Tea Time Tipster Review: Introduction

Tea Time Tipster Review

PuntHub have recently added a new service to their "successful candidates" list that goes by the name of Tea Time Tipster. Unusually, they only have two months worth of proofed results to hand but to be fair, they are a cracking set of results!

In total the tipster has delivered a profit of 201.22 points at an ROI of 46.3% during June and July. They have also managed to make a profit at Betfair SP, although a lower one at 81.89 points at an ROI of 18.8%.

  • June: +85.14pts / 44.6% ROI 
  • July : +116.08pts / 47.6% ROI
  • Total: +201.22pts / 46.3% ROI

As the name would suggest, this tipster sends out daily tips at around tea time and it is a high volume service with an average 200+ tips per month. The benefit to placing a lot of bets each day is that losing runs won't feel as though they are dragging on.

You can expect to receive somewhere in between 8-15 tips per day, but thankfully they are all advised at simple 1 point level stakes to win. 

There isn't an advised starting bank, so we have set up a standard 100 point bank to test the service out. We will be recording results at the advised odds, available odds and Betfair SP. Despite BOG (Best Odds Guaranteed) being included in the official results, we will not be including it in our own results to be fair to those that are "BOG banned".

We will be back in a month's time with our first set of results.

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