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Serve It Up Tennis Tips Review

Note: This service is n​o longer available. Take a look at some of our "passed" services here.

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Welcome to our Serve It Up review - a tennis betting tips service from the Betting Gods network.

We’ve been reviewing Serve It Up Tennis Tips over almost six months and have had close to 100 bets, but with there being very little tennis on at the moment it seems a like good time to wrap it up. It was a difficult start to the review as we lost 19.7pts in the first month, but the service made a good recovery with 34pts profit over the next three months.

The final month we made a disappointing 7.65pt loss, which leaves us with a small profit of 6.62pts for the review overall.

When we dig a little deeper in to the results, it is easy to see where the problem lies with this service. Check out this breakdown of P/L for the different tennis markets throughout our review:

Match Winner: -1.70pts
Set Betting: -14.96pts
Total Sets: +0.25pts
Tournament Winner: +23.03pts

As you can see, the only market that Serve It Up has had any success with over the last 6 months is the Tournament Winners. Tips for these type of bets are generally received once every week or two. The majority of people would want more action than this from a betting subscription, and would expect to make more than 23pts profit in 6 months.

We were advised to use a 50pt bank for this service, but we think using 100pts would be more comfortable, especially after we lost 50% of the bank in the first month following a bad losing streak.

Overall stats:

Number of Bets98
Total Stakes (pts)189.00
Profit/Loss (pts)+6.62
Average Odds6.22
Strike Rate31.6%

Month #5/6 Results:

DateFixtureSelectionMarketOddsStake (pts)Profit/LossTotal
15/11/15Berdych vs FedererBerdychMatch Winner4.551.00-1.0063.27
16/11/15Wawrinka vs NadalWawrinkaMatch Winner2.382.00-2.0061.27
16/11/15Wawrinka vs NadalWawrinka 2-0Set Betting4.201.00-1.0060.27
17/11/15Djokovic vs FedererDjokovic 2-1Set Betting4.002.00-2.0058.27
17/11/15Djokovic vs FedererFederer 2-1Set Betting8.001.00-1.0057.27
18/11/15Nadal vs MurrayNadalMatch Winner2.601.001.6058.87
18/11/15Wawrinka vs FerrerWawrinka 2-0Set Betting2.751.001.7560.62
20/11/15Wawrinka vs MurrayWawrinkaMatch Winner2.502.003.0063.62
21/11/15Djokovic vs NadalDjokovic 2-1Set Betting4.331.00-1.0062.62
21/11/15Federer vs WawrinkaFederer 2-1Set Betting4.001.00-1.0061.62
22/11/15Federer vs DjokovicFederer 2-0Set Betting5.502.00-2.0059.62
27/11/15Goffin vs EdmundGoffin 3-0Set Betting1.902.00-2.0057.62
03/12/15OBI UAE Royals vs Japan WarriorsJapan WarriorsMatch Winner2.381.00-1.0056.62

Betting Gods have since decided to remove Serve It Up Tennis Tips from the front-end of their website as it hasn’t been performing as well as they’d like. However, we’ve been informed that the tipster is still with them and sends out tips for on-going members.

Serve It Up will be narrowly scraping a Neutral rating as it did manage to make a small profit and there does seem to be potential with the Tournament Winner bets. However, due to Betting Gods removing the service from the main site, we will be monitoring the results over the next few months and may have to downgrade the rating if needed.

Update Feb ’16: Betting Gods have now completely shut this service down and we have downgraded our rating to “Fail” due to the on-going poor results.

Serve It Up Review: Update Four

17th November 2015

We’ve reached the end of month four in our review of Serve It Up tennis tips and we have recorded a profit of 12.05pts with a return on investment of 26.8%. This brings the total profit for the trial so far up to 14.27pts. We would have hoped for better at this point, but over the last 3 months the service has managed to rack up 33.98pts profit… what a turnaround!

The Match Winner selections made 5.24pts profit this month, which is an improvement on previous months. There was success again with the Tournament Winner tips with Federer winning ATP Basel, bringing the total profit from this market up to 23.03pts.

There’s been a definite improvement since the shaky start we had at the beginning of the review. However, the Tournament Winner selections are the only ones showing a profit after four months.

Month 4 results:

DateFixtureSelectionMarketOddsStake (pts)Profit/LossTotal
15/10/15Simon vs BerdychSimonMatch Winner2.802.00-2.0050.22
19/10/15ATP MoscowJoao Souza e/wTournament Winner21.002.00-2.0048.22
19/10/15Fognini, Johnson, QuerreyTrebleMatch Winner7.461.00-1.0047.22
21/10/15Troicki vs GabashviliTroicki 2-1Set Betting4.331.00-1.0046.22
22/10/15Kukushkin & CilicDoubleMatch Winner3.052.00-2.0044.22
23/10/15Gulbis vs KarlovicGulbisMatch Winner2.752.003.5047.72
24/10/15Sock vs GasquetSockMatch Winner2.632.003.2650.98
25/10/15Berdych vs SockBerdych 2-1Set Betting4.331.00-1.0049.98
26/10/15ATP BaselFedererTournament Winner2.636.009.7859.76
27/10/15Gulbis vs IsnerGulbisMatch Winner2.802.00-2.0057.76
27/10/15Kudla vs SockKudlaMatch Winner3.401.00-1.0056.76
30/10/15Johnson vs Garcia-LopezJohnson 2-0Set Betting2.501.001.5058.26
31/10/15Nadal vs GasquetNadal 2-0Set Betting2.201.001.2059.46
02/11/15ATP ParisTsonga e/wTournament Winner51.001.00-1.0058.46
02/11/15ATP ParisFerrer e/wTournament Winner51.001.00-1.0057.46
02/11/15Klizan vs MayerKlizanMatch Winner2.052.00-2.0055.46
04/11/15Nishikori & AndersonDoubleMatch Winner2.103.003.3058.76
05/11/15Gasquet vs NishikoriGasquetMatch Winner1.992.001.9860.74
06/11/15Murray vs GasquetMurray 2-1Set Betting4.331.003.3364.07
07/11/15Murray vs FerrerMurrayMatch Winner1.408.003.2067.27
08/11/15Djokovic vs Murray3 SetsTotal Sets3.001.00-1.0066.27
13/11/15ATP World Tour FinalWawrinka e/wTournament Winner15.002.00-2.0064.27
Number of Bets22
Strike Rate40.9%
Average Odds8.81

We should reach the 100 bet mark by our next update, so this next month is crucial for the service and we hope they can keep up this momentum. Could it be that the 1st month was just a blip? We will be back next month with our final conclusion.

Serve It Up Review: Update Three

22nd October 2015

We are back with our 3rd update of Serve It Up tennis tips. It was a positive start to the month with a few wins starting to trickle in, but in the end we finished pretty much back where we started. After 20 bets we made a measly 0.38pts profit.

There was a near miss with Gilles Simon finishing runner-up at ATP Metz. Had he won we would have scooped a nice 27pts profit, but we had to settle for 6pts from our place bet.

The Set Betting tips gave us 3.53pts profit, but the Match Winner market has continued to be a let down. It seems that the value in this service lies with the Tournament Winner tips, which have racked up 19.25pts profit so far.

Month 3 results:

DateFixtureSelectionMarketOddsStake (pts)Profit/LossTotal
21/09/15ATP MetzGilles Simon e/wTournament Winner7.006.006.0057.84
22/09/15Herbert vs StakhovskyHerbertMatch Winner1.803.002.4060.24
24/09/15Baghdatis vs RobredoBaghdatisMatch Winner2.301.00-1.0059.24
25/09/15Klizan vs Garcia-Lopez3 SetsTotal Sets2.251.001.2560.49
26/09/15Tsonga vs KohlschreiberTsonga 2-0Set Betting2.251.001.2561.74
28/09/15ATP Kuala LumparChardy e/wTournament Winner15.002.00-2.0059.74
28/09/15ATP ShenzhenRobredo e/wTournament Winner13.002.00-2.0057.74
01/10/15Baghdatis vs. PospisilBaghdatisMatch Winner2.102.00-2.0055.74
04/10/15Ferrer vs LopezFerrer 2-0Set Betting2.381.001.3857.12
05/10/15ATP ChinaDjokovicTournament Winner1.605.003.0060.12
06/10/15Tomic vs JohnsonJohnsonMatch Winner2.102.002.2062.32
07/10/15Cilic Vs YoungCilic 2-0Set Betting2.251.00-1.0061.32
07/10/15Nishikori vs QuerreyNishikori 2-1Set Betting4.331.00-1.0060.32
07/10/15Nadal vs PospisilNadal 2-0Set Betting1.901.000.9061.22
08/10/15Simon vs MullerSimon 2-0Set Betting2.501.00-1.0060.22
11/10/15ATP ShanghaiFederer e/wTournament Winner5.006.00-6.0054.22
12/10/15Chardy vs KarlovicChardyMatch Winner2.002.00-2.0052.22
13/10/15Muller vs GasquetMullerMatch Winner2.801.00-1.0051.22
14/10/15Thiem vs LopezThiemMatch Winner1.832.00-2.0049.22
14/10/15Nadal vs KarlovicNadal 2-1Set Betting4.001.003.0052.22
Number of Bets20
Strike Rate45%
Average Odds3.92

It’s been a frustrating trial so far – ok so we are still in the black, but it just can’t seem to get going.

By next month we will be nearing 100 bets, so we should be able to reach a verdict on this service.

Serve It Up Review: Update Two

13th September 2015

The second month of our review of Serve It Up tennis tips started with a huge win to the tune of 41.25pts. In our first update we had a string of losing bets, which had made a dent in our starting bank, so this win was a welcome surprise. We had been catapulted back into profit!

Unfortunately following this, we hit another losing streak. Serve It Up has finished this period with a profit of 21.55pts and a ROI of 44%. This is a huge improvement on last month. We are left with a small profit of 1.84pts in total since the beginning of the review. It’s a shame to have to hand back our profits to the bookmakers.

Tim usually tips a couple of outright winners at the beginning of each tournament. He tends to advise a larger stake on these bets, and they are at much longer odds, so when one does win it really pays off. You could of course stick to level stakes, but for the purpose of this trial we are following Tim’s staking.

There have been no problems getting the advised odds for these bets. The price seems to hold up well and is available at several bookmakers.

This month’s results:

DateFixtureSelectionMarketOddsStake (pts)Profit/LossTotal
16/08/15Djokovic vs MurrayDjokovic 2-0Set Betting2.201.00-1.0029.29
17/08/15ATP CincinnatiFederer e/wTournament Winner6.5010.0041.2570.54
18/08/15Isner vs QuerreyQuerreyMatch Winner2.502.003.0073.54
19/08/15Seppi vs LopezSeppiMatch Winner2.001.00-1.0072.54
21/08/15Dolgopolov vs Berdych/Gasquet vs Murray/Lopez vs FedererBerdych/Murray/FedererMatch Winner Treble2.002.00-2.0070.54
24/08/15ATP Winston SalemDolgopolovTournament Winner21.002.00-2.0068.54
25/08/15Rosol vs JanowiczRosolMatch Winner2.102.00-2.0066.54
26/08/15Chung vs LuChungMatch Winner1.833.00-3.0063.54
31/08/15US OpenNishikori e/wTournament Winner19.004.00-4.0059.54
31/08/15US OpenWawrinka e/wTournament Winner17.004.00-4.0055.54
01/09/15Youzhny vs SmithYouzhnyMatch Winner1.733.002.1957.73
01/09/15Zverev vs KohlschreiberZverevMatch Winner2.752.00-2.0055.73
02/09/15Fish vs LopezFishMatch Winner4.001.00-1.0054.73
02/09/15Klizan vs ChardyKlizanMatch Winner3.501.00-1.0053.73
03/09/15Mahut vs Garcis-LopezMahutMatch Winner1.832.00-2.0051.73
03/09/15Mahut vs Garcis-LopezMahut 3-0Set Betting5.201.00-1.0050.73
04/09/15Bautista-Agut vs GoffinBautista AgutMatch Winner2.671.00-1.0049.73
04/09/15Paire vs RobredoPaireMatch Winner2.501.001.5051.23
07/09/15Gasquet vs BerdychGasquetMatch Winner2.501.001.5052.73
08/09/15Cilic vs TsongaCilicMatch Winner2.381.001.3854.11
09/09/15Federer vs GasquetFederer 3-0Set Betting1.731.000.7354.84
11/09/15Djokovic vs CilicDjokovic 3-1Set Betting3.901.50-1.5053.34
11/09/15Djokovic vs CilicDjokovic 3-2Set Betting9.000.50-0.5052.84
13/09/15Djokovic vs FedererDjokovic 3-2Set Betting6.501.00-1.0051.84
Number of Bets24
Strike Rate29.2%
Average Odds5.26

Going by the past two month’s results from this trial, we have not been able to achieve consistent profits. It has to be said, there were some close spots, we narrowly missed a target score with one of the Djokovich Correct Score bets. We would like to see more winning bets from the Match Winner and Set Betting markets to keep the smaller profits ticking over.

So far we have only had 43 bets, and generally we would like to run at least 100-150 bets from a service before giving a final judgment. It’ll be interesting to see whether Serve It Up can turn this around. We will be back next month with the next set of results.

Serve It Up Review: Update One

15th August 2015

It’s been a disappointing start to our 1st month reviewing Serve It Up tennis tips.

We got off to a good start with the 1st bet. Unfortunately, following this was a shocking run of 16 losing bets. We started off with the advised 50pt bank, and it has suffered a 39.4% decrease.

Emails from Serve It Up have been sent out daily, even if there are no bets that day. There is an analysis with each tip, explaining the reasons behind the bet. You can tell Tim knows his Tennis – unfortunately this knowledge just hasn’t helped to turn a profit yet.

Results are as follows:

DateFixtureSelectionMarketOddsStake (pts)Profit/LossTotal
15/07/15John Patrick Smith vs Jared DonaldsonSmithMatch Winner1.833.002.4952.49
18/07/15Rajeev Ram vs John Patrick SmithSmithMatch Winner2.502.00-2.0050.49
20/07/15ATP BastadNicolas AlmagroTournament Winner15.001.00-1.0049.49
21/07/15Jeremy Chardy vs Paul-Henri MathieuChardy 2-1Set Betting4.002.00-2.0047.49
22/07/15Monaco vs ZverevMonaco 2-0Set Betting2.201.00-1.0046.49
01/08/15Baghdatis vs PospisilPospisilMatch Winner2.002.00-2.0044.49
01/08/15Thiem vs Lopez & Nadal vs SeppiThiem 2-0 & Nadal 2-0Set Betting Double4.172.00-2.0042.49
02/08/15Nadal vs FogniniFogniniMatch Winner5.001.00-1.0041.49
03/08/15ATP WashingtonCilic e/wTournament Winner11.004.00-4.0037.49
03/08/15ATP WashingtonGasquet e/wTournament Winner21.001.00-1.0036.49
03/08/15Yen-Hsun Lu v Berankis/Gabashvill v BeckerYen-Hsun Lu/GabashvillMatch Winner Double2.402.00-2.0034.49
07/08/15Zverev vs CilicCilic 2-1Set Betting4.501.00-1.0033.49
07/08/15Zverev vs CilicZverev 2-1Set Betting10.501.00-1.0032.49
08/08/15Sock vs JohnsonSock 2-0Set Betting2.622.00-2.0030.49
09/08/15ATP MontrealNadal e/wTournament Winner15.003.00-3.0027.49
09/08/15ATP MontrealTsonga e/wTournament Winner51.002.00-2.0025.49
11/08/15Gulbis vs ThiemThiem 2-0Set Betting2.751.00-1.0024.49
13/08/15Chardy vs KarlovicChardyMatch Winner2.502.003.0027.49
14/08/15Isner vs ChardyChardyMatch Winner2.402.002.8030.29
Number of Bets19
Strike Rate15.8%
Average Odds8.55

So looking at these results on first glance, it doesn’t look good at all.

However, as you can see, there are quite a few bets here at long odds. Had we hit 1 or 2 of those, it could be a different story.

Although there are not many bets to go on, looking at the average odds for this period of 8.55, they only need a strike rate of 11.7% to break even. They are ahead of that, so this could be a long-term game.

On this basis, it’s only fair to give Serve It Up some more time to prove themselves. Hopefully we will be served up some winners soon.

Serve It Up Review: Introduction

15th July 2015

Serve It Up Tennis Tips is a tennis betting service from Tim at Betting Gods. It all started with a blog where Tim posted his tips for free. Once he had proved himself worthy of being a Betting Gods tipster, he decided to upgrade to a tennis betting subscription service.

Since January 2015, he has achieved a profit of 47pts, which is on average £67.14 a month at £10 stakes. The ROI for this period was a very respectable 19.54%.

Serve It Up Tennis Tips is our resident God of Tennis Betting. Proven for several months in the public domain on the blog, Tim soon proved himself as a knowledgeable source of Tennis betting advice and was launched as a full-time Tennis tipster service after a few months.

Tim now advises several bets per week from match bets, correct score and tournament winners.

– Betting Gods

Tips are sent throughout the week, usually in the morning, with an average of 35-40 bets per month.

There are a variety of markets covered, including:

• Match Odds
• Set Betting
• Total Sets
• Tournament Winner

For each bet, an advised stake is given which ranges between 1 and 10pts.
Tim advises to start with a 50pt betting bank, and signifies the importance of having a serious and disciplined approach.

There are three subscription options – £19.95 per month, £49.95 quarterly or a lifetime package for £129.95. The first month is available at a discounted £4.95.

We will trial the service for 2-3 months and find out whether Tim really is an ace tennis tipster!

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