seperate to the paid tips. There have been 33 free tips to date and they have delivered a profit of 125.25 points at an ROI of 19% since March and have an impressive strike rate of 94%.

We will be following the service over the next three months and will report back with a monthly update of our results. ​

We are always on the lookout for services that are profitable on Betfair so let's hope Select Horse Racing can continue to deliver the goods during the coming months and beyond.

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  1. My first impressions of SHR are very good. Everything is clear – no hype or BS – and the past results look good. A really nice touch is the details of how to place a lay bet at BSP with a maximum odds. is very well set out.

    So – i’ve joined for a month and following to small stakes !

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