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The Betting Machine Review
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Welcome to our The Betting Machine review, a piece of horse racing software that claims to do everything for you and 100% guarantees to make a profit.


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  • High risk recovery based staking system
  • No advised odds given with selections
  • We've been testing The Betting Machine over the past month and based on what we've experienced so far, we have made the decision to cut the review short and call it a day. Our suspicion that the staking system is a recovery based/martingale style turned out to be correct and you will see in our results how the stakes have been increasing to worrying levels during losing runs.

    During the first week of our review, we hit the maximum run of 6 losing bets in a row which resulted in a loss of £203.09 in one cycle. The last stake of the sequence was £98.12, so we would have been betting three figures had we kept going. 

    There were 10 more losing bets following this, so we experienced 2 cycles one after the other that hit the 6 bet stop loss and then finally a winning bet that narrowly saved us from a third. What is quite odd is that although the stakes are increasing after each losing bet, they are not being increased to recover the entire loss made during the cycle so far, so even when you hit a winning bet after a losing sequence, you are still behind.

    In total we lost £214.59 which represents 21.5% of our starting bank. It's not a complete disaster but we just can't see how this is ever going to work.

    The selections are supposedly taken from a tips service run by the same person, Benjamin Street, but the website no longer exists - not a good sign!

    Also, there are no advised odds given with the selections and as we have to wait for one bet to settle before placing the next one, we don't even know if we are betting at value odds or not.

    Key Stats - Overall
    Number of Bets36
    Total Stakes£578.61
    Average Odds2.88
    Strike Rate25.0%
    Overall Bank Growth-21.5%
    Bank (£1000 starting)£785.41

    Results - Update One
    TimeCourseHorseOddsStakeResultCycle TotalTotal
    01:30LudlowHappy Diva2.20£4.17Win£5.00£5.00
    01:50SouthwellAxe Cap3.00£2.52Loss-£2.52£2.48
    03:45LingfieldGalloway Hills3.50£5.02Loss-£7.54-£2.54
    12:55WarwickNight Of Glory3.25£10.03Loss-£17.57-£12.57
    03:45WarwickNot Normal3.50£15.01Loss-£32.58-£27.58
    02:05DoncasterIndian Hawk3.00£2.58Loss-£2.58£32.39
    02:25CheltenhamBristol De Mai2.63£7.95Loss-£10.53£24.45
    04:20DoncasterIt’s O Kay2.10£23.62Loss-£23.62£0.83
    04:10HerefordWest To The Bridge2.38£98.12Loss-£192.56-£168.11
    04:40HerefordOpening Batsman4.00£1.39Loss-£193.95-£169.50
    02:50SouthwellLove Rat2.63£5.97Loss-£199.91-£175.47
    03:55SouthwellPearl Nation2.88£10.55Loss-£10.55-£186.02
    01:45AyrArdeen Lass3.75£12.51Loss-£23.06-£198.53
    04:20AyrSao Maxence2.38£56.33Loss-£102.02-£277.49
    02:25WincantonDrops Of Jupitor2.50£2.41Loss-£104.43-£279.90
    04:45WincantonHideaway Vic2.10£8.74Loss-£113.17-£288.64
    01:10ChepstowDon’t Ask2.00£21.92Loss-£21.92-£310.56
    02:00LingfieldCaptain Lars4.00£15.76Loss-£37.68-£326.32
    02:15ChepstowRock My Style2.25£53.14Win£28.74-£259.90
    01:40NewcastleOriental Cross4.00£1.24Loss-£1.24-£257.44
    02:00SouthwellTwo Swallows1.91£9.54Win£7.43-£248.77
    02:55Market RasenKnight In Dubai3.25£1.67Loss-£1.67-£250.44
    04:30Market RasenWarden Hill3.00£4.59Loss-£6.26-£255.03
    01:50KemptonOk Corral2.20£14.58Win£11.23-£237.54
    04:35KemptonCoole Well5.00£2.38Loss-£2.38-£241.82
    04:05KelsoCultram Abbey2.50£2.58Loss-£2.58-£228.72
    04:55FontwellScorpion Haze2.63£6.34Loss-£8.92-£235.06
    01:30LingfieldVale Of Kent2.88£10.92Win£11.55-£214.59


    We can't see much point in continuing with this review, apart from perhaps to demonstrate what the road to ruin looks like. The Betting Machine will be going firmly into the failed pile.

    The Betting Machine Review: Introduction

    18th January 2018

    The Betting Machine is a piece of horse racing software that claims to be a "push button solution to start raking in easy money". The sales page says that it does everything for you, including researching tips and updating them automatically to the software and then calculating how much money to stake on each bet. 

    It also claims that "every race is a winning one", which initially made us think that it was arbing software, but it turns out that it is just regular straight betting product.

    What it doesn't do is actually place the bets for you. They have to be placed manually at either a bookmaker or betting exchange and the first bet must be settled before the next one can be placed.

    Once a bet has been settled, the result must be entered into the software so that it can calculate the stake for the next bet. This means that you have to be around before the start of each race to place the next bet, which is going to limit who can actually use it.

    It comes with a manual explaining how it works, but the software itself is quite self-explanatory and easy to learn. It's not the most attractive interface that we've ever come across, but we can live with that if it proves to make a profit.

    The Betting Machine Interface

    Access to the software costs £19.99 per month and payments are managed by Clickbank, so there is a standard refund guarantee of 90 days.

    The staking plan seems to be based on aiming to make a profit of 0.5% of the bank from each race, but the rest is a little bit sketchy.

    The manual explains that "the system is based on the theory that the bank will never be wiped out because the  stakes become smaller if the betting bank amount goes down."

    However, it then goes on to contradict itself by saying "If the user loses in succession, there is a cut off point of 6 races. The calculator will revert back to race 1 in the cycle and in this case the user will have to accept his/her defeat and loss of money instead of continuing to try to recover the losses by placing ever increasing bets."

    So are we martingaling here or not? It seems so, but we will just have to find out for sure once we start testing it.

    Finally, results are recorded on to the results tab and here they can be exported as a CSV file, so that takes care of keeping track of profit and loss.

    We're intrigued to see how this turns out. We will begin testing today and will report back with our first set of results in a month's time.


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  • Cons

  • High risk recovery based staking system
  • No advised odds given with selections
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