Soccer Stats Bot Review: Update One Results

Soccer Stats Bot Review

Soccer Stats Bot is the latest Betfair football betting software from Winning More that researches and places bets automatically.

The bot covers a range of popular football markets and can either back or lay selections. It comes with built-in staking plans and includes seven optional strategies to use.

At the beginning of our review, the team reported that the most profitable backing strategy had made £230 profit with a £1 profit target per bet over a two month period. The most profitable laying strategy had made £193 in one month.

The bot also allows you to filter matches using various parameters (16 in total) including Min Rank Difference, Current Season Goal Ratio, Minimum Matches Played and percentages of games won, lost or drawn.

After selecting the required filters the bot automatically places bets and with the unique tabbing system, up to 120 games can be bet on at once.

Markets available to bet on:

  • Match Odds
  • Over/Under Goals
  • BTTS
  • Correct Score
  • Double Chance
  • Draw No Bet
  • Halftime/Fulltime

We will begin testing the bot using three backing and three laying strategies taken from the user manual and will report back monthly with our results.

Update One Results

In the first part of our Soccer Stats Bot review we tested the software out using three backing and three laying strategies from the user manual. We entered the settings into the bot as they were shown in the PDF and hoped to be able to achieve similar results to those reported. 

Unfortunately, it didn't work out that way and we recorded a £485.90 loss based on aiming for a target profit of £1.00 per bet.

We actually used smaller stakes (target profit of £0.10) to test the bot as there wasn't a practice mode to try it out and real money would have been at risk.

It's a good job we did this, as we found the staking to be quite volatile. Our balance had dropped to -£97.43 at one stage (£0.10 target profit) and when the bot attempted to recover from this, it started to get a bit crazy.

In one case, the bot had been ticking along with most bets having a liability of less than £1 and then suddenly it fired off a £62 back bet. Fortunately the bet won, recovering a big chunk of the loss, but it could easily have made a bad situation a lot worse.

One more thing to note is that we encountered a problem with the bot losing all of our settings and results after our PC crashed, hence why our results only go back to the 3rd July. This was easily avoided in future by making sure to log out of the software after the settings had initially been entered and they were then permanently saved.

Key Stats

 Back 1Back 2Back 3Lay 1Lay 2Lay 3Total
Number of Bets83494141691392321082
Total Stakes (£0.10 profit target)£177.21£46.34£389.71£17.03£245.11£376.25£1,251.65
Profit/Loss (£0.10 profit target)-£10.10£3.62-£53.66£0.75-£3.13£13.93-£48.59
Total Stakes (£1.00 profit target)£1,772.10£463.40£3,897.10£170.30£2,451.10£3,762.50£12,516.50
Profit/Loss (£1.00 profit target)-£101.00£36.20-£536.60£7.50-£31.30£139.30-£485.90
Strike Rate45.2%46.9%44.4%50.9%83.5%87.1%60.0%
Soccer Stats Bot Review Graph

To summarise this update, the strategies from the user manual have not worked for us and we wouldn't recommend using them. We have never been fans of recovery staking plans as things can get really out of hand quickly.

This hasn't given us much faith in the bot, however, we do have some more testing to do before we make a final decision.

The software does have the option to use level stakes, so we are going to ditch the recovery settings and go for the safer option. There are many parameters that can be set for selecting matches to bet on, so we are going to have a little go at entering a few of our own strategies.

We will report back soon with an update of our results.

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2 thoughts on “Soccer Stats Bot Review: Update One Results”

    • Hi Raj, I noticed that the bot had exported some of the lay betting results incorrectly (recording liability wrong and putting it down as a £0.01 stake instead of £0.10). The bot had actually placed the bets correctly but the results weren’t right. So, I went through and fixed them all and merged them together with the latest results for the full update.
      Sorry if this caused any confusion.

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