Sports Investor Review: Introduction

Sports Investor Review

Sports Investor is a football tipping service available on the Tipstrr platform that has been running since July 2018. To date the tipster has reported a profit of 1003.82 points, based on an average stake of 10 points per bet.

The service sends out roughly 50-60 bets per week and covers popular football markets including Over/Under Goals, Both Teams to Score and Match Odds. There are often also various accumulator style bets such as doubles and trebles.

The stakes range from 1-10 points per bet but the vast majority are set at 10 points, with the stake only being lowered for higher odds selections.

There doesn't seem to be any advice on what size starting bank to use so we will be going in cautiously with a 1,000 point bank, based on 10 points per bet being 1% of the bank.

We will begin recording our results and will report back in a months time with our first update.


  1. I was using his service in July and August last year. I haven’t used it since then, because I was annoyed by the same issue over and over again – so it is possible that this has changed by now. Whenever he sent out a tip, odds were impossible to get in 9/10 bets, and that is not to overdramatize the number and I’m also not talking about 1.75 instead of 1.9.

    Let’s say he picked a basketball/volleyball/football game and what he did often early was for example doing a ML bet, a double chance bet and a DNB bet on the “underdog”. While he got odds from 2.3 to 2.7 (mostly very volatile and small markets in lower leagues), by the time the mails were sent, highest odds were about 1.3 to 1.6. As said, I’m not overexaggerating, this is sadly the truth – at least back then.

    I’m using about 20 different books, as I also use 2 different betagents for lots of asian books which I couldnt access otherwise (including the obvious major ones).

    I’m looking forward to your review, as I hope these things have changed because his stats still look very nice, but that was sadly my experience at his very beginning on tipstrr.

    1. Hi Johh, thanks for your feedback on the service. Hopefully things have improved since you last used the service, but time will tell.

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